Pineapple Cheese Ball

I love a good appetizer recipe, especially if that recipe is quick, easy and tastes great! This is a recipe that comes from my grandma’s cookbook, but I jazzed up the flavor a little by adding a couple of ingredients.  It is definitely a keeper! It is SO EASY to throw together and tastes GREAT!  My husband raved about this cheese ball!

Pineapple Cheese Ball

This Cheese ball is a crowd favorite and so easy to make!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Servings 16
Calories 138kcal


  • 12 ounces cream cheese softened
  • 8 ounces crushed pineapple well drained
  • 3 Tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons sliced green onion
  • 2 Tablespoons diced ham
  • 1 cup chopped pecans


  • Combine all ingredients together.
  • Mash into a ball and chill.
  • Roll in crushed pecans.
  • Refrigerate until served.
  • Serve with crackers.


Calories: 138kcal | Carbohydrates: 6g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 12g | Saturated Fat: 5g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 5g | Cholesterol: 22mg | Sodium: 91mg | Potassium: 76mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 304IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 28mg | Iron: 0.3mg
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  1. The Saucy Gourmet

    Thanks for sharing this cheese ball. I use to make it years ago, but had lost the recipe. It is so yummy and FYI, it freezes wonderfully!

  2. Jess Wakasugi {Life's Simple Measures}

    Wow, this whole combination looks great!! My mouth s watering just thinking about how delish this is :) We're having some friends over for Christmas and you can be this is making the appetizer list. Pinned!

  3. Lisa

    That looks like one incredible appetizer.

  4. Michele

    This looks wonderful. Great for the holidays.

  5. Michael Ann

    My mom used to make this! Oh does that bring back memories. Yay! I'm going to make it for Christmas appetizers, thank you!

  6. Chels

    I've got several family members who are Pineapple obsessed and would love this one!

  7. Anonymous

    I made this today for a party, it is incredible! I love how easy it is to make!

  8. Libertygirle

    This is different from most cheeseball recipes I see. Looks kinda like a hawaaian pizza in a cheeseball. :) Wonder if it would be good with some jalepeno?

    1. karen Kober

      Did u try the Jalapeno? Living in Tucson--I sure would like to hear your comments

  9. LDH

    Looks super Yummy! :) Thank you for sharing!Kindly, Lorraine

  10. The Southern Product Queen

    I'm having a linky party right now on my blog! I would love it if you would link up your holiday stuff! So cute! Here is my link Thanks!

  11. WhyCuzICan

    You make me miss my Mommy! (not gone, but 2300 miles away this Christmas)...she loved to make us cheese balls!Maybe with your cute recipe I'll do some up this year, ay? Yup, yup, think I WILL! :DVisiting via: TT &J linky party,Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

  12. Cortney

    Took this to work and they raved about it. I love how quick it is to make

  13. Renna

    This sounds delicious! I like to mix cream cheese together w/crushed pineapple to eat on celery. I can't wait to try that combination in a cheese ball! :-)

  14. Michelle

    I added these to my super bowl inspiration post: :)

  15. Anonymous

    This recipe is too much cream cheese. I suggest using only one package of cream cheese and increasing the ham and green onion a bit.

  16. Anonymous

    The family loved this!!! I did increase the amount of ham and green onions a bit. I also helped drain the crushed pineapple by using a papertowel to absorb as much of the juices as possible. The pecans I toasted before chopping and I chose to chop them very fine. DELICIOUS!!!

    1. Beth Norred


    2. Evonne

      Try bacon bits, or dehydrated onion!

    3. Betty Hoskins

      you could roll it in green onions, done it before, and works great

  17. B Haley

    I make this same recipe but add a small amount of finely minced green pepper, about one teaspoon. It gives it a very unique taste.

    1. Margie


      I leave out the ham, powdered sugar and add seasoned salt minced green and red peppers to make it more for Christmas

  18. Kelly

    Thank you for posting this recipe! I just made it today for a BBQ and keep sneaking in for a bite. So good!!

    1. David

      My wife is at the store right now, getting ingredients for this. Its for a friends going-away party. I hope he likes it. Going to pair a Moscato d'Asti wine with it.


    2. Joanne

      the ingredients call for a cup of chopped pecans, then it says to roll the finished cheese ball in the crushed pecans. So the chopped ones go in the cheese ball and then you need more?

    3. Betty Hoskins

      I don't put pecans in mine, I just use all of them to roll it in, you can increase the pecans if it doesn't cover, but its still very good when only rolling it in pecans

  19. Judy Hobdy

    I saw your recipe on pinterest. I've been making this appetizer for the past 37 years. But I use dried beef instead of ham. It can be found in the canned meat section of the grocery. Comes in a little clear jar. Smells strong when you open it up, but the flavor is awesome in this recipe. I hope you give it a try. This is one of my family's most requested appetizer.

  20. Judy Hobdy

    OH, besides using dried beef instead of ham, I do not use the sugar.

  21. eugenia castillo


  22. Kathy Hollerback

    Is there a printable version that I am missing?

  23. Renee

    Found on Pinterest & repinned! Yummy + easy = my fave type of recipe.

  24. Rosio

    Looks so good, going to try it soon.. Thanks for sharing your recipe.. Blessings. :)

  25. Sheila

    I have had this cheese ball before, and it is delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  26. Melody

    I'm going to try this.

  27. jan jones

    Wow, I have made this cheeseball for years, and everyone LOVES it. I will have to try it with the powdered sugar and pineapple as well. I have also added shredded cheddar and bacon on occasion.

  28. Eloise Rivera

    that is look good the foods....

  29. Heather

    I love cheeseballs and you can make them with your favorite chutney also. 1 brick of cream cheese and your favorite chutney, mix well, roll in your favorite nuts!

  30. james p. bowie

    im going to try this for christmas at my sons /////it sounds good /////merry christmas to you

  31. karen richards

    This is a wonderful touch to the holiday season of snacks and finger foods!

  32. Ashley Clark

    Just made a couple, the first one went so quick i had to make another! Fantastic!

  33. Beverly

    I used to make a cheese ball very similar to this almost 40 years ago. It was awesome, but somehow over the years I forgot bout it. Thanks for reminding me. Mine called for 2 -8 oz packages cream cheese 1/4 cup finely chopped green pepper. Mine didn't have the powdered sugar in it, but sounds great--I will add that the next time!

  34. Nicole

    This was really yummy. Great blend of flavors! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Marianne Lau

    Wow, I took a chance on this recipe & was slightly worried it wouldn't taste good.. I made it for a church social event. But, it did NOT disappoint. I was delicious & looks pretty with the pecans. I even added a few chopped onions to the top. Really pretty. Thanks for this recipe!!

  36. Susan

    I made this for the first time today and it is simply amazing! Not your ordinary cheeseball... it's way better :)

  37. Cindy

    The "pin it" button doesn't work for this recipe. :(

  38. Wouter

    Looks delicious. Could this be made in advance and put in the freezer?

    1. Betty Hoskins

      no you should never freeze soft cheese, and cream cheese is a soft cheese, when it thaws it will be very watery, maybe even runny.

  39. Karen

    Pineapple ball is awesome, I added a little green bell pepper! :-P

  40. Donna Guess

    I don't see where there is a PRINT icon on your website. It would be very helpful to have that.

    Donna Guess

  41. Shari

    I found this recipe about a year ago. I must say it's absolutely delicious! If you want to make an appetizer to please a crowd and have them asking you for the recipe, this is it!!! It's inexpensive to make and is yummy!

  42. Jessica

    The cheeseball is very good, but can definitely go without the powdered sugar. My husband and I used honey glazed ham which makes up for the sweetness. We also added a little celery for added crunch. Over all very good.

  43. Veronica

    This was surprisingly good. I used more ham and green onions and left out the pecans; I didn't like the taste with the pecans in it. I think next time I'll used chopped water chestnuts for some crunch factor.

  44. Lisa W.

    My family has made this forever, sans the sugar and adding a little finely chopped green pepper....we love it! This is an easy, pretty food for company or just 'cuz!

  45. Linda Girardot

    This cheeseball is calling my name!!!!! Must make one of these, asap and enjoy it, soon! Thanks for this easy to do, simple, fast, awesome, recipe!

  46. Lisa P

    This has been my "go to" appetizer for years. My recipe uses regular onion & a couple of tablespoons of A-1 instead of the pineapple so can't wait to try out your version. I have shaped mine into cones and used almonds to look like pine cones w/rosemary "needles" for special occasions. I've been equally lazy and stirred the nuts in and called it dip. Great warm and also good on bagels!

  47. Mary Lou Johnson

    Love your recipes.

  48. Trudy K. Corriveau

    I Love cheese balls like this. will certainly try this one. Thanks for this easy recipe!..:-)

  49. Aunty Mogg

    Will definitely be making this for the next family gathering! Thanks xx

  50. KATORA

    What size is the small can in ounces? Thanks.

    1. Erin Johnson

      I do 8ozs

  51. Debbie Ross

    I have fixed this on more than one occasion and I have used mesquite shaved turkey as well it is Awesome :p

  52. mitchypoo

    We do not add the powdered sugar or ham and we DO add about a half a green bell pepper, chopped fine. If you don't tell people they can't figure out the pineapple is in there. It's a real crowd pleaser.

  53. Cheryl Morgan

    I cannot copy this recipe off and I would love to have it in my baking file. Love to try new things...

  54. Mary J Foster

    I will be trying the pineapple cheese ball

  55. Leah onken

    What can you use instead of pecans, I am allergic.

    1. Kellie-Ann SPICER

      Leah try rolling it in chives.... herbs are a good to use for these kinds of things.

  56. Crystal

    My mom makes this to but she uses dried beef and a dash or two of worchester sauce and we all love it

  57. Erin Johnson

    I omit the meat and instead of a ball, I just throw everything, including the nuts in a serving bowl and make a dip! Same flavor way faster! I also make sure the pineapple is very, very well drained. Like, leave it on a paper towel for an hour drained. If its not thoroughly drained like that, I find the pineapple flavor too overwhelming.

    1. Ginny

      Why the powdered sugar???? This isn't supposed to be a sweet spread, is it? It looks so yummy, but when I make it, I don't think I'll add sugar.

  58. Carol Carroll

    Do you add half the pecans to the cheese ball and roll the ball in the other half?

    1. Chef in Training

      no just roll them in the pecans

  59. Carol Carroll

    Do you add half the pecas to the cheese and roll it in the other half?

    1. Chef in Training

      no just roll it in the pecans, none are mixed in.

  60. CB

    Two or three questions here about the added sugar but no response. I too was wondering why the sugar.

  61. Linda Trujillo


    Good recipe.My mother used to make this !!

  62. Sharon


    This is amazing! I also tried it with dried cranberries and cinnamon! That one was a hit at Christmas dinner! The pineapple one went great at the family BBQ!!

  63. Renee holman


    Was great and can be molded into different shapes

  64. Louise

    I am a little confused. Is this one and a half cream cheese, or 1/2 cream cheese. Sounds delicious.

  65. Annette

    Recipe looks great but what do you called powdered sugar? Please tell me.

    1. Tammy

      Confection sugar by the brown sugar in your grocery

  66. Nancy tirva


    I love cheese balls. I have made a cream cheese one similar to this. It is with a container of whipped cream and chives . To it add chopped pepperoni and continue as with your recipe So very very good.

  67. lou

    i think crumbled bacon would be better then ham

  68. Maree

    what size is the can of pineapple please

  69. Carly

    Pineapple cheese ball.. It says 1 1/2 packages at top of recipe but don't say what of..

  70. brisco


    Next time mix in bacon bites with pecan Omg super good

  71. Mary Burks

    It also can be used ti make ham rolls then slice in bit sizes

  72. Lori

    You should try substituting the ham with Dried Beef (chop it) and it makes ALL the difference! Yum (dried beef comes in a jar on the aisle where tuna is normally... It looks almost like salami when u take it out of the jar

  73. Marjorie Cureton

    Thought this was going to b the recipe i used to use in the 70's. Cream cheese, pineapple, green pepper and rolled in pecans or walnuts. It was always gobbled down.

  74. Linda


    Love the pineapple cheese ball, Is a favorite.

  75. Ruthann Dreyer


    Made this recipe on several occasions. Every time it was a hit. Don't hesitate to make this. It is so easy to modify. I added a little more green onions and chopped shaved ham with my dip. It turned out delicious. This is definitely on our Christmas Dinner menu. Makes a wonderful before dinner appetizer.

  76. Cassie


    This recipe was so easy and tasted phenomenal! My guests were eating it directly out of the bowl, I never had the chance to roll it in a ball!

  77. margaret de Lange

    Pineapple Cheese Balls sounds great! Will try for sure.

    1. Tammy

      I would try crushed ritz ,or just spead mixture in a pretty dish and let them dip it

  78. ShaNnon

    on your pineapple cheese ball I want to know if you have a nut free alternative for people with allergies to nuts... Want to make this but I have two kids with allergies to all nut items

  79. Cheryl Scott


    Just wondering if it would be okay to just add the nuts and mix instead of waiting till chilled and rolling it in the nuts? If so I am ready to add them!!!

  80. cherie

    what type of crackers do you think would go good with this dip besides ritz?

  81. Tammy

    Mine is just like this ,omit onions ,but roll in 4 slices of crispy fried bacon ,crumbled ,half the chopped pecans. And 2 tablespoons brown sugar mix togather then roll cheese ball in mixture chill yummm

    1. Tammy

      By the way I have used your mixture with out the ham ,but spread it on a slice of ham roll up pretty and great tasting that way too

  82. Linda Halford

    This is the dish I'm going to make it for the next Elvis Presley Club meeting.

  83. crystal engel

    I make mine like this except I roll mine into real baccon bits and add minced garlic.

  84. karen

    Small can as in 8 oz.?

  85. Karen

    This looks delish! Cant wait to try it at a holiday gathering. The powdered sugar is an interesting addition. Will try!

  86. Peggy West

    Love this pineapple touch to a cheeseball. Can't wait to try some more of these great recipes'

  87. Meredith


    Awful. Bland and just tasted like cream cheese, and it never set, even after refrigerating overnight. I live in a humid climate so that might have something to do with that.

  88. Caren Ogg

    This Pineapple cheese Ball looks delicious, going to make immediately! Thank you for sharing!

  89. Mary Komon

    Do the pecans go into the cheese ball or do you roll ball in them?

    1. Chef in Training

      you roll the cheese ball in them :)

  90. maary sprowles

    i'm making this for our church dinner this sounds so good

  91. Brenda

    I've made these many times and they are truly delish! And if you are a pecan or walnut lover, the more you add the better it is!!

  92. Charlotte Cascio


    Could this be frozen

    1. Suzanne

      I would like to know if it can be frozen too!!

  93. mary bond


    Try. 3 cream cheese
    3 cups shredded cheddar cheese
    1 pkg. Ranch dressing. Dry
    1/4 cup bacon fried hard and chopped, or bacon bits
    1/4 cup chopped green onion
    Rolled in crushed pecans. Or celeranto
    Refrigerate before serving,
    Your favorite cracker

  94. Jeannie

    I'm going to make this for our family Christmas party, however I am going to add 1 more ingredient that I think will push this one more bite closer to heaven...chopped jalapeno pepper. Just a little to give it just a kick.

  95. Tammy

    I made this for our Christmas carry-in @ work,(I omitted the pecans as I have a nut allergy) & it was a huge hit. One lady later asked me if I would make a couple for her family's Christmas dinner. So I'm making her one with the pecans and one without. She said that was the best cheeseball she has had in a very long time. : )

  96. Kathleen

    I made this for our Christmas get together and it was so good....crowd pleaser...

  97. Jess

    Would this be OK made as small individual cheese balls if you made more crushed nuts to a count for more surface coverage?

  98. Betty

    Really good cheese ball

  99. Henriette Quevillon


    excellent and easy to make.

  100. Jan Adams


    I made this recently for a get together with neighbors. Everyone loved it! Will definitely make it again.

  101. Pam


    Brilliant adding the powdered sugar!
    Thank you!

  102. judy

    I would use bacon instead of ham.

  103. Kelly

    Delicious. Made it just like the recipe. We gobbled it up.

  104. SandyH

    Add about a tablespoon of dry ranch powder. Delicious!