Homemade Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese is one of the BEST comfort foods out there in my honest opinion. I’m not talking about the packaged stuff, but rather the homemade goodness. It truly is special.

One of my favorite things about mac and cheese is that you rarely find someone who doesn’t like it- kids included. My picky eaters gobble this stuff up by the bowl full.

My favorite part of homemade mac and cheese happens to be the crispy edges and top. It adds just the right amount of crunch. Then it dawned on me… why not turn them into mini bite size pieces to make each bite that piece of heaven!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Bites... These are so simple and the perfect finger food ideal for serving kids and as an appetizer! These are DELICIOUS!

These bites are the PERFECT finger food or appetizer! Adults and kids alike go crazy for them. My kids have already requested these get put on the menu again for this upcoming week and with how easy they are, how could I say no?!

If you are looking for a people pleasing recipe and/or appetizer, this recipe is fantastic! The flavor is delicious and they are cooked to perfection!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Bites... These are so simple and the perfect finger food ideal for serving kids and as an appetizer! These are DELICIOUS!

Homemade Mac and Cheese Bites... These are so simple and the perfect finger food ideal for serving kids and as an appetizer! These are DELICIOUS!
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Homemade Mac and Cheese Bites

These are so simple and the perfect finger food ideal for serving kids and as an appetizer! These are DELICIOUS!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 36
Calories 68kcal


  • 1/2 pound elbow macaroni
  • 2 Tablespoons butter
  • 2 Tablespoons flour
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 ounces cream cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 egg beaten


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Spray mini muffin tins with cooking spray.
  • Cook pasta according to packaged directions and set aside.
  • In a medium size pan combine butter and flour over medium heat. Whisk until butter is melted and mixture is smooth. Slowly add milk and bring to a simmer. Add 1 1/2 cups of the cheese, cream cheese, salt and pepper. Stir until smooth and creamy. Remove from heat.
  • In a large mixing bowl, carefully stir pasta, cheese sauce, and egg until evenly mixed and pasta is evenly coated.
  • Spoon mac and cheese into mini muffin tins and top each with a small pinch of remaining cheese.
  • Bake at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Allow to cool 5 minutes before gently removing the bites.


Calories: 68kcal | Carbohydrates: 6g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Trans Fat: 0.03g | Cholesterol: 11mg | Sodium: 88mg | Potassium: 37mg | Fiber: 0.2g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 120IU | Calcium: 60mg | Iron: 0.1mg
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  1. Lissa


    I have an interesting question... I like your pictures of the macaroni bites. Whenever I make oven baked macaroni, it always falls apart. How do you get each macaroni bite to hold together without a cupcake liner?

    1. Teri

      I haven't made these yet, but I am guessing it's the egg that helps to holds them together. I am anxious to try them!

    2. Kathy


      It's the egg that binds it all together while it bakes...so it won't fall apart!

    3. Carrie


      you have to use eggs and flour as a binding agent.

    4. Patty

      Are you using egg in your recipe as a binder?

    5. Mary Louise

      I use Milnot can milk and it always holds my mac and cheese together

    6. Marion Mockridge


      It is important to have the correct ratio of noodles to sauce. Too many noodles for the sauce, it will really apart. I made these for a senior citizens pot luck.....like magic they disappeared..

    7. mark bryan

      I have made these about 4 times now...my 7 year old granddaughter just loves them..I am hoping they will freeze well as we have a lot of children at our house christmas eve and I thought this would be a good appie to serve them, but I would like to make them ahead of time..

  2. KT Jonas

    I love the recipes, but I am having a hard time reading the grey on white print..is there any way you could use black on white..?? For those of us who have a vision problem, it would be a big help..I have to re write the recipes in a larger, black ink format so I can read them...dom't forget..not eveyone who enjuys your site is a ''youngster''some of us are ''oldsters'''..but keep up the good work..recipes are so good and easy to make, I really like the site...

    1. EM


      Just cut & paste on a blank page - word or email. Then you can change the font color, size & give any background color. My friend has less than twenty vision so I use font arial black in size 14 or 16 with a bright yellow background.

    2. Linda Gimnich

      But, why can't you just print your recipes, or whole (your site in fact, in a font color that more contrast instead of having your users go through the trouble to copy past etc. etc. instead of you doing it? But,yYou are not the only one! From recipes to business cards etc seems to be the "cool" "IN" thing to do, and it truly is maddening. I don't understand the point.

  3. Dee

    Do you know the yield to this recipe? Also, do you think these could be frozen and then rejuvinated, or will that just disturb the whole crunchy thing?

    1. Judy Kostiuk


      Homemade Mac & Cheese Bites

      Can you make them ahead and freeze them, if so do you suggest bake them first, cool them then freeze them?

      Unthaw and warm them up on low heat or microwave them??

      These would go well with a roast ham served buffet style for a group dinner.

      I am planning to make these for a party next week, would like to know ahead of time, how to do the last minute heating without losing the consistency of them.

    2. Standance


      I would not recommend microwaving anything. You will only get more water into your product.
      Thaw them and cook on a low heat just like you mentioned.

    3. Lynn

      Did you happen to make these ahead of time? If so, did you bake them, freeze them and then heated them up on low heat?

    4. Tiffiany

      I doubled the recipe & it made 96 so I would assume that this recipe would yield 48

    5. Thanu

      I would also like to know how they turned out. Is it better to freeze them before or after baking? I assume after baking to make them hold its shape? Would it work to freeze it before baking using cupcake liners, then to thaw and bake? Have a kids party coming up and I desperately need make ahead recipes. Thanks

    6. EM

      I freeze mine uncooked using mini muffin papers with the tray tied in a freezer bag. Take them out to thaw which is a short time, then bake. Each recipe give you 36.

    7. Marilou Pierce


      I used two cups dry noodles, 3 cups cheddar cheese, using 2 ½ cup for the sauce and two eggs. It made 36+ bites and they were delicious!

    8. Tasha

      Thanks for posting this note. Everyone always asks about making ahead and freezing on recipes. In my opinion bloggers should go ahead and test that and answer it right off the bat. I really like certain sites because I know they always answer things like that as part of their notes in their recipe. That question is posted here so many times for a good reason. Glad to know it worked for you since I was hoping to do it. Freezing before baking makes sense to me, thanks!

  4. Saundra K Fesperman

    I too would like to know the yield for this recipe. Also does the mixture stick together well. I think this will be
    such a hit when I make it for them.

    I just found this sight and really like what I see.

  5. Chels R.

    These look so perfect for a kid's birthday party! Love it!

  6. enri gasco


    goog and easy perfect i do not have a lot of time for my cooking

  7. Nicky Sioui

    Hello, I'm interested in trying this enticing recipe - what level do we place the oven rack, and how many does your recipe make??

  8. Fran

    Nikki, They sound delicious. How many does the recipe make?

    1. Patty Paris

      WHY are there never any reply to any questions????? Doesn't anyone care?

    2. Chef in Training

      it makes about 3-4 dozen :)

    3. Chef in Training

      it makes 3-4 dozen :)

  9. Larry

    Recommended way to reheat? I only have 1 pan and want to make more than that for a party so I'm gonna have to make two separate batches and keep them in a container. Microwave fine? Or would some time in the oven again be better?

  10. Kathi

    do you think these could be frozen?

    1. Lynn

      If you happen to get a response as to whether they can be prepared ahead of time and put into the freezer, please let me know. I would like to make them for a party in August.

    2. Chef in Training

      not sure I haven't tried. I know noodles like to absorb any moisture they can so I am not sure how this will effect how dry or cheesy they will be. so sorry I am not much help. If you try, please keep me posted.

  11. Lisa G


    Although I haven't made this yet I am basing my rating on my cooking experience... I know in my bones this will be a grand slam! These mini bites sound amazing and so many yummy tweeks you can make by using different types of cheeses and/or herbs (or lobster for a decadant cocktail party app... ooooh-la-la!) I'm wondering if anyone has used silicone mini muffin pans instead of metal...do you still get the "crispy effect?

  12. Hilda Calderon

    Can the flour be replaced with cornstarch???

    1. BRIDY

      I used cornstarch and they are not holding together so well. I did a test run for a potluck and wanted to make them gluten free so i could eat them. I wont make them gluten free for the potluck.

  13. Tammy


    This recipe made two trays of generously filled mini cups of mac and cheese deliciousness. Although both cup cake trays were non-stick, one tray refused to let those little guys free where they simply popped out of the other tray. It was odd. Make sure you spray the trays really well. They stick together well and were the perfectly amount of crisp. The kids loved them dipped in ketchup where I thought they were a tad bit dry. A cool recipe I would make again.

  14. Loren


    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!! Thanks so very much for posting.
    Best regards from Oklahoma

  15. Lynn Hauth

    I wonder if you could make these, freeze them in the pan and then prior to serving them, bake them.

    1. Thanu

      I am also eager to know. If you ended up trying this for your kids birthday, please let me know the best way to make ahead but still have them taste fresh. I have a kids party in a month. Thanks

  16. Janet

    They were very good but didn't quite hold together as well as frozen ones that are premade. Wondered if fine breadcrumbs would help. Will try but they were good.

    1. Melanie


      Can you give me your directions to freeze and re heat. I have a baby and a bridal shower in the next week. This would be a HUGE time saver.

  17. Linda Gimnich

    How many does this make? think I can freeze them too. IF so, your thoughts on doing that before or after cooking? I really need to know the approximate number it makes however.

    1. kylie baker


      2 dozen

  18. Lauren Shelton


    Is there any way you could post the nutritional facts?

    1. Deb

      Copy the recipe into myfitnesspal and it will provide the nutritional information.

  19. nikki

    Made these for my daughter's birthday with her friends from school. I served only snack/appetizers and these were a big hit!

  20. Linda

    Do u have to use cream cheese, can u use another kind of cheese?

  21. Lauren

    This recipe sounds great! I was thinking about making them for a party. About how many does this recipe make? There will be about 40 people at the party so wondering if the recipe needs to be doubled?


    1. Chef in Training

      about 3 dozen, I believe.

  22. Carol B.


    These look great. I am making them right now for an appetizer for an event. I am adding bacon bits to the top to satisfy my pregnant daughter in law who is craving bacon! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Cher

      How did you prepare your pans?

    2. Chef in Training

      just sprayed them generously with cooing spray :)

  23. Nancy

    I love mac and cheese and these look great. I'm trying to plan for an upcoming event. Can these be frozen and reheated for serving?

    1. Chef in Training

      I haven't tried that yet. So sorry I am not more help :)

  24. Cher

    Made this recipe. Sprayed my non-stick muffin pans adequately and they stuck to both pans. Have you any secrets to share about getting them out of the pans?

    1. Chef in Training

      i am so sorry this happened for you. I just sprayed mine generously with cooking spray and didn't have a problem getting them out. I sliced the outer sides with a knife to make sure they weren't stuck before lifting. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

    2. Valerie


      Use a GOOD non-stick pan and spray generously.

    3. Paulette

      I cooked my macaroni rinsed it well then I froze it when just before company is to arrived I tooked the pasta out of the freezer once all thawed out I rinsed it again then I proceeded wit the rest of the recipe it was ok and yummy thanks

  25. Jill

    Made these for my son's birthday party and they were really good! I will be making these again!

  26. Daliah


    I made these for a party over the weekend. I added 1tsp mustartd powder (secret ingredient from another recipe.) I think the cream cheese can be taken out - I did not find that it added anything to the flavor compared to my other recipe that uses the same of the rest of the ingredients. I also needed to cook the bites significantly longer than the recipe calls for in order for the bites to stay together - at least 20 minutes, maybe longer.

    We reheated from room temp for 5 mins at 375 and they were perfect for the party.

  27. Cathleen

    Do these re-heat well?

  28. Donna


    I was disappointed with this recipe. They weren't nearly cheesy enough, and once I got them out of the pan they fell apart.

  29. Kay

    I love Mac-n-Cheese so I'm sure I will love these. I'm sure the kids at family gathering will too. I want to try them for Thanksgiving or Christmas Brunch.

  30. Jess

    Delish! Big hit at multiple parties! I added bacon to one batch ;)

  31. Midmodtom


    This is the best of the best that I have made (using Internet recipes) The egg is a binder, but the cream cheese also has stabilizers in it. Leaving them in the tin for 5 to 7 minutes will help them congeal and you can take them out, arrange them on a platter for a party and they will stay together. Bravo!

  32. Meg


    You know what's even better than baking these yummy bites in mini-muffin tins? Baking them in a whoopie pie (or muffin top) pan. Nom nom nom.

  33. Baylee

    How many does this recipe make?

    1. Chef in Training

      about 3 dozen

  34. Susie


    Just made these, and they turned out great!! They are delicious!! Yum. I'm impressed that they are coming out the the pan so well. Will make again! A+

  35. Amy

    Do you know about how many bites this recipe will make?

    1. Chef in Training

      about 3 dozen I believe

  36. Kathy Barnes

    Can your homemade mac and cheese appetizers be served at room temperature?

    1. Chef in Training

      sure! I love them warm and fresh but totally can be served at room temperature if desired.

  37. Amy

    Does Nikki, reply to your comments?

  38. Jill


    Wow...I made these for my bunco group tonite...they were amazing...everyone loved the new and several asked about how to make them. I had no issue with them falling apart but had they not cooled I could tell they would have. Also no sticking as thanks to feedback I knew to spray well. It actually made 4 dozen perfectly for me...I was shocked since it did not look like much macaroni after cooking just that. YUM!

  39. Michele

    Can these be prepared the nite before and baked before serving?

  40. Rose Dunn


    i will try it. Looks great!

  41. Gary Lawrence

    Can these be served cold, or are they better warmed and can they be frozen. Thank you for what looks like a beautiful recipe.

  42. L Bardy

    hi thinking of making this for an Oscar event. how many bites does this recipe make?

    1. Chef in Training

      about 3 dozen

  43. Alex


    I'm excited to make these I just had one question. Just wondering in the second picture whether or not that was parsley (fresh)?

    1. Chef in Training

      yes that is finely chopped fresh parsley :)

  44. Gloria

    Can you us extra large egg in this recipe?

  45. Delores


    Wonderful recipes -- now have to go and make them! thank you

  46. rebecca


    I have a 17 yo mac n cheese connoisseur so I added garlic powder, chili powder and a bit of dijon mustard to the cheese sauce. They panko bread crumbs and parm cheese too on top before baking. Great recipe, though!

  47. Colleen

    I made them they are very good, but fell apart, and I used egg, should you pack the mixture into the cups?

  48. Kim

    Have you ever made these ahead and frozen them?

  49. Kristin

    how many does this make if you use the little muffin tins? I'm excited to make them but want to make sure I have enough.thanks

  50. mohana

    how big is a cup, can i use any cup as long as the ratios are the same for all ingredients?

    1. Barbara

      You have to use a cup measure for a cup. It's also 8 ounces or if you are using metric, 2 full deciliters is about a cup.

  51. Lara Dennis


    How many bites does this recipe make?


    1. Chef in Training

      about 36

  52. Ellen

    I made these last summer for a a party and they were such a hit! Sorry I didn't get around to posting a comment until now. I did not have any issues with them falling apart as some are mentioning here. Perhaps this is happening when people remove them from the pan without waiting the suggested 5 minutes?

  53. sharon

    How to you keep these from not falling apart - should you line muffin cups with breadcrumbs?

  54. Sad Momma

    unfortunately this recipe was a major fail for me. I had hoped after the first batch that the macaroni would hold and they did not. Today was a sad day.

  55. Lisa


    I used a little more egg than called for and a bit more cheese and then cooled them in the pan completely before trying to take them out. also add some finely diced fresh jalapeno (just one) and salted the tops VERY lightly. This gave it a very good taste. They taste great! I will be freezing them tonight, and next week I will let them defrost completely before reheating, adding a little more cheddar on top for a binder and a bit of crisp. Yum!

    1. Susan

      how did the reheating from frozen go for you?

  56. Milou

    Can these be made ahead of time, frozen, then reheated? Need to make bite sized food for Sunday after a busy weekend.

  57. Susan


    Low carb replace flour with coconut / almond flour blend and chopped cauliflower in place of the macaroni and it's just as yummy - no guilt
    Add a shake or two of cayenne and BOOM!!

  58. Hema


    hi i dont have a microwave or oven, is there any way to cook this recipe n stove.

    1. Gio


      Do not microwave, this recipe is great, no fail and 36 is the numbers of bites!!

  59. EM

    Can they be made ahead, frozen and still be good?

  60. Bed Knobs and Broomsticks | Heavenly Days

    […] for the popcorn and candy, but for the first one I wanted to really go for it. I loved the idea of these mac and cheese bites for their kid friendliness and ease of preparation. I doubled the recipe and did them in regular […]

  61. Loranna


    This is a great recipe and putting these into muffin tins makes it easier for diabetic portion control and to pack for a lunch. Also going to do this to freeze ahead for camping.

  62. Nancy


    I took these as an appetizer to a party. On the table filled with a wide variety of delicious appetizers, these disappeared immediately. Who can resist a small bite of Mac n' cheese? I will be making these again. It took longer to bake mine and I found them easier to remove if they actually browned. I added a bit of dry mustard, but otherwise found the recipe delicious.

  63. Sarah

    Can I freeze these and reheat them? If yes, how do you recommend doing so?

  64. Lisa

    How many does this recipe make?

    1. Chef in Training

      36 bites

  65. Miki

    Tried these. They are easy and wonderful. I made a batch and froze them for those times when unexpected guests wind up at your door. Just pop them in the oven and snacks are on hand. Everybody loves them, and now I always keep a batch in the freezer.

    1. Susan

      did you fully cook them before freezing? Then reheat and crisp after fully thawed?

  66. Rachel

    I made this has one whole casserole instead of the minis. Tastes amazing!

  67. Lisa Cicconi

    Hi can you substitute the cream cheese for any other cheese? I used Campbell's cheddar cheese soup and shredded cheddar cheese when I make my mac and cheese, I was wondering if that would work? I would love to make them tonight but have no cream cheese and thought I'd ask...



    I am so jazzed t make this recipe. Question. If you have anon stick muffin tine should I still spray the pan. Or if I use muffin baking cups will the macaroni muffins stick to paper?

  69. martha

    How many does this make?

  70. Diane Brus


    do you cook the marcaroni before you add it to the cheese mixture??

  71. Bridget Montgomery

    how many does this recipe make

  72. Cynthia

    I realize that by spending more time and copying and pasting into a new document and changing the font, I could read the posts. My question is, why make the posted font so light greys in the first place? Why not make it black?

  73. Cynthia

    Why use a light grey font rather than just using black? It's pretty frustrating having to copy the text from your site, paste it into a new document, and then change the font to make it more visible.

  74. Bess Farland

    I plan on making these. They look delishious

  75. Varsha

    Will it still hold if I make a slightly more calorie conscious sauce i.e. With lesser cheese and no cream cheese?

  76. Lorraine

    I made this tonight. Kids and I loved it. I broiled the muffins for the last 5 minutes to make them browner and crispier.

  77. Sean Curry


    I made them and added chopped cooked bacon, dill weed and a pinch of basil! Awesome! ?

  78. Kristine N.


    All the kids and I love this recipe. We don't cook it in the oven...its super creamy if you leave it. When we cook for parties, we pop them in the oven for easy finger food! Thanks!

  79. Jillian

    Are these still good served at room temperature or cold?

  80. Jose

    Looks delish!! I'm planning to make this for my daughter. She loves Mac and Cheese but she's very picky.
    One question, on Step #5, is the pasta raw or cooked when you stir and combine with cheese and egg?

    1. Amy

      It's cooked :) I just made them tonight and they are really tasty. Enjoy!

  81. Dianna Day

    Came out perfect! Substituted with cream cheese chive dip, added dry mustard, and sprinkled Pank o on pan and top and baked 20 minures. Came out of pan instantly.

  82. Shelby


    I made these yesterday and added some chopped bacon. Held together perfectly and they were excellent!

  83. Monica Eaton


    I have the solution for sticking in the pan. Use a small ice cream scoop and put on a greased cookie sheet. So good. Bake for 15 minutes. I crushed up funions put on top so they seem fried. I also added hot sauce. Did I say so good.

  84. Stacey

    These are AMAZING!!

  85. luvyankee46


    These were great. Doubled the recipe and use regular muffin tins. It made 24.

    1. Jill

      I would also like to make these in regular muffin cups and wondered how long you baked yours for.

  86. Pat

    with the holidays coming up do you think these could be made a couple of weeks ahead and frozen for a make ahead appetizer?

  87. Lulu

    I did it. I use regular size cupcake pan(double the recipe), and they (30 of them) came fine. I just gave them a bit more time to cook until the cheese on top was brown. Soo good. They did not came apart. Thanks for the idea.

  88. Donna Smythe


    Question: I cannot eat yellow cheddar,( dye-allergy ) so I only eat white cheddar or other white cheeses. Do you think using Old white cheddar or is there other cheeses you could suggest. Tks.

  89. Catherine


    I tested these out for an upcoming baby shower I'll be making them form. They turned out great and I had no problem at all getting them out of the mini muffin tins - altho I generously used cooking spray. Because I'll be making them in advance for the shower I tested both putting some in the fridge and some in the freezer and reheating in the oven the next day. Both options worked, the frozen ones just need to reheat in the oven longer (maybe 15ish minutes on low heat instead of less if just put in fridge). Overall they are good but they did taste a little better when eaten the day of being made, and I found they were a tiny bit dry and could use a little more flavor. Next time I'll add some garlic powder and maybe a bit of dijon mustard. However because they're bite sized they'll naturally be a little more dry than a full pan of mac n cheese, given that the outside of the bit sized piece gets crispy. Definitely a great party snack!

    1. Mary Stacey

      So I am making these for my daughter's upcoming baby shower. I was thinking of making them the day before and just putting in the fridge and cooking them the day of the shower.Would it be as god or should I freeze them.

  90. Barbara


    My grandkids love thesr

  91. Amy


    Made these for my husband's work event and they turned out perfectly. They were tasty and I had no issues removing them from the pan, which I was a little worried about. I ran a knife carefully along the edges of each bite after they came out of the over, which I think helped me to remove them easily. I highly recommend this recipe :) Thanks!

  92. MrsAshMo


    Very simple if directions are followed; I sprayed non-stick olive oil and had no issues with stickage. I added the following ingredients (to taste) for a more rustic Thanksgiving inspired flavor profile: rosemary, thyme, mustard and garlic powder, cayenne for a kick, fresh parsley and sage, a drizzle of truffle oil and a little brown sugar (because I slightly over salted my cheese sauce). I also made a bread crumb topping that I added before sprinkling the remaining cheddar on top which included: equal parts Italian crumbs and grated Parmesan, parsley, some melted butter (just enough to lightly coat) and a drizzle of truffle oil. I also hand pressed the mixture down a bit in each compartment of the mini muffin pan and baked an additional 8 minutes after reducing the temperature to 300. So yummy!

  93. Betty

    Great recipe! I made it for Thanksgiving and it was hit. I didn't have enough cheddar cheese so I combined different cheeses for this recipe plus added 1/2 teaspoon of powder Coleman's mustard.

  94. Kendall


    Just made these, yield was 3 dozen. They did stick to the pan a bit and some fell apart. I cooked longer than directed and the bottoms were not crispy as I would like. I will retry this and maybe add more egg? Hoping to make ahead and reheat for a Christmas party (want finger food only at the party). Wonder if reheating would firm these up? Thanks for the idea - taste was great for these!

  95. Kiev


    I added Jalepeno and Bacon to the recipe just to add a little variety and OMG those went faster than just the original. Both are amazing and I totally recommend them for a party appetizer.

  96. Marie-Louise Kelday


    Thank you go sharing. I use Boursin herb cheese and sometimes add fresh bacon bits and finely chopped mushrooms.

  97. Gay

    Gave the recipe a road test tonight to see if they'd be a good addition to our Christmas party. I was thinking they'd be kid friendly, but adult worthy as well. They were easy to make and quite tasty. Next time I will put a little panko breadcrumb mixture on top for a little crunch, but these were yummy as is.

  98. Kelly

    How many servings does this recipe make? Thank you!

  99. Sarah

    Just made these and they are delicious! Can't wait for my guests to try them. So easy too. Thank you for sharing!

  100. Teisha Weatherly


    I made these last night for my Christmas get together with my squad. These were simply delicious and a HUGE hit! I made them as the recipe listed, no variations. You definitely have to keep an eye on the butter and flour while cooking as it can burn if overcooked. Can wait to make again for Christmas Eve!

  101. Barbara

    I tried these using the bigger muffin papers and they didn't gel well enough. I probably should have adjusted the cooking time. Adding bread crumbs would be a great idea to help with that, too. Thank you for the recipe!

  102. Gail


    I tried this recipe for New Year's Day buffet. Well, I should have taken a picture of my family eating these little treasures. They went too fast to get a picture. They are now my signature party dish. There is a request for more for the big football game of the year. Thank you for this recipe and idea, they came out perfect.

  103. Lisa

    I made this for my family and friends at this year's Christmas party and they loved it. Thank you for sharing

  104. Sage Scott

    Just popped these out of the oven I am waiting the suggested 5 minutes but cannot wait to dig in! They look scrumptious!!

  105. Katy

    How many does this make

  106. Anna


    I made these for a birthday party and they were a huge hit! These are great to make ahead and freeze too!

    1. Mrs. Miller

      How did you reheat them?

  107. Robiny

    Thanks, these came out great!

  108. Giulia


    I'm from Brazil and it was the first time I made mac and cheese! I made it for SuperBowl and I loved it!

  109. Sue

    Has anyone had success using paper cup liners in the muffin tray?

  110. Jana Joyce

    They are all falling apart. Followed the recipe exactly except used bread flour instead of AP. Left in muffin pan extra long

  111. Carol Barker


    I tried these this morning as I am making them for my grandson's wedding and I wanted to see if they will freeze well. the recipe made 48 generously filled. My problem is how do you get them to brown on the bottom? If they brown well they won't be so apt to fall apart. I found when I took them from the pan if I place them upside down that helped tremendously. I'm thinking cooking spray may be the culprit as it is wetter. Would butter make them stick? Any help is appreciated. They taste very good though.

  112. Michelle

    How many servings??

  113. Kristine


    I made these yesterday for a party. Wow I wanted to call in sick and eat them all myself! Just a tip, if you find out that you, in fact, do not own a mini muffin pan (oops), you can use cake pop pans. Haha

  114. Rio


    OMG this turned out amazing!! I added bread crumbs on top.

  115. kitty


    I have a question how many does this recipe makes

  116. Cheryl Mathe

    These look wonderful. How many does this recipe make?

  117. Fran

    How can I freeze them and serve later?

  118. Debbie

    Can these be cooked in small foil muffin holders?

  119. Maria Maheras


    These are delicious! My granddaughter ate 8 of them!!! I added crushed up potato chips mixed with melted butter on the top for a little crunch! As my baby said, "Yummy!" ;)

  120. Annabel

    How many does this recipe make ? I want to try them for my girls's birthday party!

  121. DeDe

    How many does this make?

  122. Maria


    Made this again and added carmelized onions, ground beef and a little mozzarella. Topped with crumbled potato chips. Came out yummy!

  123. Deepal

    Hi. I am a vegetarian and absolutely love this idea. What would be a good option for replacing egg in this recipe?

  124. Sooz


    These were a HUGE hit at my ladies night. Even though everyone brings low-fat, low carb, somehow my mac and cheese bites were everyones favorite. Ha! Be sure to generously spray your muffin pan with PAM and let them cool the entire 5 minutes. Next time I'm adding crumbled bacon!

  125. Shamieka


    Chef in Training I only have one question/critique. How many servings?

  126. Marii Dee


    These were a hit a my daughter's pre-k Thanksgiving Pow Wow. The kids 'gobbled' them up!

  127. Erin

    I made these as a starter for Thanksgiving and they were a huge, huge hit. After scouring the comments for feedback, here were my alterations and everything went super smoothly and tasted great. The bites stayed intact and they did not stick to the (nonstick) pan.

    -Used two cups of grated cheddar in mixture, with another 1/2 -1 cup available for the pinch of cheese on the topping

    -Replaced 2 oz. of cream cheese with 2 oz. of Boursin Herb & Chive cheese

    -Used two eggs to help with binding

    -Mixed pasta with egg very well before adding cheese sauce

    -Sprayed baking sheet generously with Baker’s Joy

    -Baked between 17 and 20 minutes (at 400) under golden

    -Let cool for 10 minutes

    -Sprinkled with chopped fresh parsley

    1. Erin

      Also this made 48 mini muffin size cups for me. After spooning in the mac, I gently pressed them down with a spoon before topping with cheese. I made these and let them cool before refrigerating for transport and then reheated with a warming tray for serving. They were perfect!

  128. robin rogers

    Can I make this ahead ? If so..do you bake it and then refrigerate until party time ?

  129. kathleen


    I just made these and they look great! I was a little skeptic putting them in the oven but they turned out wonderfully golden and they hold nicely. My only issue is that they don't have much flavor for my liking but I'm sure the kids at my son's daycare will love them. I'll adjust the flavor next time I make them.

  130. Linda

    This is my 3rd time making these. So yummy! I also make a blue cheese and bacon version

  131. Amanda

    How would you recommend these to be kept warm throughout a snacking event? Would stacking them in a crock pot, after cooking, be a terrible idea?

  132. Fran

    Can these be made ahead of time?

  133. Lisette

    What is the serving size?

  134. Nicole

    How many does it yield? Making for a party and was just curious how much I should increase it?

  135. Rae

    How many does this recipe make??

  136. Candygirl

    These were a fabulous hit at my Christmas office party! I made these in foil muffin liners..... and how I kept them warm was in my big crock pot on the lowest setting. I made layers using tin foil to separate each layer. Everyone went crazy over them!

  137. Sherri

    Could you make these the day before and just heat them up the next?

  138. Susan C. Mercer


    I made these only once and they were such a hit and delicious. A friend made them and said they didn't stick together. Not sure what she did wrong. I am making them again for a new years eve party.

  139. Carol williams

    Is that parsley bits atop?

  140. Carrie

    Can you make these ahead of time?

  141. Penny


    Everyone at our Christmas party loved them. I used can milk. Didn’t change a thing. Except doubled the receipe.

  142. Ruth

    I have now made this recipe twice for parties and it is a big hit both time. Let them cook for 20 minutes and cool for over 5 minutes. Added the Dijon mustard, chili, onion and garlic powders. Thanks for the recipe.

  143. Debbie


    Made these for a Christmas party and I didn't allow for enough time for the cooling. It takes longer than 5 minutes, it was more like 15-20 minutes to cool. I only had one mini muffin pan so I wasn't able to finish making the bites so I put the rest of the mac & cheese in a dish and finished baking it. The Bites that I did make were good, so was the Mac & Cheese just not enough time allowed for cooling. I would make again, just allow more time and purchase another mini muffin pan. Thanks for the recipe!!

  144. Kally


    My kids are going to love this for the Super Bowl! Thank you... how fun to make too.

  145. Allison Summey

    Has anyone refrigerated these and reheated in the oven? I have been successful doing that with regular mac and cheese but wanted to see if anyone has been successful with this specifically. Thanks!

  146. Peggy

    If we make.and take, how are they once cooled?

  147. Amber

    How many does this recipe usually yield? So sorry if I overlooked where (and if) you said that!

  148. Teri

    How many does the recipe yield?

  149. Dianne


    These bites were very good and easy to make. I did make a topping of panko bread crumbs, melted butter and dried parsley to give crunch and color. I mounded mind up when filling the muffin cup. Made for a nicer looking bite. Will do again.

  150. Pat Rothenberger


    There were fabulous! I made a couple of tweaks (Just because I can't leave anything alone). One of them was cutting the sharp cheddar cheese to 1 1/4 cup, then adding
    1 /2 cup of shredded aged or smoked Gouda, and 1/4 cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano (or any proportion that floats your boat. To make these extra decadent, I also used heavy cream instead of milk (kept the mini bites creamy, and added 5 minutes to the bake time to ensure the outside edges were a little crispy. Voila! Like with you, these were gone instantly! I'm also experimenting with other variations...will keep you posted! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  151. Toni


    Fantastic appetizer. Needed to take a meatless appetizer for two separated occasions. Everyone loved them!

  152. Irene


    Wonderful and easy to prepare. A crowd pleaser. I also added a pinch of Parmesan Cheese on top.

  153. Lynne

    I love these. I made them with & without cream cheese. I top them with plain Panko crumbs!

  154. Gail


    My cousin is having an engagement party. This was requested. Everyone loved these little bites when I made them for a previous gathering.

  155. Janice Ingram

    How many does this recipe make?

  156. Kerry


    Can I make these ahead and reheat? If yes, oven or microwave?
    OR, can I make and put ion muffin tin and set in oven in about 3 hours?

  157. Lisa

    Thoughts on keeping these warm in a slow cooker on warm??

  158. Patti


    These look so tasty - I can't wait to try them! I love Mac and Cheese but the bites are much easier to snack on.

  159. TangNa

    about to make these scrumptious little delights.. stay tuned for results

  160. SAA5of5


    They look delicious, they sound delicious coming out of the oven, and they taste...DELICIOUS! What a great way to serve mac 'n' cheese! If I had more time, I think I would have cooked some finely chopped onion in the butter before adding the flour and I would have crushed some saltine crackers and mixed in some butter to go with the cheese that is on top, just to make it that little bit more "like momma used to make."

  161. Brynn


    Good but cook 1 to 2 minutes more for crunch.
    Held together perfectly but remove when cool.

  162. Mary


    Fabulous appetizer! I used 2 tablespoons of chive and onion soft cream cheese instead of plain cream cheese. It really added to the overall flavor (without being overpowering) and made these a little more "grown up". I also added fresh crumbled bacon to the reserved cheese for topping for half the batch. Yum! The sauce ingredient ratio is perfect - the bites removed from the muffin cups without any problem. They rewarmed well the next day and tasted as good as when they came out of the oven the day before. I even microwaved one for a few seconds and it was good too ! I put some in the freezer and will see how they thaw and reheat. Thank you for this recipe!

  163. Judy

    Is there something else I can use to substitute the 2 oz. of cream cheese in this recipe?

  164. Kayla

    Hello! I was wondering do these have to be made in mini pans? Can they be made in regular muffin size?

  165. CDLB


    These are totally delightful but it’s better as just mac and cheese! I ate some of the macaroni with the cheese sauce (pre egg) and it was totally divine! There is something about baking that takes the bite out of sharp cheddar.
    The sauce is complete heaven!

  166. Kelly

    How many does this recipe make?

  167. Tracy Maher

    Don't know if I missed it somewhere but how many does this make

  168. Holly johnston

    This looks amazing! How many bites does one batch make? Thank you!

  169. Dimple

    Hi. Is there a substitute for egg in this recipe?

  170. Nicole

    I am excited to serve these as a Thanksgiving appetizer! I didn't see anything about cooking the pasta before baking. Do I use uncooked pasta?

  171. Betsy

    So... I'd love a response by the end of today, if possible! Making these for Thanksgiving apps. Please, what is the yield? 12? 24? Thanks!

  172. Barb R.


    I made these for a Thanksgiving appetizer. They turned out perfect and everyone loved them. I used 2 1/2 cups sharp cheddar and 2 eggs, as a previous comment suggested, and they held together great and were easy to get out of my mini muffin pan. We had some leftovers and they warmed up in the micro wave intact and didn't fall apart. I will definitely make them again!

  173. Kim

    Made these exactly as the recipe calls for. They were a huge hit. As a matter of fact I’ve been asked on 3 addional occasions to make them,

  174. Claudia


    I made these on New Year day and they were a hit. My family loved them. I did add more cheese than the recipe called for.

  175. Michelle

    Hi there, checking to see what kind of milk you suggest using? Thanks!

  176. April

    I have a baby shower tomorrow afternoon would it be ok to make them the night before?

    1. Mary

      I’ve made them ahead and put them in both the refrigerator and the freezer before events. They reheat quite well either way but I would suggest holding off on sprinkling the extra cheese on top until the reheating phase. That makes them seem more freshly baked. .

  177. Brigitte

    Here’s a bit of a science question.
    If you add the egg in while the noodles/sauce are hot, then your egg will be cooking like of like a custard does -with the residual heat.
    But if you wait until the sauce/noodles are cold, and then add the egg, the egg will be cooking in the oven.
    Which method makes for a better end result?
    I’ve made this recipe so many times, because it’s a hit, but I cannot consistently get them to hold together perfectly. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

  178. Lynda


    I made these last night. The total was 30. The problem with the recipe and why you have trouble getting them out is because you need to cook them longer so that the bottoms brown. I baked mine for 25-30 minutes and they were perfect. Fell out of the greased pans.

  179. Mercedes

    Hi, when the ingredients lists 2 cups of pasta: is it referring to cooked or uncooked pasta? Thanks

  180. Cheryl

    I made these according to recipe. They came out perfect. Make sure tin is sprayed well and let them cool. Everyone loved them. Oh I did sprinkle with bacon as they cooled.

  181. Michael


    I have made this a couple of times , I make it in a casserole dish and I also increase the egg to 2. The Gang loves it !

  182. Sami Ky


    How many does this recipie make?

  183. Kim

    Do these taste good cold? We are having a pot luck at work

  184. Kimberly Lum

    I love that everyone in the feed just keeps asking the same questions...You are probably laughing or frustrated!

  185. richard schmidt

    id like to make these for my Quaker Meeting-how many bites does this make? can i double the recipe if its not enough (50 people)

  186. Andrea

    Terrific appetizer! I doubled the recipe & baked them in mini muffin tins! Topped with buttered breadcrumbs. Prepared pasta day before, added a wee bit of butter, garlic & onion powder. Prepared cheese sauce day before also. Kept separate until I was ready to bake the following day. Worked like a charm! DELISH!

  187. Sabrina


    This is my second time making this and it's delicious. Great for football game snacks

  188. Lindsey


    These are my go-to app! I add a little breadcrumb on top because I love the crunch - but these are truly fool proof!

  189. Lauren


    Two days before a work party, I made the mac and cheese but did not bake them. I stored it in a airtight bowl in the fridge. The day before the party, I baked them...they tasted great right out of the oven, not too dry. On the day of the party, I brought them in cold and everyone heated their own in the microwave (there is no oven at work). Although they are WAY better straight from the oven, everyone commented on how good they were.

  190. Laurie Ender


    This sounded like an amazing recipe. I read all the comments and tried to take those into account but this turned out to be a disaster. I doubled the batch and probably only got 16 bites that came out in one piece. I even tried pushing down the macaroni into the cup before baking to try to get them to stick together. No luck. Won't make again...and congrats to those of you who managed to make this work!

  191. Lyn Chalmers


    Sounds wonderful thank you, I will try and them for Coffee & Chat.

  192. Dianna Pape


    Can you eat these cold? I have to bring finger food to a womans group . We won't eat first.

  193. Sharon Brown

    How many does this macaroni and cheese appetizer recipe make?

  194. Judy A Vandever

    About how many mac and cheese bites would this recipe make?

  195. Debi Campbell


    This was a big hit and definitely a "do-over" as my kids say. I followed the recipe except I melted 1 tbsp of unsalted butter and mixed with about 1.5 cups of crushed Ritz crackers and put a couple of teaspoons in the bottom of each mini muffin tin. I also added about a half tsp of dried mustard and seasoned salt to the cheese sauce.They were perfect and did not stick at all, came out in perfect little bites of cheesey deliciousness, my family devoured them, and wanted more! I cooked at 375 degrees.

  196. Tini

    Are these good served cold?

  197. Suzie

    Can these be made ahead and reheated? Can they e frozen? How many people do they serve, as I am having 30 for cocktails and figured on doubling the recipe. I also am serving mini ham sandwiches.

  198. julia

    Hello, is it a good idea to serve these cold at a party as finger foods? or do they taste much better warm?

  199. Suzanne

    These look so good! What a fun one to make for a Super Bowl party!

  200. Vanessa

    Thanks for sharing! How far ahead of time can I make them?

  201. Susan


    I have never put flour in my mac & Cheese; the eggs and cheese holds it together.

  202. Danielle Harmon


    I made these today for a birthday party. Yummo! Something I found helps with them being delicate is I let them set up in the fridge for about 30 mins before baking and then after baking I let them sit for about 20 mins before removing them. Thanks for a great recipe!

  203. kalissa


    i'm making these for a school presentation so i hope everything goes well, and they turn out great! fingers crossed!!

  204. Melanie


    I love this recipe and bring them to every party. They do hold together but can sometimes feel a little wobbly/spongey when you go to grab them off a plate. I wonder if you could sprinkle some bread crumbs in the muffin tin to help make them more sturdy around the edges. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  205. jan


    I have made these several times for various events and they are always a hit! I have made prepared everything ahead ( 2-4 hrs) put into the prepared pans and wrapped up with foil. In the winter my garage is cold enough to store the baking sheets full of the bites , and then 20 minutes before everyone is due to arrive I pop these in the oven and bake! I sometimes only bake the first half and then bake the second half later in the evening! I've added diced ham or bacon crumbled and it's good, as well as just the original recipe. Literally perfect every-time!

  206. Pam

    Thinking about making these for a Halloween wedding, approx how many does this recipe make?

  207. Lizgal

    How many does it make?

  208. Marilyn

    Can these macaroni bites be frozen?

  209. Gina Costa

    How many mini bites does this recipe make?

  210. Jennifer

    Love this and am planning on making it soon! What should I do if I don’t have mini muffin pans? Also are these reheatable? Thanks Nikki!

  211. Amanda


    This was awesome! Mine stayed together pretty well; I probably should have let them cool a bit longer in the muffin pan. I was anxious to get them served so I used a knife to pop them out right away and some crumbled a little. When I let the other pan cool a bit, those stayed together really well. Great flavor and super fun appetizer!

  212. Lisa

    Interested in using regular muffin size vs. mini. How would that alter the recipe?

  213. Anna

    Is there a way to make these ahead of time?

  214. Tammy McDowell


    I made these and they came out perfect! However, I do like to make something with my own twist. So here is what I did - I ran some doritos through my food processer and coated the muffin cups with the dorito crumbs. I also added a little onion powder, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper to punch up the flavor a bit. They were one of the first things to go.

  215. Pat Rothenberger


    This is a great recipe! I modified the cheeses a bit to give a bit more umami. Here are my additions/substitutions:
    Instead of 2 cups sharp cheddar cheese I used 1 Cup sharp cheddar, 3/4 cup gruyere, & 1/4 cup parmesan ( more or less)
    Cream instead of milk
    I added 1 tbsp (more or less) of dijon mustard
    Boursin (shallot and chive) instead of cream cheese

    What I do not recommend: I tried to top these with carmelized bacon and onion the 1st time and they turned out too greasy, but a sprinkle of panko/butter/cheese or ritz/butter/cheese (crunchy topping) was fabulous!

  216. Elizabeth Anderson

    How many does this make?

  217. Sandra Draper

    Can you make these and place them in a crockpot on warm so they don't get cold?

  218. Laura Williams

    I need to know how many it makes--????

  219. Barb in Ohio


    I did a test run before taking these to a party. I decided to use two eggs to hold them together a bit better and added 1 1/2 tsp hot sauce. They were a hit. I then made them for another gathering a few weeks later. They were a hit there also. Will keep this in my appetizer go to list!

  220. Wendy

    Hello Nikki
    Your recipe's look delicious. I was looking to make your mac'n cheese bites for a small crowd but i was wondering how many this recipe batch makes?
    If you could let me know that would be wonderful.

  221. Dianna

    How long after baking do you serve them? I have a 30 min drive to the party

  222. Melissa Ngatai

    Can these be frozen?

  223. Julie Pierantoni

    Can you make this in larger muffin tins?

  224. jan

    I make these every year for a Robbie Burns party ! But I call them my Mac bites! Such a hit! perfect little bite appetizer !!