I receive a lot of questions about me and my blog.  I thought it would be fun to collectively gather some questions I have been asked so you can get to know me better and maybe find some of the stuff useful for you.

Q: What made you start this blog?

A: I have always loved to cook/bake and came from a mom who is an AMAZING cook.  People were always asking for both mine and my mom’s recipes, and instead of always emailing them out, I decided to start storing them on a blog so they were accessible to all my friends and family.

Q: Where did you come up with the name “Chef in Training”?

A:  When I first started this blog, I wanted a name that could relate to most everyone.  I am a “Chef in Training” just like most people and enjoying the journey to become a great cook.

Q: Where did you learn to photograph food?

A: haha! I always get a kick out of this question.  My EARLY pictures are SO terrible.  I have seriously contemplated just deleting all my old posts and starting new ones for them.  I didn’t know much anything about photography when I first started my blog and it is really apparent.  Over time, I have learned little tips and tricks to take good pictures.  Up until recently, I was just using a standard point and shoot camera and used Picnik to help edit my pictures.  A couple weeks ago, I bought the dslr camera of my dreams and don’t have to do much editing at all!  I am still learning so much about photography, but am having a blast learning how!  One thing I do know, is that Natural lighting is the way to a good picture.  If you want your food to look like it does in real life and look appetizing, time your cooking and food photography with the time of day that allows for the most light in your home.

Q: What are staple items you keep in your pantry?

A:  I wish I could narrow this down for you, but because of this blog, I really have way too many staples!  I mean, who really has a food storage of Marshmallow Creme?…oh, wait, me! haha!  It depends on what you like to cook, but I think some crucial pantry staples to never be low on would be- flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, brown sugar, vanilla, cream of chicken, bread crumbs, pasta, salt, oil, canned goods you use regularly, spices and anything else you find yourself needing more often than not when you are in the kitchen.

Q:  How do you find time to blog, cook, and be a mother/wife/homemaker?

A. It is all about balance, which believe me, I am no where close to accomplishing.  First and foremost, I am a wife and mother.  My kids and hubby will always come before blogging.  Blogging, while it is wonderful to have this as a side-job, is still my hobby.  I thoroughly enjoy blogging.  I have come to meet some amazing friends through the blogging world.  I figure, I have to cook/bake anyways, so the blogging comes easy for me because my blog is about something I am already doing.  My home on the other hand is what I feel lacks the most attention.  On any given day I am in the kitchen, more than likely you will find my home is a little messier than normal.  When the kids go to bed at night, is when my homemaker magic happens, only to be messed up again once playtime starts in the morning.  Luckily, I married a man who is SO supportive of me and my hobbies.  When he comes home, he will take the kids for an hour so I can have some “me time.”  This is the time I am usually found blogging.

Q: How do you post a recipe everyday?

A:  Well, I am one person that LOVES trying out new recipes.  So always having new material is not a problem.  Days where you see a dessert was probably a day that meant we had a repeat dinner.  Sometimes, if it has been a lazy week or a week of repeat meals, I will pick one day (usually Saturdays so my hubby can watch the kids) and I will bake, cook, repeat!  That rarely happens though. I am usually found cooking throughout the week.

Q:  You always have so many yummy treats, what on earth do you do with them?!

A:  HAHA!  I do allow myself to try every dessert I make…. really, sweets are my weakness!  But luckily, I can’t eat a lot of sweetness at one time. They get sent lots of places, I always save enough for my husband to try them, but most of the time, they are delivered to neighbors or my husband’s co-workers.  I am very well known around his office :)

Q:  What is one appliance you could not live without?

A:  HANDS DOWN my CROCK POT!  Oh goodness!  This is my favorite thing in my kitchen. It makes dinner time SO EASY!  Not to mention, my house smells like heaven all day long when its on working its magic!  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one.

Q:  What is your least favorite thing to cook/bake?

A.  Meat.  I LOVE to eat meat, but I hate dealing with raw meat.  I am a little OCD and sanitize my kitchen probably 4 times after dealing with it.  The “rawness” kind of freaks me out.  I thought I would have outgrown this by now with how often I am cooking with it, but sadly I am still a little freaked out by it.  Once it is cooked, I am good to go.

Q:  How do you not get burnt out of being in the kitchen?

A.  To be honest, its when I lose my focus.  Like I have stated earlier, baking and cooking are a hobby, they are something I enjoy.  When I start to think of being in the kitchen as a job, I get burnt out.  As long as I keep perspective and remember I am doing something I love, I find the joy in it again.  Plus, letting my little helper be in there with me brings me back to when I was a kid helping my mom out.  It is so fun to let your kids in the kitchen with you.  Sure it may get a little messier when you do, but you are going to remember those messy moments and cherish them for the rest of your life!  Plus, your kids will start learning early on how to cook.  My husband, up until he met me, could only cook top roman.  I still laugh about it.  I think it is so important to teach your kids how to cook.  Maybe pick a day of the week that is children in the kitchen day and let them learn hands on how to cook a new meal.

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