Perfect Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo Sauce is my absolute favorite way to top my pasta. Creamy, rich and flavorful- we are talking some serious perfection.

I realized I have never shared my go-to recipe for Alfredo Sauce and couldn’t believe what an oversight that was! How could you be missing out on my version of this goodness?!?!

This sauce is perfect each and every time. I hate when you order Alfredo sauce at a restaurant and it is bland and boring. This one is bold in flavor and will kick your next meal up a notch!

Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed! And did I mention how EASY it is?! Seriously, you are 6 simple ingredients away from the PERFECT Alfredo Sauce :)

Homemade Alfredo Sauce... this recipe is perfect each and every time! The flavor is unbelievably delicious!

Homemade Alfredo Sauce... this recipe is perfect each and every time! The flavor is unbelievably delicious!
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Perfect Homemade Alfredo Sauce

This recipe is perfect each and every time! The flavor is unbelievably delicious!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 253kcal


  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon white pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups Parmesan cheese grated


  • In a medium sauce pan over medium heat melt butter. Add garlic, cream, pepper, and salt.
  • Bring to a low boil and reduce heat to medium low and simmer for 8 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and slowly add cheese.
  • Return to stove on low and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring constantly.
  • Serve hot.


Calories: 253kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 25g | Saturated Fat: 16g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 7g | Trans Fat: 0.3g | Cholesterol: 74mg | Sodium: 320mg | Potassium: 53mg | Fiber: 0.02g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 917IU | Vitamin C: 0.4mg | Calcium: 177mg | Iron: 0.2mg
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  1. abbe

    Is that 1-1/2 CUPS parmesan?

    1. Chef in Training

      yes, cups. So sorry about the typo, all fixed now :)

    2. Chef Christina

      Add a few pinches of nutmeg..OMG..Now it's award winning!

    3. Anna


      Hey, Nikki! Thank you for the great recipe. I made it last night and my family and I thought it was just sumptuous!

      You could add that this is plenty of sauce for one pound of fettucini noodles.

      You might want to correct the spellings for "simmer" and "stirring". It's hard to proof your own writing, and I thought you'd want to know. No big deal, though.

    4. Debbie


      This is THE best Alfredo I’ve found and so easy. It is one of my fam’s favorite meals. I add baked chicken for some added protein. LOVE!

  2. abbe

    P.S. Sounds DELISH! :)

  3. karen gardner

    How much cheese/ you only say1 1/2

    1. Chef in Training

      cups. So sorry about the typo, all fixed now :)

  4. Cathy

    Is that 1 1/2 cups of cheese,it doesn't say

    1. Chef in Training

      yes, cups. So sorry about the typo, all fixed now :)

  5. Sandra

    I am a novice alfredo sauce maker but really want to try this. How much pasta for this amount of sauce?

    1. Don


      One pound of pasta.

  6. Mable Stuart

    Is that 1 1/2 cups cheese?

    1. Chef in Training

      yes, cups. So sorry about the typo, all fixed now :)

  7. Raby

    Sorry, how much Parmesan Cheese?

    1. Chef in Training

      cups. So sorry about the typo, all fixed now :)

  8. Vicky

    1 1/2 What? of grated Parmesan cheese? cups? pounds? Tablespoons?

    1. Chef in Training

      cups. So sorry about the typo, all fixed now :)

  9. Rick

    I'm guessing it's 1 1/2 CUPS of cheese …

    1. Chef in Training

      yes, cups. So sorry about that! It is updated with the correct measurement now :)

  10. Chels R.

    Alfredo sauce is one of my favorites! This looks creamy and dreamy.

  11. Ali


    This is almost identical to the sauce I make weekly, only I use garlic powder in place of your salt and pepper. It's the most flavorful and creamy sauce I've ever had!

  12. Kay

    What's heavy cream?

    1. Danielle

      It's whipping cream (or 35%).

  13. Melissa

    Yeah. This stuff is the bomb. Don't even get me started about those nasty jars of Alfredo sauce they sell at the store. There is nothing like the real thing!

    1. Flamingo

      I agree. Those jars taste like some type of chemical neurotoxin.

    2. Yvette

      they are so Nasty I cant believe people eat them!

  14. Joyce


    I like to add fresh mushrooms to my Alfredo sauce.

  15. Chris Wilson


    I look forward to trying your Alfredo sauce recipe !

  16. AnnMarie

    Thank you for making this blog post quick and simple to read and find the recipe! I get so frustrated when I have to scroll through an entire photo album of photos and tedious amounts of verbage to finally find the recipe. Looking forward to trying this Alfredo Sauce tonight!

  17. Becky

    how many servings is this recipe?

  18. Marhya


    I have tried this sauce and it is fantastic! I am so glad to have finally found one that is so close to Olive Garden's sauce which I love. One question I do have though is if it is ok to freeze the leftover sauce? I have extra so I was curious or wondering how long it would last in the refrigerator...thanks so much for the recipe and any feedback!! :)

    1. Haley


      I have not frozen this sauce, but I have refrigerated it for about 3 days. It was fine. However, you want to refrigerate it in a container by itself. It separates easily and you'll need to stir it well when you heat it back up. I would be interested to see if anyone has frozen it, as well!

  19. Jodi

    This is ***** star sooo good & easy it's a keeper & gluten free yeah.

  20. Katie


    Just wanted to say how much my family and I love this Alfredo recipe

  21. Erica

    My family loves Alfredo and I have made it many ways but this is the BEST recipe. This is the only way I make it now. Thanks you for sharing this!! My whole family thanks you.

  22. Jerriann


    We just made this and it is AMAZING!!! It is better than ANYTHING you can get in a jar and so simple to make.

  23. Laura

    Hi. Sounds really good. How much does it turn out?
    Thanks! :)

  24. Shelley

    This looks fabulous! Do you use freshly grated Parmesan or the powdered variety?

    1. Don


      Don't use the stuff from a can. It's got other ingredients that prevent it from melting. Fresh will make the best sauce.

    2. Barbara

      Is the grate for the parmesan fine or shredded?

    3. Lawrence Wolfe

      I made Alfredo sauce a couple times using shredded Parmesan cheese and both times the sauce was gritty, I think the cheese that is already grated is dried out and so it doesn't melt smoothly, that's just my guess, anyway I started using the Parmesan cheese in a block and grating it myself and it has always been smooth ever since.

  25. Nichole

    Can I substitute half and half instead of heavy cream? I don't really want to run to the store. I'd imagine it just wouldn't be as creamy.

    1. John


      I substituted half 2% and half Soy Milk then added a small amount of flour just to thicken it a bit. Worked fine and plenty of requests for a repeat from family and friends.

  26. Auden


    This sauce is delish! I put it on rice pasta. Best GF alfredo sauce I've had in a long time!

  27. Vinor


    Very good.

  28. Jen

    Sounds yummy!
    This is similar to my recipe, but I add capers and a pinch of nutmeg.

  29. Lisa


    I did not change anything, it turned out better than I expected. I will be making it again.

  30. Angelina

    Super Yummy! Thanks for posting the recipe!

  31. Joyce

    This is the same recipe I've used for 20 years, minus the garlic (severe allergy to the stinky stuff). I can't stand bottled Alfredo sauce; tastes like school paste used to taste when I was a kid.

  32. Donna

    I have been looking for a good Alfredo recipe and look forward to trying this. Do you use fresh grated Parmesan cheese or the grated cheese in the jar?

  33. Melissa

    I tried making this and the cream became chunky and di not look good at all. Any tips for my next try? Thanks, Melissa

    1. Derek

      Two likely causes. First, you may have scorched the cream. Dairy requires constant attention to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan. Stir or gently whisk near-constantly, making sure to get the bottom of the sauce pan frequently enough to prevent it burning. Second, if you used pre-grated parmesan in a little shaker canister like Kraft, that generally has an anti-clumping agent in it which has the unfortunate side effect of preventing smooth melting and incorporation into a sauce. This usually results in a very grainy sauce, but I could see it resulting in chunky sauce as well. To avoid this, either get a wedge of fresh cheese and grate it yourself, or check the ingredients for cellulose powder or anything that's followed by something like "to prevent caking".

    2. Lindsey

      Keep your temp lower and stir constantly while you slowly add the cream.

  34. Melissa


    Made this tonight and WOW!! Best Alfredo sauce recipe I have found. Used with shrimp and some spinach and the guys rated it A+. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Irene

    Great recipe! Simple and easy to follow. My family loved it!

  36. Doc


    I've made this many many times. My wife begs me to make it cause she likes it so much better then Olive Garden. However as with every other butter or oil based sauce I've made, it separates over night while in the fridge. Any tips to keep this from happening? I hate trashing the stuff the next day. .

    1. Kate

      Make it in smaller amounts. Alfredo does not reheat well at all.

    2. Flamingo

      I didn't know. I will know for next time. Mmmm. For a very irregular-eating family, I wonder how I could warm it up and the sauce remain smooth?

  37. Feebee

    How much does this make. In other words, with how much pasta?

  38. cody

    I like to add one finely chopped shallot or chopped green onion in with the garlic. And always finish with chopped green onion on top.

  39. Kate

    I would add some fresh minced herbs (tarragon, thyme) and just a small pinch of nutmeg at the end. Amazing how these small additions will take this sauce to a new level.

  40. Lari

    Can you use garlic powder?

  41. Greg

    Made this recipe tonight for my daughter. We both LOVED it! No more using Alfredo sauce from a jar. I actually doubled this recipe for a pound of pasta as I like it extra creamy. It was PERFECT!

    1. Mary W. Rice


      Decadence at its best. It doesn't end up drowning the pasta in sauce? The second time. I ran cold water over the pasta. I am pretty sure it resulted in the sayce not clinging to the pasta and absorbing it as well. When we reheated it. The sauce was just a shiny buttery mess. Still yummy. But was difficult to enjoy staring at the butter formed at the bottom of my bowl. Do you think my suspicion that hot pasta is better than cold pasta to pour sauce over?

  42. Tracey


    This was my first time ever making Alfredo sauce and it was absolutely amazing. On par with a restaurant quality sauce and, in some cases, even better! I didn't have any white pepper though and used regular black pepper and it was just fine! Absolutely delicious! It's not part of my menu!

  43. Linda Wamsley


    My grandsons-9 and 12--are Alfredo connoisseurs--while we have adult favorite foods--grama spoils them with their fave foods!! Ahhh--Alfredo--yours has been rated the absolute best!! They love to choose the pasta-always different--but this sauce!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  44. Thomas


    So good! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Stephanie


    This was really good. I didn't add any salt (I cut salt out of my diet, so I'm really sensitive to the taste now).
    I used fresh parmesan and grated it myself instead of the stuff in the jar, and it was AMAZING. Just enough garlic for my love of the stuff, but not too overpowering for my husband who isn't as fond of it.

  46. Holly

    I'm glad I read through the comments. My Kraft shredded parm cheese is not melting well. Now I know to get a fresh block and grate it up instead of using the Kraft packaged cheese. This sauce still tastes great, even with my unmelted cheese bits!!

    1. Flamingo

      I have some unmelted cheese bits in mine as well, but I kinda like it. They give it a burst of parm flavor now and then.

  47. Michelle Shelton


    Made this tonight. Sooo much better than jarred stuff and the kids liked it!

  48. CC


    This recipe was THE BEST!!!!

    This will be my second time making it. The first I used Alfredo noodles with ground hot Italian sausage and it was a complete hit!

    This time I am using it to complete a Alfredo roll up recipe.

  49. Tasha

    Tonight I wanted Alfredo so I looked for a recipe. I was reluctant because of past failed attempts but to my surprise I was BLOWN AWAY! This sauce is so good that I swear I almost drank it! I had to stop myself. I'm so happy I found this! Next time I want to do it correctly and buy fresh Parmesan and grate it myself instead of using the pre-grated cheese, the cheese i used didn't melt completely so my sauce was clumpy. I'm hoping next time the flavor is the same but the texture is better. Please, if anyone has used fresh Parmesan tell me how it was! I don't want to try it and be disappointed

    1. Foodie


      I almost drank it too. Lol. Sooooo good. I used fresh grated and added it slowly. I took the pan completely off the stove when I did it and it melted down really nicely. You will not be disappointed.

  50. Bonnie Stamp


    Can you make it the day before and refrigerate over night and use the next day?

    1. Dan

      Will separate over night, best fresh, Bonnie!

  51. Amanda

    I tried this sauce for dinner and it was amazing. Im never doing alfredo differently again. Thanks for a great recipe.

  52. Gwen

    I'm looking for a Alfrado sauce thats kind of thin. this looks like what i'm looking for thank you

  53. Martha


    Amazing.....would reccommend only using 1 cup parmesan cheese a bit too thick.

  54. Alicia

    Any idea of the calorie count?

  55. The Literate Chef


    Looks and sounds delicious!

  56. Vanessa


    This sauce is so delicious. I love how simple the directions are. I will not buy the jarred stuff again when the real thing taste so much better and is so easy!

  57. Melissa

    I made this last night for my family and it is the best Alfredo sauce ive ever had!!! I love alfredo sauce and ive made it at home before but this one beats all of the ones ive made on my own, and its better than restaurant versions I've had, my 3 year old daughter and my boyfriend almost licked their plates clean, Thank You!! I will definitely be using this site for more recipes.

  58. Self Proclaimed Chef

    The best Alfredo recipe that I have ever tried! Super simple to make! I added a little extra garlic because I love the taste.

  59. Alexa

    How long does this last in the refrigerator?

    1. John

      It is of course best fresh, but I would say you can have it last as long as the normal ingredients. A week or more. The key is that it all separates even overnight so it is best to be patient in re-heating and using the stove on low heat vs. microwave.

    2. Flamingo

      THANK YOU!

  60. Anonymous


    Just used this recipe for tonights meal, and oh my goodness is this yummy! My grandmother, who normally doesn't eat alfredo, enjoyed it as well! The sauce to the 1 pound of pasta was perfect as well. I felt like a chef when making this and I love that. Love it, and will most certainly be making this again!

  61. Melanie

    Can milk be substituted? I know it will not be as rich.

    1. John

      Yes. I use 1/2 2% and 1/2 Soy milk and a small amount of flour to get a similar consistency.

    2. Flamingo

      John, have you ever tried almond milk or rice milk? Since our soy fields are now all GMO? Curious as to why you don't use dairy.

  62. Dawn Marie Tierney


    Very good, very simple, I've made this a couple of times. Thank you!

  63. Julia Pierce


    Thank you for your recipe.My addiction to alfredo sauce is EXTREME! Some may say ,shameful...Usually a taste is enough to say,ok,and move on;;;Yours is repeat testing with a BIG spoon til nearly half is gone before I slather it on my white spinach pizza.....thnx,again.

  64. Carla

    Alfredo sauce taste great, better than the last receipt I used ? Thanks for posting it.

  65. Maria Mitsialis


    I tried this recipe tonight and was DELICIOUS. Thanks for sharing, it was so easy.

  66. Mary

    Does this sauce freeze well?

  67. April Wallace

    Was I the only one that found this to be way to salty?

    1. Chef in Training

      So sorry it was too salty. You can always adjust the salt to help get it to your preference. I hope everything else like consistency and flavor, aside from salt, was to your liking :)

  68. Bradley R.


    would I simply double this for 2 cups of pasta?

  69. Sawaiiwaii

    Great recipe! But!
    Half of the anount of the butter is more then enough!!! I promise!
    2 cloves of garlic? Not enough at all! I use like 6 :) (garlic lover)
    And little more salt and pepper will just give it much better taste!
    Dont be afraid to spice up your meal!

  70. Katie

    After this cooks down how much sauce would you there is approximately? Recipe looks great, cannot wait to make it.

  71. Tara


    My family loves this sauce ! I pour it over my bow tie pasta mixed with pieces of baked chicken breast. It was soo easy to make. A good first time alfrado sauce recipe.
    THANK YOU ! for sharing. :)

  72. James M


    You can reheat it the next day on defrost in the microwave slowly, stirring every so often so it doesn't boil. I used Romano from a block of cheese and grated it myself. Very good. I also added milk to the heavy cream and used two cups grated Romano and added a couple chunks of Sharp Chedder and a little corn starch to thicken it. , Basically, you really can't screw this recipe up.

  73. Kim


    Super Simple and delicious even when served with leftovers!

  74. Rachel Chapman

    This recipe is almost perfect! I also add a pinch of nutmeg, 1/4 of a chicken bouillon cube & 4 oz of cream cheese before adding the heavy (whipping) cream. The flavour is out of this world! My family absolutely loves this Alfredo sauce!

  75. Stacey


    This was so simple, and it was great! I added about 2 tablespoons of cream cheese, delicious.

  76. Krista


    Simple and delicious Alfredo recipe! I used Asiago and parmesean, added a little lemon zest and a few tablespoons of pasta water to mine. It gave the sauce the perfect creamy texture. Thanks for the recipe!

  77. Casandra

    How many people does this feed? Feeding four people but one eats a ton (athlete). Should I double the recipe?

    Thank you,

  78. Chrissy

    Great googley moogley!! That stuff is the bomb!!! (Yes I said 'bomb'). I usually find most recipes hard to follow because I have little patience and a short attn span, I added more garlic and pepper because I love those and wanted more kick to it. I mean, I'm going to need serious breath mints after but I don't care, because this stuff was easy to make and tasted great.

  79. Arlene

    I'm going to make this for 50 people. How many people does this recipe serve?

  80. Annette

    I do not have any heavy cream to make alfredo sauce, is there a recipe to use sour cream

  81. Jamie


    This sauce turned out fansastic!! Tonight I'm baking it in oven over Cauliflower florets. Next time I'm gonna try this with Spagetti Squash. Definitely a keeper? TRY IT

  82. Mike

    Definitely a good sauce. Easy to make and tasted great. Next time, I would probably add a little more salt. Thanks for posting.

  83. Heather schultz


    This sauce was easy to make and tastes so good! It's my go to

  84. Megan L


    Made this tonight, it is delicious!!

  85. Anastasia wolff

    I was laughing at the picture because there is nowhere in the recipe that calls for parsley and there was not one comment suggesting to add it? Just duh! Im going to make this sauce now.... With fresh parsley added at last "stir". Let ya know how it turns out?

    1. Chef in Training

      It is just garnished with it :) Not actually apart of the recipe. So sorry for the confusion.

  86. Jillian


    Do you have an alternative recipe that doesn't use butter? I make this for myself and have the leftovers for the rest of the week. It's so good when I eat it the first night, but when I microwave the pasta the following days, the butter gathers at the bottom of my tupperware and the sauce isn't as creamy. So I end up having a gross puddle of butter and I have to add more parmesan cheese. Thanks!

  87. Sarah


    How much pasta is this for? I am trying to find a recipe for 12 ounces of zitti

  88. Jessica


    Will Parmesan cheese from the container make the sauce less tasty? Or will fresh Parmesan cheese work the best

  89. Jennifer Vatne

    This worked great. The flavor is creamy tangy yummy. Very very easy.

  90. Nikki


    I really like your sauce, since my hubby doesn't like garlic always so I just added one clove instead of two. My three girls loved it.

  91. Jan


    Easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  92. Brenda

    Can you substitute something for the heavy cream if I don't have that?

  93. Sara


    Great recipe! I reduced the parmesan cheese by a bit to make the sauce less salty.

  94. Anne Treanor


    By far the best recipe I've found. My family and I love it!

  95. Virginia


    Thank you so much for sharing this excellent recipe. I am going to put it among my favourite recipes.

  96. Sabrina

    Just made this with paneed chicken and it was soooo yummy! Definitely adding this one to the rotation.

  97. Nelia

    When you say heavy cream will whipping cream work?

  98. Eden D.

    Oh my goodness this is the BEST alfredo sauce I've ever had!! Thank you so much for taking your time to post this recipe! :) Def 5 stars! *****

  99. Teri


    Great sauce!

  100. Nikki

    I don't understand why the sauce was really thin and got chunky and not the nice creamy texture. Flavor was great though! Any idea where I went wrong?

  101. Karla

    My husband loved It! Definitely a keeper. So easy.

  102. Golnoush Cookson

    I'm making it right now!

  103. Cortney

    Delicious! We love it! That's a million.

  104. Mary Grubbs

    Thank you for your recipe.. Both my husband anI loved it.. I did not have any cheese other than Asiago so we used it... Did the trick.... :)

  105. Julianna

    Why do you have to use white pepper instead of black pepper.

  106. Julianna

    Do you have to use white pepper? Or can you use black pepper instead?

  107. Debbie


    I love this recipe. I use it all the time! Keeps well in the fridge for weeks.

  108. Johanna

    Is it okay to use the Parmesan in the containers, meant to be sprinkled on pasta? Like the Kraft? As long as it's 100% Parmesan of course, not something else mixed in. My son loves white sauce, but I can't afford to buy fresh Parmesan all the time. Thank you!

  109. Jay

    No need for salt Parmesan is salty. Don't wanna over do it

  110. Mike


    I have used this recipe for years with all the same results as everyone else. I found that adding some fresh basil and a couple of pinches of nutmeg. It give a "fresh from Naples" taste.

    1. Mike

      Sorry, was distracted while writing those last two sentences. I meant that with basil and nutmeg you achieve an even more authentic flavor.

  111. Nick Garcia


    Made this last night over some tortellini for my three kids and they all loved it!! All three of them (12,10, and 8) gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up!!

  112. Steve

    How many servings is this recipe for ?

  113. Mrs Hull

    Help! My sauce got grainy! What did I do wrong?

  114. Kim


    Very Easy and tastes great!

  115. Loraine

    I gave it a try and it's delicious! Thanks a lot.

  116. Keli Greet

    This was perfect and amazing! It had just the right balance. Sometimes Alfredo sauce is so rich you can only take a few bites. This was flavorful and creamy without being overpowering. Made it with homemade fettuccini and topped with sweet Italian sausage. Thank you for a new go to recipe.

  117. Jess


    Hello, love this recipe!!!! How many servings can one get from this or does anyone know the nutritional information ?

  118. Stacey

    Do you use salted or unsalted butter?

  119. Rebecca


    I'm making this for the 2nd time tonight. It is so easy and so delicious! It's going over rotini with roasted brussels sprouts and roasted broccoli.

  120. Diosa

    Thank you for sharing! I've always wondered how to make Alfredo sauce ... I'm trying this recipe tonight! ?

  121. Jessica W.


    I just want to say thanks a million for posting this recipe! I have been using this since last year and have made huge servings for parties and events!! You have literally changed my life from eating alfredo anything from a jar. I'm currently 8 months pregnant and I make fettuccine alfredo at least once a week. I'm so spoiled I can't eat the alfredo at the Olive Garden anymore.
    *Note: sometimes I use freshly shredded parmesan and asiago when I'm out of grated parm. It's just as yummy just takes a little longer to dissolve.

  122. Jim

    Is that the "powdered" Kraft type parmesan or real parmesan shredded?? or does it not make a difference?

  123. Elizabeth Wingfield


    Made a half recipe tonight for just 2, turned out great!

  124. Michelle


    I made this recipe on Tuesday and now I have to have it again on Thursday! ???
    Its delicious ??

  125. Donna Rellergert


    We made it tonight, I messed up and didn't bring to a low boil and added cheese all at once so it didn't get very thick, that's what I get for being tired abs reading a recipe. Will make again flavor was awesome. We made a triple batch and we'll cut down on salt next time.

  126. Crystal


    Thanks for the recipe. The Alfredo Sauce was delicious and I combined it with thinly sliced chicken breast and spinach which gave it a wonderful flavor. I was able to use a little less butter and heavy cream to cut down on the richness and calories on the dish and it still came out just as heavenly. I am a very good cook and I thought the recipe was fabulous!

  127. Kelly G


    I loved it so much I want to make it for an event for about 100 people...can you give me the appropriate amounts of ingredients I need for penne alfredo using 24 lbs of pasta?

  128. Ricky

    This recipe was amazing and Nikki, you are smokin'!

  129. Angela

    Mine didn't turn out at all. It was like a pile of wet parmesan in oil. :(

  130. Rickstine Glahe

    Can you substitute half and half instead of heavy cream

  131. Daniel smith


    Hey I made it.
    It was so amazing my whole family was so in love with it it was so much better than Olive Garden thank you so much ?

  132. Claudia

    Wonderful, thank you!

  133. Brenda


    My family absolutely loved it my son told me it was better than Olive Garden

  134. E.J.


    Just made this. I used whole milk instead of cream and also added in some chopped bell pepper, and a little parsley at the end. I did goof up when returning it to the heat (despite knowing better), so it wasn't as smooth as it could be, but it still tasted good! Will definitely make again, being more careful not to overheat it.

  135. Phil


    Excellent! The only thing I would add is a light dusting of lemon zest.

  136. Fettuccini Alfredo – Teatime in the Wood

    […] found this recipe on Chef in Training and you can find the link to the recipe here. I have learnt that this recipe is only good the night you make it. Because it is a butter based […]

  137. Tiffany

    Hey! Such a great recipe. Made this for dinner tonight and OMGGGG it was so good. I added a 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese as well. It's SO hard to be skinny when pasta is this good..hehe. Happy Holidays

  138. Jeff

    I thought your recipe was very good. Thank you! I did add 2 tablespoons of cream cheese. I started by baking chicken breasts, then poured the sauce over the chicken and baked about 40 minutes more. Thanks again, I do expect the left overs to be even better.

  139. Crystal

    I will never buy store bought alfredo sauce again. I made this and oh boy!!85 is both simple and simply amazing! Thanks for sharing. Will be making this again and again

  140. Jennifer Hughes


    This alfredo sauce was divine! My new favorite! Thanks so much! And, my kiddos just loved it and they are food snobs :)....Thanks for sharing!

  141. Christine


    Easy and fantastic. I added fresh sweetwater shrimp and wild salmon.

  142. Christina


    This is truly delicious. I added a tiny bit of cornstarch to thicken even further. A definite keeper!

  143. Marsha Johnston


    Absolute perfection!!!!!!!!! I added marinated chicken and sautéed baby Bella mushrooms! Family loved it!

  144. Andrew

    I ran out of heavy cream. What can I substitute for it?

  145. Maggie


    I have used this recipe before and it is excellent and easy!!!! Mmmm so good!! And SO much better than jarred alfredo which is disgusting!! BUT, tonight it did not turn out, the shredded parm just clumped. Now Im wondering what I did wrong, although I was in a hurry and had a toddler in my arms and I just dumped the cream in and let it boil (and it scorched a bit ahhh) and I just dumped the bags of shredded cheese in as well instead of nursing them in slowly while stirring and letting it melt. I`ve always used shredded cheese in a bag and it`s been excellet but lately I`ve noticed cellulose as an ingredient (thought it was just in the canned??!!?) and I`m worried that this may have contributed as well, ugh!!! I guess I need to take the extra time and go with freshly grated next time. I`m super bummed with myself over my mistakes tonight as cheese and heavy cream are not cheep ingredients!! Long post but in case anyone reads the comments for tips, take your time with the cream and cheese! Have also added nutmeg and it feels nice and extra!

  146. Gloria

    What is a good parm to use without it looking stringy, but instead creamy, I've had this happen once before so I was thinking it was the parm?

  147. Chef Val


    I made stuffed shells tidsy, and since my son is allergic to tomatoes I decided to try it with your Alfredo Sauce. Came out wonderful and I can't wait for him to have it fir dinner tonite. I sprinkled crumbled bacon on top. YUM!

  148. Chef Val


    I made stuffed shells today, and since my son is allergic to tomatoes I decided to try it with your Alfredo Sauce. Came out wonderful and I can't wait for him to have it for dinner tonite. I sprinkled crumbled bacon on top. YUM!

  149. Steve

    I loved this recipe, but I've found that I like it better with a slight adjustment to it. I use whipping cream, 2 cups of parmesan and I add 1/2 cup of romano cheese.

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  153. Cindy

    Hello,want to try this with my shrimp ,but is this parmasean fresh or in can

  154. Jeff

    How can I get the chicken strips nice and brown with flavor on a stove? Any help is appreciated ty

  155. Ilene


    This was amazing! It was so simple, too and the flavor was spot on!! I added some cooked chicken to my pasta and my hubby and I ate the whole pot!! Great Job!!

  156. Michelle


    Super easy recipie! I added diced sauted chicken breast and aparagus. Was soooo good! I do have to admit i thought it needed a bit more cheese and salt. But when i had it leftover it was scrumptious!! Im going to make a day ahead next time! And eventually put some pesto in it.

  157. Gerri-lynn Wilson


    I use this now as a base to create many different alfredo sauces, my latest - roasted red pepper alfredo. I follow the recipe above exactly. But before hand I broil 3 medium red peppers and two tomatoes until soft and skin is easy to peel off and descend the pepper. I then pulse in a processor until chunky but blended. Then add to the alfredo. It's bomb!!!

  158. Terri Burton

    Great recipe. Made it tonight. Added bacon and some peas! Just lovely! Thanks

  159. Stephanie

    I am going to give this a try tonight with some blackened shrimp. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out! I have made many homemade alfredo sauces, but it always seems to be lacking something, so I am excited about this one!

  160. Tammy


    Husband made this and added chicken & broccoli. It was delish! Would make a great dish for company. The only reason I rated it a 4 and not a 5 is that I'm watching my calories and it is a once in a great while kind of meal :(.

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    I've never made home made Alfredo sauce before and this recipe was not only delicious it was easy!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I won't be buying sauce in a jar again!

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    Will make again!

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    came across this when searching for a recipe...OMG!!! AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!! so freaking good...will definitaly be making this again...i didnt have fresh parmesan so i used the can LOVED it including the kids...thanks for a fast, simple, delicious recipe!!!

  169. Jackie

    Can you make the sauce a day or two ahead and keep refrigerated

  170. Poornima Suresh

    I have been searching for a fail proof Alfredo sauce recipe and I'm glad I found yours.. Loved it and it was so simple, .. Thank you dear #chefintraining . My daughter thought it was the best she had ever eaten .

  171. Elizabeth Linn

    How many servings is this recipe?

  172. Art


    Delicious. I put this on penne pasta, with grilled chicken, chopped artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, and a couple of habaneros (I like spicy.) It was fantastic

  173. Z Lodge

    My daughter made this for me, and it was excellent.
    Thank you.

  174. Patty


    I absolutely love this sauce! Thank you so much for sharing! I use half & half instead of heavy cream and it is still rich and delicious!

  175. Barb


    Going to make this tonight and serve over zoodles & grilled chicken!

  176. Felicia


    It taste very delicious, but mine turned out very lumpy. I tried everything I could think for the cheese to melt a bit more, but it just wouldn't. It was freshly grated too.

    1. Nicole

      Lumpy means it got too hot. Try cooking it low and slow next time.

  177. Chrissy

    Made the Alfredo sauce a little thick so I added some 1/2 and 1/2 the butter started separating
    What went wrong?

  178. Cindy

    So good! I am a pepper freak so I added a little more of the white, and a bunch of black pepper too.. other than that I stuck to the recipe and it turned out awesome! Thanks!

  179. Charlotte


    Tonight this recipe outdid itself. It has become my favorite Alfredo recipe, but tonight it was adorned with fresh oyster mushrooms from my garden, sauteed with pancetta and garlic scapes, also from my garden. My husband devoured it before I could get a picture. It was gorgeous AND delicious. Thank you for this simple but eloquent recipe. It has never failed to get raves from family and friends.

  180. Sana

    Is this enough for one box of pasta?

  181. James


    The recipe was awesome my kids enjoy the sauce as well as myself. Easy to make with a five star taste .... Thanks for the recipe greatly appreciated

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  183. Amanda Caswell


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    My wife and I tried this recipe last night. Blew me away. Best Alfredo sauce I have ever had. The measurements were spot on. We made no changes at all. Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken is my favorite dish at any Italian restaurant and I have tried them all. Cheers to you Nikki. You provided a recipe for the perfect meal and evening for my wife and I. Thank you so much.

  185. Heather


    This is our favorite go-to sauce but we always have leftovers! Has anyone tried freezing this to use at a later date? If so, how did it turn out?

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    Thanks for the Great Recipe..?

  190. Ashley

    Can you substitute olive oil for the butter in this recipe??

    1. Robert


      You could replace some butter with olive oil. Not all of it tho. Putting olive oil changes the smoke temp of the oils in the pan and can be good if you are doing an mushroom alfredo

  191. Natasha


    I use this recipe all the time. Simple and delicious.

  192. Alicia


    This alfredo sauce is DELISH! Thank you!

  193. Tlo


    I only used half the butter called for added a tablespoon of garlic powder infused flour to melted butter when making the sauce, so I used 1/4 cup of butter. Also, you can use a pint of half and half [or you can use light cream] I find doing this helps with using leftovers again and the waistline/ fat and calories without sacrificing taste. I have made alfredo sauce before someone showed me years ago how they made theirs and I changed it a bit, I wondered if my version was close to this, it is, although I have been known to add fresh ground black pepper before serving.

  194. Selena

    What kind of butter did you use?

  195. Liz


    So for how many pounds of fettuccine is this suace for (servings)

  196. Tabitha


    I am only 14 years old and am not very experienced with food, but I was able to make this for my family of 5 with no problems at all. We all agreed that it is an absolutely delicious recipe we will definitely make again :)

  197. Kathryn Featherstone


    Terrific for hosting a dinner! I've used this a couple times for a pasta bar dinner, which nicely allows for menu choice, including vegetarian.

  198. Bonny


    I made this jus now. But i think you left out what step to add the cream. I added it after the garlic salt abd prpper along with 1/4 tsp nutmeg.
    Then cream abd simmered 8 mintues

  199. Jeff


    How many people does this serve?

  200. Elise Varkonyi

    This recipe is a keeper! You’re right—so easy and quick-perfect for a weeknight dinner. I sautéed some chicken, spinach and roasted red peppers, and with the sauce on top? Delicious!

  201. Patty


    I made this tonight... Added some leftover chicken and broccoli. It was a hit. Super easy

  202. L. Vance

    Is it possible to use half butter half olive oil? What about part half-and- half instead of all heavy cream? Would the sauce separate or just be a little thinner? Just curious - always trying to cut a few calories!

  203. JoAngela King

    This is a great recipe. Made CHICKEN ALFREDO with it,

  204. Mimi

    Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. The only reason we go to Olive Garden is so my husband can eat Alfredo Sauce. Your recipe for Alfredo Sauce is so easy, rich, and delicious. After finishing dinner - he even used a piece of French bread to “clean” his plate - my husband said, “Well, I guess we won’t be going to Olive Garden anymore, because it won’t taste as good as this.”
    I served the Alfredo Sauce over angel hair pasta with roasted tomatoes, roasted artichoke hearts, and sautéed NC shrimp.

  205. Paula


    OMG this was so goood! I did use Romano instead of parmesan, Screw bottled alfredo sauce, this is now my go-to recipe for alfredo!

  206. Trish


    I just made it!
    It is really really easy to make and delicious!
    I would definitely make it again!

  207. Shannon


    Made this for my family last night and they raved about how delicious it was! When the kids go back for multiple helpings and then practically lick the bowl, you know you've found a winner. THANK YOU!

  208. Kimberly Gerhardt

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  209. Jamie Meekins


    Awesome recipe! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  210. Miranda


    I just made it tonite and it was delicious! Perfect amount of saltiness, creaminess, garlic not too overpowering and very cheesy. Thank you!!!!

  211. Mel

    Excellent!!! Hubby and I loved this recipe. Rich and creamy flavorful sauce. Saved the recipe and I'll be making this again. Thank you for this deliciousness!

  212. Jeanette Petersen

    Is the parmesan the grated crumbly stuff you buy off the shelf or it is shredded parmesan that is sold refrigerated?

  213. Wendy Andre

    can I make up the day before and reheat following day?

  214. Tammy

    I want to make this, but was wondering what kind of parmesan cheese to use.

  215. Konfetti

    Would this be ok to cook in advance, then re-heat and keep it on the warm stove? I’m looking for 2-3 pasta sauces to make for a pasta-buffet, and this one sounds amazing!

  216. Barb Rudoff

    I am making chicken parm with pasta, would it be to much if I put the Alfredo sauce on the pasta and served it as a side dish with the chicken parm? I have not made this recipe but hope to for a dinner party on thursday.

  217. Nicole


    I've tried A LOT of homemade alfredo recipes over the years, and this is HANDS DOWN the best I've found anywhere on the web! It's so good that I served it to my New York Italian immigrant grandmother-in-law and she was asking ME for the recipe!!! (even though alfredo sauce isn't really a true Italian thing). My secret is I use grass-fed butter (Kerrygold) & grass-fed cream (local/California) to really up the ante. I also double the garlic cuz who doesn't love garlic. ;)

  218. David

    Why does my sauce come out grainy. Was my cream too hot?

  219. Stacey

    This is the only sauce I will ever use. It was so tasty! Hubby didn’t hesitate when he said, “I hope you saved that recipe.”
    We made up some breaded chicken in the air fryer and poured it over cavatappi noodles. It was amazing.
    So so good!

  220. Tony


    I have made many Alfredo Sauce Recipes and basically I am throwing them all out. The name says it all. Thank you for the clear instruction and the 8 min simmer time. can't wait to try out more of your recipes.

  221. Pamela


    This was incredibly easy to make and it is liquid GOLD! Thank you for such a fantastic recipe!

  222. Pam


    Easy and classic. The simple things really are the best. I've made this version half a dozen times and it comes out great. I add a pinch of nutmeg during cooking time. Yummy with fettuccine and grilled chicken.

  223. Dana

    I make this about once a week...absolutely amazing! I substitute half and half for the heavy cream and also add a pinch of nutmeg. Making it tonight with homemade fettuccine and chicken and broccoli!

  224. Kellie Gomez

    Real butter or Margarine?

    1. Chef in Training

      real butter

  225. Wendy


    Omg!!!! Best I have ever had. I'm very picky when it comes to food. This recipe is divine. It tastes like heaven in your mouth!!!!

  226. Alta Farias


    By Far The BEST Alfredo Recipe I’ve Found Online! Everyone that I’ve made it for and myself enjoy it so much! I’ll never go back to canned alfredo! ???

  227. Zaid


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    This is THE BEST tasting alfredo sauce ever! I'm by no means a "chef' but what I was able to create following this recipe made it taste like i was...thanks for the recipe Nikki!

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  230. Tab


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  231. Lori

    The sauce tasted good, was kinda thin and the cheese didn't melt. I will try grating it myself the next time.

  232. Gayle Walsh

    I just tried this recipe...what was I waiting for!!! This sauce was amazing flavorful, creamy and easy! My new go to sauce! Thank you!!

  233. Samy


    I made this recipe yesterday and it was absolutely delicious! So delicious in fact, that my boyfriend finished two bowls of them in a clean swipe :D Thank you so much for sharing it!

  234. Don in Atlanta

    What brand of parmesan do you recommend for the best flavor? Does the store brands (Kraft, etc.) work fine?

  235. Collette Welch


    This is my absolute favorite Alfredo sauce recipe! I sub half and half and have even used Romano cheese in a pinch, both with great results. I love to mix this with my homemade pesto and serve over pasta and grilled chicken breast. Perfection!!

  236. Sissie

    This was fantastic! Really better than Olive Garden!

  237. Taimi Suarez


    This is a fantastic recipe. I added some Oregano and instead of the white pepper I used fresh milled black pepper.

  238. Cari S


    I'm going camping and want to make the sauce on thrus to use on Sunday. Would that be ok to do. It will stay refrigerated
    Thank you

  239. alison ely


    "perfect" is no joke. i have used this recipe a good handful of times now, and it is SOO good, i ALWAYS actually drink some of it, especially right after making it. alfredo so good that you want to drink it?? i wasnt even a huge alfredo fan before i made it myself, and this is the only recipe i have tried, and im like, i never knew true alfredo until now! it tastes soo amazing and goes great with macaroni noodles. i had difficulties the first few times i made it- it tasted great, but was pretty thin, and therefore wouldnt stick well to the noodles, but i guess practice has improved this- im a pretty new cook still- and now it is great every single time. just reheated some that i made a few days ago and its just as amazing as the first day. i really really really like this sauce. thank you for a simple and amazing recipe. dont need to bother with any other.

  240. Carson

    So as I stand in the kitchen making my version of this AMAZING Alfredo sauce I realized I should probably confess my thievery to you. I found this recipe years ago and made it several times until I basically memorized it. Then I decided to put my own twist on it (which I like to do with recipes so I don’t feel like I’m stealing them) and I started adding onion to it. Dice up a sweet onion and sauté it in olive oil on super low heat for a while until they’re cooked through but not browned at all - then proceed with the rest of YOUR recipe. And holy cow let me just tell you it was the icing on the cake!! So the recipe - with the onion - went into my own recipe book that I’m building because it is so delicious and I love to share it with people. But I always tell people where I got it from originally. And also if you haven’t tried it with the sautéed onion I highly recommend it because it really seals the deal. So delicious. Thank you for my obsession with Alfredo!! Cause canned sauce is just nasty now that I have this so easily made.

  241. Chan


    I've made many recipes of Alfredo but this is the best! Thanks

  242. Dolly

    I used your Alfredo sauce in my lasagna, made with zucchini instead of noodles! .... Great recipe, thanks!

  243. Terry


    Delicious and easy to make! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  244. cathy chambers

    This is absolute perfection!! Thanks for sharing : )

  245. Bonnie


    I make this a lot except I substitute the salt with garlic salt and double the garlic cloves watch out vampires

  246. Becky

    If I make this for a party, can I put it in a crock pot to stay warm?

  247. Chad meagley

    Can I make this ahead of time for dinner tonight and keep it on a warming surface of my stove.

  248. Cathy


    Best Alfredo sauce I have had. Will make over and over again. Having leftovers for breakfast. Thanks for sharing

  249. Stacey Fenner


    This recipe was super easy and AMAZING

  250. Migdalia

    How can I figured out the nutrition facts? I’m on the Keto diet, so I need to stay within my macros.

  251. Migdalia

    How do I figure out the nutrition fact??
    Thank you !

  252. Carley


    is there anyway I can use fresh mozerrella cheese I don’t have parmesaen and I definitely don’t want to go to the store../:

  253. Rick Bond


    Thats a ton of work ! Saute’ pan, butter, garlic,heavy cream,bring to light boil 2 or so minutes , add a little nutmeg and pasta....warm add cheese toss! DONE

  254. Kathy

    It was great, thank you

  255. Erin dressler

    How much does this make??

  256. Michele

    If you love fondue, you will love this alfredo. This recipe is sooo simple and so gooooood! such a good ratio of cream, cheese and butter...perfection!

  257. TVS


    I have used this recipe several times. I'm making alfredo sauce again tonight. My family loves this recipe! I toss in some cajun seasoned grilled chicken breast pieces in the sauce. It's a hit! ?

  258. Ashley Beckers

    Hello im hoping to use this recipe for chicken alfredo, do you have an idea how much chicken I would need with the one pound of noodles?

  259. Priss


    Love it ! It's my go to recipe super easy. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  260. Alison


    Is there a way to ensure it reheats well? When I reheat it, it is no longer creamy, like it separates somehow.

  261. Jeff


    This is the best Alfredo Sauce I have ever had. I lived in Naples, Italy when I was in the service and had nothing like this there.
    Look no further for once you try this recipe, your hunt for alfredo sauce is over. Love it!

  262. Megan

    It says to use grated Parmesan but in your video I see you used shredded cheese...

  263. Eddy


    First time making the sauce and it came out a bit gritty. I grew up eating the cheap sauce from cans so I’m not sure, is it supposed to have a bit of texture from the grated Parmesan cheese or is it just like a thicker heavy creme with flavor?

  264. Lisa


    Absolutely perfect and delicious!!! Thank you for your recipe!!! I did add cooked, diced chicken breast to the finished sauce and it was delightful!!! This is now my go-to Alfredo Sauce recipe!!!

  265. Lucy Brown


    I have made this Alfredo Sauce sooo many times!! It is awesome. I have also passed along the recipe many times.

  266. Chole


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  268. Virginia Morgan


    This Alfredo was amazing! Poured over lobster ravioli and my husband and I raved. Will save this recipe forever!!!!

  269. Andrew


    The number of ads on your website is ridiculous. I can’t even read the damn recipe because Google is sitting on top of the ingredients. The recipe is fine, the website is terrible.

  270. Eden Guthrie


    Best Alfredo recipe ever!!!

  271. Janalee Bowman

    How do I keep it from separating? My whole family loves this recipe but as soon as I put the cheese it it’s like all of the butter comes to the top.

  272. Randi Jones

    I've made this sauce twice in one week. My fiance and I love it!

  273. Wendy

    I see many people have asked how much sauce this makes... can those who've made it before answer that for me? Thanks!

  274. Shay


    I'm sorry, but I found this recipe far too greasy afterwords. Too much butter. (It settled on the top so much I had to blot a lot out. ) next tome I'd personally add less butter and a teaspoon or 2 of flour at the butter melting stage to help obsorb the excess butter and aid with thickening..

  275. Stephanie


    Absolutely the BEST Alfredo sauce I have ever had. I've been using this recipe for years and it is fabulous. Once made, I pour it into a variety of small mason jars and freeze it for use anytime. I let it defrost, give it a quick whip with a small whisk and, voila! Makes for a great pizza sauce, too...just add grilled chicken, burst cherry tomatoes, arugula - heaven!

  276. Andrew Shores


    Just want to say thank you for this recipe. I would not have believed that simmering the cream till it has a nutty smell made such a huge difference in the taste. It’s masterful! And surprisingly, it doesn’t require as much parmesan.

  277. Lynne

    What will thicken the alfredo sauce if there's no flour?

  278. Jenny


    Way too cheesy. I didn’t even put all the cheese it called for.

  279. Shannon


    This Alfredo Sauce is amazing... My new go to...

  280. Brittany Howell

    This is the BEST Alfredo I’ve ever made. Do yourself a favor and make it NOW!

  281. Debbie


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