Buffalo Chicken Dip

Are you in need of an appetizer that is atotal crowd pleaser?

and that is totally easy to make? Look no further! I have just the thing for you!

Buffalo Chicken Dip from chef-in-training.com ...This dip only requires 3 ingredients and will be the first thing to disappear at your parties!

Buffalo Chicken Dip
This dip only requires 3 ingredients and will be the first thing to disappear at your parties!
  • 2 (8 oz.) blocks of cream cheese, softened until easily stirred
  • ⅛-1/4 cup FRANKS Buffalo Sauce
  • 2 cups shredded chicken
  1. Stir all ingredients together until well combined.
  2. Serve warm with chips.


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  1. I always read this blog. I don't always comment cause it takes time…But i always read! This looks amazing, Adam would think I am so awesome if I made him this! I will try it!! You are a doll Nikki, and your baby is so beautiful too!! Love ya girl!

  2. Kate H.(www.sprinkletherapy.blogspot.com)

    I make this dip a lot. I add in a cup of ranch dressing, and a cup of shredded cheese. It controls the spiciness wonderfully!

  3. ….this is a crowd pleaser, for sure!! My cousin's wife makes a variation of this using only 1 block of cream cheese, adding a cup of blue cheese salad dressing (or ranch)and a cup of cheddar cheese…it makes a Buffalo version that is to die for! She also uses the chicken from a rotisserie instead of baking at home, when she's in a hurry! She serves this at family gatherings and at some point, the bowl must be taken away or no one will pay attention to the actual meal! LOL! Happy Cooking!

  4. kayli

    I put 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese and 3/4 cup ranch dressing along with what this says. I use chunk chicken it shreds in skillet.

  5. Love this recipe! There is only one thing I like more than Buffalo Fingers and that is Pizza. I am always looking for recipes to include the “buffalo” flavors…Yummy and easy!!! Does it get any better than this?

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am loving this blog ! I just found chef in training a week ago and have already tried two recipes which both recipes turned out great ! Keep up the great recipes !!!

  7. Rebekah C.

    Thank you for sharing this! I tried this recipe today, and added only half a cup of ranch to it. Yum! I also didn’t have Frank’s hot sauce, I actually didn’t have any hot sauce, but I was able to make my own using vinegar, water, cayenne pepper, and salt. Very very yummy! Will be making this recipe again for family events and for upcoming Christmas parties!

  8. Debbie

    I recently made this but I added some mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing. I used canned chicken ( 2 cans). I have also had it with blue cheese dressing. I added a little bit more of the buffalo sauce. DELISH!!!!! I serve it cold.