Slow Cooker Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

Slow Cooker Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken… A delicious and creamy chicken recipe that is loaded with amazing flavor! The sun dried tomatoes and basil truly make this meal outstanding!

Slow Cooker Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken... A delicious and creamy chicken recipe that is loaded with amazing flavor! The sun dried tomatoes and basil truly make this meal outstanding!

I absolutely ADORE my slow cooker!

This past week has been absolutely crazy! We just got back from vacation a week ago from Disneyland. Once we got home, soccer, dance and school were all back in session and it felt like a mad house. On top running everyone around in every which way direction, I was coaching soccer, holding practices and trying to prepare a church lesson for yesterday. I was barely holding it together at the seams.

Dinner time often gets overlooked on weeks like this past one, and that is why I LOVE my slow cooker. It makes dinner time a breeze in the hustle and bustle of life.

This meal was absolutely fantastic! Sun dried tomatoes happen to be one of my favorite vegetables! I love the texture and the flavor. Paired with basil and a creamy sauce, well, lets just say you have an award winning meal!

Definitely give this recipe a try! It will quickly become a new favorite!

Slow Cooker Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken... A delicious and creamy chicken recipe that is loaded with amazing flavor! The sun dried tomatoes and basil truly make this meal outstanding!

Slow Cooker Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

A delicious and creamy chicken recipe that is loaded with amazing flavor! The sun dried tomatoes and basil truly make this meal outstanding!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Servings 6
Calories 414kcal


  • 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 4 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes in olive oil drained
  • 2 Tablespoons basil
  • 1 cup heavy cream


  • Spray slow cooker with cooking spray.
  • Heat large skillet over medium high heat. Add olive oil.
  • Combine flour, salt, and pepper. Dredge chicken in flour mixture and place in skillet. 
  • Brown chicken on each side for 2 minutes and place on the bottom of slow cooker.
  • Add chicken stock, sun dried tomatoes and basil.
  • Cook on LOW for about 4 hours or until chicken is cooked through completely.
  • Add heavy cream and serve.


Calories: 414kcal | Carbohydrates: 10g | Protein: 28g | Fat: 29g | Saturated Fat: 11g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 13g | Trans Fat: 0.01g | Cholesterol: 120mg | Sodium: 669mg | Potassium: 693mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 773IU | Vitamin C: 11mg | Calcium: 42mg | Iron: 1mg
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  1. Laura ~ RYG

    Well, I feel out of love with my slow cooking but I'm ready to put the moves on it again because this looks like tastier thing I've seen on the net in a long, long time.

  2. Laurie Spencer


    Looks amazing and seems really simple

    1. Wade


      It is! You should try it!

    2. Danielle


      Why would you rate something 3 out of 5 stars if you haven't tried it? This recipe is amazing and deserves the 5 stars . Your rating is significantly bringing it down for no reason at all.

    3. Marsha


      I agree! How can you rate something a 3 that you have never tried?!?

    4. Kim Doos

      Laurie, This 3 start rating when you've NEVER TRIED THE RECIPE is called being a TROLL!

    5. Joy

      I don't think any comments should be posted from people who have not actually tried the recipe. To say something looks good means absolutely nothing. Make it, taste it, and comment.

    6. Dee


      I was thinking the same thing! Try it before you rate!
      It is delicious!

  3. Liz

    Yum - thank you. I love my slow cooker too. Thanks Nikki.

  4. Annie

    Heavy cream questions: How are you adding the heavy cream? Do you remove the chicken, add the heavy cream into the slow cooker, and whisk until its a creamy sauce?

    1. Melaine

      did you figure this out? This is where I am stuck too.

    2. Daisy

      I remove the chicken, add the cream until blended nicely, then put the chicken back in and stir gently to coat.

  5. Susan

    Are you serving it over mashed potatoes? I imagine it would be good over rice or with some thick homemade pasta?

    1. Maggie

      What did you decide to serve this with?

  6. Carri Reed

    I found your recipe yesterday so I have it in my crockpot today. I have to let it in my crockpot longer than the recommended time you called for since I am at work. I am excited to try this out.. Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Ri

    can bone in chicken be substituted?

  8. Kim

    This looks so good. Think thighs would be ok instead of breasts?

  9. Manon

    Do you drain the sundried tomatoes first?

    1. Chef in Training

      yes :)

  10. Dave


    I made this, sort of, for dinner tonight. It couldn't be easier to make. The grocery store was out of fresh basil, so I substituted fresh tarragon. The flavor was wonderful. I would recommend adding some thickener to the sauce before you serve it too. Goes well with mashed cauliflower.

  11. Michael

    Making. This right now. Just double checking. 4 hours on low?

  12. Kay

    Fresh or dried basil?

    1. Betty


      I would like to know the answer to this as well. I don't think adding 2 T. of dried basil would be wise but 2 T. of fresh doesn't sound like enough. I tried it with 1 T. dried and it was good and added more flavor. I added 1 cup of heavy cream at the end of cooking with some corn starch added for thickness. Lastly, some parmesan cheese. Delish, but would like to see answers to questions about a recipe that isn't clearly written.

  13. Sue

    This looks good but I am confused. When do you add the heavy cream? A few minutes before you turn it off? I like the heavy cream would cool the meal down by adding it at the end and then serving it.

    1. leslie

      I'm confused too about when to add the heavy cream- looks super yummy though!

  14. lynsey fojut

    A silly question. But do you just add the sundried tomatoes or do you add the olive oil as well in the half cup?

    1. Chef in Training

      no olive oil. So sorry for the confusion. Just specifying that the sun dried tomatoes come in a jar with oil :)

    2. Les

      Dang, I added the oil with the tomatoes. It should be done in an hour. We'll see how it turns out. Like many others, I don't know what to do with the heavy cream.

  15. Brian

    Question: Do you add the heavy cream to the slow cooker (on top of the chicken) at the end of the 4 hours? Or do you take all the chicken out of the slow cooker, place it in another pan, and then add the heavy cream?

    1. JoKullar

      When do you add the heavy cream? Making it right now and should be done in a couple hours, hopefully someone replies soon lol.

  16. Shelleyb

    I measured 2 c. Chicken broth. Added 1 c. Heavy cream at end of 4th hour. Glad still hot and ready to serve. Buuuut it was soupy rather than saucy I was hoping for. Thought the flour dredge & sear may be subtle thickener. I wish the liquid was thicker. Served with rice. Smelled great. Chicken was moist. Creative idea.

  17. Les

    Darn, I didn't drain the oil first. It has another hour before it's done. We'll see how it turns out. Like others, I don't know what to do with a cream. Just throw it in at the end?

    1. Lindy Baker

      I didn't either! So bummed!

  18. Melaine

    It's says to add the heavy you let it set in the crockpot for a bit before serving? Do you leave the chicken in while adding the cream?

  19. Andy

    I would probably add the cream in the last half hour of cooking... the flour on the chicken would help thicken it up more... I would probably also add about 1/4 cup of parm for extra flavor and to help thicken that sauce just a little more... too runny for me.

  20. Beverly

    I'm in the process of cooking this delicious looking dish.... Just as the recipe describes. However I'm cooking it in my InstantPot. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  21. Rosanne

    Your re pie calls for 2 cups of chicken stock but you left it out of the directions?

  22. Tara


    Absolutely delicious! We loved it! I added the cream in last half hour and left lid off and turned to high. Still a thin sauce but so good. There was tons of sauce let so we'll eat it tomorrow on veggies.

  23. Cindy Gilliam


    Oops!! Wish I had read comments before starting recipe. I did not drain tomatoes from olive oil. Hope it's ok!! I noticed lots of questions on adding cream as well. Do you let it all simmer in the heavy cream awhile in the crockpot?

  24. Melissa Smithers

    This was very good! I did change do a few things different, I added some minced garlic (about 3 cloves). Also to thicken the sauce, on the stovetop I melted about 2 tablespoons of butter, added a 1/4 flour, whisk that together and then add either 1 cup of milk or half and half, whisk together and it will thicken fairly quickly. Then add to the crockpot the last half hour of cook time. I also added about a cup of Italian cheese blend for a creamy cheese sauce. It was delicious!

    1. leslie

      Melissa-your ideas are very helpful- thank you!!

    2. Jody Cansler

      Did you do your thickening mixture INSTEAD of the heavy cream or in addition to?
      Thank you!

    3. Betty

      Thank you Mellisa,you solved my problem,I am out of heavy whipping cream,was wondering if I could substitute milk instead thanks you saved the day,also the problem with thickening it

    4. Jill

      I followed Melissa's changes plus added pasta and it was absolutely delicious! Thank you for your comment Melissa!

  25. T Cook


    This was a crowd pleaser. Thanks!!

  26. Amanda


    This was not good. Don't waste your time and money with this recipe.
    Not flavorful, very bland. Texture was so runny; the "creamy sundried tomato" sauce was not creamy at all. It was a milky chicken broth. Yuck!

  27. Kay Jantz

    Just a thought, have not tried any of your recipes and was considering doing so today with the Lemon Blueberry Dream, however saw this Chicken Sundried Cockpot recipe and saw many comments needing guidance, one downright negative. I don't see on anyone of the comments that you, Nikki, as the author of this blog even care enough to respond to these questions or even the positive comments. I follow many blogs and lack of interaction from the blogger seems rather rude, especially if someone is finding an issue with the process. Crafting blogs seem to be far more user friendly and interactive than this blog.

    1. Sari


      I think you'll find that instead of responding to the plethora of questions re the same thing, that Nikki updated the original recipe to clarify.

    2. Cheryl

      I don't see any updates to the recipe that would answer the questions I have read in the comments. Recipe does not say to drain the sun dried tomatoes and just says add heavy cream and serve. Does not specify if you take chicken out then add cream or if you need to cook a little longer so the cream can heat up.

      I have to say that I agree with Kay. As I was scrolling through the comments, reading question after question and not seeing the blogger answer the majority, I had the same thoughts as Kay. If you aren't going to interact with your readers and answer their questions whether it be individually or update the post with the answers, what is the point of even having a blog?

  28. Karla


    I was really excited to make this since I love the idea of this flavor combination. I echo what another commenter said, however, that it was surprisingly not very flavorful. The only thing I really did differently was use full-fat coconut milk instead of the heavy cream, which I often do in recipes with much success. I added significantly more salt (a salt spice blend) and pepper and added some cornstarch at the end to thicken the sauce. Towards the end I put some sliced garden zucchini in the crock pot to add some veggies to the dish. I cut up the chicken and the whole mixture went on top of rice, along with some cheddar cheese. I think a bunch of garlic may have added flavor.

  29. K Nilsson


    This ended up being shredded chicken soup. Not good. This should be cooked on the stove and not in the Crock-Pot.

  30. Kelsey

    I made this tonight on the stove top (dropped the ball on dinner ?) It was so good! I filled your exact recipe, minus the crock pot, and it was perfect!

    1. Brittney

      How long do you let it cook on the stove? I was hoping to cook it a little quicker tonight

  31. Penny


    I made this today with just a few tweaks. I browned the chicken in just the olive oil but no flour and dumped it all in with the stock when brown. Then added salt, pepper, garlic powder, two chicken bullion cubes, and the tomato and basil. Then in the last 30 min, I shook the 1/4 cup flour and heavy cream together and added to the crockpot. It thickened up beautifully and was delicious. I served it over buttered egg noodles

  32. Bonnie

    I made this for dinner last night and it was yummy! I did take into consideration a few of the previous comments so when I dredged the chicken I added a bit of garlic powder. I also added a full jar of the tomatoes and a heaping handful of fresh basil. I even added a little bit of the oil from the tomatoes to help flavor it a bit more. Once everything was in the slowcooker I added a bit more garlic powder. I cooked it on low for 4 hours then added the cream. I cooked it on low with the top off for about another 30 minutes. It was creamy and flavorful! It goes well with a nice loaf of Italian bread for dipping! ?

  33. Susan Leichtner

    This smelled and looked great! Probably not a problem most people making this would have but I'm a vegetarian so I followed it strictly. My husband said it's great but could use more salt. I'm happy to have found it, though! Thank yuh! I'll be making it again!

  34. Mary

    I just made this and was so disappointed! I followed the instructions word for word and it came out SO BLAND. It tasted like the chicken had just been sitting in water. I'm very confused :/ I used dried basil instead of the real kind, but surely that alone couldn't have made that big of a difference? I won't be making this again.

  35. Lydia


    All in all your recipe is lacking fundamental techniques and advice. As someone who has been cooking for a very long time and is capable of taking one idea and turning it into something else, not everyone does that. You don't respond to comments or questions which is horribly rude. People may love this recipe if they have the ability to understand it which you have failed to show most people, judging by the comments. I have not made this meal and I won't. I gathered what I wanted from it and will make an entirely different meal for my family.

    1. Kerry

      My goodness, speaking of rude responses, this is certainly one of them! If you've gathered what you want, and you don't intend to make the recipe, then move on. If you have time to leave rude comments, you should also have time to note that the original recipe has been updated to take account of the previous questions. Clearly you have too much time on your hands!

    2. Jaci Majorek

      Kerry, good for you for speaking up to Lydia. Snobs need not comment.

    3. Diane

      If you've been cooking for a long time then you should have been able to figure this out all on your own instead of leaving an ignorant response as you did. If you haven't made this recipe, why would you even take the time to respond?

  36. Jodie


    I made this for dinner tonight. I added mince garlic at the chicken stock stage, then some corn flour after the cream to thicken it up. Cooked on high for around 2.5 hours & served with mashed potato & beans. It was so yummy I almost licked the plate!!! Haha!

  37. Kim


    This was fab though did make it a tad different as was in a rush... Frozen chicken breasts right in the pot. Olive oil (drained from tomatoes) in a pan heated with flour then added stock, basil and garlic to make the sauce. Put tomatoes as well as a chopped onion, zucchini and chopped pepper (gotta get veggies in there!) in the slow cooker. On low for 8 hrs then added cream (lid off) an hour before. Shredded chicken. Add cooked fettuccini. Yummmmy will certainly make again too easy.

  38. Jodi

    I am making this right now and would love to know what some did for the heavy cream. I want it to be thick and obviously the blogger doesn't respond to these questions. I hope it turns out good.

  39. Nicole


    Was going to make this, but the simple fact that you are unable to clarify the cream question killed it for me. You answered a couple other questions so you are obviously checking it randomly. If you are really hoping to keep people coming to your blog and using your ideas, it would be a great idea to answer the one dad gum question many have been asking since April. Best of luck.

    1. Wade


      Hey Nicole, is this your first time cooking? It's not Rocket Science!
      I took the chicken out, mixed in the cream, poured it over the chicken... BAM! I bet that blew your mind

      Have a blessed day ;)

    2. Jlowe

      It states plain as day to add it at the end and serve/

  40. Jess


    Add olives! Makes such a difference!

  41. NAD


    Made this for dinner tonight. I followed the recipe faithfully, and while it was quite bland, it has promise, but needs a lot of alterations to make it great. For starters, there is WAY too much liquid. Dredging the chicken is not enough to thicken the sauce, which gets further thinned by the cream. The instructions are not terribly clear, obvious by the number of mistakes others have made. Also, you haven't stated how many portions this serves.

  42. Carly


    I made this yesterday/last night and we were not impressed. It doesn't have a whole lot of flavor and the sauce is WAY thin. I served it over rice, added some spinach and topped with parmesan cheese. I think if there was some garlic or other flavors going on it would be better. If I make it again, I'll only use probably half the liquid and still have to thicken it up some. I'll probably also add some garlic and other spices to give it some flavor. Sad because I was hopeful for this recipe...

  43. Jaimie

    I made this into a pasta dish and shredded the chicken. . .the family loved it!

  44. julia perez


    this looks like a great soup as well...Maybe 3 chickens cut into cubes with this great flavor....

  45. Heather


    This was delicious! Thank you for recipe. Everyone around the table loved it and wanted recipe!

  46. Sazz1006

    This is the second time I've done this delicious recipe and it turns out differently every time. Absolutely fabulous meal, easy, few ingredients and goes with pasta or rice or with potatoes and veg. As I'm watching my weight, I use half fat creme fraiche rather than double (heavy) cream and it is still utterly delicious. My hubby adores it and so do I !!

  47. Andrea


    In general I am a fan of Chef-in-Training recipe. All the ones I've made in the past have always been easy and tasty. I knew from the recipe and then the comments that I needed to make some adjustments. My end result was good, but honestly, I strayed from the recipe. First, I made it on the stove. For the sauce, I made a roux with 3 tablespoon of butter and the flour (from the recipe). Then the added the 2 cups chicken broth and a cup of half & half. I brought to a boil, then reduced. I then added a little sauteed garlic & grated parm cheese and the tomatoes & basil. It thickened quite nicely, but it had little taste. So I added quite a bit of onion & herb seasoning, a little salt & pepper and about half a package of dry onion soup mix. That is what really made a nice difference. I made the chicken as the recipe stated; just finished baking it in the oven. I served the sauce on the chicken and fettuccine.

  48. Angela


    This dish is super yummy! I am not a huge fan of olive oil so I used dry tomatoes and it turned out great. Thanks so much for a great recipe, everyone loves this recipe at my house.

  49. Leah


    I made this dish last week and thought the flavour was excellent. I didn't drain my sun dried tomatoes but that didn't seem to make it oily. In fact this dish was so tasty I would serve it to company but easy enough for a weeknight. I served it over pasta so my only complaint is that the sauce was a bit runny and not creamy enough. Next time I am going to try and thicken it up....maybe add some cornstarch or make a roux to add. I might add some garlic as well and next time will use fresh basil as I only had dried on hand but it was still very good!

  50. Melissa Jones


    We loved this recipe! I followed the added advice from Melissa Smithers below - making a rue, adding the cream, then adding shredded Parmesan cheese to make a cheesy sauce to add to the crock pot at the end. For the original cook time, I used a basil paste that I've come to love at my grocery store, and also added a few tablespoons of capers. I'd recommend slicing the sun dried tomatoes before adding to the pot, and think more would be okay if you're making 5+ chicken breasts. I served mine over angel hair pasta, and it was absolutely fantastic. I will be saving this one and making it again!

  51. Cynthia

    I added garlic and pasta to mine. I drained everything out and let the sauce simmer down a bit, still more runny than I thought but the flavor is still great! I will probably like this a bit thicker next time but it's packed away now, so I won't bother with this batch.

  52. Tytti


    Love it! Oh, what a yummy dish.

  53. Jenna

    I have frozen chicken tenderloins, do you think I could just put them in the crockpot without browning them first?

  54. Nancy

    Delicious! I used the basic recipe & suggestions from the comments. Also added garlic, fresh baby spinach & kalamata olives at beginning. Added 1TB cornstarch to the cream before stirring in the last half hour. Served over rice. Winner at our house. Will be making again & again.

  55. Lynn

    So easy! I took this to an Italian themed Christmas party and it was a hit. The host even requested the recipe.

  56. Heather

    I was disappointed with this recipe. I would not make it again. There just was not enough flavor. The chicken itself was very bland. The other comments that people left are valid.

  57. meo

    This was great but i made some changes. We are trying hard to make low fat cuisine. Instead of heavy cream, I whisked in fat free creamcheese til it melted and made a yummy creamy sauce I also added a lil cornstarch to finish thikening it up. Added 2 cloves of chopped garlic durning cooking time. Just thought it might help anyone who is also trying to make the meal a little healthier. I think throwing in some fresh spinche with the chicken and tomatoes would be delicious!

  58. Corennea


    Well, I really wanted to love this but unfortunately even with adding Parmesan cheese and minced garlic is was at best, bland. This one wasn't a keeper for us.

  59. Sharon C


    Great recipe! Very easy. Added Parmesan cheese.

  60. Jeannie Stave

    Can you cook longer than 4 hours? I work and leave most crock pot meals cooking for 9-10 hours

  61. Kara

    If I don't want to use heavy cream, what would be a low fat alternative that you would recommend?

    1. nick

      light cream. Has a lot less fat still comes out very creamy.

  62. Nla

    Can chicken broth be used instead?

  63. Margaret Brennan

    How do you thicken the sauce. Recipe was very good but I wanted a thicker sauce. Any suggestions?

  64. Shelby

    I really wanted to love this recipe, and I feel like it has potential to be a great one, but unfortunately the instructions are unclear, and not nearly detailed enough. Please update it with the instruction of draining the sun-dried tomatoes of their oil, and when to add the cream.

  65. Carrie


    I ended up cutting the heavy cream by half and thickening on the stove top. At the end of the 4 hours, I transferred the liquid from the crock pot to a pan on medium-high heat and added the cream there. Watch it carefully so that that pan just simmers and the milk doesn't burn. After about 5 minutes, I also added a bit of flour to help with the thickening. After about another 5 minutes, it had thickened some and I served.

  66. Amy

    Can i cook this on low for 7 hours

  67. Cyndi Turner


    I have read some of the comments on here, and frankly, I don't see what anyone is complaining about. This is an excellent recipe (I'm eating seconds as I type this). I will definitely be making this recipe a habit. I tweaked it a bit, seeing what others here have tried, and it worked out GREAT.

    I added garlic powder to the flour dredge, and sliced my sun-dried tomatoes into strips and added the oil they came in to the olive oil I seared the chicken in (YUM!) I also only had dry sweet basil, but it worked just fine. I used Swanson's chicken broth for the stock--and couldn't tell any difference. When it came time to add the cream, I used a few tablespoons of the left-over flour dredge and some red-pepper flakes in a jar with the cream and gave it a few good shakes. Stirred that in at about the 3 1/2 mark (after I pulled the chicken out) so I could get it stirred in really well. The juice thickened up quickly and I put the chicken back in. My consistency is more like gravy, and the recipe kind of reminds me of chicken fricassee. Delicious!

  68. Terry


    I have made this many times, even the kids love it! I do double the sauce as we like a lot for the pasta

  69. Lacey

    Is it okay to omit the flour? Trying for gluten free... can't wait to try it!

  70. Joye

    I wish I would have read through the comments before I dumped the sundried tomatoes in WITH the olive oil. How do I save this? Should I wait until the chicken is cooked, drain it all, put the sundried tomatoes in a separate pan with new stock and basil, heat it up then add the cream? And would half and half work? It's in the cooker now. Not sure how to fix it.

  71. Eve


    This was delicious - I removed the chicken before I added the heavy cream - I also added a little flour to thicken the sauce.

  72. Linda

    Please specify in the recipe that you do not add the sun dried tomatoes with the olive oil they are packed in. Just the tomatoes themselves. I added the olive oil with the tomatoes only to read in the comments that it shouldn't be added. Hope it turns out ok even with the oil added. Thanks! : )

  73. Jenn S.


    I just made this incredibly easy and yummy recipe for me and my boyfriend! only thing I did different was I added the heavy cream with a little flour to the mixture a half hour before the end of the cooking time, I removed the chicken , whisked in the flour and cream, to thicken the sauce, then I added the chicken back to the recipe. I also put in two or three cloves of garlic at the beginning of the recipe to add a little kick. I also added 1/4 cup of parm and let it finish cooking, and oh my yumminess!!! I will def. make this again!

  74. Kwan-Yin


    I made this today and it was a hit at my house.. and I have one picky 17 yr old and he loved it! I did make some changes based on the other comments and reviews. First, to the flour, salt and pepper mix, I added onion powder and garlic to powder for taste. I didn't measure it just added enough to season the flour. My chicken breasts were humongous and I tripled the flour mix to make sure to coat all of them evenly. There was some flour leftover which I put aside to use for the sauce. I took some tips given here and I took the cup of heavy cream and added 2 tbspns of butter and 1/4 cup of my leftover flour mix and heated it up in a small pot until thickened and then added that to the crockpot in the last 30 minutes. The sauce thickened some but I ended up leaving it a bit longer because we were not ready to eat and it thickened more. The consistency was not super thick but creamy enough for the pasta we ate it with. It was super tasty and we ended up going back for more sauce to dip the chicken in. Highly recommend this dish!!

  75. Rubina

    I want to ask what flour do you use, is it wheat flour or all purpose flour, thats used in baking....

  76. nick


    Nice recipe - chicken came out very moist but ... flavor was a bit flat. Maybe we used wrong sundried tomatoes - they were not in olive oil. I would add a little white wine on the skillet to dissolve all the brown bits on the bottom of the pan and add some extra flavor to dish. Definitely needs garlic and maybe a little acid - capers perhaps?

  77. Wade


    Thanks Nikki- This is one of my new FAVORITE recipes! I'll take a picture next time to show you!

    Some of these comments Kill me! Especially the chick who can't figure out how to add in cream! Haha! Get creative & experiment a little bit. If it's bland, add more tomatoes/salt/pepper, if it's runny- learn to thicken up your sauce!

  78. Monica

    I reserved some of the broth and made a cornstarch slurry with it. And I used half and half instead of cream because that's what I had on hand and it turned out fine.

  79. Alli

    Felt like this was too saucey... I'd try again and reduce the liquids by half to get a creamier sauce.

    This would also be easy and would make a good stovetop recipe, plus you wouldn't be getting the pan AND the crockpot dirty.

    Based on other comments, I added 2 cloves of garlic, replaced 1/2 c of the stock with white wine and mixed in the remaining flour with the heavy cream. Using the extra flour didn't really fix the soupey consistency, but this was still a tasty dish, though.

  80. Ashley

    My crock pot is digital. I only have 4-6 high and 8-10 low. I'm going with the 4-6 high and crossing my fingers.

  81. Susie

    After reading the comments here I think I may add some garlic powder to the chicken while browning and then add about 1/4 cup of flour when I add the half and half to thicken the sauce. Also I believe if I serve it over my buttered garlic egg noodles they will also add some additional flavor to the dish. At least going to give it a try. I think on the whole this has good bones as a recipe and I want to try it. Good grief if you don’t like the sounds of it pass it by

  82. Nicole

    One thing I've learned from my mother is to always layer your flavors. So with that being said I took this recipe and added my own seasonings I like to it. I season my meat as well as added some onions, chopped garlic and mushrooms. I didn't flour my meat and I used half and half not heavy cream. Yes the sauce wasn't that thick but I fixed that with some flour. Even with the changes it still turned out so well that even my picky husband loved it. Thanks for this recipe, I would definitely be trying it again.

  83. Collin


    Too soupy and Needs something besides what’s listed here. I added butter and some flour and it was pretty good but still a bit off. I’d give a 3.5/5 because of simplicity and overall good flavor but with a little improv This dish could be even better.

  84. Jennine

    This was delicious. I did tweet it a little. Added garlic Klamata olives and artichoke hearts chopped up. Bought the artichoke hearts that are marinated and in oil. Did not put oil in the pot and I did drain the sun dried tomatoes. The last half hour I melted 2 tablespoons of butter and added 1/4 cup flour mixed that then poured in the heavy cream and added some Parmesan cheese. I let that thicken up then stirred into crock pot. (I also doubled the sauce so used 4 cups chicken broth and 500 ml of heavy cream.) Lastly I squeezed a fresh lemon into the sauce. Served over pasta.

  85. Tanya

    Is there another alternative when cooking for 18-20 guests. I dont have a slow cooker and this would take too long for 20 people

  86. Courtney

    After reviewing the other comments, I made a few adjustments to this recipe. First, I browned the chicken in an Italian seasoned olive oil and used garlic powder, salt and pepper to season the breasts. Then I placed the chicken in the crock pot with the chicken stock, (dried) basil and 9 oz (oil drained) sun dried tomatoes. I added 1 Tbs of the oil from the sun dried tomatoes for added flavor. Next, I added 2 chicken boullion cubes and minced garlic, about 2-3 cloves and red pepper flakes. I cooked on high for 1 1/2 hours. After 1 1/2 hours, I added 1 c heavy cream and 1/3 c flour and stirred the contents of the crockpot. I cooked for about another 15-30 minutes until the meal was hot again and thickened. It was delicious and I will definitely make his again. I still waved over pasta for my fiancé and cauliflower rice for me.

  87. monica vigus


    Do you know what the carb count is on this? I am on a low card diet and I think this falls right into it

  88. Megan

    I am looking to sub the flour and heavy cream for healthier options. Do you have any suggestions?

  89. Ed


    Using the recipe more as a guide, this came out great! Mushrooms and white wine added when you add the cream, and thickening with cornstarch made the sauce very rich and flavorful.

  90. Sandra

    Giving this a try tomorrow with my own tweaks because that is how I am. I will drain the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes to use in place of the olive oil. I will be adding the garlic, oregano, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. We will serve it with sugar snap peas and egg noodles. Knowledge about cooking cream for a sauce tells me that it should be added at the end. We will use a thicker as needed for the consistency wanted as moisture varies from the ingredients.

    We are looking

  91. Monika


    Great recipe. I made it with chicken breasts and turkey breasts, both delicious. I serve it with rice.

  92. Marsha


    My family said this is a keeper. I changed it up, just a littlle and added some chicken sausage with the chicken breasts in the crock pot. Once all cooked (still in the crock pot) I shredded the chicken a little, whisked in the cream and thickened it up with a little corn starch and poured it over penne pasta. Excellent!

  93. Danielle


    My boyfriend and I LOVE this recipe!!! The only difference we do is triple the sun dried tomatoes, because we LOVE sun dried tomatoes. Then we serve it over rice and with a vegetable or two. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us :)

  94. Peggy Davis

    Thank you so much for your recipe! I have tried so many times to get a printout of recipes that I wanted to try and never succeeded in getting them from pentrest. Excited to try yours today.

  95. Vanessa

    I should of read the comments section before making this. I added the sun-dried tomatoes with the oil. I'm not sure if this took away from the flavour that was being created. I did accidentally buy double cream instead of thickened cream but didn't put a great deal inn as I was afraid to lose flavour. My partner and I didn't find it as flavoursome as we were expecting. The chicken was super tender though, yum.
    I decided to continue the slow cooking process and add caramelised fresh garlic, diced onion and mushroom to the slow cooker. I also finely cut carrot and celery, added some dried herbs and turned into a soup. So much better! Would try again to see if it was my faults that made it that way.

  96. Al

    This was awesome...DELICIOUS! I loved the simplicity of this recipe! My tweaks next time...cook it with fresh, grated parmesan cheese (perhaps 1/2 cup) in the slow cooker, and finish it with real bacon bits and also some mozzarella slices, in addition to the heavy cream, to melt, when done. It'll probably be a fail when I tweak it...but hey...I can always go back to the chefintraining's recipe.

  97. Ashlie Ritchie

    Would have been nice to know this before hand. Its in my crock pot now but I didn't drain the tomatoes...

  98. Melanie Brown

    Making it now but i have forgotten to get bassel. :( hope it tastes ok still

  99. Carol F.


    I prefer to use fresh chopped tomatoes from my garden. Will that destroy the flavor and texture of the recipe?

  100. Victoria


    Not enough seasoning for my taste...definitely needed something else and the sauce was very watery.

  101. Pamela Newman


    Adding the cream at the end seemed to bring some confusion from readers, so when I tried it I used one block of cream cheese that I cut into cubes. This added creamy texture and richness and the consistency that I was looking for!

  102. Missy

    This was delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

  103. Liberty

    I just came across this recipe and read the comments about both the thinness of the sauce and needing more flavor. One thought that came to my mind was maybe adding some cream cheese? Possibly at the beginning with the chicken, tomatoes, etc. Then when you add the cream later things will thicken up better. Would also add some flavor for, but also extra calories and fat so wouldn't work for those mindful of those issues.

  104. Misha


    I’m currently in the process of making this recipe and I’m so excited! I did drain the tomatoes from the olive oil, and decided to use that oil to brown my chicken breast with. In the crockpot with all the normal ingredients I added about 4 whole but crushed garlic cloves a bit more salt and much more black pepper. I’m cooking on high for two hours as I’m in a bit of a crunch time. Once the time is up I plan to make a bit of a roux in additional to adding the heavy cream and a bit of parmesan cheese just to thicken up the sauce. I plan to remove chicken add the concoction directly to the sauce then, add the chicken back, then leave the lid off to allow the flavors to marinate for 30 minutes. My final step will be to pour chicken and creamy sauce over thick egg noodles. Wish I would’ve thought to have fresh spinach on hand is my only downfall.

  105. Jennifer

    I love your website!!! Can't wait to try your recipes

  106. Matt W


    I just tried this recipe tonight. I'm a bit of a novice but I felt like this came out all right. It was cooked well, but the flour on the outside took on a mushy consistency. The chicken also had a tendency to fall apart (not necessarily a bad thing).

    The one thing I did that really helped was I made a sauce out of the chicken broth, cream mixture. I poured in more or less equal parts into a sauce pan, added some corn starch, and thickened it up. I used it as a spaghetti sauce of sorts that came out really creamy and delicious.


  107. Babs McKay


    After reading all the comments I decided to make this dish with some adjustments to the recipe.
    1.I used leftover chicken that I shredded. It worked great and cut the cooking time way down!
    2. I drained the oil from the sundried tomatoes.
    3. Increased fresh basil to 1 cup.
    4. Added 1 clove of garlic.
    5. Reduced chicken broth to one small can.
    6. Added 1 Tbsp of cornstarch to the heavy cream. This resulted in a rich thick sauce.
    With these adjustments it was a delicious dinner that my family loved!

  108. Rose


    So disappointed in this recipe :( It looked so good and seemed so easy. I should have listened to my gut as I was pouring in two cups of chicken broth that it would end up being too much liquid. I gave it two stars instead of one because I was able to thicken it up a tiny bit and at least make it edible by adding garlic and some other herbs and spices. Before doing that, it was just a flavorless, soupy mess. Ugh...

  109. Margaret Erwin


    This dish was not a keeper. I will say that I substituted coconut milk for the cream. It did not pack a bunch of flavor. What could I do to kick it up a notch?

  110. Todd


    This was awesome. I did change the recipe after reading the comments and my kids had seconds. I heated up some oil and cooked some chopped garlic added the broth and basil and 2 tablespoons of flour. Simmered and reduced a bit. Put in the crockpot and cooked 4 hours. Mixed cream in with 1/2 cup shredded Parmesan. Served over fettuccini. Sauce was thick and smooth. So good.

    1. Sheila


      Loved the flavor. I served over noodles. I would add fresh whole mushrooms. I used half and half because that is what I had, but I would thicken it if I used half and half again.

  111. Doug Wright

    Love this recipe, made it several times for my girls, my wife told me to add it to the regular rotation. I make twice the sauce, thicken it up a little and serve it over a bed of egg noodles with plenty of sauce to go around. Garlic bread and steamed veggies round out the plate. Awesome recipe, thanks for sharing.

  112. Brunette Mihail

    Do you drain the sundried tomatoes from the olive oil?

  113. Patricia Green

    Is crockpot ok to use? And I need dinner for eight. Can I double?

  114. Kolton

    Recipe is absolutely amazing and mouth watering. I personally added a table spoon of chilli powder and could never regret it

  115. Mike

    Made it tonight ! Awesome taste and so tender and moist. Not a big white meat fan because always seems dry but this recipe killed it!! Thank you ? I’m going to cook the chicken with out adding cream then cool the meat cube and use for chicken salad.

  116. Christine

    I understood the directions clearly, so I'm guessing the author made the corrections based on the comments. Thanks for that.
    I am cooking this right now, after reading comments I chose to add dried basil along with the fresh for added flavor, as well as 1 tblsp minced garlic, and 1/4 c. dried onion. I will be thickening my cream on the stove top with a flour/butter starter and adding a bit of grated Italian cheeses (parm, asiago, Romano) to the cream before throwing it in. I'll do this in the last hour to make sure my sauce is thick and creamy. I've made a very similar recipe on the stove top they called it Tuscan chicken. This recipe just utelized the Crock-Pot instead. The only real difference is the flour dredging before hand. It smells delicious. I had originally planned on serving it with a scalloped potatoe, but due to adding the cheese in the sauce I may plan on serving it with noodles.

  117. Laurar


    what could you sub the heavy cream with to make it dairy free? thanks

  118. Carol


    Not “creamy” at all!! In fact, this recipe was very bland. Super disappointed because it looked like such a great recipe. Really wish I would have read all the comments before hand. My husband is currently at the stove tried to resuscitate this for dinner tonight.

  119. Lisa

    Hello! What did you ladies serve with this. Going to make it soon.

  120. Emily


    Love this! I actually put in the heavy cream right at the beginning so it could really soak into the chicken and it turned out perfect!

  121. Jennifer


    The chicken came out in incredibly dry. I also wish the sauce was thicker.

  122. M L


    This recipe is sooo good! 5 stars! Will make again and again. I did it on the stove, seasoned my chicken really good as well as the dredging flour. Saute'd the chicken in the oil from the tomatoes. Let simmer for about 45 minutes then mixed in the heavy cream. Served on a bed of rice. Looked and tasted impressive!

  123. Kelly


    What a wonderful recipe! I made my own adjustments (I always do) I added minced garlic, a little oil from the jar of tomatoes, and a heaping splash of white wine to the pot. In the very end I pulled the chicken out, added a mixture of a few tablespoons of flour and cream to the crock pot, returned the chicken and let it simmer on high Until thick. DELICIOUS and perfect over linguine!!

  124. Steve


    This recipe was the bomb! Made it for my wife and daughter last night. Plenty to go around with lots of leftovers. Not too rich, but it was just the right amount of hearty.

  125. Angelo


    Looks good and easy to make but completely bland and flavorless. I should have tried once before making for guests.

  126. Cheryl


    Amazing!! Family loved it!!!

  127. foxytv


    Live this! I had a ton of basil left in my garden, so loaded up the basil. Added fresh garlic cloves as well. Shredded the chicken after 3 hours and it was super tasty on its own - even before adding the heavy cream. Served with penne and added fresh grated Parmesan to the sauce after letting the heavy cream simmer. Thicker it up and made for an Alfredo style dish. Delicious. Adding mushrooms and spinach to the leftovers. Definite do-over! Yum!!!

  128. Liz LaVenia


    This recipe is amazingly delicious!! My 5 yr old loved it too!

  129. Natalie


    I used the oil from the tomatoes in the skillet to brown the chicken. Made the dish a little more flavoursome I think!

  130. Christine


    I made it as is with no changes except for doubling the sauce recipe since I wanted more sauce to serve with spaghetti on the side. It was delicious! I’ll be making it again!

  131. KennE


    Nikki, it would be really nice if you added the servings, prep time and cook time to your recipes. Sometimes I can guess but it would be nice to know from someone that has cooked the recipe multiple times.
    Don't get me wrong, I love your recipes and I plan to make this one this evening.

  132. Karen Prykull


    I had the same experience - the sauce was very soupy and not thick and creamy. The taste was great but I was anticipating a thick and creamy sauce. Did I do something incorrectly? Other recipes add Parm cheese. Should I have added this to with the heavy cream?

  133. Janessa

    This is a good recipe. I've made it a few times and it's part of my winter meal plan rotation now. The only thing I've changed is not add as much cream (I use 1/2 cup). I make it with rice and some cooked vegetables. Thanks!

  134. Jeanie


    I added 1 carrot in bite sized chunks and 1 stalk celery in half bite chunks. I’m tempted to chop some white onion in as well. I always like these 3 with my chicken in any recipe haha. I had to add stewed tomatoes as well as I never stock the kind this calls for. Stewed tomatoes always tenderize chicken to melt in your mouth so should be delish! Thanks for sharing. My oven isn’t working and I roast a lot so this was a life saver!

  135. Laura

    I am wondering if I could substitute the basil with baby spinach?

  136. Vicki

    Can you be more explicit on adding the cream? Does it go in the crockpot with everything or after food is removed from crockpot?

  137. Stephanie El Marouani


    This recipe was a 10/10. It was fast and easy. My family absolutely loved it. I served it with skin on mashed potatoes with a side of cooked cabbage. The only thing I did differently was flatten the breasts between waxed paper with the flat side of a meat mallet so that they were thinner with an even thickness. I read in the comments that the sauce needed something to thicken it. I would imagine it might have been because some chicken is injected with liquid to make it juicier. Mine was an amazing smooth creamy sauce. Thanks for sharing.

  138. Heather


    Bland and watery. Waste of good ingredients.

  139. Erin argo


    I'll be making this with bertolli Alfredo sauce on the stovetop (no broth or cream). Should be similar!

  140. Shannon

    Absolutely delicious, I’ve made this multiple times and it’s amazing every time

  141. Anita

    How many servings does this recipe make?

  142. Heidi


    This had virtually no flavor :(
    I added some additional spices and definitely recommend adding some corn starch to thicken up the sauce.

  143. Luana A

    I made this and honestly it didn’t meet my expectations… it was a little bland and I kept wanting to add new things to eat after I’d already cooked it. Would definitely benefit from more basil, black pepper, salt, maybe some red chili flakes and potatoes. I enjoyed how soft the chicken and tomatoes got after cooking for so long.