Asiago Bisque

There is a wonderful restaurant chain where I live called Kneaders (not sure if it is everywhere in the United States, but it very well could be). Anywho. The weather was pretty cold here recently and I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to cook dinner. Ever feel like that? ;) So I drove myself on over to Kneaders and looked over the soup menu to bring some home to my family. One specifically caught my eye.

Asiago Bisque.

Asiago Bisque... This soup is unbelievably delicious! It is so flavorful, delicious and unique! It will quickly become a new favorite!

I ADORE asiago cheese. I could eat it on or in anything. Okay, maybe not everything, but pretty dang close.

So naturally when I read the name of that soup it was the winner for dinner. And oh. my. gosh. It was INCREDIBLE! So great in fact, that I had to recreate it a few days later.

This copy-cat tasted pretty dang close to the real deal.

If you are looking for a filling, delicious and unique soup to change things up from the norm, this is a great one!

Asiago Bisque... This soup is unbelievably delicious! It is so flavorful, delicious and unique! It will quickly become a new favorite!

Asiago Bisque

This soup is unbelievably delicious! It is so flavorful, delicious and unique! It will quickly become a new favorite!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 8
Calories 434kcal


  • 3 cups chopped onion
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 3 cups chopped carrots
  • 6 Tablespoons butter
  • 4 cups chopped and peeled potatoes cut into bite sized pieces
  • 1 cup white wine
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 2 cups half and half
  • 2 cups shredded Asiago cheese
  • 6 slices cooked bacon chopped


  • In a large sauce melt butter and saute onions, celery, and carrots until tender.
  • Add potatoes, wine and chicken stock.
  • Cover and cook for 20 minutes.
  • Add cream and cook another 5 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and stir in the Asiago cheese.
  • With an immersion blender, blend soup until creamy or until slightly chunky, whichever your preference.
  • Garnish with bacon and more cheese.


Calories: 434kcal | Carbohydrates: 35g | Protein: 18g | Fat: 25g | Saturated Fat: 15g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 7g | Trans Fat: 0.4g | Cholesterol: 68mg | Sodium: 891mg | Potassium: 926mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 9g | Vitamin A: 8755IU | Vitamin C: 29mg | Calcium: 415mg | Iron: 2mg
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  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    It's like eating cheese dip except it's soup so the cream and cheese in the recipe don't feel so bad :) This looks so good! Pinned of course!



    please tell me what is "half and half"

    1. Kelly Blackmore

      Half and half is 10% cream - the kind people usually put in coffee

    2. Betsy

      It's half cream and half milk. If you can't find it, make your own with 1/2 cream and 1/2 milk.

  3. Kristen Painter

    Hi, I'm in New Zealand. I haven't heard of this cheese before. Can you give me a similar cheese that would so work? Or can you describe this cheese so I can figure out one? Many thanks

    1. Bilie Smith

      The closest cheese would be parmesan or romano

  4. Karen

    Half & Half is in the dairy section of most grocery stores (at least in the U.S.). It's half cream, half milk so it can easily be made just by mixing the two. :)

  5. Faith

    Is there a substitute for the wine? I don't usually drink and I don't want to buy a bottle just to make soup. Would it still be good just leaving it out?

    1. Chef in Training

      I just used white cooking wine. It comes in a much smaller bottle and is a lot cheaper :)

    2. Veronica

      I have had good success substituting chicken broth for white wine and beef broth for red wine or sherry. If a bit of a "bite" or "tang" is needed, I add either white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice; depending on the make-up of the rest of the recipe.

    3. Veronica

      That's just a little of the vinegars/lemon juice. Like, 1 Tbsp per cup of broth. The broth is a 1 for 1 sub for the wine.

    4. mike

      Then you would miss. One one cup for the soup, one cup for me.

    5. Surya-Patricia Lane Hood


      For the Asiago Bisque, you did not give any cooking times nor how many it will feed. Would you kindly supply those. Also, I don't drink alcohol at all nor cook with it, so I usually swap out the alcohol with white grape juice. In this particular case, I can't use chicken broth as a substitute as there are vegetarians among us.

    6. Kelly

      I buy those single serving bottles of wine for just for this purpose. They usually come in a 4 pack but you can sometimes find them as singles. No waste.

    7. Betsy

      There are substitutes for the chicken and beef broths made by Sauce Supreme. I'm in Michigan, and we have an outlet store called Ollies, and they have it for $1.19 a bottle. There is also vegetarian chicken, beef, pork and turkey gravy. I've been vegetarian for 15 years, and I've even found vegetarian tuna and pork! I don't know if Maggi has vegetarian substitutes but they do have vegetable broth. Look around, you'll find what you need:)

    8. BM Hipple

      Can also buy a "selfie" bottle of wine (is only 187mL) and use that instead. Is perfect for 1-2 recipes, depending on how much is called for, and is usually a lot cheaper. Depending on where you live, can usually find in any local grocery store or CVS or Walgreens.

    9. Bob

      Then find a different rescipe if this one offends your delicate sensibilities!

    10. JustTabandMe

      For the past four years or so, I’ve noticed little four-packs of wines that are of reasonable quality to use when cooking. I don’t drink either, however I keep a four-pack on hand of a dry (non-sweet) white wine, for using in my cooking. I cook with wine frequently, since I know the alcohol cooks out right away, but sauces & gravy’s have such a fabulously enhanced flavor. I use it anytime I roast chicken! What I have a problem with, is obtaining just one bottle of beer, for beer bread! ???‼️

  6. Janet

    Ooh, this sounds wonderful! If I swap cauliflower for the potatoes I can have it on low carb/keto. Thank you!!

    1. Cindy Shumaker

      I was wondering what else could be used in place ofhe potatoes...great suggestion!

  7. Cheyanne

    Oh this does sound uniquely delicious! I'm totally with you on adoring Asiago cheese ♡ Definitely going to give this bisque a try! Cheers and thanks for sharing!
    P.s. no Kneaders restaurant here in Orlando (that I'm aware of).


    This is so unique! I have to get Asiago cheese to experience it! A bisque is so smooth, but this one
    looks fattening! Yummy tho! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Mary Camp

    I bought all these ingredients and made this Asiago Bisque just now. It is absolutely horrible!!!!! Just bland tasting, I finally had to put a little salt in it to be able
    to eat it! I think "the chef-in-training" didn't pass the course!

    1. Mojo Sam

      I have to agree Mary, made it exactly as described, and it is very bland. Tossed it out.

    2. Allison

      The audacity to be so rude on someone else's blog because you didn't care for their recipe is horrendous and uncalled for. If you cannot provide constructive comments, I suggest you not comment at all.

    3. Denast


      I made it for my family one Sunday for dinner and it we all thought it was just okay. Kind of bland, had to add seasonings to it. I probably won't make it again.

    4. Kathy

      Well said Allison. The posters could have just said they didn't care for it but they chose to be rude. I haven't made it yet but plan to tomorrow. The key to cooking is to taste it while cooking, add spices as needed.

    5. Julie

      I think this soup was awful. No taste at all. I added some garlic to give it some flavor. It turned into a paste after cooking for awhile.

    6. Kathy


      Here’s a constructive comment......ADD ALOT of SPICES! Your preference, but I started throwing in everything imaginable to give it some flavor. I love Asiago, but this just didn’t get it for me. This isn’t cheap to make, either. I was so hopeful.......

    7. Gina


      I agree! No room for rudeness!

  10. Colleen

    I made this just as directed except I substituted chicken broth for the wine and it was absolutely delicious! I'm not sure what the other commenter was referring to when she said it was bland because mine sure wasn't!

    1. Jenny


      I am sure they swapped out or didn't use certain ingredients or not at the quantity stated. I have made this exact recipe in the past and it was very well received by all who tasted it. In fact, the rave reviews were numerous.

  11. Lauren McCarthy

    What temperature should I use?

  12. Diane Haines

    I did not see calories or nutrition listed for this soup. Is it available? Would love to know approximately how many calories in a 1 C. serving. It made me very full, so I'm thinking it's a lot. I loved this soup so much, that I'm sure I will be making this soup many more times. It's fantastic! Thank you so much for the amazing recipe.

  13. Miriam

    this looks SO good! cant' wait to try it.

  14. Kate

    This sounds delicious, but I'm annoyed that she calls it a bisque to sound more fancy. It's not a bisque, they require a shellfish/seafood base, not chicken stock.

    1. Meredith S.

      If you are referring to the origins or the word, you are correct that "bisque" refers to the Bay of Biscay... However, the definition for "bisque" is as follows: "Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin, classically based on a strained broth (coulis) of crustaceans.[1] It can be made from lobster, crab, shrimp or crayfish. Also, creamy soups made from roasted and puréed fruits, vegetables, or fungi are sometimes called bisques." Seeing as its pureed vegetables, her usage seems correct....

    2. Holly

      Bisque can absolutely be made wthout seafood/base. Have you never heard of Tomato Bisque? Campbells Soup makes it, look up "Bisque" in the dictionary- it's a cream-based soup, (of ANY kind)

  15. Judy Savage

    Can this recipe be frozen?

  16. Jennifer


    Just made this tonight and it was delicious. I didn't add the white wine because I don't like the flavor of it in my soups so I added an extra cup of chicken broth. It was hearty and paired with croissant rolls was heavenly. I have a family of four and this makes a lot more than we could eat. Next time I'll cut the recipe in half.

  17. Dawn

    I made this today for "football" food. It was very good. I think I will try Greek yogurt instead of half and half to feel less guilty about it. It will also provide the tang instead of wine or vinegar.

    1. Chris Tucker

      Try evaporated skimmed milk. You won't have the tanginess of the yogurt, but you will have the creaminess of half and half without the calories. :-)

    2. Wendybabendy

      Ohhhh! That's a good idea!! Thank you :)

  18. rachel

    Any thoughts of how this recipe would work in a crockpot or how to modify it to cooked in one ? This soup sounds delicious but im looking for a more low maintenance approach. Thanks!!

    1. Trish

      More low-maintenance? This soup cooks in 25 minutes. How much more low-maintenance do you need? You'd really rather have something cooking for 6-8 hours???

  19. Kate

    What is the total servings for this recipe?

    1. charlene

      Any luck with the servings pls as I want to do this for new year

  20. Amanda


    I substituted cauliflower for potato and then did half greek yogurt and half skim milk instead of half and half to make it a bit healthier and it tasted great! I also added a little garlic and topped with Chives as well as bacon. Delicious soup- thanks!

    1. Wendybabendy

      I actually think the cauliflower will make a better consistency - I'm not a fan of the graininess of the potato...

    2. Reds

      How did you use the cauliflower and how much

    3. Cindy Shumaker

      It's also not very low carb if you're trying to stick to low carb eating. The cauliflower replacing the potatoes will drop the carbs significantly.

  21. Jazzmin


    Great recipe! I added garlic, salt, basil, oregano and a pinch of red pepper flakes to it as well!!

  22. Jennifer


    I was really excited to find this recipe. I followed it to a t but it doesn't taste great. I think 3C of onion could be cut in half. I have blended mine into a purée leaving no chunks and added another pound of cheese and more half and half but it still needs something. I don't think the kids will like it and it made so much. Open to suggestions, I hate to dump it.

  23. Jennifer

    How many total cups does this soup make? Trying to figure out nutritional information. Thanks.

  24. Jess Martin

    How many servings does this feed?

  25. Rebecca Daley

    How many servings is this recipe?

  26. Frankie C


    I made thhis last night and we thought it was great. I personally added about a pinch of salt and pepper and it was delicious. My only problem was I didn't blend enough. I used a ninja since it's all I have and maybe it wasn't in long enough. I didn't care for chunkiness. I wonder, if those who didn't enjoy it would have liked it if they added salt and pepper. I also used yellow onion since it didn't specify what type. Will make again after I buy stronger blender.

  27. pat

    How many does this serve?

  28. Julie

    Easy to make, easy to follow directions, but there just isn't enough seasoning, the end result was very bland. I added in salt, pepper, and rosemary as well as about a tablespoon of the bacon grease (my college kid's suggestion) and it tasted much better but probably not something I'll use in my regular rotation.

  29. Pamela Laatsch


    I made this for a Thanksgiving starter and everyone LOVED it! I did add Salt and White Pepper, I also used the wine...I would definitely make this again! Thank you for the recipe.

  30. Patti sedarski

    How much does this recipe make and can you freeze this bisque???

  31. Kimberly Fields

    So looking forward to trying this soup. It looks delicious! Way to go!

  32. Morgan

    This looks so delicious! I love trying new soup recipes : )

  33. Joan

    Is it ok if there is no white wine? And any kind of cheese? Thank you

    1. Elisabeth

      Of course you could sub chix broth for the wine, and use a different type of cheese, but why? You are changing the flavor of the recipe. Omitting the wine will definitely cause a loss of flavor. If you need to not use wine for reasons of abstaining from alcohol, I understand. In the absence of that, use it.

  34. Elisabeth


    This was a tasty, comforting soup. For those who are complaining that it was bland, I don't agree with you. But perhaps the name of the recipe is misleading. This is really a potato soup flavored with some Asiago; cheese is not the predominant flavor. If you find it too mild in flavor, there are many ways you could doctor it up. Add a dollop of sour cream, extra bacon, and chives. For more heat, add some hot sauce or cayenne. Smoked paprika would make a nice addition. Or add some Worcestershire. If you leave out the wine, you will definitely be cheating some of the flavor. You will want to add salt to the recipe, particularly if you don't use much bacon. For those of you who don't want to use Asiago, of course you could change the cheese, but I wonder why you are looking at this particular recipe if you don't like Asiago? If you want a Cheddar soup, there are plenty of recipes better suited for Cheddar. We enjoyed the soup and would make it again.

    1. Tiffany


      This looks like a great soup! I may sub cauliflower in for some of the potato, and add fennel and chives. OR prosciutto and fennel! Thanks for igniting inspiration on this really cold day :)

  35. Sue


    I made this yesterday and followed the directions exactly. We didn't care for it. It seemed to be lacking something to "kick" up the flavor. After tasting it I added a lot of salt and pepper but that still didn't do it. We threw it out. Sorry because it sounded so good.

  36. Andrea


    Made this tonight. It was yummy and filling. Some commenters said it was bland-- not sure where this came from. It has a mild flavor, but a distinct flavor of the Asiago cheese. I did add about 2 tablespoons of Season Salt (Tastefully Simple Brand) and served each bowl with a sprinkle of chives and salt to add as needed. For the veggies, I didn't officially measure. I used about two onions, 3/4 bag of carrots, almost the whole bunch of celery, and 5 medium-ish potatoes. Concerning time, it was a bit time consuming with all of the chopping and then about 30 minutes to cook and soften the onions, carrots, and celery. Once I added the potatoes, it was only about 30 more minutes till I was enjoying. I served with a salad and fresh baked bread. I also roasted some broccoli, but I discovered that it was way too much food, so I'll save the broccoli for left overs. Overall it was good and perfect for a cold winter day, and I will make it again.

  37. Jacci


    I really liked this soup. I added a large clove of minced garlic in with the other veggies and some salt and pepper at the end. I did not find it bland like some of the reviews. I would make this again!

  38. Domonique

    What is half and half in Australia and asiago cheese?

    1. Chef in Training

      half and half is blend of half cream and half milk, its typically found next to the heavy cream at the grocery store. I hope this helps :)

  39. Lisa

    I made with coconut milk and sausage instead of bacon. It was Amazing!!

  40. Tish


    How many servings did it make?

  41. Jes


    I am not sure what people are saying about it lacking flavor. Maybe they have high sodium diets (check your labels people) or they are smokers. I only added a pinch of salt, pepper and fresh garlic to the veggies as I was doing the saute. This soup was so amazing, I went directly asleep after I ate it haha.

  42. Kani Archbell

    WOW! SOOOO GOOD! Excellent in fact!

    1. Jennifer


      Looks Delicious ! Can we digitally share this recipe with our SpiceDiscovery members?

  43. Lydia


    This soup is amazing. I made it for an event with friends and it was a hit. It's even better the second day and served with bread. Just absolutely delicious

  44. Angela

    I'm doing low carb. Do you think I could switch up the potatoes for cauliflower?

  45. Karen

    Did you use a dry or sweet wine

  46. Gay

    I do love Kneaders. I am going to try this Asiago . Usually order their Potato Soup. Do you happen to have a copycat for that?

  47. Donna


    This was tasteless and watery. After putting the soup together, I realized there was no roux in the recipe or any spices. Very disappointed:(

  48. Gloria Bowman

    Do u know calorie count or serving size.?

  49. denise bain

    how many do this serve please!?

  50. Gladys

    Sound delicious. Considering for a Brunch menu item - how many served with this recipe? Thanks.

  51. Jim


    Well, lots of controversy over a simple soup base...I think this has potential to be something great, but given the ingredient list I see only a base. Removing the cooked vegetables and creating a roux, then pureeing the roux with the veggies would be a way to enhance the flavor. In addition, some complex notes from nutmeg, clove, rosemary, cayenne pepper, white pepper - any of these really - would enhance the dish immensely. But, take a look at the flavor profile of Asiago: "Asiago was one of the sweetest cheeses, had some of the highest sourness, and was perceptibly fruity and nutty." (This from a study on the varieties of cheeses. It is no wonder the cheese pairs well with cashews, grapes, apricots, bread, lagers, and sweet red wine.) Which brings the matter to another level of flavor complexity. Cashews can sub for some of the half and half (if creamed), a decent German lager could fill in for the underwhelming white wine. Asiago is a bold cheese, when aged (yet another issue - what age was your asiago?) but with potatoes, butter, and cream, those bland flavors are going to completely drown out your cheese. These are just suggestions, but when looking at a recipe such as this, if the ingredient list looks lacking, there may be a reason. I also thought the bacon (another fat!) was not necessary, whereas sundried tomatoes would be a perfect sub: slightly tart, yet sweet they balance the cheese perfectly. One can only wonder if the palate isn't completed overwhelmed by all of the savory fattiness of the meal. A proper balancing of sweet, savory, salty, and sour would make this soup a star.

    So, being cognizant of my food intake, I've gotten into the habit of remembering certain foods, and the ease of finding other ingredients becomes less laborious as I can recall more. Namely, I am speaking about the calories (I don't even want to look at the salt or the fat at this point)

    Here's a basic breakdown (some of the work will be on you as I hadn't measured cup for cup, but you'll see below)

    1lb. potatoes = 300 calories; 1 medium onion = ~75 calories; 2 stalks of celery = 25 calories; 3 cups of carrots = 300 calories; 6 tbl of butter = 600 calories; 1 lb. of asiago = 1600 calories (so 1oz = 100, good rule of thumb for most cheeses, btw); 2 cups of half&half = 630 calories; 1 cup of white wine = 200 calories; 2 cups of chicken stock = 180 calories; 6 slices of pan friend bacon = 260 calories.

    If you felt full just reading that, I don't blame you. All told the grand total is quite astounding. Assuming you only use 1lb of potato (which I doubt) you will have a meal of 4170 calories. Or enough soup for eight 500 calorie portions (and a small cup left over!) **The preshredded cheese will claim 8oz = 2 cups. I won't even dignify that option with a response. [However, if your soup is bland and you used preshredded you only have yourself to blame]

    1. Kathy

      Excellent assessment and advice if I choose to give it another chance

    2. Diana G.

      I was looking for a simple soup, no need to make it a Hell's kitchen or a Martha Stewart recipe. Try making it again for some guest, let them decide. :)

    3. Cindy Shumaker

      Then you've totally changed the soup. Nothing remains of the original recipe if you make all the changes and additions.

  52. Carolyn Byers

    In step 4 you have "and" but I think you meant "an". I can't wait to try it out.

    1. Chef in Training

      thanks! all fixed :)

  53. Wendy

    I have a potato you think it would taste good without potatoes?

    1. Jenny

      If you can't use potatoes, you could substitute cauliflower and add some flour or cornstarch to thicken (making up for the lack of starch from the potatoes). It won't taste the same but will still be a very nice soup. It is very hard to remove a high volume ingredient and get a very similar product. However, the rest of the recipe is a great base for a cauliflower and cheese soup.

  54. Bernice Knight


    Chefs say don't cook with a wine that you wouldn't drink, so I don't use cooking wines. But a good reminder....liquor stores sell wine in kinda of a "one glass" bottle. It normally comes in a four pack but most places will let you just buy one. Also, remember that if you open a bottle and have leftovers, freeze it in an ice cube tray then store the cubes in a zip lock bag for next time.

  55. Randi


    Made this tonight and it's amazing! First to people saying it's bland always always add salt and pepper at least. I always add garlic and onion powder as well. Along with that I threw in 4 cloves of garlic. I only added one cup of half and half instead of the two it calls for. I added mine to my blender and carefully pulsed it (I prefer chunks). After I still felt like it needed something so I added some paprika and that did the trick! Soo good!

  56. Angela


    Has anyone tried this recipe using a crock pot?

  57. Connie

    We loved this. The bacon makes it!

  58. Michael

    Just made this. Wouldn't make it again

  59. Rachel


    It tastes like a warm, vegetable smoothie, and two of my family members felt physically sick after eating it. The asiago is too strong of a cheese to go in a soup of this sort, and the onion and carrot helped to create a strong raw vegetable taste, even after being cooked. The texture was horrible after going in the blender, but even then I do not think the soup could have been saved. I would like to try other recipes from this website, but after my last experience I do not think it would be a very good idea...

  60. Betsy

    Let me give you a little advice, as I did when my daughter started cooking. A recipe is nothing more than directions to a destination, like on a vacation. You can take the route as written, or you can take the little side roads to add a little spice and/or wonderment to your vacation. Maybe the first time you can take the road as directed, but next time, take the side roads and add a little this and/or that to make the adventure more interesting. There are NO recipe cops!

  61. Renee

    Made this tonight with Trader Joe's coconut creamer. A little less onion. And it was very delicious! Hearty and perfect for a winter evening. If you regularly cook with healthy ingredients you will enjoy this recipe.

  62. Maya

    What is half and half? I'm from Denmark I don't know half and half ore that cheese

  63. Tara


    Thank you for a wonderful recipe. I just made this for a dinner party and everyone liked the flavor, although some found it to be too rich (it was the calorie counters). No one said it was bland. I thought it was fabulous and will ignore those silly calorie counters. Mine was a little thick, probably because I added a little extra potato instead of throwing out half a spud. FYI, I weighed my 4 cups and it came out to 1.25 lbs; I find it easier to buy in poundage than in cups. 3 cups of carrots was a little over 1 lb and 1 cup of celery was only a couple of ribs. It was great without the bacon, but even more decadent with it.

  64. connie


    just finished making this soup, it turned out great will make it again

  65. Melissa

    Can you freeze this soup? We need to put a few things in my daughter's freezer for after the second child.

  66. elaine koop


    3 cups of onion is way too much! I made this recipe as printed, & it is good . I will make it again -----with a lot less onion--maybe 1 cup! Otherwise--very good. I also added a cup of Parm cheese along with the Asiago!!

  67. Kris

    Fantastic soup. Will absolutely be making again, thank you!!

  68. natasha


    Well y'all this recipe wasn't as good as i thought...maybe it was the wine. First I thought maybe my husband didn't follow direction....after reading the reviews I had to apologize to him. I added more bacon and shrimp...not my cup of tea. Sorry

  69. Karen

    Followed the recipe exactly. Added cup of light sour cream at the end - which it definitely needed - and it's great now

  70. Chrissy

    This isn't a bisque....a true bisque must have some sort of shell fish in it which this does not. Sounds fancy but it's not correct

  71. Danette


    I cooked the veggies in the bacon fat and made a roux. Reduced the half n half and used skim and added mushrooms, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. I made a small batch to make sure I liked it, and I thought it was great. I bought a hunk of asiago cheese and looked for recipes. Very good soup! Oh, I didn't purée too much. I like chunks.

  72. Terra

    This turned out AMAZING!!! Followed the recipe exactly and it was awesome!! Thx for sharing!

  73. L Bertz


    This recipe was delicious but very labor intensive! Took about 3 hrs to finish. Suggest you buy your veggies, especially cartots and onions, already chopped from your store. Also the consistency reminds me of the caiflower craze, where we substitute it for potatoes. Grainy but very flavorful. Will freeze the redt but not fix again.

  74. Natalie

    We made this soup last night and it’s delicious! We substituted cauliflower rice for the potatoes to make it low carb and I seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic to taste. Will make again for sure.

  75. Coni

    Please provide nutritional values. Thanks

  76. Heidi

    Where can you find asiago cheese?

  77. Katie

    This soup is amazing! Definitely a keeper. We used heavy whipping cream instead of half and half. We also used asiago cheese that had a rosemary crust on it (we did a fine grate when grating). I think it added something special. You can't really taste the vegetables in it, so it might be good for kids or veggie haters. It's very filling but so good that it's easy to over eat. My husband licked the bowl when he was done! We will make this for guests. I assume this soup would freeze well, too. Thank you so much for posting!!

  78. Diana G.


    Thank you Nikki, I made this but made it with half everything but the white wine (:D) since it is just my husband and myself. I used 3 cups of chicken broth and used my electric mixer since I know mixing hot stuff in a blender can cause a huge mess. Oh, don't forget to add SALT to taste. I will definitely make this again. P.S. Just right on carrots and celery amounts.

  79. Maureen

    I do not like this soup. Waste of a lot of money and time. Too much carrots for one thing. Just missing something in flavor.

  80. Jam

    I just made it and ended up adding 1 cup more cheese and more chicken broth to smooth it out and make it not so thick. Salt and pepper and it is delicious.

  81. Mary


    Made this today and it fed 6 with some left overs. We also served caesar salad and bread. Everyone loved the soup. It was a wonderful hearty winter soup. Delicious!

  82. sarah

    I didn't think cheese is paleo?

  83. Ellen


    Just made one tweak...we use a 12 oz can of evaporated milk and then add the half and half to make the two cups needed in the recipe. It is delicious!! We make this a few times every fall and winter! Winner !

  84. Denise Darneille



  85. Lola


    The recipe could have been written better for better results. I think there are a couple reasons why some people are getting bland results. Wine is acidic, the acidity makes for more flavorful and less bland. If you don't use it, your soup will be bland. 25 minutes is a very short amount of time for a soup in my opinion, the flavors won't be mingled and the potatoes will be a little firmer.

    I simmered the veggies, broth, bacon, and wine in a Dutch oven for a couple hours (I had to use more broth and cream in the end), I added the dairy towards the end to avoid curdling. I also added salt, garlic, and fresh thyme.

    The soup was DELICIOUS but it reminded me of a loaded mashed potato soup I made a few months ago. My soup also turned out orange because of all the carrots.

  86. Jeri


    I made this soup with a couple of changes. I only put 1 cup of each of the vegetables. I doubled the broth. And added 2 Tbsp of Mrs Dash
    This soup yield about 10-12 servings and was VERY well received at a women’s retreat. I Loved! It.

  87. R. L. S.

    Since no one commented about having made this before I tried it. Was SO disappointed! Absolutely no flavor at all. The only flavor came from the bacon. Will not do this again!

  88. Sally


    This was terrible. Why don’t you use seasonings? Had to add rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, and oregano just to make it palatable. So bland.

  89. Bonnie


    I have been making this recipe Asiago Bisque since February 2017 and every time I serve it is rated a 10. I have my friends rate my soups instead of telling me it is good, or great or even delicious, because it saves them embarassent if they don't like it. No one has rated it below a 10. My boss even rated it an 11 and I told her she couldn't go above a 10.

  90. Michelle

    So I found your recipe in my quest to replicate the Kneaders one. I made it and it was delicious! I told my roommate when I realized that she used to be a manager at Kneaders! She told me that all the soups came frozen in bags. I did a search, and we're fairly confident this is the real thing: . One of the images has the ingredients list. I think the directions for reheating are on the bag, but I can't read the tiny words from the image. Also found a recipe nearly identical to yours on another blog . Did they copy your copy?

  91. Christina Gaudreau


    This is flipping amazing! However, I did season it with some white pepper, a little salt, garlic powder and onion powder. It was bland without. I didn't have enough Asiago so I also used parmesan and Romano to fill in. I did use the immersion blender, but didn't emulsify compleyely. I did leave some chunks. It was a huge hit with my husband and son. Thanks!

  92. Jennifer Patronik


    I just made this soup. Its definitely going to be a favorite in this family. So good.
    The wine gives it just enough kick to give a great flavor. I would have never, but boy, It was good!! Thank you again.

  93. Brigitte Roberts


    Well it tastes good. It looks lumpy and is lumpy. It is not creamy.