Sparkling Apple Cider Pancakes …

Sparkling Apple Cider Pancakes!  A delicious and flavorful breakfast! #breakfast #recipe #apple

My house has been a sick house the last couple weeks. We are all finally on the mend (thank goodness) but it has definitely not been fun. Two weekends ago, my daughter came down with a bad cough and a 103.5 fever. My husband, who got his spleen removed earlier this year, was told that […]

Thanksgiving Bake

Thanksgiving Bake!... All the yummy flavors of Thanksgiving wrapped up into one incredible dish! #thanksgiving #dinner

Being the foodie that I am, you better believe Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays! I come from a family of AMAZING cooks, so when they all get together to celebrate, it is literally my favorite meal of the year. Stuffing, Turkey, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet potatoes… just thinking of makes my mouth water. […]