Malt Whopper Pudding Cookies

You may have noticed by now… but this week has had a lot of cookies involved… and we aren’t quite done yet :)  I think I may have to deem this week “Cookie Week” or something and maybe make it tradition? We will see.

This pudding cookie recipe was AWESOME!  I love malt, and if you do too, then you are going to love these! The Whoppers add such a yummy crunch to the soft cookie making it an amazing texture combo.

Malt Whopper Pudding Cookies

Malt Whopper Pudding Cookies!... A soft and delicious cookies with crunch Whoppers! These cookies are awesome! #cookie #recipe

By Chef in Training Published: October 12, 2012

    A soft delicious cookie with a yummy crunch using Whopper candy! These cookies are amazing!



    1. Cream butter, brown sugar and sugar together in a large bowl.
    2. Add in vanilla instant pudding mix and malt milk powder and beat until well combined.
    3. Add eggs and vanilla and mix well.
    4. Add flour and baking soda and beat until well combined.
    5. Mix in Whoppers until evenly distributed.
    6. Roll dough into 1" balls.
    7. Place them on a greased baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees F for 8-10 minutes.


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      • Chef in Training

        I usually always use salted butter, but I know some people who only use unsalted. I don’t really think it matters. However if you use unsalted, I would add a little bit of salt to the recipe, like 1/2 tsp.

    1. dianne

      Warning, the malted milk balls turn into hard little rocks inside these cookies while cooking.
      i ended up making a second batch with no malted milk balls initially. Once they were cooked I pressed a malted milk ball into the center of each cookie.
      The cookie base is delicious!

    2. Darra

      I wanted to make these as one of my Christmas cookies this year. The base for the cookie is SUPER YUMMY! Very chewy, Gooey. But like Dianne said, the Whoopers were very hard in the middle. Did I do something wrong? I went back and took all the Whoopers out and baked the cookies without them. I even tried adding them after baking the cookies and they were still way too hard in the center. I ended up just eating the cookies without the Whoopers.

      • Anna

        Even when I pressed the malt balls in at the end, they still got hard due to the heat of the cookie. So I made another batch just using the cookie base and drizzled melted milk chocolate on them. So so good!!! Whopper cookie!

    3. I have a question about one of the ingredient in the cookies…what is malt milk powder and where would you find that at? I have never heard of it and want to make sure I’m using the correct ingredient. I can’t wait to make these cookies =) Thanks for sharing!!

      • Chef in Training

        Malt milk powder comes in a cylinder plastic container. It is found near the coffee at the grocery store. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions :)

      • Ashley

        At my grocery store, I found the malt powder (Carnation brand) with the ice cream toppings (like Hershey’s syrup). :)

    4. I also see comments about the candy being hard after they are baked…has anyone ever tried crunching up the candy into pieces and adding to the mix? I may give that a try and see how it turns out.

    5. Ashley

      I made these cookies for my husband’s birthday last week (he LOVES Whoppers and anything with malt powder!). He took most of them to work to share…they were quickly devoured (before lunchtime even)! Next time I make these, I’m going to chop up the Whoppers so the candy flavor is dispersed through the cookie. These cookies tasted even better after a few days (not sure why!). :) Thank you for this recipe! We will be making these over and over again!