Watermelon Slushies

My almost-3-year-old is an extreme busy-body and into EVERYTHING these days! I feel like I am under constant watch with this girl and chasing her around everywhere! There can’t be another child with this much energy out there, right?! ;)

With all this energy she expends running ramped through the house and outside, it is extremely important that she is eating healthy to keep up with her growing body.  Every calorie counts at this age.  Although I make a lot of sweets in my home, I don’t let my kids eat much of them. I want to make sure that what they are eating is going to benefit them.  I stumbled upon this recipe from My Life in Food a little while ago, and my little girl LOVES it! These slushies are jam-packed with fruit and has no added sugar (minus a couple tablespoons of agave nectar for the entire recipe).  I don’t mind her chowing down on one of these slushies in the least bit! Another great thing about this slushy is that all the ingredients are in season right now so it is the perfect time to make this recipe!  Try it out, you are going to love it!

Watermelon Slushies

An easy, delicious and healthy way to enjoy summer!


  • 3 cups watermelon cubed and frozen
  • 1 banana sliced and frozen
  • 2 limes use juice and zest
  • 2 Tablespoons agave nectar
  • 1/2 cup water


  • Add frozen cubed watermelon, frozen banana slices, zest and juice from 2 limes, agave nectar and water to blender. Blend until smooth. Add more water if needed to keep the mixture flowing.
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 (Recipe from: My Life in Food)


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  1. Cindi

    Yum! I love drinks like these! Your daughter sounds like a handful of fun! Thanks for all these great recipes! I love your site!

  2. Carole

    This sounds so refreshing.
    Have a super week

  3. Cassey

    What a beautiful picture! I am thirsty just looking at the picture. Going to try this soon.

  4. sally @ sally's baking addiction

    Nikki! I love this recipe. I always have frozen bananas on hand because I put them in my smoothies. They make everything so creamy. And I can only imagine how tasty adding them into this slushie would be! So refreshing for a hot summer day :)

  5. Ashton

    Gorgeous photography Nikki! Love this recipe too :)

  6. Kerri

    That was so GOOD! The lime zest makes it. Thanks for the recipe :-)

  7. Heather

    Thanks for the awesome recipe! I never buy watermelon despite loving it, because my boyfriend could take it or leave it, and we never finish a whole one. Now, that last half is goin in the freezer, baby! Not to sound like a total alcoholic, but this could so easily be turned into AmAzing margaritas......

  8. Theresa

    This recipe looks great! I am going to make these slushies, and was wondering how many servings this recipe makes?

  9. Valerie Dedmon

    This recipe looks so yummy and healthy!! Please keeps the yummy healthy recipes coming!!

  10. Karen Ellis

    Is there a way to print out the recipes without all the comments? I have been copying and pasting just the recipes into a Word document and then printing. Thx much