Hawaiian Haystacks

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One of my husband’s favorite meals is Hawaiian Haystacks. I love it because it is SO easy to do!  Growing up, my mom used to teach us every so often how to make a meal.  This was one of the first meals I learned how to make.  I love it because it can be customized to each family member’s liking.  The toppings are pick-and-choose and you can add as much or as little as you like!  I like to make it in my crock pot to make it even easier, but you can make it stove top as well!

1.5 lbs chicken
2-3 cans cream of chicken soup

Place chicken in crock pot and dump on cream of chicken soup.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
After chicken is cooked, shred it up and add milk to get soup to desired consistency.
Serve on top of rice.

Optional toppings:
pineapple chunks
green onions
chow mien noodles
shredded coconut
soy sauce
pretty much anything you want!


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  1. Heather G.

    Yum, this looks delicious and so easy!! Will have to try this sometime! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Renee

    Ooh, it's like a jazzed up chicken and rice-looks great!
    I passed on a blog award to you here: http://attackofthehungrymonster.blogspot.com/2011/11/fabulous-fall-fridays-mini-layered.html

  3. No Raisins on My Parade

    Yum! I am on a huge crock post kick lately. I will have to try this one next!! :)

    -Marissa @ www.noraisinsonmyparade.com

  4. "Bri Dream"

    Looks so delicious!!

  5. TheBookGirl

    Doesn't get much easier than that -- and I like how each person can "customize" the dish by choosing the toppings.

  6. Stephanie

    That looks amazing. I kind of want to go make it right now! : )

  7. Michele

    That sounds easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see your blog's new look. ;)

  8. Misti

    My family loves this! We add raisins, tomatoes & peanuts to the list of ingredients you have. Think we need this next week for an easy meal before Thanksgiving! :D

  9. Ragan

    My favorite dinner! I could eat them everyday! That picture looks amazing!

  10. Meredith

    My in-laws do this too. They have almonds and they cover the whole thing in good 'ol gravy! MMMM who doesn't love gravy?? lol

  11. Shannah @ Just Us Four

    My husband is going to be so excited when I make this. He loved pineapple!
    I included this recipe on my weekly What to Cook Wednesday feature. I hope you will stop by and check it out! Oh, and please feel free to grab a featured button while you are there!

  12. Patti

    This looks delish!

  13. Joy @ Thrifty Parsonage Living

    Looks delicious and easy! My kind of meal :)

  14. Tenille

    Yum yum. I love Hawaiian haystacks. Thanks for sharing this recipe. i would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.


  15. Tres French Hens

    I had this at a friends house years ago and loved it! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am anxious to introduce my kids to this!

  16. Tracy

    Nikki, how many does this recipe serve? Does the recipe call for 1.5 lbs of chicken or 5? Sorry, looks like some of the spacing is off on my screen. I'm looking to feed 8 and curious about how much chicken/soup I would need? Thanks in advance for your response.

  17. Jo @ To a Pretty Life

    I had no idea this meal had a name! My mom never called it anything specific, so I've started calling it "Chicken and Rice a la carte". We just had plain chicken instead of the soup, but we added chicken gravy. Otherwise, it's exactly the same! Other toppings we used were nuts, sunflower seeds, diced peppers, and coconut.

  18. Angela Lockwood

    One of our families favorite meals. A must have at birthday dinners. We also use tomatoes, slivered almonds and green peppers to put on top of ours. Adds such a different yummy flavor to these.

  19. Sandy

    We called this Stackie-Uppies! Sooo good!!

  20. Leah @ JustPluckingDaisies

    Our family was introduced to this meal years ago, but we decided we didn't like the gravy taste. So Mom cook teriyaki chicken in the crockpot instead, and then we'd assemble the haystacks as desired. The teriyaki is a yum yum yummy change up to the traditional haystack!