Easy Ranch Carrots

My little sis has turned into quite the little cook since being married. She was telling me about her husband’s family recipe for Ranch Carrots and how it has quickly become a go-to side dish recipe for her. She kept going on and on about how amazing they were and I knew I needed to sample them for myself.

Last week she finally brought some over for me to try and I couldn’t get over how delicious they were. Then she proceeded to tell me that they were only 4 INGREDIENTS! Can you believe it?! If you are looking for a simple but tasty side dish to your next meal, definitely give these a try! You family will LOVE them!

Easy Ranch Carrots! This side dish is only FOUR INGREDIENTS and so delicious! Definitely a new family favorite!

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Easy Ranch Carrots
These carrots are SO simple to make and are absolutely delicious!
Recipe type: Side Dish
  • 1 (16 oz.) bag baby carrots
  • 5 Tbsp. butter
  • 3 Tbsp. brown sugar
  • 1 package Hidden Valley Dip Mix, dry
  1. Steam carrots until soft and tender.
  2. In a large bowl, combine carrots with butter, brown sugar and Hidden Valley Dip Mix until evenly mixed and combined.
  3. Serve warm.


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  1. Tieghan

    Carrots and ranch area match made in heaven, so this have to be amazing! Perfect summer side or really anytime of the year!

  2. Kimberley

    Wow, you weren't kidding when you said they were easy!! Always like a switch up from plain carrots!

  3. Kaitlyn

    These look like a great recipe, that my little one would eat. I'm ALWAYS looking for quick, tasty veggie recipes for my family.
    One question on the instructions- so you steam the carrots on their own...and then melt the butter, mix it with the dry ingredients and just add the carrots? (or did you mix in the sugar and seasonings into the butter before melting it, so the whole mixture cooks together?) I am just wondering when the sugar melts, etc.

  4. Linda

    Great idea. I never thought to mix the Ranch with b sugar. Great combo. I'll give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Tumbleweed Contessa

  5. Jessica Ford

    These sound delicious. Can't wait to try them!!

  6. Lynette W.

    Hi ya! Making these tonight and I was wondering - did you melt the butter or just soften it?

    Thanks so much! I'm gonna melt it now, no time to wait for it to soften.

  7. Jamie

    I could do this! Healthy and YUMMY!

    1. Abrune

      It's actually not healthy.... Hidden valley packets contain msg and sodium... Also sugar is really bad for you as well, you're only supposed to eat 6-9 teaspoons a day (6 for females, 9 for males and less if you aren't active), 3 tablespoons is already 9 teaspoons... Butter is healthy only if it's organic or grass fed....

    2. Taylor

      Try to be just a little bit realistic here. I am fairly confident if she's making it her family, she's not eating the entire side all by herself in one sitting.

  8. Angie | Big Bear's Wife

    When ever we make baby carrots, I always make them with brown sugar and butter BUT I'm throwing in a package of Ranch seasoning next time! yumm!

  9. SARAH Melton

    Any suggestions if you don't have a steamer? Can you boil the carrots? Or perhaps use a slow cooker somehow? Thanks!

  10. Rachel

    These carrots are simply delicious! You can boil them. Who would have thought to add the ranch!

  11. Angela

    Has anyone used anything in place of the butter? Olive oil? Brummel and Brown? I'm trying to eat more heart healthy.

    1. Tiffany

      I'm curious about trying it with something other than butter too. I suppose you can experiement.

    2. Abrune

      coconut oil, also leave out all that extra sugar, definitely not good for your heart... By the way Organic/grass fed butter is actually very good for you, margarine is evil when it comes to trying to be heart healthy... Look into it, I know it sounds like the opposite of what you been told but it's not... You will be surprised what you find out :)

    3. Abrune

      Also the hidden valley ranch packets are really bad for you as well... They contain A LOT of sodium and have msg in them...

    4. Nadia P

      Ive looked it up and Olive Oil is a great substitute for Butter!! I am using it when making these tonight for the first time!

  12. Coconut75

    I just made these and they are amazing. Will try to add green beans and make it for Thanksgiving dinner.

  13. Tess

    Those look delish.

  14. Shel

    I made these for Thanksgiving, and everyone loved them! I just boiled the carrots, and put everything else in a bowl, then once the boiled carrots hit the butter it melts no problem!

  15. Veronica

    These were really good! I cut 1 & 1/4 pounds of regular carrots into coins and had enough glaze left over for another pound or so. We had no carrots left after dinner, but I saved the glaze to use tomorrow on some more!

  16. Katrina

    These look so good and i am sure they taste divine. I want to try them. Sad thing is, here in Australia there is no Hidden Valley dry ranch dip mix packets. :-( I guess it's time i find a good home made dry ranch recipe ( anyone know any ? ) or keep begging family to send some packets in the mail. :-D

    1. Sandy

      Hi. You can order them on line. I have a few things i can't get i have to order. No problem.

  17. Abrune


    You realize hidden valley ranch packets have msg, and a lot of sodium, this turns a healthy vegetable into an unhealthy vegetable.... Plus 3 tablespoons of sugar really, you know the healthy recommended amount of added sugar is only 6-9 teaspoons a day and this recipe is already all 9 of them? I'm sorry but this might taste good but it's not healthy once you add all that sugar and processed junk... You can make your own ranch mix and take out the sugar and then it would be much better :) (just make sure the ingredients you use to make your own aren't also processed junk) ... And use coconut oil instead of butter (unless you have organic or grass fed butter, in which case it's actually good for you)

    1. Shellie


      As was previously stated, this is a recipe for several people not just one so please stop banging on the sugar drum. After you've mentioned salt and msg 3-4 times don't you think that's enough? You've done your job to inform us how we are all eating in a way that is different than what you would choose. Please let it rest and stop hijacking the comment area for this recipe.

      Butter is fine in moderation. Salt is fine in moderation.

      Margarine as a poor choice in fat has been pretty much known in the US for quite a while now.

      I'm glad that I have another side dish to add to my arsenal - easy and tasty. For those of you who don't know, Sam's carries Ranch Dressing mix in containers instead of a single serving packet so it's more economical. Thanks for a nice recipe.

    2. Rita B


      Agree with you, Shellie... everything in moderation!

      I'm excited to try this recipe. My son hates veggies, so I'm trying everything I can to get him to eat them. This may just be the ticket to getting him to eat his carrots!

    3. carly tenney

      Thanks for saying this! Geez! Can't we just make a carrot dish without the food police chiming in? I am going to make this dish as soon as I get a pkg. of Hidden Ranch dressing and we will enjoy the carrots, I'm certain!