Disney’s Limited Time Magic in 2013

You probably can tell by now that I have a huge love for all things Disney. I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you about something really exciting happening this year at the Disney Parks that has never been done before.

While I was attending the Disneyland Bloggers Event in November, they shared with me some fun insights about this new and upcoming year. One fun new character making his way into the parks this year is, The Time Keeper. We were thrilled to watch and listen as The Time Keeper informed us all about a great, new and exciting event coming to Disney Parks in 2013. I couldn’t wait to come back and share the exciting news with you. It is called “Limited Time Magic.”

Limited Time Magic at Disney Parks

What is “Limited Time Magic” you ask?!

Well, “Limited Time Magic” is exactly what it sounds like. Limited time events throughout the entire year that you can only catch when they are available. For 52 weeks, Disney Parks are offering you something new and exciting to make your Disney vacation special and unique. Sometimes the most memorable moments in our life are the ones that fleet away all too quickly which is why Disney is trying to make those some extra special moments for you. Something you can only see for a short time before it quickly disappears.

Each weekly surprise, many never-before-seen in the Disney Parks, will include entertainment, dining, character experiences and more. Each one will disappear after seven days and make way for the next week’s Limited Time Magic experience.

Here is a small but exciting taste of what is to come:

“Imagine an Independence Day celebration – only it lasts an entire week….Main Street mainstays the Dapper Dans rocking out with boy band hits in barbershop style….a Friday the 13th dance party with Disney villains that lasts to the 13th hour….a Valentine’s Day in 2013 that becomes Valentine’sWeek with Disney castles blushing pink, surprise meet-and-greets with Disney princes and princesses, and candlelit dinners for couples in love.”

“The experience of the week will be announced in a variety of ways including in-park, Disneyworld.com, Disneyland.com, Facebook, Twitter, the Disney Parks Blog – adding to the element of surprise.” You will want to be sure to follow along on Disney’s media outlets for more information.

Something else exciting coming in spring of 2013 is the new “Princess Fantasy Faire” in Disneyland Park. It will be a special area dedicated to princesses and their stories with a place to visit the princesses and see a new showMy daughter would go crazy for this, seeing as she is OBSESSED with the Princesses. This would be such a fun thing to experience and such a dream come true for the little ones.


2013 is going to be a great and exciting year for Disneyland, so if you are contemplating a fun family vacation, this is the year to do that! There is so much magic crammed into Disneyland’s Limited Time Magic Event- occurring all year along with a magical experience to be had at the Princess Fantasy Faire coming this spring.

For more information about Limited Time Magic, visit www.disneyparks.com.


Disclosure: My family was provided 3-day hopper passes and stay at the California Grand to visit Disneyland for a Holiday Blogger event. All opinions, pictures and ideas expressed in this post are completely my own.

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  1. Melissa B

    Such sweet photos! Sounds like a wonderful time!

  2. Ala

    I read about this only yesterday, and it makes me want to cry (the short version of the story: I was supposed to go celebrate at Disneyland today, and didn't; my annual pass expires *tomorrow* and I haven't visited in 2013 at all). Talk about first-world but very real troubles! This new promotion makes me want to renew my pass so badly...which celebration are you looking forward to? I'm particularly sad that I will probably miss the salute to the Golden Shoe Revue, where they do can-can--growing up, my mum told me stories about how my dad always wanted to see the show b/c there were can-can girls, hehe, but they stopped running it years and years ago. Anyway, I can always babble on--but your post brought up some good and slightly wishful memories. Hope you get to partake in the fun!

  3. lynn @ the actor's diet

    very jealous of your adventures! i am definitely a disney freak - even though i live near anaheim i went all the way to orlando last year for my anniversary: