Asian Beef Noodles

Sometimes, when I make a dinner from my childhood, memories flood back from life growing up at home.  Married and mom life is great!… busy, but great :) I would not give it up for anything in this world. I adore it and treasure it.

But sometimes, I would do anything to live one more day at home, my parents home, just to let them know how much I appreciated them at the time.  I think sometimes (actually most of the time) I took for granted the simple things that came with being a “kid”. Mom doing my laundry, mom cleaning the house, dad answering just about any homework/technical question I had on the spot, dad and mom both killing the spiders when I couldn’t even stand the site of it, parents paying the bills I never saw and mom always having a meal prepared, no matter how busy she was.  

When I am cooking the meals my mom cooked for me, the smell takes me back to those simple days and the wonderful parents I have and  makes me want to be that for my kids.  I want my little girl and boy (and any other kids that may enter our home) to have the same experiences I have, where one day they are taken back to our home through a memory, no matter what point they are at in their lives, and remember that they had it good. I want the smell of a familiar recipe to remind them of me.  Is that weird?  Memories are such a huge part of life, at least in my opinion. They let us recall specific times, specific faces, specific voices, specific smells and specific places. I never want to lose a single one of my memories. Ever.

My mom made this all the time for us growing up.  Since moving out, I cannot remember the last time I had it.  I almost forgot about it actually, between my college life and now, it just somehow slipped through the cracks.  The other day, I pulled out all the recipe cookbooks my mom handed down to me and noticed a page marker.  I opened to it and saw this recipe.  I could not believe it… how had I forgotten about this recipe?! I could hardly wait to make it for my own family. It comes from Taste of Home’s Casserole Cookbook and I adapted it just slightly to mute the spice so my kids would enjoy it. It was one of my absolute favorite dinners as a kid, and I am sure it will become a favorite in your home, too!

(recipe adapted from Taste of Home’s Casserole Cookbook) 


If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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  1. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I know what you mean. We take for granted everything we have done for us when we are a kid. When you are a married adult, you realise just how hard it can be.

  2. Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel

    Those look awesome and my mouth is watering!! I definitely know what you mean--certain smells and foods transport me back to certain memories, whether it be from my parents, my childhood, my grandma, or so on. I love that association... it's what brings food and people together!

  3. kyleen

    Asian beef noodles with ramen noodles? That's how I know that this is deifnitely going to taste goooood. Looks yummy!

  4. Shauna

    A lovely salute to your parents and your childhood. It's not weird at all that you want to recreate these sweet memories for your children and their friends. They are as lucky to have you as you were to have your parents. Love your blog!

  5. Barbara

    This sounds so good. Hate to be obtuse--but what kind of steak sauce? A-1 or something like that? I'm thinking since it's an asian dish, maybe it's something more oriental??? Would love to try this for my hubby's birthday this week.


  6. Ala

    When you write about parents squashing spiders and dads staying up to teach that math problem that we expect them to know (even though it's calculus and they haven't used that for, oh, three decades now), I feel like you're writing about my home--and, I'm sure, a lot of kids' homes. Thanks for sharing this heart-warming recipe!

  7. Cheree

    Wondering about what type/brand of steak sauce also? I wouldn't think Heinz 57 would be the one, is it A1? If not, I would like to know what kind would be best. Thank you! :)

    1. Chef in Training

      I used A1.

    2. Cheree

      Thanks for the clarification, A1 will be the one I use, Also, thank you for all the recipes, I have been enjoying so many of them.

  8. Tammy

    OHMYGOSH!!! I have been looking for this recipe. My mom cooked this as a treat when we got steak. I loved it so much and remembered it after she passed away in 2004. Thank You soooooooooo much for posting this.

  9. Maureen B

    Lovely tribute to your parents! You mention that you scaled back the seasonings to accommodate young children. Might I ask what the originals were? I am no longer cooking for young children so we can handle stronger flavors. Thanks!

  10. Esther

    have made this for years we love it, I take a jalapeno pepper and chop it up and put in oil for a few minutes then toss my meat in before frying.