Crock Pot Hamburger Dip and Giveaway!


You all know by now how much I LOVE my Crock Pot. Hands down, my favorite kitchen appliance. I couldn’t tell you how many times it has saved dinner at my house.

I was beyond excited when Crock Pot contacted me to introduce you to their new line of Crock Pots, Crock-Pot® Create-A-Crock™. These Crock Pots are so fun! You pick the look and YOU pick the pictures you want featured on the Crock Pot itself!  The design is completely personalized to your liking. You can choose to have your favorite NFL team’s logo and colors displayed on it, or make it more personal with some of your own photos.

I chose to use some of the photos of my personal favorite Crock Pot recipes I have made made in the past to display on my new Crock-Pot® Create-A-Crock™. From the moment it was delivered to my door, I could not stop smiling because an appliance I love so much, now had a part of me on it. To make your  very own Crock-Pot® slow cooker, head over to and play around with the different looks and designs.

I knew instantly that I wanted to make an appetizer with my new Crock-Pot® Create-A-Crock™ to share with you. My family is ALL about the appetizers. This recipe is perfect to serve at your New Year’s party or at your next football party. The ground beef with the cream cheese mixture really makes this dip a crowd pleaser. 

Crock Pot Hamburger Dip

Crock Pot Hamburger Dip... This dip is so easy to make and is a definite crowd pleaser! #appetizer #recipe #crockpotchic

By Chef in Training December 28, 2012

This dip is so easy to make and is a definite crowd pleaser!


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  1. In skillet, brown ground beef with onion, and jalapeño pepper. Once ground beef is browned and cooked completely, drain off any excess fat. Pour drained ground beef mixture into crock pot.
  2. Add in tomato sauce, garlic, salt, sugar, ketchup, oregano, cubed cream cheese, parmesan cheese and chili powered. Stir ingredients together to combine.
  3. Cover and cook on LOW for 2 hours or until cream cheese melts and dip can be thoroughly combined.
  4. Adjust seasoning as needed.
  5. Serve directly from the crockpot or move to a serving bowl, with tortilla chips for dipping.

(recipe adapted from


Now for the fun giveaway!   Crock-Pot® Create-A-Crock™  is generously giving away one of Chef in Training’s lucky readers a Crock-Pot Calendar Cookbook, three Crock-Pot seasoning mixes and a Crock-Pot slotted spoon. What an AWESOME package!

Here is how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on New Years Eve, December 31st.
Good luck!

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  1. 1

    Hi Nikki!! Thanks for a yummy sounding recipe! I turn to my crock pot quite often as well. I tried to enter the giveaway, but it hasn’t started yet? So thought I would leave a comment as well. Thank you for the chance to win!!

    • 2
      Chef in Training says:

      So sorry about that, My rafflecopter was having some issues. I think I got it all figured out now and it should be up and working.

  2. 3
    Keri-Danielle says:

    I keep seeing :This contest has not started yet.

  3. 5

    I would create a customizable crock pot or make one with Alabama on it for a friend.

  4. 6

    I LOVE using my crock pot! As a busy mom working outside the home it’s a life saver. Yummy sounding recipe, that I will have to try. Would LOVE to win. :-)

  5. 7

    Looks delicious!!

  6. 8
    Diane Evans says:

    Love the recipe…could use the tools! Who couldn’t use a calendar with recipe’s….

  7. 9

    Love the NFL crockpot for football Sundays!

  8. 10

    This recipe looks awesome! I know I would DEFINITELY get the Pittsburgh Steelers design!

  9. 11

    I would def get this crock-pot with my 49ner’s logo on it…For a niners fan living with her Steeler Loving boyfriend..This Crock-pot would make all the more delicious food to eat while watching and cheering on my team..:) Some friendly competition along with his dinner ;)

  10. 12

    I would get the create your own in the gingham blue.

  11. 13

    I would get the raiders design!

  12. 14
    Susan Willard says:

    I ordered this crockpot for my daughter for Christmas in her favorite NFL team, the Texans. It is a wonderful crockpot, very, very nice.

  13. 15
    Amanda Brezgel says:

    The red Cook N’ Carry

  14. 16

    I would definitely have to create a University of Oklahoma Crock Pot. How fun!

  15. 17

    Love your receipes. They are awesome

  16. 18
    Laura Scott says:

    I would get the Eggplant Damask with my own pictures!

  17. 19

    I would get a Balitmore Ravens one! :D

  18. 20

    Great idea to customize the crock.

  19. 21

    I would have to go with the Denver Broncos crockpot – how fun!

  20. 22

    I would get the NY Giants Design or the Touch screen crock pot.

  21. 23

    I love the spoon!

  22. 24

    I would probably get the circles in black pattern. There’s so many to choose from!

  23. 25
    Melissa H from So. Fla. says:

    I don’t use my Crock Pot near enough, but have started using it more since finding your site!
    Thanks for sharing your great recipes.

  24. 26

    Would this work with ground chicken or turkey?

    • 27
      Chef in Training says:

      I am sure it would! People make substations with those all the time when it comes to ground beef. You will have to let me know how you like it if you try it. Let me know if you have anymore questions. I am happy to help!

  25. 28

    That sounds good. Will make this weekend before the New Year’s resolutions begin!

  26. 29
    Shannon Madison says:

    This recipe sounds like a fun thing to try. I use my crock-pot often and always enjoy new recipes. Thank you!

  27. 30

    Black Damask! Love!

  28. 31

    I would choose the cook and carry model. No worries about the lid popping off in transit! Thanks for the giveaway. The recipe looks yummy too!

  29. 32

    I love my Crock Pot.. it’s like magic; throw in a mess of ingredients, wait a while and voila! Tasty dinner!
    I’d pick the double warmer.. that design would be perfect for parties!

  30. 33

    I would like the Digital Crock Pot! :)

  31. 34
    Jill Hartley says:

    I’d love to do mine in a Cleveland Browns theme!!! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  32. 35

    Now that I’m working outside the home again, I’m loving the convenience of my crockpot and coming home to a cooked meal. But I only have a few go-to recipes. I’d love to get a copy of this cookbook to expand my repertoire!

  33. 37

    Ooooh I’d make a custom one :) How fun!

  34. 38

    I’d probably get the 49er one, I’m a die hard fan.

  35. 39

    I think I may have found the newest recipe to make for game days! Thanks for posting this!

    And I think I would like the Crock-Pot® Countdown Touchscreen Slow Cooker!

  36. 40

    Would love to win this! I love my crockpot, and love your recipes that you share.

  37. 41

    I love the vertical stripe – blue ….. the bouquet blue …. or the horizontal stripe – brown! Too many choices :)

  38. 42

    Holy crap does that look good. I don’t even think I would need chips to eat that. Just give me a spoon. :)

  39. 43

    I’m not really a football fan but my mom could use a new crockpot so I would give her the Green Bay Packer one since we are in Wisconsin.

  40. 44

    I would design my own with pink dots.

  41. 45

    love the damasks in any color. =0)

  42. 46

    I would do one of the sports ones or one of the patterns! Having family pictures on my crock pot is a little too awkward for me! LOL :)

  43. 47
    Nadine Osborne says:

    My choice would be the ‘Masterpiece’ to put pictures on.

  44. 48

    I would get the countdown touchscreen slow cooker.

  45. 49

    I think I would put pictures of my family on mine and I love all the background colors you can choose! I would find something fun I could live with day in and day out! I think putting the ones you cook for on the out side would be so neat!! It was fun to see my creation!! Thanks for sharing!

  46. 50

    I like the ones you can customize! I like the one that’s a green background with lace border on the top. I would probably get that one and add pictures of my family to it :)

  47. 51

    I would get Damask Black! Very pretty!

  48. 52

    I’d get the Chicago Bears crockpot! Love the Bears!

  49. 53

    I would love to win this, I always wanted one!

  50. 54

    This looks delicious! I will definitely be making it sometime soon :)

  51. 55

    I’d get one with my own photos

  52. 56

    That’s pretty cool stuff.

  53. 57

    I would customize my own crockpot with pictures. The dip looks amazing!

  54. 58

    I would love to create one with my boys picture on it.

  55. 59

    Why do you tempt me!!!! Here I was feeling like I needed a little clean eating break and now I just want chips and dip!

  56. 60
    Stephaniear says:

    I would get the classic touchscreen crock pot. I also like the idea of getting a design on it so I might choose the black damask print.

  57. 61
    Heather Slater says:

    Black damask!

  58. 62

    I’d really love to get one of those lunch warmers for my husband!

  59. 63

    I really like the red Cook & Carry Crock Pot.

  60. 64

    Looks absolutely yummy, definitely making for New Year’s Eve party!

  61. 65

    Broncos Baby!!

  62. 66

    Thanks for the recipe and give away!

  63. 67

    I would buy the Crock-Pot® Countdown Touchscreen Slow Cooker! Love that one!

  64. 68
    Erin Tveter says:

    Would definitely get Da Bears!!

  65. 69

    What a great selection and designs that are available.

  66. 70

    I would love the create a master piece crock pot

  67. 71
    Joy Hazelton says:

    Eggplant because it is our four year old son’s favorite color, and with pictures of our family, whom I love to cook for the most <3

  68. 72

    I would put pictures of my sweet kiddos on it! Love my Crock Pot!

  69. 73
    Debbie Caraballo says:

    I have 3 crock pots and I love them. I sometimes use 2 at a time or even all 3 at times. This is a great giveaway, I’d love to win! Thank you!

  70. 74

    I don’t know which I love more! The fun crockpot or the dip!

  71. 75

    Oh love the stripes option or my fav NFL team.

  72. 76
    Emily Lund says:

    I would get the crockpot with the little dipper combo

  73. 77

    My husband would die if he had a 49ers themed crock pot! He would probably use it more than me.

  74. 78

    I think I have finally figured out what I’ll be getting my boyfriend to celebrate his favorite football team! Such an amazing concept!

  75. 79

    I would get the Chicago Bears design! Thanks!

  76. 80

    I would get the 6qt. Create a Crock pot and put my families pictures on it!

  77. 81

    Looks delicious and perfect for tailgating.

  78. 82

    Oooh, ooh! I would definitely get the lavender gingham! Even though it totally doesn’t match my kitchen, I’d change my kitchen to match IT LOL! I just discoverd your blog today via Pinterest; thanks for the change to win! :)

  79. 83

    I would get the KC Chiefs Crockpot-lOVE!

  80. 84
    Shelly Jones says:

    This dip sounds yummmmmy! Would love to wind a new CrockPot to make it in!

  81. 85


  82. 86

    I would choose the Steeler design. I am a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers Fan.Thank you for the opportunity to enter thi contest.

  83. 87

    My boys (all 5 sons and husband) would think it was the coolest thing to have a 49ers crock pot, so I think I’d go with that.

  84. 88
    Kelli Moore says:

    love cooking with my crock pot, and this dip sounds so yummy.

  85. 89

    I love the vertical striped pattern. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  86. 90
    Margaret Yani says:

    There is nothing better than opening e front door and getting the first whiff of dinner! I would love the purple pattern crock pot for my daughter. She has not yet accepted how much better life is with a crock pot. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  87. 91

    That dip looks so good! Love Crock-Pot stuff!

  88. 93

    I think it would be fun to have a Crock Pot with family pictures on it. And your recipe looks delicious.

  89. 94
    Becky Greene says:

    I would get a Carolina Panthers CrockPot – great for a Sunday afternoon!

  90. 95

    Looks very yummy. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Using our crock-pot is one of the greatest things ever.

  91. 96

    what a great looking crock-pot! Thank you for the chance to win some of the awesome prizes. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration, too.

  92. 97

    I love the Black Damask pattern.

  93. 98

    Recipe sounds great, crockpots are meal savers for sure. Thanks for giveaway. I would choose the Black Damask.

  94. 99

    Steelers Crock-Pot for sure!

  95. 100

    Since my DH is the main cook, I would pick the Cowboys crockpot.

  96. 101

    Oh how fun is that! I love that you can personalize the crock pot with your own pictures!!! I would either get one like that or maybe the Chicago Bears crock pot and surprise my son!!!!

  97. 102

    Cook & Carry Slow Cooker with pictures of my boys

  98. 103

    What a great giveaway to end the year with! Thanks so much!

  99. 104


  100. 105
    Michelle T. says:

    I’d choose the black, red, or rooster pattern. So many great choices!

  101. 106
    Kathleen Clegg says:

    I would totally make a Steeler’s crock pot and try this new recipe out right away! Thanks.

  102. 107

    I have been wanting a programmable crockpot for a while now & I really like the look of the Crock Pot Touchscreen Programmable. Will need to investigate further ;-)

  103. 108

    Fun giveaway! I would have to choose a Colts design.

  104. 109

    I love crock pots so very much, too!! I would pick the polka-dot. it is pink or lavendar. Very beautiful! Would love those accessories, I have never tried those pakages of seasonings. Sounds delicious and I love the spoon!! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!!!

  105. 110

    I love the customizable design! I would choose it in white.

  106. 111
    Marilyn Martin says:

    Cleveland Browns Crockpot!

  107. 112

    I would get the Crock-Pot® Countdown Designer Series Slow Cooker

  108. 113

    I would get the one that I can put my own pictures on!

  109. 114
    Susan Broughton says:

    I would like the oval crockpot. that design seems to have more room As for the team any would do. We watch several teams so any would be good for us!

  110. 115

    The.custom crockpot would be a great for when we have potluck and soup of the day out my son’s elementary school. School logo! We do soup of the day each month from October – February/March. What a great way to show my school spirit with a great potato soup.

  111. 116

    I love the 6 qt in black personalized with pink dots!

  112. 117
    Jenny Cantwell says:

    I would absolutely love a white round with purple damask. I may like to add photos. What an awesome idea.

  113. 118

    My hometown favorite Buffalo Bills

  114. 119

    I like the Designer Series Slow Cooker. It’s really pretty!

  115. 120

    I love crock pot recipes! I think I would choose the Cook and Carry Crockpot in Red!

  116. 121

    this by far is one of our favorites dip for football games…doesn’t feel like the superbowl without it!

  117. 122
    Lori Jensen says:

    I would get one of the Football themed crock pots for one of my boys! He would love it!!

  118. 123

    I love my crock pot! Would love to win the accessories. Thank you for the chance!

  119. 124

    Hi Nikki. This is the first time I’ve left a comment, and I’m doing so as part of your Crock Pot giveaway, but I’d like you to know you’re my favourite food blogger. Everything you make is something I would love and feel confident I can make. Please don’t ever change your style! Meantime, my Crock Pot choice would be the round, 2.5qt Create-a-Crock and I’d put pictures of plants/nature as I love earthy things. Thanks so much for this opportunity! :)

  120. 125

    I like the Damask Black design. So pretty!

  121. 126

    I love their Crock-Pot® Smart-Pot® Slow Cooker with Travel Strap, so cool!

  122. 127
    Allison Remund says:

    It’s the perfect time of year for Crockpot recipes! Perfect giveaway!!

  123. 128

    We make a version of this dip w/sausage! Can’t wait to try this one!! Sounds great! And THANKS for the chance to win that cutie pie crock pot!

  124. 129

    Hmm, I would say the touchscreen countdown. Definitely looks neat! Love a crockpot!

  125. 130

    I love the idea of being able to create a crock pot. Think of all the gift ideas a person could come up with. It has me thinking about Christmas 2013 already!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course the first one I will design will be my own. :-)

    and thank you for the recipe. I will be using this for New Year’s for sure though I will substitute ground turkey for the beef.

    Happy New Year!!!


  126. 131
    anne harris says:

    the colts!! yay indiana!!

  127. 132

    Looks like another great recipe! My family loves appetizers as well. I think I will make the Hamburger Dip for New Yearsl. I would love the spoon and the seasoning mixes as I do a lot of cooking in my crock pot.

  128. 133
    Kimberly Wood says:

    I really like that “Countdown” model. My slow cooker is old. Not old enough to be beautiful like their wonderful retro green model, just old enough to need to be replaced with a real s”Crock Pot”….maybe a digital model! I get so excited over appliances.

    I love your giveaway. The “Recipe-a-Day” calendar is a fantastic idea and I really hope to win it. I also love the seasoning packages. I didn’t even know they existed, or that “Crock Pot” made such lovely spoons.

  129. 134

    I would love to decorate my own crockpot – how fun!!

  130. 135

    I’d love the denver broncos crockpot for game days!

  131. 136

    Sounds amazing. I love my crockpot too!

  132. 137

    Chicago Bears!

  133. 138

    Love the zebra and peacock patterns!

  134. 139

    Black Damask for sure!

  135. 140

    Love the Crock-Pot® Countdown Touchscreen Slow Cooker

  136. 141

    The Seattle Seahawks crock pot for sure. :)

  137. 142
    Katherine S. says:

    Glad I found this website because I need a new lid for my favorite crockpot! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway and I absolutely love your recipes.

  138. 143

    Gotta show my love for the best team around…..GO Cowboys!!!!!

  139. 144

    I love the Zebra stripe 6 qt! I would like to add family pics, too cute!

  140. 145

    Lots of fun designs on the Crock-Pot website, but I like the Crock-Pot Manual Slow Cooker in Stainless Steel Finish with Removable oval stoneware best. Thanks for the giveaway.

  141. 146

    I would get the customizable one so I could put picks from my upcoming wedding!

  142. 147

    Damask Black

  143. 148
    Jessica Mullins says:

    Smart Pot
    Slow Cooker
    5.5 quarts
    and decorate it with Peacock Seafoam

  144. 149

    I like the stripes.

  145. 150

    I’d get the Crock-Pot® Cook & Carry™ Slow Cooker in silver!

  146. 151

    It’s not an available design, but I would love to have it colored for Ohio State buckeye football!

  147. 152

    Duh, COLTS!!!
    My fave team.

  148. 153

    The digital countdown design

  149. 154
    mary fanara coleman says:

    Either my own photos like a collage or Cleveland Browns.

  150. 155
  151. 156

    Would get one with my own pictures too! Thanks for the great recipe, will be making for New Years Eve!


  152. 157

    I would go for the damask eggplant print. Lovely!

  153. 158

    Crock-Pots make it so easy to have a great dinner…love the giveaway!

  154. 159
    Christina L says:

    Love hamburger cheese dip, it is a game day staple at our house.

  155. 160
    Katy Miles says:

    Vertical stripe blue! I follow you on pinterest too!

  156. 161
    Sharleen C. says:

    I would love to create the one with zebra and hot pink.. I love cooking in the crock pot!

  157. 162

    I would love the one that you can personalize with your own photos! Cool idea!

  158. 163

    Green Bay Packers, baby!

  159. 164
    Kimberly P. says:

    I’d get an NFL version with the Denver Bronco logo for my brother-in-law!

  160. 165
    Melissa Armstrong says:

    What a great giveaway. I love the black Damask style!

  161. 166

    I like the purple poke a dot! It would be so cute on the counter!

  162. 167

    i like the blue stripes!

  163. 168

    I love to cook with a crockpot. Would love to have one with my Shih Tzu on the front of it, since she loves to sit at my feet when I am in the kitchen and keeps an eye on the crockpot hoping it is for her!

  164. 169
    Jackie Kelly says:

    I use your recipes alot. I use my crockpot 2 to 3 times a week. I love using it for dinner. I’ve loved every recipe of yours I’ve tried.
    Thank you

  165. 170
    Christina L. says:

    Can’t wait to try your Crock Pot Hamburger Dip! It sounds delicious!!

  166. 171
    Christina L. says:

    Oh, and I would probably choose the Countdown Designer Series Slow Cooker or the Smart-Pot® Slow Cooker! I love my Crock Pot!!

  167. 172

    I would definitely make a pot roast, sloppy joes and a chocolate cake in my Pittsburgh Steelers Crock-Pot! Love your recipes…hope I win!

  168. 173
    Inez Foreman says:

    I would just love this cock pot giveaway. WOW is the only thing I can say.

  169. 174

    Nikki….. I’m going to make this scrumptious-sounding dip for my New Year’s Day Football party!! If I could, I’d have a crock pot customized with the University of Michigan logo!! GO BLUE!!

  170. 175

    We love to make BBQ pork sandwiches using our crockpot!

  171. 176

    Detroit Lions, Crock-Pot ® Slow Cooker this design

  172. 178

    Definitely would get a new Crock Pot either in one of the damask colors (too hard to choose) or NE Patriots :) You can’t have too many of them anyway, right? Thank you for the chance to win!

    BTW – Love your recipes that you share! :)

  173. 179

    Love your recipes/ideas…affordable with ings. on hand!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  174. 180

    Love the blue & white striped one.

  175. 181

    Use my crock pot at least twice a week!

  176. 182

    I’d definitely choose the Create-A-Crock and use my own photos on the Crock-Pot! (I only have ONE and could desperately use 2-3 more – I’m always scrambling on parties because I don’t have enough Crock-Pots for what I want to make!)

  177. 183

    I found your blog thanks to the Cafe Rio roundup!

    What a great contest. I love hamburger dip and LOVE my crock!

  178. 184

    I would definitely love the 6.5 qt Crock-Pot® Countdown Touchscreen Slow Cooker. It’s bigger than mine, sleeker, and it counts down. FABULOUS.

  179. 185
    Jenny Elaine says:

    I’m so looking forward to making this dip tomorrow night!! I would get a Baltimore Ravens Crockpot for my football loving husband!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  180. 186

    I would want the big red oval crock

  181. 187
    Ella Brooks says:

    Houston Texans, Crock-Pot ® Slow Cooker

  182. 188

    I would love to have the Crock-Pot® Countdown Touchscreen Slow Cooker. :-)

  183. 189

    I love the gingham blue

  184. 190

    I would love the Pink Dots!!!

  185. 191

    san diego chargers

  186. 192
    Tamara Palmer says:

    My hubby would freak out if he saw me cooking in a broncos crock pot! That would be fun!

  187. 193

    I hoped there would be pigs but since there weren’t I’d go for polka dots. Now lets see if I can master the rafflecopter which has eluded me every time I try it!!

  188. 194

    I’d have to go with the red, the theme of my kitchen. But I might have to get a second for the Cowboys :-)

  189. 195
    Michelle Wright says:

    I need a new crock pot and that looks cheesy gooooood!!!!!!

  190. 196

    Wonderful recipe! I just love my crockpot! Hope you had a terrific new years! I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings your cute blog!!

  191. 197

    This recipe sounds to die for however my boyfriend despises anything with cream cheese in it, any suggestions for substitutions or could I simply omit it.

  192. 198

    It would REALLY help if there were some indication on all of these wonderful recipes WHAT SIZE CROCKPOT to use!!!