Easy Cottage Cheese Dip

Are you ready for a BRILLIANT idea?! This is one of those ideas that seems so simple and when you hear it, you almost want to slap yourself for not coming up with it in the first place. We went to celebrate Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house this year. One of our relatives, Aunt Tamala, brought this dip and literally had everyone stumped as to what was in it.

That’s when she told us.

Cottage cheese. Garlic salt. Puree. Whaaaaa? Yes. Wh have I never thought to puree cottage cheese before? It is that simple and SO good! Yes I know, two ingredients is that big of a deal of a recipe. BUT its how these ingredients transform and the simple flavor they create that makes this appetizer so desirable. Serve with pita bread slices and you have yourself the easiest appetizer that will be gone almost as fast as it hits the table :)

Easy Cottage Cheese Dip from chef-in-training.com ...this dip is SO easy and SO delicious!

Easy Cottage Cheese Dip
two simple ingredients that combine to make one delicious dip
Recipe type: Appetizer
  • 24 oz. cottage cheese
  • ½ tsp. garlic salt
  1. Puree cottage cheese and garlic salt together until smooth. Serve with pita bread.


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  1. Nancy

    Our family has made a garlic cottage cheese dip for many years. We use 1 block of creamed cheese, one pint of cottage cheese, garlic salt or powder, squirt of brown mustard, salt and pepper and a little mild if needed. Great with potato ruffled chips.

  2. Laura Rasnick

    We make this but also add cream cheese and half and half. And we dont puree the cottage cheese. Been a Thanksgiving tradition for years!!