Sweet Potato Casserole {Thanksgiving Side Dish}

This Sweet Potato Casserole is my absolute FAVORITE side dish at Thanksgiving or anytime really! It is perfectly sweet with a delicious crumb topping! It is always the first thing to disappear wherever I bring it!

This Sweet Potato Casserole is my absolute FAVORITE side dish at Thanksgiving or anytime really! It is perfectly sweet with a delicious crumb topping! It is always the first thing to disappear wherever I bring it!

WOW!  Thanksgiving is THIS week and I can’t believe I haven’t posted a Thanksgiving recipe yet!  It is about time if you ask me…Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!  I love reflecting on all I have to be grateful for in my life.  I also love this holiday because all my extended family gets together to celebrate.  I come from a great line of cooks and bakers.  Everyone on my mom’s side is extremely gifted in the culinary arts which means AMAZING food around the table!  One of the side dishes my grandma always brings is Sweet Potato Casserole.  This is a recipe that comes from her cookbook {the one she gives each grandchild when they graduate high school}.  I made this for my hubby last week and he said it goes on the list of “hubby favorites.”  He seriously gobbled up half a pan by himself!  This recipe is SO GOOD and your partakers won’t be disappointed!

This Sweet Potato Casserole is my absolute FAVORITE side dish at Thanksgiving or anytime really! It is perfectly sweet with a delicious crumb topping! It is always the first thing to disappear wherever I bring it!

UPDATE* 12/15/15… So I am revisiting this recipe 4 years later to give it some much needed updated pictures. When I first made this recipe, I used sweet potatoes that were yellow in color and the recipe needed to show the typical orange sweet potato :).

This Sweet Potato Casserole is my absolute FAVORITE side dish at Thanksgiving or anytime really! It is perfectly sweet with a delicious crumb topping! It is always the first thing to disappear wherever I bring it!{NOTE: I used sweet potatoes that were really light in color, which is why my casserole is more yellow, but you can also use darker sweet potatoes to give it more of an orange look.  The darker colored sweet potato is also more sweet than lighter sweet potatoes}

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Sweet Potato Casserole {Thanksgiving Side Dish}
This Sweet Potato Casserole is my absolute FAVORITE side dish at Thanksgiving or anytime really! It is perfectly sweet with a delicious crumb topping! It is always the first thing to disappear wherever I bring it!
Recipe type: Side Dish
  • 3 cups cooked and mashed sweet potatoes
  • ⅔ cup sugar
  • ½ cup butter, softened
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ⅓ cup milk
  • ⅓ cup butter, melted
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup flour
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  1. Boil and mash sweet potatoes.
  2. Beat in sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla and milk until smooth and creamy.
  3. Put in 9x13 greased pan.
  4. To make topping, combine topping ingredients together in a small bowl. Stir and mix to combine. Crumble topping over sweet potatoes.
  5. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.


The darker sweet potatoes are often mistaken and called yams here in the United States.

This Sweet Potato Casserole is my absolute FAVORITE side dish at Thanksgiving or anytime really! It is perfectly sweet with a delicious crumb topping! It is always the first thing to disappear wherever I bring it!

If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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    1. Sue

      I just made this and it does not look like the picture. I followed the recipe exactly but its awfully thin. Smells good. The strusel melted into the sweet potatoes.

    2. Sunilexi

      I have made this for decades and it is delicious. Even if people don't care for yams they will love this.

    3. Doug Taylor

      Be nice to include a "serves quantity" so someone can adjust the recipe accordingly.

  1. Cherish

    This sounds almost exactly like the recipe I fell in love with a couple years ago. I don't like marshmallow-y candied yams, but this is divine.

  2. Kate

    Thanks for that video! I've had that discussion MANY times with folks...especially my Nana who refuses to believe that "yams" are really sweet potatoes!!

    1. Rose

      Actually Kate, a sweet potato and yams are not the same...sweet potato is are a member of the morning glory family, whereas yams are closely related to lilies and grasses and more than likely you are eating sweet potatoes even though it says yams, unless you got them at an international supermarket.

  3. Leslie

    This looks very similar to mine and Mom's recipe that we all love! I'm making a couple for Thanksgiving this year, and this picture of yours is really making me look forward to eating it! A sweet potato dish is always a must for the holidays!Happy Thanksgiving!Leslie

  4. shopannies

    I am making a recipe similiar to your but it calls for cornflakes in the topping I will share it later at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  5. Shay

    I want to try this! Thanks! Shay :) http://raisingdieter.blogspot.com/

  6. Anonymous

    I made this for Christmas. It was awesome. The only thing I would change is less pecans or none at all. Personal preference, has nothing to do with the recipe. I can't wait to try more or your recipes. Keep cooking/baking. :) Happy New Year.

  7. Jackie J.

    Just wanted to say I was looking for an easy recipe for sweet potato casserole, and i'm thrilled to have come across your recipe. I'm looking forward to making it this year! Thanks!

  8. Mrs. Tuna

    Can one use canned sweet potatoes such as Bruce's Canned Yams in syrup? I am planning on making this dish for a dinner gathering this weekend and want to make sure I have all my ingredients in check!

  9. Eileen Brennan

    Nikki, can I leave the eggs out? Egg allergy in our family.. :(
    If not, what do you suggestt I substitute?

  10. Kristin

    In the recipe is it 3 cups after mashed or 3 cups cubed and raw? I want to make this for Thanksgiving. Thanks!

    1. Valeria

      I can't wait to get started. I love sweet potatoes and pecans.

  11. Lisa

    What would you suggest to use instead of pecans? I have an allergy to pecans and walnuts, but I can imagine that it would taste amazing with them!

    1. CD Greier

      We had a butter "emergency" last Thanksgiving and I used peanutbutter for the topping- so good no one noticed I forgot actual nuts!

    2. Kitty Hinkle

      I make one very similar to this (maybe the same) and I use oats instead of pecans. I love pecans, but some family members do not like nuts. Very good with the oats.

  12. Deb Post

    Love your website, I have gotten so many good receipes from you. When does the topping go on in the sweet potato casserole? Thanks!

  13. tammy

    i read ur recipe of sweet potato casserole ok i notice 1/2 cup sugar for ingerdints and 1 cup brown sugar for topping ok i wonder which white or brown sugar for 1/2 sugar for ingerdints???? thanks,tammy

    1. Angelica


      MAYDAY, MAYDAY! I am making this for family thanskgiving dinner this year and am totally confused on the sweet potato measurement. Is it 3 cups after mashing them? Or 3 cups cubed before mashing? Also, if it is 3 cups after mashing, when i spread that in pan, that will be incredibly thing, so if i use more mashed sweet potatoes, will the measurements for mixings for mashed sweet potatoes increase? HELP!! THANK YOU!!

  14. Karen

    These were fantastic! Thanks for sharing the recipe...this will be a keeper from now on. I may even make these when it's NOT Thanksgiving. :)

  15. Melody

    I was wondering if it is 3 cups sweet potatoes after they're mashed? I'm thinking that it is but thought that I'd double check. Also, have you made this with canned sweet potatoes before? Thoughts? Love your website! Thanks :)

  16. clara mccarter


    Love this! Gotta make it!

  17. Faye Wilds

    Can you use canned sweet potato/yams

  18. CD Greier

    This is essentially hat I do too, but less sugar, add salt and onion; I leave the sweet potatoes chunky (1/2 inch pieces). My son could eat the whole thing himself!

  19. Lorraine Masi

    did you use white or brown sugar in this recipe

  20. wilma


    Love the Sweet Potato Casserole. Thank you so very much.

  21. CJ


    I've been making this recipe for over 50 years for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. I use evaporated milk instead of regular milk though. I put it into quite a deep casserole rather than a flat dish. Great recipe!!

  22. MATTIE



  23. Nadja


    That looks very yummy. But - living in Europe - I have to ask: this looks with the sugar and vanilla more like a dessert to me but it's says: side dish. Do I eat that with veggies or meat?

    All the best from Holland

    1. Denise


      I fix this every year for thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. It's a wonderful side dish to turkey, chicken or ham. Although it has sugar in it and sounds like a dessert, it really is a side dish! (I do admit to eating it for breakfast a few times!...)

  24. Vicki Peterson

    This casserole is really good with the addition of a good bit of cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg.

  25. Candice

    For the one who asked if the 3 cups is before cooking or after ....I have made this recipe for years and the more sweet potatoes the better I say after.
    For the person with the pecan alergy I add coconut so you could omit the pecans and just use coconut.

  26. Lynda Jeffrerson

    I've been looking for a Recipe where you put the topping in a small pot and heat it til it's all mixed together. Then you pour it over you sweet potatoes. it is so good that way. But it's called a Sweet Potato Souffle.

  27. Lisa

    I was wondering if you can put this together the day before and then bake on Thanksgiving?

    1. Chef in Training

      yes definitely! Just store in an airtight container in the fridge until ready to bake :)

  28. Betty

    Hi. This recipe for sweet potato casserole calls for 3 cups of potatoes, Just checking to see how you measured that, and if it should be 3 pounds instead?? Also, do you peel them first? Thanks.

  29. Jennifer Nunn

    We had this today (adding butter to the topping only) & it's spectacular...will add marshmallows at the end next time!

  30. Linda Bochenek


    Made this for Thanksgiving. Eliminated the sugar and brown sugar. Substituted almond flour/meal for the flour. It was excellent, definitely a keeper!

  31. Vicki Peterson


    I always add a tablespoon (less would work too) of cinnamon and it is one of the most popular dishes on Thanksgiving.

  32. Judy

    Do you think you can make this a day ahead of time? I'd like to assemble today and then bake tomorrow.

    1. marianne

      I'd like to know this too. Did you try to make it the day before? thanks

  33. Cyndi Wheeler

    I've made this dish for 30+ years. It is something everyone expects & enjoys. The only difference is that I use Sweetened Condensed Milk instead of regular milk. A holiday highlight!

  34. Connie

    I personally prefer to use baked sweet potatoes. The flavor is richer. My big family would mutiny if this wasn't on every holiday table.

  35. Kelly Bleier

    I was wondering if you could leave out the pecans.?My daughter is allergic to them! Will it take away from the taste?

  36. Sarah


    I used white sweet potatoes instead of orange and it was even better! So sweet and delicious! This really is the best sweet pota9casserole!

  37. Susie Harvey


    My recipe uses the exact same ingredients except I don't add milk to the potatoes but I add golden raisins to the sweet potato mixture. They are a family favorite.

  38. Char p.

    I also make this wonderful dish only not just for Holidays all the time especially when I have guests for dinner none of my friends have had this dish so I'm always asked to make my special sweet potato dish. Makes me feel special

  39. Ellie K. May

    Raw sweet potatoes are so hard to peel and cut for me. I use baked sweet potatoes instead. Thank you for your recipe.

  40. Susan Whalen


    I would suggest that instead of boiling, I microwave my sweet potatoes. The cooking is shorter.

  41. Jackie Hurtado

    This is a family recipe I've used for ever!!! I always use the darker potatoes and sometimes I bake the potatoes which give a wonderful roasted taste!!!

  42. Jackie

    I don't want to use any nuts in or on the casserole, does this change the recipe amounts at all

  43. Cheri

    Can this be made ahead the night before and baked the day of the event? If so, any idea what in the directions might change?

  44. sara

    Can you put this together a few days before cooking It?

  45. Barbara Settel


    I made this last year and was a hit! It is now a thanksgiving must have!

  46. Raquel

    How many servings does this recipe make?

  47. barb


    I've made this for years. It is ssoooo good!!

  48. Ciara


    How many people does this recipe feed? Making this for thanksgiving just wanna know how much I need to make

  49. Tracy

    How many does this typically serve?

  50. Maggie

    Omit white sugar, good Garnet yams are sweet enough. You have the brown sugar in the topping, which is plenty of sweetrner. I used orange juice vice the milk.

  51. Susan

    Two questions...First can you make this a day before you cook it(worried about it getting runny)? Second, can you put it in a casserole dish(what size?) instead of a 9"x13" pan?
    Many thanks!

  52. Kylee

    How many does this serve?

  53. Penni Doran

    We have made this for years but the last few minutes in the oven we add marshmallows. It is yummy.

  54. Danielle

    Do you peel the potatoes??

  55. Linda Allen


    Nov, 24, 2016 I made this recipe for this Thanksgiving it turned out wonderful very happy.

  56. Ashley

    How many people will this serve?

  57. Anne from Pintesting


    Oh. My. Gosh. I just made this as part of our Thanksgiving meal and my husband said it could be the dessert. We both LOVED it! Please check out the pictures on my Facebook page or Instagram. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. I would give it 10 stars if I could. :-D

  58. Cindy


    I used 5 Cups of smashed sweet potatoes, then used an additional half of the rest of the ingredients. This made a perfect amount in my 9x13 pan. The only change I made to the topping was an added 1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes. These were the best sweet potatoes my family has ever had. This was so perfect for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe!

  59. Asia


    What a great recipe!! I made this today and it was a hit. Just the right amount of sweetness. I added a little bit of oats to the crumble because I love to have a little more crunch. This will be a new staple for the holidays :)

  60. Angela


    I made this today, and it was fantastic. Thank you for the great recipe!

  61. Marilyn

    Exceptional!! Even my hubby who is not a big veggie eater loved it!!

  62. April

    This is almost exactly like my grandmother's recipe that everyone loves. We use brown sugar only and add 6oz of white raisins to the first part.

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  64. Jeanne

    I made this for Thanksgiving dinner and it was a big hit! I thought it tasted like a pumpkin pecan pie, so delicious!

  65. Nicole

    Excellent recipe! Thank you.

  66. Joyce

    Very good sweet potato dish

  67. Joyce

    Delicious. My family really enjoyed it at Thanksgiving

  68. scott j gokey


    You were right this is the best ever!

  69. Diane Williams

    I have a similar recipe that my mil gave me over 25 years ago. It is the one thing that I HAVE to make for thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! This recipe can be made gluten free by omitting the flour in the topping and the taste is the same. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  70. Issy

    Sounds great will try next year!

  71. Sweet Potato Casserole | Pintesting

    […] see the credit. When I went to their site for the recipe, I noticed that it gave credit for the recipe to Nikki’s blog Chef In Training so I went straight there and pinned her Sweet Potato Casserole […]

  72. Judy

    Can this be made ahead of time?