Homemade Almond Roca

First off, Happy Easter! This is one of my favorite holidays because it is a special time to reflect on what our Savior did for all of us and how grateful I am to him for that. It also symbolizes new life and new beginnings which I am so grateful for as well. I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter holiday today.

Today I am sharing with you a recipe given to my by my grandma in one of her amazing cookbooks of recipes she has used since forever. This recipe is particularly special to me because it is my grandpas favorite candy. My grandpa is one of my heroes and someone I look up to so much, and each time I take a bite of an Almond Roca, I am flooded with memories of him.

You won’t believe how easy this candy is to make at home and how close to the real deal it tastes. Basically identical. This recipe makes a lot so it is perfect for gifts or serving a crowd.

The hard caramel crunchy center, coated with creamy milk chocolate and surrounded by little pieces of chopped almonds, this candy really is jam-packed with incredible flavor and texture. If you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely encourage you to! It really is delicious!

Homemade Almond Roca from chef-in-training.com …This candy is SO easy to make at home and tastes just like the real thing!

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Homemade Almond Roca
an easy and delicious homemade version of the classic Almond Roca candy
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 1½ cups coarsely-chopped almonds
  • 16 oz. light brown sugar
  • 1 lb. butter
  • 24 oz. milk chocoalte chips
  1. Sprinkle ¾ cup coarsely chopped almonds onto the bottom of an 18x13 inch cookie sheet. Set aside.
  2. In a 2 qt. sauce pan, combine sugar and butter over medium high heat while stirring frequently for several minutes unit bubbly and thick. Use a candy thermometer and cook until 290 degrees F. Watch carefully after 280 degrees F to prevent it from burning. Once it has reached 290 degrees F, remove from heat.
  3. Pour candy evenly on top of the almonds in cookie sheet. Let stand for a few minutes.
  4. Melt chocolate chips in microwave with 1 tsp. shortening or oil to help keep it smooth. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring between each increment, until completely melted and smooth.
  5. Cover candy with layer of chocolate and sprinkle remaining almonds evenly over the top of chocolate layer.
  6. Allow to set up for a few hours. I place mine in the fridge when I need them to cool faster.
  7. Once completely set up and hardened, break into pieces using a knife.
  8. This recipe makes about 2 lbs of candy and is great for gifts!


If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Nikki this is easier than I thought, for sure! And your post is really sweet and touching today! And how sweet this reminds you of your grandpa! Pinned & Happy Easter!

  2. Dita D

    What size pan do you use and is it a jellyroll pan?
    This looks great. Thanks.

    1. Chef in Training

      I use an 18x13 cookie sheet :)

  3. Emily @ Life on Food

    Candy makes me so nervous but this looks so tempting. I just need to jump right in and try some out.

  4. Darline Denise Smith

    This is my Dads , favorite ! I will have to make it for him , he loaves it he is 92 so I know by weekend he will have some !! :) <3

  5. Vicki Bensinger

    I grew up eating Almond Roca and it's my husbands favorite. Your photo looks just like the real thing and my guess is it's even better. Nice recipe and blog.

  6. Matt Robinson


    Love this recipe from your grandma and can't wait to try it. Loved hearing about your grandpa too, I felt them same about mine too as a boy. Thanks!

  7. Kelly Clark

    Do I need to butter the cookie sheet first? This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chef in Training

      nope! No need to :)

  8. Dianna Graef

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe. Haven't made it yet, but will soon. Thank you also for the sweet note about our precious Savior Jesus. God Bless You.

  9. Claire

    Can I substitute a different nut for the almonds? Obviously, it wouldn't be Almond Rocca anymore but my husband doesn't like almonds.

    1. Jeanette


      My mom uses walnuts at times n tastes good

    2. VV

      My mother in-law loves it but can no longer eat almonds. I make it with cashews and it is awesome!

  10. maureen

    Just made this and it turned out teeth shattering hard...I've always thought this stuff was made with baking soda thrown in at the end...wonder if that would've helped.

    1. Molly

      I've always made it to where you cook it till it turns an amber/red color then remove from heat . The baking soda at the end is for caramel corn.

    2. Melissa

      I do baking soda at the end (1/4 teaspoon) along with 1tsp of vanilla. Another hint is just sprinkle the chocolate chips on top and wait for them to melt, then spread the chocolate and sprinkle the nuts on top.

    3. Kim

      I made this and the toffee turned out perfect. Did you use a candy thermometer? My only problem is the chocolate layer didn't stick to the toffee layer.

    4. Deborah Mielke

      I agree. Temp is a hair from hard crack. Thinking about using some baking soda also. You have to be careful, too before maling candy to test your candy thermometer to be sure it is correct.

    5. Sherry Linton


      My chocolate layer also did not stick to the toffee layer, what could have caused that. Other than that this recipe is a keeper everyone in the house likes it

    6. Aimee

      When I went to cut it with a knife, all of the chocolate separated from the toffee part! Why did this happen!?

    7. Sandra


      The recipe didn't fill the 18 x 13 pan at all, perhaps half of it. And I did put baking soda in and it made is softer at least.

    8. Barbara Gini

      My chocolate didn't stick to the candy either

    9. Lisa

      Yes, I use 1/2tsp of baking soda in mine as it adds that airy, soft crunch texture to the "buttercrunch" candy, like the original! This recipe is fantastic and turns out alot like the Skor Bars and with the baking soda you'll get a softer crunch to your candy ♡

  11. Wendy

    Where does the milk go?

    1. Chef in Training

      the recipe says milk chocolate chips. sorry about any confusion

    2. Sandy VanUnen


      Dear Chef: Maybe Maureen (comment Aug 2) made the same mistake I almost did, you said softball stage and I was looking at soft crack stage. I realize my mistake just in time and got it in the pan. Hoping for a good turn out its still cooling. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Keri Moore

    On your Almond Roca you didn't say when to add the 24 oz milk.

    1. Chef in Training

      its milk chocolate chips :)

    2. Dee

      Can I use less butter in this recipe?

  13. Mirjana M

    what do you do with the 24oz of milk? I am not seeing it in the Instructions. Is it supposed to be whole milk?

    1. Chef in Training

      milk chocolate chips :)

    2. Mirjana M

      Oh Geez! I feel embarrassed lol. I wonder if it's because I was reading it on my iPhone. Thank you so much! I plan on making this very soon :D

  14. Christy carter


    Great recipes I can't wait to try them. Usually I have to buy these. But NOW I can make my own. So happy

  15. Hanit

    I don't have a candy thermometer. How do I know that the caramel has reached the right temperature?

  16. Melissa

    I followed the directions, but there is nothing that says what to do with the Milk?

  17. Melissa


    Ok I figured out it was Milk Chocolate Chips. What I did have issues with is the Sugar and Butter, I'm thinking I didn't cook it long enough. I couldn't get the sugar to mix in with the butter... Any suggestions?

    1. Pat Harden


      I've made roca for years and one thing I learned early-on was to not heat up too quickly and DO NOT stir the sides thinking you need to move the crystallized sugar on the side of the pan into the hot candy syrup.

  18. Julie

    ehat do you do with the 24 ounces of milk?

    1. Chef in Training

      its 24 oz. of milk chocolate chips :)

  19. betty petrie

    Love making new candy thanks

  20. Liz Walker

    My almond Roca turned out great,except when I broke it up the choc.separeted from the roca.I might have it to thick and also,I forgot to add the tsp.of oil.Thanks Liz

    1. Donnia


      I made it yesterday and see a few had the same problem. My chocolate separated when I cut it into pieces. I did add the oil to choc chips. Any suggestions? It tastes great, just not in gift giving shape!

    2. Dee

      My chocolate fell of the top too when I broke it to pieces. No problem with the candy part, but I used a thermometer. The only thing I changed wasi preferred my almonds salted ?

  21. Tawny


    This is so easy and delicious! Thank you! When I use the knife to make chunks, the chocolate separates from the toffee. Any cure for that? And, didn't have milk chocolate so used semi sweet choc. Hope that's not the reason for the separation. Totally delish with semi sweet choc.

  22. Shannon

    This looks amazing! How long does this keep after it's cooked? And how do you store it to preserve it? I have some free time and would like to make it for Christmas but I wasn't sure if it would last that long stored. I will have to hide it so my family won't eat it all!

    1. Chef in Training

      Store in an airtight container. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how long it can be stored. So sorry about that!

    2. Seth

      It will stay fresh in airtight tupperware in the fridge for a few weeks.

    3. Ann

      Why won't you answer about the chocolate separation?

  23. Nancy

    I've made this before and find that toasted almonds work and taste the best

  24. Mallory

    My family has been making this my entire life. Friends and family look forward to it every Christmas. We always score the candy before it cools. Makes it easier to break layer. However, we've always used white sugar. I think I'll try a batch of brown sugar to see how I like the difference. :)

  25. Seth


    I've been making this stuff for years and it is delicious! I add a dash of vanilla to my bubbling sugar mixture and do often substitute cashews for the almonds and add a layer of melted peanut butter chips mixed with a few tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter between the toffee and the chocolate layer.....everyone asks for this toffee for Christmas, so I need to get right down to it now....

  26. Grace

    Milk is listed on the ingredients but does not show it on the instructions. Is it cooked with the butter and sugar?

  27. Beth

    Where does the 24 ounces of milk come in ? It's on the ingredient list but not in the instructions.

    1. Chef in Training

      its milk chocolate chips :)

    2. Jamie

      I am so excited to make this! I have noticed a few comments though that say the chocolate is separating from the roca....any suggestions on how to fix this issue before I make it?

    3. Angela

      I keep waiting to see if there is a response to your question, as it seems to be a common issue, but haven't seen one yet:(

  28. Angel

    What about the milk? Where in the recipe do you use it?

    1. Chef in Training

      its milk chocolate chips :)

  29. Christine

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe! I made it last night & I ate way more than I want to admit. Almond Roca takes me back to my childhood - my mom bought it for me at almost every holiday until she died 8 years ago. This just took me back! Thank you so much for that! ♥

  30. Danielle


    i made this the other day i did not allow the candy part to cook long enough because it looked like it was going to burn, it got up to 235. it still turned out good, just not as hard.

  31. Laurie Lancour

    Made this last night and when I tried to cut it today, the top layer separated from the toffee layer. Any suggestions?

    1. Anjalika Nigam


      Hi -

      The first time I made it, the toffee and chocolate separated too so I did a little research and found out that the butter of the toffee makes it slippery so by dusting some cocoa powder on top of the toffee before putting the chocolate on will absorb that additional butter and allow the chocolate to adhere better. I tried it and, while some chocolate still did separate, for the most part it worked!

      Good luck!


  32. Denise

    the chocolate separated from the toffee when I broke it apart. Any advice?

    1. Anjalika Nigam


      The first time I made it, the toffee and chocolate separated too so I did a little research and found out that the butter of the toffee makes it slippery so by dusting some cocoa powder on top of the toffee before putting the chocolate on will absorb that additional butter and allow the chocolate to adhere better. I tried it and, while some chocolate still did separate, for the most part it worked! Good luck!


  33. Nicole N.


    I made this the other day and it turned out delicious. The only con is the chocolate separated from the roca once I started cutting into pieces. Other than that, I recommend this recipe!

    1. Judy Mc

      If your chocolate is separating from the toffee ,it makes me wonder if you used margarine instead of butter. Candy is one place you can not use that substitute.

  34. Nancy

    So ... about the milk?!? :) Just kidding!! My question is, do you stir the candy constantly while it's cooking? I know some candy you do and some you don't. Thanks for the recipe and the story!

  35. Paula Elliott

    I made this last night. I let it boil to 290 degrees. But mine is not hard. It's more like fudge. I followed the directions. Does yours turn out hard like the real thing?

    1. Chef in Training

      Yes mine is hard like the real Almond Roca. Maybe yours didn't cook long enough? I am so sorry it didn't quite turn out for you hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

  36. Deanna

    I made this today. I didn't have a candy thermometer and tried to eyeball it. The sugar and butter mixture didn't turn out too hard. Is this because it didn't cook long enough? Also I didn't have enough chocolate chips so I did half milk chocolate and half white chocolate and it tastes pretty great. I let my daughter add Christmas sprinkles to the top and we're giving as gifts.

  37. lupe ramirez


    thank you nikki who knew this could be so easy

  38. Morgan


    Hi. Thanks for the recipe. It would be good to edit the recipe to add "score before it cools." Mine tastes great, but after hours of making it and waiting for it to cool, it's separating as I try to break it, and I'm sobbing mess because I worked really hard to get it right and I have to send it out anyway because I can't afford to do it over, nor do I have enough time to re-do it even if I could afford to do so, because I waited until the last minute for holiday shipping. So, an edit would be really appreciated to help prevent others from my situation. I will just eat my emotions in pounds of homemade candy, though.
    Thanks, again.

    1. Morgan

      Okay, my boyfriend talked me away from my ledge over the phone, and I've separated the two entirely, broken down the toffee bits into little pieces, and will proceed to melt down the chocolate and drizzle over. It's only 2:30 AM right now, so I have some time before it needs to be at the post office. There will be Christmas candy on time!

  39. Pamela Kopp


    Made this last year! It's the best making again this year!

  40. jamie thompson


    i made this last night and like some of the others when i broke up the candy my chocolate came off, what do you do to leep the chocolate on, should we do a thinner layer of chocolate ?

  41. laurie


    I think that recipe had to much butter.the butter was sitting on top of the rest of it when I poured into a pan.

  42. colin grabish

    My question is this how do you keep the toffee from getting to hard I make toffee and it always gets real hard and it takes a long time to soften in your mouth. and of course when do you add the milk? Lol kidding.

  43. Amanda

    so I made this and though it tastes amazing the toffee just won't harden! I have had it frozen for 3 days but still as soon as I take it out to break it it gets soft and won't break. What did I do wrong?

    1. Chef in Training

      I am so sorry to hear that. Did you cook the sugar mixture long enough and to the right temperature? That is the only thing I can think of. If anything else comes to mind I will let you know. Again so sorry you experienced that.

  44. Marian


    This candy turned out to be delicious. It was very easy to make. The chocolate wasn't getting hard, so I took your suggestion and put it in the refrigerator and it worked. This will be my annual candy recipe for Christmas gifts. Thank you so much, Nikki.

  45. Christine


    I made this today. The hardness of the Roca is perfect, it tastes wonderful,but I had the same problem as many others. I am disappointed that more than half of the batch separated from the Roca. I would really like to know if there is a way to prevent this. As for now, I have a bowl set aside to use the separated pieces as Ice Cream topping :)

    1. Jackie


      This is absolutely delicious! I did have the same problem as a lot of other posters. The chocolate separated from the Roca. I wonder if letting the chips melt on the hot candy would solve the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated because it really is a wonderful easy recipe, but not gift worthy when it separates.

  46. Stephanie @ LitLoversLane.com


    I made Almond Roca last year, but could not find the recipe I'd used. Did another search and found yours. I liked the idea of not dipping individual pieces in the chocolate and then rolling in almond pieces. This recipe is wonderful!!! Tastes delicious. Sometimes the chocolate separates from candy part when cutting, but still great! It is a keeper.

  47. Jay Bee

    The butter separated a bit and the mixture didn't stay smooth. I stirred it vigorously the entire time. Are you not supposed to keep stirring it while you are waiting for it to reach 290 degrees.

  48. Dar Nys


    I don't think 24 Oz of chocolate chips is necessary. The almond Roca was so thick in places that it was hard to break up....

  49. Sondra Gingery

    I tried this and had problems. With this amount of butter (1 lb.) even trying to cook it slowly the toffee started to burn. I was watching the candy thermometer, and had I gone all the way to even 280 deg. it would have been burnt beyond edibility. Some of my other toffee recipes use far less butter, or perhaps the temp needs not to be taken clear to the soft crack stage ( 270 - 288 deg,)

  50. Mary

    It turned out wonderful and tastes yummy. Only problem I had was , as I have seen others post, the chocolate separating from the candy when cutting it. I havent seen you reply with a possible solution...any suggestions what may cause this?

  51. Joanne MacDonald

    I see that some people have commented that the butter seems to be floating on top, indicating that there is too much butter for the amount of sugar, and this seems to be causing the chocolate to separate. I'm wondering ... the recipe says 16 oz light brown sugar ... is that 16 oz by volume, (i.e., 2 cups) or 16 oz by weight. There can be a difference. 16 oz by weight is likely more brown sugar than 2 cups, because you don't say to pack the sugar. If it is by cups, I wonder why you don't say 2 cups. That would be a lot more definitive.

    I'm making it today, and I don't imagine I'll get an answer from you in time, so I'm going to go with 16 oz. (i.e, 2 cups PACKED brown sugar) and double test it with the ice water method.

  52. yhomara

    Let me start by saying that this recipe is perfect! The only question that i have is how to prevent the chocolate from separating from the candy?

  53. Charlee

    Ok I was a bit sceptical with all the complaints of the chocolate falling off the top and the butter to sugar ratio but decided to go ahead and try it!
    It worked out beautifully with these added steps!
    Once you spread the caramel in the pan, there will be excess butter that will rise to the surface. I took paper towel and blotted it until there was just the shiny candy.
    Then took a handful or 2 of the remaining almonds, sprinkled on to the caramel and slightly pressed them in.
    Then spread the melted ( I used dark chocolate ) over top and then more Almonds over the chocolate.
    When cooled and hard took a knife and pryed underneath the slab and gently broke into pieces.
    Absolutely delicious! Will definatly make this a new holiday tradition

  54. Sarah Dega


    Having made this recipe nearly a dozen times and having read the comments below, here are some useful tips when making this amazing almond roca:

    1. The butter and sugar ratio is correct. IMPORTANT: If you are using UNsalted butter, plan on adding 1/4 tsp salt per stick of butter (in this case, 4 sticks of butter = 1 full tsp salt) OR, be sure to use salted butter. Salt is key in keeping these two ingredients harmonious and helps prevent them from separating as it reaches a high temperature. SLOW, but almost contstant stirring also helps prevent separation, and burning. Whipping the mixture and stirring really fast can cause separation! These two are the main culprits of why butter and sugar separate. I have found that a wire whisk slowly dragged around the bottom prevents burning and worked best over other utensils (silicone spatulas etc)

    2. Patience. Commit to stirring this mixture an upwards of almost 20 minutes and you'll be rewarded. Cranking up the heat just a little bit to rush the end result will result in burned and useless toffee.

    3. Watch your thermometer. It's slow to climb in temperature, but as it approaches 280 degrees, you'll be surprised to find it can shoot to 290 in ten seconds. I personally remove mine just as it passes 280 because of this and to avoid burning it. Work very quickly to spread it in your pan.

    4. After I've put the chocolate and nuts on top, I refrigerate it briefly to harden the chocolate up. Then I take it out and using a chefs knife, run around the edge of the pan before I start to cut one row at a time, in small squares and gently lift them out. Never bust/break it up or your chocolate will surely come off. These come out in nice bite size pieces and I haven't had an issue with lots of chocolate coming off. It made over 90 squares of almond roca for me.

    5. Some toffee, and some chocolate WILL come off, that's the beauty of toffee. You can scrape up a good 1 Cup of bits and crumbs and put it in a small baggie- we use it on top of ice cream. It's divine. Thanks for sharing this recipe!!!

    1. Shari

      I know this was written way back when...but just read it...I have made Roche for years..than stopped for some reason..guess when kids got married and moved..LOL.ANYWAY just started making it again and can't find my easy recipe so used another...I killed 2 batches.. butter and sugar separated and got grainy... I had started using unsalted butter a few years ago.. and I think I stirred to fast... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this info..I feel better..LOL... and I have always put the chocolate right on the top to melt it..thanks again

  55. Anita

    I made this twice and it's pretty good. Both time I made sure to bring the temp up to 290. This recipe does not give you the hard crack as toffee made with white sugar does. It was also my experience that it needs to be eaten with in a few days otherwise the brittle part becomes too soft and just tastes like damp brown sugar.
    I made this three days ahead from when I wanted to give as a gift. Good thing I tasted it first, as is was no longer suitable to eat. I even stored it in an airtight container.
    I would make this again but only if it would be eaten within two days at the most.

  56. Namenotreleased


    If you score the candy with a knife just before you put the chocolate on it should break into pieces easier and without having too much of the chocolate popping off.

  57. Krystal Crinklaw

    This is the most devine recipe!!

  58. Kathy


    I and several of my friends made the Almond Roca but each of us had the same problem. Our chocate did not stick to the candy. What do you recommend to fix this problem?

    1. Teddy

      The candy must be cooled slightly. If the toffee is too hot the chocolate won't stick.

  59. Tori

    Hi Chef in training,
    What is best butter or margarine? Also what type of butter? Salted or unsalted
    Thanks for all the recipes

  60. Deborah

    I just made this. The only problem I had was when it said pUt on medium high I did but right before softball stages started turning dark like it was burning is there a remedy for this? did anyone else have this problem ?came out a little darker than I wanted.

  61. Diane Gehoski

    Im going to make this,but first I have to buy some Almonds

  62. K kusler

    This is really good! Mom and I used to make it at Christmas. We used dark semisweet chocolate or unsweetened.
    Also it would be good to add some sea salt to the pre roasted almonds for the top.

  63. Willia Davidson

    I love Carmel and chocolate and nuts could you use pecans?

  64. Nancy Hayden

    Question: How much butter?
    Is the cookie sheet buttered?

    Sounds good

  65. Samantha

    I have found that if you wait a few minutes for the sugar to set you can poor the chocolate chips directly on and the heat will melt them and you can spread the chocolate smooth and sprinkle your remaining almonds on top.

  66. Jan

    Sounds good. I've always made it with white sugar & I always stir the whole time with long wooden spoon, using a heavy pan (my pressure cooker bottom works great for all kinds of candy) Some of problem folks are having may be some butters seem to have more water content & main thing is NEVER MAKE CANDY THAT IS COOKED ON A RAINY DAY OR WITH STORM ON THE WAY. It will fail every time. I will try the cocoa powder on top to keep the choc on better.I've made candy for 50 yrs but last 10 there have been some problems with butter having too much water, my toffee at times has separated at the last moment just when it is ready & beautiful amber & pour out & have a "lake of butter" sitting on top & dripping around the edges. Candy poured out on aluminum foil will " cook" more & get too hard. I think I will be trying parchment paper this year. Also I used wax paper to put some chocolate cookies on last Christmas & noticed a whitish look to bottom of cookies. The "wax" on the paper comes off now. So using parchment for cookies now also. Hope this helps some that are having problems. Even those of us making candy, pies & such for years have trouble when the companies change the formula of their products, Crisco has changed, OK for some recipes not for others.

  67. Pat

    the 16 oz brown sugar - is that by weight, or 16 oz in the measuring cup?

  68. Valerie

    Instead of cooling and then breaking it apart, when the toffee first starts to set score it where you want to break it. Score it nearly all the way through. A pizza cutter and a sharp knife make quick work. Then cover it with the chocolate and chopped almonds.

  69. john franklin


    It makes closer to 4 lbs of toffee. add 1/4 cup of water at beginning and still to mix ingredients. after this initial stirring, don't stir again. You'll break down the sugar molecules. 290F is a good temp but 300 will make it a bit more brittle, try it if you like it harder. don't go over 300F though, it will burn! if you use white sugar instead of brown the color will be a litter lighter(and 1 calorie per teaspoon less). As a really nice flavor add on try adding 1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract at the very end. (careful, it will pop and bubble for a couple of seconds)
    when you hit 300F shut off heat and add some baking soda and stir it in. This will make it thicker. just make sure you have a tall pot you're cooking in, as it will rise.

  70. katie

    Made this and when i went yo cut it the chocolate separate from the bottom?

  71. Charlotte P. Arey


    I've been looking for this receipt for years

  72. Carole


    My husband LOVES almond roca, and I always get a big container of it for him as a Christmas present. I'm going to be making almond for him this year instead of buying it! Thank you for this recipe.

  73. Catherine Harvey

    The almond roca is so delicious and very easy. Thank you

  74. rhonda donovan

    Looks like something the Fam would enjoy!

  75. Patricia

    I have this same recipe but after coating the top with chocolate and almond slivers we let it set up in the fridge and then flip it over into another same sized cookie sheet or wax papered counter top and put chocolate and almonds on the flip side too

  76. Beverly

    Okay, I used to make it that way until I realized that you can just do this:

    Microwave Almond Roca

    1-2 c. chopped almonds
    1 c. butter
    1 c. sugar
    1 pkg. real chocolate chips

    Sprinkle 1 c. chopped almonds evenly into buttered 9x13 pan. Cook butter and sugar in microwave for 1 min. Stir. Cook a remaining 6 to 8 min., stirring every 2 min. Mixture will be caramelized in color. Pour immediately over almonds (it's okay that the butter/sugar mixture partially separates). Pour choc. chips on hot caramel, spread evenly when melted. Sprinkle with remaining 1 c. almonds if desired. Chill or freeze. Break into pieces to serve.

  77. Darlys

    Do you need to butter the cookie sheet before layering the nuts on it?

  78. Julie


    I made this last week. Although it was very good, all of my chocolate fell off the candy. My chocolate was thicker than the picture. Did I do something wrong? Everyone still ate it, we just grabbed both parts...LOL

  79. Jeania Halverson

    I made this almond Roca recipe today but when I went to cut it, the layers fell apart. What am I doing wrong????

  80. Susan

    I have attempted this recipe before. The first time, it came out great. The next two times the butter/sugar mixture broke and curdled.....had to throw it all out.

  81. Julia Aubrey

    Oh heck what did I do wrong ? The butter and the sugar seamed to separate when it got to 280 I was stirring constantly

    1. Pat

      Don't stir the sides.

  82. Dorothy Dorcy

    Homemade almond roca was real good

  83. Tamea King

    Is the caramel hard like peanut brittle? I love to make candy for Christmas and this looks easy. Does it store well so it can be made ahead of the holidays?

  84. Darrell B. Coon


    After reading all the comments (to this point) about the chocolate separating from the roca I have one idea that might help. If you have put the candy in your refrigerator to cool, the chocolate is going to be hard and will separate more readily than if it is room temp. Chocolate is more sticky when warm so it will stick better while warmer and the roca will still break. I also like the idea of pre-scoring the roca with a pizza cutter prior to applying the chocolate. The addition of baking soda will create air pockets in the candy, this is how peanut brittle is made.

  85. Maria

    I used semi-sweet chocolate and it is a wonderful combination of sweet and not so sweet. Worked fantastic!

  86. Susan

    My first attempt turned out pretty darn good. I believe I have a theory on why some folks had chocolate slipping off the roca. After reading a lot of those comments I came up with an idea. Thinking maybe the oil in the choc. chips in the microwave has enough oil to make the choc. slip. I melted my Choc. chips down in a pan on the stove on low and just stirred til they melted evenly and poored them on to the roca....came out perfect. So, maybe, maybe not, this may help.

  87. Kim

    I made this today and it was surprisingly easy. Candy thermometer is a must. This was my first time making candy, so I was a bit nervous, but it worked. The only problem is the chocolate layer came off the toffee part when I cut it. Any suggestions?

  88. sheri

    This has always been my favorite type of candy!!! However, I am now diabetic and do not digest sugar!!! Can you tell me how to make these using sugar free products, please.

  89. Lorilee

    I have made Roca for years and I have learned to let the Roca cool completely and then take a paper towel or a cloth and wipe down the roca really well until it's dry. The towel will start to stick a bit....that's how you know the chocolate will stick. The reason it separates is because some of the butter rises to the top and creates a greasy layer so of course it won't stick. ;) Hope that helps.

  90. Katie Faris

    I am having problems making this. I used real butter, one pound, brown sugar one pound and cooked it to 290 on my candy thermometer now I did stir it a lot but it seemed to separate and is grainy. Did I cook it too fast? I love this candy but may have to give up and buy it. Thank you for your help, katie

  91. Rick Kelley


    Did this! First time even trying something like this but love See's or Disneyand almond toffee. Looks like 290 is well below hard crack, which could explain too hard results. Mine was perfect. Where I deviated from recipe worked out well too. I had large dark chocolate melting chips and put some in coffee grinder with few dozen beans. I spread this on bottom of pan. after pouring toffee on pan, I spread chips and almond slices and put in 350 about 10 minutes. No problem with chocolate separating from toffee. PERFECT!

  92. Paula

    Do you use raw almonds or roasted almonds, please?

  93. scroller

    My recipe has 2 cups packed brown sugar, 1 lb butter, 12 oz almond slices & 4 oz only semi-sweet chocolate chips. Temperature should be 300 degrees or Hard Crack on candy thermometer. Dump half the almonds into the hot candy before pouring & spreading the hot candy on the cookie sheet. Sprinkle the chocolate chips on the hot candy - they will melt and you just spread them with a knife! Chocolate only needs to be on one side of the candy. Score the candy with a knife into "gift-size" portions while still hot, so it will break easily once candy has cooled. Sprinkle rest of sliced almonds onto the spread melted chocolate. I have made this recipe since the 1980's - has always been a hit.

  94. Barbara Trost

    My daughter and mother can not eat nuts, what would a tasty substitute? Thanks!

  95. Lauren

    My chocolate layer didn't stick to the toffee layer. So I was left with pieces of chocolate and prices of toffee once it was all broken up. any idea as to why this happened? Or any ideas as to how to fix it?

  96. Val Mavins


    Haven't made this yet but sounds so good.. Can't wait to put it together..

  97. shirley smith

    I really want to try this homemade Almond Roco,but is there anyway you can tell me in cups for brown sugar and for the chocolate chips.I buy this stuff by the bulk and i am just not quite sure on really how much to use to make this right.Thanking you in advance.

    1. Sherry Linton

      I used a kitchen scale to measure my brown sugar and chocolate chips that I buy in bulk

  98. Deborah Mielke

    How far ahead can you make? Ok to do now for Christmas?

  99. Shells

    Do you need to grease the cookie sheet or line it with parchment paper? Looks yummy and easy to make!

  100. Anne

    What type of almonds do I use? Raw or cooked?

  101. Kim

    Did anyone else have problems with the toffee not sticking to the chocolate. I had to perfect layers but they were not melded together. What did I do wrong? It tastes delicious!

  102. Nancy

    Almond roca looks great, and so few ingredients... does 16 oz brown sugar mean 2 cups???

  103. kathleen Gulbronson

    I tried this Recipe tonight. oMG so yummy. As for the comments of the chocolate separating from the candy, I tried a knife at first and noticed a lot of the chocolate was coming off. I then went to breaking pieces off using my hands and that helped immensely. Don't get me wrong some still separated but it was much better than using the knife. Hope this helps. Wonderful recipe. Thank you

  104. Desirae

    Hello! Great recipe. Mom's favorite.
    How long would this stay fresh for, do you think?


  105. Kristina Johnson


    This is an excellent recipe, thank you so much. I didn't have any problems with the chocolate breaking/separating and here's what I did: 1) I didn't have enough chocolate so had to run to grocery store while the caramel was cooling in the pan, resting on the counter. By the time I got back and poured the chocolate over the caramel it was completely cool to touch and probably 45-60 min had gone by 2) I put it all in the fridge for an hour to make sure completely hardened 3) the whole thing popped out in a big rectangle...I put on cutting board and cut into squares with a large chef's knife, so I didn't BREAK the candy. Perhaps one or all of these contributed to my success :-) Thank you for a GREAT recipe.

  106. Emily


    I was really excited to try this recipe, the ingredients were simple and the steps were actually do-able. I followed the recipe to a t- making sure I measured everything out and didn't overlook any detail (because I'm a new cook and scared to mess it up.) Something had to be left out because my Roca is thick and won't come out the pan, it is too sticky and isn't crunchy or breakable like it should be.

    Very bummed! More details should be added, as not everyone has a candy thermometer!

  107. Janet

    Since most of the posters here had a problem with the chocolate not binding to the toffee, I can't help but wonder if the the photo was actually made by the author according to this recipe. Especially since she does not give any reply to the question asked over and over again--why the chocolate separates from the toffee when cutting.....

    1. Chef in Training

      This is my picture from the recipe as posted. I have not had any problem with the chocolate separating but plan to retest the recipe again soon to see what tips I can offer those that have. If you look in the comments there are some tips from other people who have tried it with success. Hope that helps :)

    2. red

      You really seem to evade the question regarding the chocolate separating from the toffee!

    3. Jan Held

      Hello Chef. You indicated last year that you would be looking into the problem of the chocolate separating from the toffee. Did you find a solution for this issue? Your recipe sounds wonderful, but I'm concerned with the problem so many folks had. Also I noticed some folks added vanilla and/or baking soda. Would you add in the recipe how much as an optional ingredients please.

      Thank you for your time.

    4. Ellen


      Mine separated also and I did not have a candy thermometer. I am going to buy one!

  108. Marcia


    Don't cut the almond roca the minute you take it out of the fridge. If you do the chocolate will break away from the toffee. Leave it out for about 5 to 10 minutes then cut with sharp knife. Pick up the piece with the knife (like you do with a piece of cake). Excellent!

  109. Lori Fishell

    I made this tonight and let me tell you was a little nervous after all the comments about the chocolate coming off of the toffee. I put parchment paper on my pan then I took very small chopped pecans and sprinkled them on the paper. I weighed my brown sugar and cooked it to 290°. I added a splash of vanilla at the end, poured the toffee over top of the nuts, spread it around a little bit to thin it out, then I took my milk chocolate chips and sprinkled on top of the hot toffee and let it sit for a few minutes and spread it across the toffee. Then I took slivered almonds that I had crushed and sprinkled on top and took a sandwich baggie over my hands and pressed into the chocolate. Put in the fridge for an hour and broke it up by hand....wonderful result!

  110. Barbara


    This is my first time with this recipe. It turned out perfectly. I have a few suggestions. 16 oz. of brown sugar same as 2 cups packed brown sugar. Be patient in cooking on medium heat . It takes a while. Pour candy on foil 10x15 cookie sheet. Comes out in one sheet. I see where some have problem with chocolate separating from candy when breaking into pieces. After cooling bring to room temperature. This is what I did and didn't have a problem. Also, I toasted almonds in 300 degree oven. Watch carefully. I mixed these into candy at about 250 then continued to 290. I did not add oil to chocolate. Sorry to be so detailed.

  111. Allen Boston

    I made this and it was really good to to hard to make and I gave it in Christmas gift boxes and now I am getting feed back and every body wants me to make more ...and i will ..........very easy receipt and easy to follow..........but you have to have a candy thermometer .. thanks

  112. Eileen Becker

    I've made a recipe much like this one.as soon as the candy is poured over the chopped nuts and spread out I sprinkle the mini chocolate chips all over. The heat. fron the candy melts the chocolate is just a minute or so. Spread chocolate and sprinkle with more nuts

  113. mollytatenda mupfurutsa

    so yummmy i love it

  114. Debbie Stonestreet

    Lovely recipe. Great Gift Giver

  115. Amber


    So I made this recipe last night and only thing that was wrong was the texture. It has amazing flavor, but I put it in the fridge overnight and I tasted it this morning and it didn't harden like it should. What do you think I did wrong? I would love to get this down because my husband loves almond roca!

  116. Elizabeth

    I've just made this and it is perfect. Very easy recipe. I used ghridelli chocolate chips and a dark brown sugar. I also used salted butter. It's not diet food but it's buttery and chocolate with perfect almond crunch. Thank you for a yummy almond roca!!

  117. Kristin


    We made this tonight, as I love Almond Roca, and we were celebrating no school tomorrow due to inclement weather :) We used our candy thermometer, and measured the brown sugar & semi-sweet chocolate chips on the kitchen scale. Also instead of just plain almonds, we used the mixed nuts from Costco, and they worked perfectly. The only thing we'd recommend is a little less chocolate. 24oz seems too much. I think we'll try 16oz next time. Otherwise, really yummy recipe, and the whole family gives it two thumbs up!

  118. Vera Whisner

    I've made this that last three years to give as a hostess gift at our Christmas tea. Always turns out great. The only thing I changed was adding the nuts to the syrup mixture instead of putting them in the bottom of the pan. Thanks!!!

  119. Linda


    Good recipe and easy to make but my chocolate is separating from the toffee also. I see that over the years others have had this problem and I have not seen any answers to that. Has anyone discovered how to stop this from happening?

    1. Rosanne

      Could be the cheaper butter with higher water content

  120. Juanita A. Lopez

    Thank you this so cool!

  121. Tracy

    I just tried this for the first time - turned out AMAZE-BALLS!
    Made a second batch, reduced the almonds by just a bit and added toasted coconut - Almond "joy" Roca! Yum!!!

  122. Rosanne

    I have been told over the years to use expensive butter as it has less water content in it, seems to work better

  123. Denise

    I made your recipe and it was so easy and the candy cane out amazing I will start giving this as gifts for the holidays. What do you recommend on how to store it after you make a batch?

  124. Samantha Esqueda


    So delicious! I made two batches at first, and the first one came out way too soft and too salty to eat (but it was my fault, I read the candy thermometer wrong). The second batch came out perfect! The toffee is soo delicious. I recommend pressing the almonds into the chocolate a bit while its cooling. I made another batch about a week later, and for some reason it did not come out as good as the second one did. I thought I had done everything right, but it was a little chewier than it was supposed to be. It was hard when biting into it but after chewing it a bit seemed like caramel. It was still good though, just not perfect.
    And the chocolate did separate from the toffee a bit on both batches, but not too much for where it was ruined. I figured out that breaking it up with your hands, putting pressure on the bottom (toffee side) was the best way, so that the chocolate wouldn't break off first and come apart.
    Would definitely do this again!

  125. Dianne Sullivan

    This was so easy. The taste is great. It will make my family smile!!

  126. Shirley M. Haines


    I have made this and it has become a favorite of my family. Love it!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  127. Rachel


    I make mine with white sugar. After I put it on the pan and it is still hot. I take a pizza cutter and cut all in square. And when it is cool of . I take it of the pan and with the pizza cutter cut along the line. It makes nice bite size squares

  128. Rosanna B.


    I make something similar--you can use any kind of nut--it makes great peanut brittle! Also, to get the chocolate to stick, I use hershey bars, broken into pieces and put directly onto the hot candy, then use a spoon to spread it as it melts.... I've never had a problem with the chocolate sticking when doing that. Sometimes trying to coat both sides I try the melted chocolate way, and have trouble with it sticking to the 2nd side.

  129. Kelly

    Super easy to make! Turned out wonderful! I've made three batches in five days! Everyone who has tried it, loves it!

  130. Denise Garcia


    Soo easy!! Thank you. Was alot easier than I thought. This is a new holiday must for me.

  131. MaryAnn

    I LOVE this recipe! Wondered if anyone has frozen it? I make at least three batched and need to store it until Christmas. Can I keep it good at room or fridge temperature?

  132. Miranda


    I LOVE almond Roca even though I am not a huge fan of toffee. I saw this and HAD to try it. I read a few comments and decided to see if I experienced the same. I did find early in the cooking that the butter separates from the sugar but the hitter it gets and the more you stir the more it combines until you get this beautiful golden bubbly candy. I also had problems getting it to spread accross the pan, however I decided the next batch I will only stir it a little after removing it from the heat and pouring over while it's still slightly liquid to aide in the spread. However, I did get it to go fully accross with a smooth spatula. I forgot to melt the chocolate first and spread them on top but it melted slowly and before it got too cool I popped it in a warm oven with the door slightly open as I only needed it to warm not bake. It worked perfectly. Now, all I have to do is wait for it to cool to break it apart. I don't think I had the same issue with the airy part as the bubbliness of the candy was apparent as I had spread it, but we will see once fully cooked. If I can find where to add photos, I will. It turned out beautiful.

  133. RLGuyton1

    My toffee is very grainy. What do I need to do so that it’s not?

  134. Diana Valdez

    Hi my question for this candy is, do I use raw or salted almonds?

  135. Rhonda Mallory


    I made this at Christmas time and it was delicious! There was one big problem, the chocolate and the caramel did not stay together for the most part. What did I do wrong?

  136. MaryAnn Alley


    Have done this a couple of times and loved it. This last year, the chocolate did not stick to the toffee. Any suggestions?

  137. Suzanne

    This looks so good! What a great recipe to make for friends on the weekend!