Party Punch

Party Punch!... only 3 ingredients! It is simple, delicious and a crowd pleaser! #beverage #drink #recipe

2013 is around the corner… as in, 2 DAYS around the corner! Can you believe it?! This also means New Years Eve is tomorrow, which also means many of you are either hosting party or going to a party. This Party Punch is a recipe that comes from my grandma. It is simple, basic and […]

Easy 7-Up Marinade

Easy 7-Up Marinade

Family recipes may be my favorite recipes ever!  My grandma passed down this recipe to me. I am not sure where she got it from, but it made into one of her two GIANT cookbooks she gave me when I went to college.  Both she and my mom make this marinade all the time, because […]


Slush!... The best drink in the entire world and SO easy to make! Everyone will be asking you for the recipe!

This drink is AMAZING! Words cannot even begin to describe how DELICIOUS this drink is! I remember my grandma or mom always making this for a special dinner. I make it just because.  I seriously don’t even need a reason to make this because I just love it so much! It so easy to make […]