Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting

So… I may or may not be OBSESSED with Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes. Their cupcake flavors are brilliant and delicious. I love my cupcakes moist and that is exactly what their texture is. But lets be honest for a moment… it is their frosting that gets me every time. I am not even a frosting person, so that is saying something.

Back in April, a group of bloggers went and visited/devoured some cupcakes. I had the privileged of sampling their Cookie Dough Cupcake with Cookie Dough Frosting. While you are not getting a cookie dough cupcake today, you better believe you are getting a cookie dough frosting recipe… a cream cheese cookie dough frosting recipe. I have been determined to make my own ever since sampling their delectable cupcake.

I used this Copycat Cookies and Cream Sweet Tooth Fairy Frosting as my base and adapted it from there. You can also find an adaption for a Salted Caramel Frosting that is DELISH!

*Disclaimer Side note: This frosting is eggless, but I have had some readers tell me that there can be a small risk with consuming raw flour, so eat at your own risk :)

Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting from ...This frosting is incredible! Seriously, you need to make it to see for yourself!

They piped their frosting on like so… BUT this frosting can be pretty thick and I think it looks more like “cookie dough” to just scoop it on. Either way, it still tastes the same :)

Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting from ...This frosting is incredible! Seriously, you need to make it to see for yourself!

WARNING: you may not even make it to the cupcake before you dig in with your spoon :)

Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting

Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting from ...This frosting is incredible! Seriously, you need to make it to see for yourself!

By Chef in Training July 7, 2013

  • Yield: 24 cupcakes (24 Servings)

This frosting is incredible! Seriously, you need to make it to see for yourself!


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  1. Cream softened cream cheese and butter together in a large bowl.
  2. Add brown sugar, vanilla and Dream Whip and evenly beat together.
  3. Add milk, flour and powdered sugar and beat to evenly incorporate until smooth. (If you need to add a little milk to thin it, feel free to do so. I prefer my frosting thick so I never needed to)
  4. Stir in mini chocolate chips.
  5. I like to cover my plastic frosting bowl with saran wrap and stick it in the fridge for about 15 minutes. It thickens up pretty nicely :) You don't have to do that step though.
  6. Frost cupcakes and eat up!


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  1. 1

    Nikki, this is incredible! You are right, I am think I just need to make this and eat it with a spoon. It really looks and sounds THAT GOOD!

  2. 2

    Yum! This cupcake looks delicious, and salted caramel is my absolute favorite.

  3. 3

    Nikki this looks CRAZY good. You don’t even need cupcakes for this – just a big spoon :) Pinned!

  4. 4

    I have been waiting for this post since you showed that picture on instagram! Holy yum! I am not a frosting lover either, but this looks & sounds amazing!!! Pinning for sure!

  5. 5

    Oh my goodness this looks amazing. Definitely pinned so I remember to make it one day!

  6. 6

    Nikki… This frosting sounds To. Die. For!!! I know mine wont make it to the cupcakes when I make it! Lol

  7. 7

    Is there any way to make this gluten free?

  8. 9
    Eddie Ray says:

    What if you can’t find Dream Whip? What’s a substitute? Is it possible to make this without dream Whip? Also, is there a way to make homemade dream whip? Sorry for all the questions I’m just really excited for this recipe…

    • 10

      I used the Kroger (my local grocery store) version of dream whip. It’s called whipped topping mix and it does the exact same thing. Check the baking isle at your grocery store.

    • 11

      I used a tub of whipped topping. The texture might have been different, but it was still delicious! I am going to get Dream Whip for the next time I make this. I know where to get it now, but someone also suggested looking at mom and pop grocers that carry funny little things like that.

    • 12

      The Dream Whip is in the jello aisle in any grocery store

  9. 13
    crystal says:

    Looks delicious and I only have one question, what is dream whip?

  10. 14

    Oh my god my mouth is watering as I read this post. Cookie dough…frosting…cupcakes…I want it allllll

  11. 15

    I think cream cheese improves any frosting. Have you tried peanut butter cream cheese frosting? It’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to try this out.

  12. 17

    Wow – this looks good!

  13. 18

    Just give me a spoon! That frosting sounds amazing!!!!

  14. 19

    What is dream whip?! Substitution?

    • 20

      Dream whip is a powder mix that you add milk and vanilla to and beat until light and fluffy like cool whip it is found in the jello isle or sometimes in the baking secton

  15. 21

    I adore cookie dough frosting! It goes best with spoons, right?! :) Yours looks amazing my friend.

  16. 22

    Oh mercy! I will have to make this for my cheat day…. YUM!!!

  17. 23

    This is amazing! I feel like I need to make it immediately!

  18. 24

    That frosting looks heavenly! I am huge fan of cream cheese frosting and I’m sure this is no exception!

  19. 25

    Ahhh! I adore cream cheese and to have it mixed with cookie dough is a dream.

  20. 26

    It totally wouldn’t make it past my mouth!

  21. 27

    Oh. My. Yum. I think I would definitely be eating this straight from the bowl … no cupcake needed! It looks AhhhMazing!

  22. 28

    Ok, this looks amazing… but what if you don’t have Dream Whip? Is there a substitute, or can it be omitted?

  23. 29

    I’ve been waiting for you all my life… mmmmm

  24. 30

    This looks amazing! Pinning :)

  25. 31

    oh yum! That seriously does look like cookie dough!!!

  26. 32

    Nom! Nikki, these cupcakes with your special Cream Cheese Cookie Dough frosting look…off…the…chain delish! Cannot wait to make these! Lovely photography, too. Thanks for sharing! Pinning! xo

  27. 33

    Thanks so much for this amazing website Nicki!! I have made a lot of things from here and they are all Heavenly!! :) This was a huge seller at a party I went to!! I couldn’t have one because they were gone right away..I guess I will have to make them again :) :) I used the tooth fairy cupcake and this frosting!! Again, HEAVENLY!! :)

  28. 34

    This sounds awesome! Especially on some chocolate cupcakes!!

  29. 35

    This may be a silly question, but do you just add the packet of dream whip, or do you prepare it, and then add it?

  30. 37

    This looks yummy, but I’m with a few other posts, what is dream whip & where can I get it. I don’t have a Kroger closer than 2 hours away so that suggestion i saw posted won’t work for me. I really want to try this!

  31. 38

    I am not much of a frosting person wither,but this looks SO good! pinned

  32. 39
    SARAH Melton says:

    What is Dream WHip?

  33. 40

    This icing is great! Made some tonight for cupcakes I’m taking to a party tomorrow. Was skeptical at first because not all recipes I’ve come across on pinterest have worked out well(I found this site from pinterest) but this is very delicious. So good in fact that I raked the bowl clean after icing the cupcakes and stored the itty bitty leftovers in a container…dunno what I will do with it, but it was just too good to waste even if it was only a tablespoon or so left.

  34. 41

    This looks AMAZING!! Is there something that can be used in place of the Dream Whip?

  35. 42

    I made this today for my husbands birthday cake. I had no problem finding Dream Whip on the baking aisle at walmart. I did stop at 1 cup of powdered sugar…I was scared the frosting would be overly sweet. 1 cup was plenty sweet for me :) Most likely will make it again but will probably cut out more sugar.

  36. 43

    Hi Nikki
    Just dying to make this cream cheese frosting – it looks yum! Please can you help me out though … what is Dream Whip? And how much is contained in an envelope? (I live in South Africa, and we don’t get that here.)

    • 44
      Chef in Training says:

      It is just a powdered mix. Amazon and walmart carry it but I am not sure if you are able to get it there. You can definitely omit it and just use a little more powdered sugar. it will still taste great!

    • 45

      Hey Karina, I’m also in South Africa and was also wondering what Dream Whip is… I’m going to google it now. Was excited to see someone else from SA on here :) This sounds SO yum and I can’t wait to try it.

  37. 46

    I cannot wait to try this recipe. If I prepare them the day before serving, do these need to be refrigerated overnight? And if so, should these be refrigerated up until serving? Thanks!

  38. 47

    Omg, ive just been asked 2 do some cupcakes for my friends daughters party but her daughter isnt keen on frosting. But found out she adores choc chip cookies so i will be whipping up a batch of this 4 her 2 try. Xxx

  39. 48

    I have been looking for a recipe like this for a loonngg time! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m not sure how much of this is actually gonna make it on the cupcakes, but we will see. ;)

  40. 49

    I make a lot of home made icings/frostings but I’ve never heard of putting flour into it :/ is that just to help with the stiffness or a taste thing ??

  41. 52

    Thank you for this fantastic recipe! Just wanted to say that while this recipe truly was incredible as written, I also made it again, substituting Crisco for the cream cheese because I didn’t have any, and it was an even bigger hit with the non-cream cheese lovers. Also, before adding the chips, I divided the frosting into two batches and put chips only into one. Loved it. Still tasted like cookie dough frosting–it was wonderful. Oh, and we DO eat just the frosting on a spoon around here!

  42. 53

    Do you think if I add a tablespoon or two or three of unsweetened cocoa I could make this chocolate? I’m wanting to match the cupcakes!!

  43. 54

    Hi Nikki,
    I’ve featured your mouthwatering frosting on my blog, hoping that you don’t mind, but if you do, please contact me and I’ll remove it. All the best.

  44. 55

    Does this frosting need refrigerated overnight?

  45. 56

    Hi ..also from SAfrica but living in Greece.! Anyone else in SAfrica found a substitute for dream whip ..or maybe in Greece?! And is powdered sugar what we call icing sugar?

    • 57
      Chef in Training says:

      If you can’t find it, it is okay to omit. Just add a little more powdered sugar if necessary :)

  46. 58

    This is going to be perfect for my hubby’s bday cake! What is dream whip though?

    • 59
      Chef in Training says:

      It is a powdered ingredient that comes in packets. It can be found next to the pie fillings and pie crusts down the baking aisle :) Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!