No-Bake Lime Cheesecake

Today I want to share another recipe gem from my grandma’s cookbook. It is SO easy, requires absolutely no baking and is delicious and refreshing.

My grandma’s recipe called for Lemon Jello and lemon juice, but seeing as St. Patricks day is right around the corner, I decided to go the lime route for a fun “green” themed dessert. You can make it either way because both are equally as delicious.

NO BAKE Lime Cheesecake from ...This recipe is so simple to make and tastes delicious! #recipe #dessert

My daughter particularly loved this dessert. It has the perfect combination of tart and sweet and will leave your guests very happy :)

NO BAKE Lime Cheesecake from ...This recipe is so simple to make and tastes delicious! #recipe #dessert

NO BAKE Lime Cheesecake
This recipe is so simple to make and tastes delicious! No Baking required
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 small package lime jello
  • 3 Tbsp. lime juice
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 packet Dream Whip, and the milk and vanilla it requires
  • 1 graham cracker pie crust, Nilla Wafer crust works great, too
  • additional graham cracker crumbs for garnish, optional
  1. Combine boiling water, lime jello and lime juice in a medium bowl. Mix and let partially set (I stick mine in the fridge for about 20 minutes and it becomes partially set enough for me)
  2. While jello is partially setting, In a large bowl, cream cream cheese and sugar together. Set aside.
  3. Make packet of Dream Whip up according to box directions. Mine called for ½ cup COLD milk and ½ tsp. vanilla. Follow directions and store in fridge until ready to use.
  4. Once jello is partially set, pour into cream cheese/sugar mixture bowl and beat to combine.
  5. Fold in Dream Whip.
  6. Pour into graham cracker crust and sprinkle additional graham cracker crumbs over the top if desired.
  7. Cover and place in fridge until set.


NO BAKE Lime Cheesecake from ...This recipe is so simple to make and tastes delicious! #recipe #dessert

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  1. Darlene

    This reminds me of Key-Lime pie., (which is one of my favorites.) I love how easy it is, I am making this up for the weekend. I love your blog! Your pictures always have me drooling!

  2. Jamie

    I love sweet and tart! This will definitely be my next dessert! New to your blog and have tried several of your recipes already! My husband thanks you! Lol!

  3. I love finding old recipes like you did with your grandma’s cookbook. Fun to make! I have a recipe for a no-bake lemonade cheese cake of sorts but it’s pink lemonade and reminds me of this sort of…but a pink version :)

  4. Holly

    This might be a silly question but when a recipe calls for sugar, can I assume it’s granulated? And is that what I need for this recipe…or powdered. Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I bet this pie is cool and refreshing! The green is so apropriate for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter!! I love seeing other people’s family recipes!

  6. Tammy

    Look very delicious. Just wondering instead of dream whip of you could use whipping cream, whipped instead? Thanks for another fun recipe.

    • Chef in Training

      It is a powder mix next to the Jello. There are 4 packets I believe per box. When prepared as the box states, I makes a whipped topping.

  7. Lara

    Can I use cool whip instead of dream whip? Also, is it possible to use strawberry jello instead of lime or would I need some sort of liquid to replace the lime juice?

  8. Diana

    Hi Nikki, I’m in Costa Rica, I cant seem to find Dream Whip, can I use whipping cream? Or do you know of something else I can use to substitute? Thanks! >Love your recipes!!<

    • Joanna

      Did you try it with coolwhip? if so, how did it come out. I am going to try it but I have a lot of heavy whipping cream left over so I was going to use that instead of the dreamwhip. Thanks

  9. christy

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! We loved it!! My husband said I definitely need to make this one again. I’m gonna make it for the fourth of july, but this time using strawberry jello and lemon juice.

  10. mauree lyden

    Hi was wondering what dream whip was…im in scotland and never heard of this …could you please let me know the nxt best thing for it!!…as im dying to make this.. thank you Maureen x

    • Riajha

      Dream whip is packaged cool whip, processed whipped cream. You can use cool whip or even whipping cream about 2 cups instead of one packet of dream whip

  11. Jackie

    I made this last night. Incredibly light and creamy texture with just enough tartness to keep it interesting. Definitely will be added to my favorites file.

  12. eileenrn

    This looks really good and easy. Think of the other flavors you could use besides lemon and lime. Strawberry, raspberry,orange.
    This may be my go-to dessert for the summer.

  13. Yvette Carpenter

    Sounds wonderful and as soon as I can I am going to try it. Question for you. Could you see if your grandmother has a recipe for Blueberry Coffeecake that has corn flake crumble on top. My Grandmother use to make this but since her death this recipe has disappeared from her recipe box. I simply loved it and it was simple to make. If you could check that would be wonderful.
    Thank you.

  14. Natalie

    I used this recipe to make mini versions. I simply placed a vanilla wafer cookie in the bottom of cupcake liners and filled with the filling. It worked out great and was just as delicious! Thanks for the great recipe!

  15. Shannon

    Hey! This looks almost identical to the one my grandma makes! Except, I don’t know what dream whip is, so could I whip heavy cream and mix that in instead? How much cool whip or heavy whipped cream would I need? I don’t know how much a packet of dream whip makes. Also I’m doing this sugar free and low carb, so I’m making the crust out of almond meal and using sf jello. That’s why I want to use heavy cream. Thanks!

  16. Jocelyn Delaney

    I live in New Zealand can you give tell me what Dream Whip is, we don’t have that here. Is there a substitute for it.
    Sounds yummy.

  17. christine Iannielli

    Answer, to statement above is, that Jello , is the number one Mormon desert ! It feeds a lot, and keeps well, on the way to church suppers !