Root Beer Pudding Cookies

I am so excited to kick of The Blogger Cookie Exchange Week!

When I contemplated what cookie I wanted to create for you, of course I resorted to my favorite type of cookies… I am sure you all can guess it… Pudding Cookies!

A few of you have nick-named me “The Pudding Cookie Queen” and I humbly accept the title ;-) Pudding cookies are my favorite because they truly are the softest, chewiest and down-right BEST cookies you will ever make! The secret ingredient… Instant Pudding Mix.  Something about that ingredient makes pudding cookies the perfect cookies that they are.

I have a variety of Pudding Cookies on my blog, but I wanted one that was sure to stand out. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the ONLY things I craved was Root Beer. I had 1-2 of them daily. Oddly enough, after I was done being pregnant… I still loved root beer.  Some women can never look at the foods they craved in pregnancy for years after the baby is born… I on the other hand still live for a tall glass of bubbly, delicious root beer.

That is why these cookies are so good. With the white chocolate chips and root beer flavoring, it tastes like a root beer float, but in cookie form! You need to give these a try!

It has been brought to my attention that someone else came up with this idea, too. And while I did not see her recipe before I made or posted this, I want to give Dreaming of White Chocolate a little shout out because great minds think alike :)


Root Beer Pudding Cookies

Root Beer Pudding Cookies!... These taste like a root beer float in cookie form! They are so soft and delicious! #cookie #recipe #bloggercookieexchange

By Chef in Training Published: November 11, 2012

  • Yield: 3 dozen cookies

These taste like a root beer float in cookie form! They are so soft and delicious!



  1. Cream butter and sugars together.
  2. Beat in instant vanilla pudding mix well.
  3. Add eggs and root beer concentrate and beat until well incorporated.
  4. Add flour and baking soda and beat until well incorporated.
  5. Stir in white chocolate chips.
  6. Roll into 1" balls and place on greased cookie sheet.
  7. Bake at 350 degrees F for 8-10 minutes.


    Come back later this afternoon to Chef in Training to see what The Girl Who Ate Everything is baking up for you!

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    1. t

      My youngest is root beer crazy and I hope to surprise him with this recipe.

      A question, please. What size box is the pudding? Large or small?

    2. Danielle

      Just made these and they are SO GOOD! Found the root beer concentrate near the vanilla extract at Wal-mart. I used a little over a tsp because I really wanted the flavor. Everyone loved them! This was my first time using pudding mix in a cookie and it really made it perfectly soft! Can’t wait to try some more pudding cookies!

    3. Josh

      Just made these excellent cookies!! Your pudding cookies are incredible! I’ve made these and the red velvet, dying to make the Oreo but can’t find the pudding for them. This is probably one of the best blogs I’ve come across! Thanks for all the great help in the kitchen!

    4. lauren

      This is a great cookie recipe! I cooked 1 dozen at a time for 12 mintues and they came out perfect! The only thing I did not care for was the white chocolate chips, I just think I prefer regular chocolate chips. I will be making these again, the pudding really does help make it great!

    5. Lisa

      These sound delicious and I am wanting to make them for my cookie exchange this season!! About how many do you get out of a batch??

    6. Marisa

      I halved this recipe and used sasparilla instead of root beer…the cookies were darker and completely amazing. Thanks for posting!!

    7. Kayla

      These were one of the best cookies I’ve ever made! Everyone loved them, even my dad who is not a root beer fan! So yummy & easy. Found the root beer concentrate right by the vanilla extract. Thanks so much!!!!!

    8. Kristen

      These were sooo good and everyone who tried them loved them. They are ridiculously easy to make and ridiculously moist. My only issue was that I couldn’t find, for the life of me, root beer extract. I live in Vancouver BC, and I looked through a few grocery stores, but to no avail. However, they were awesome without the rootbeer extract. I’m still going to look for it though.
      Either way, great recipe. I will make these again for sure.
      Happy New Year!

      • Jeanine

        You can look for LorAnn flavorings for candy making also. They are stronger than an extract, but will work. Just use less of it!

        • Peter

          In Canada, check for root beer extract in u-brew outlets. Most decently stocked home brew (you know, those places where you can bottle your own beer or wine) will stock multiple varieties of root beer extract.

    9. Sarah from Craft Quickies

      Ok, I am eating one of these at this very moment and LOVING IT!!!! Totally featuring it on my blog and pinning it as “tried and true”!!!!! I also LOVE your peppermint chocolate pudding cookies. You’re my new go-to gal for cookies! :)

    10. Joan

      I just made these and they are fantastic (if you like Root Beer as much as I do). For those who wanted to know where to find the root beer extract I found it at Walmart.

      • Troy

        How will using sugar free pudding affect the recipe? Had to order my Root Beer cincentrate from amazon, and am ready to make a batch. Would like to use the sugar free pudding if you think they will turn out alright.

    11. Nicole

      When I was pregnant, I also craved root beer all the time!! Because I had it in the house all the time, my boys eventually tasted it and now they love it! I can’t wait to make these cookies with them! Thanks!

    12. Kelly

      I just made these cookies but I could not find any root beer extract or essence anywhere. So I substituted a root beer reduction. I reduced 2 cups of root beer down to about 2tbsp of syrup. I added about 1tbsp of flour to absorb the extra liquid and I did not adjust anything else in the recipe. They turned out amazing! Hopefully next time I can fine some extract!

      • Bev Frederick

        Thank you for the reduction recipe. I live in small town and could only fine root beer. I am going to try this now!

    13. cindy

      I have no idea what was going on but I didn’t get a “batter.” It made gross crumbs. I had to add 1/4 cup of milk. Tried it twice. I bought the smallest box of instant pudding. I checked other recipes – Are you sure about your measures? Even Toll house cookies have more butter and the same amount of flour. Sorry, but I am sorely disappointed.

      • Tracy

        Cindy, I made them exactly as the recipe was written and they turned out great. My butter was very soft when I mixed them up… maybe that was the difference?

      • Jackie

        Perhaps you got the butter measurement wrong? It is one and a half sticks (3/4 cup) of butter. Did you use 3/4 of a stick instead?

      • Nien Fin

        Cindy you should post again if you took the advice about the butter measurement. Its an easy mistake to make, we all have done it, and a recipe going a wry is really not that big of a disappointment, because I bet the crumbs were yummy, and you might have stumbled onto a root beer float crumb cake topping ;)

    14. Renee

      Had to order the concentrate from Amazon, but it was here in just a few days. We made these today and they turned out perfectly. My family loves them!

    15. Laura

      These cookies are the best. I had been trying to find a recipe for rootbeer cookies for my nephew who loves rootbeer for a year and just kept throwing away the batter. These were such a hit at his birthday that the neighbor kids requested them for their birthday! Thanks so much for the recipe!

    16. Kristy

      I tried these cookies and my family and I all liked them! One thing I was bummed about though is instead of curing my root beer float craving they seemed to make me miss the real thing since they tasted so much like them! Ha ha! Thanks!

    17. Joie

      I was wondering if you knew of an easy flour conversion to make these gluten free. I never know to add the xanthum gum, vs not, and how that all works. But I am also currently pregnant on a gluten free diet, and these sound like they would hit the spot!!!

    18. Sharon Kellie

      Where do you get Root Beer concentrate ? I am from Edmonton Alberta & I have never heard of this product, could you use Root Beer Soda?

      • Chef in Training

        rootbeer concentrate or extract will work. I found the concentrate in the baking aisle at the grocery store next to the vanilla and almond extracts.

    19. Nien Fin

      Astronomically Delicious Cookie. 10 min. prep time and if you have pre-heated your oven, you can be scorching the top of your mouth with one of these oh sooo good cookies. So good you will be able to work through the pain. After you taste one of this, you like myself will be able to put down the first dozen with hardly a chew. Out of all the “new” recipes for cookies out there, this one by far is a 10 out of 10, 10 being best. Now if you will excuse me, I’m just heard the timer go off.

      • Amy

        I thought the same thing Tamara…I made a batch of each today. They’re chilling in the fridge right now, but I think they’re both gonna be pretty tasty!! I’ll let you know when I bake them :)

        • Amy

          Well, I baked up both batches…yum, yum, YUM!! I cant decide which I like better, but I love that they are super soft!

    20. Kim

      Hi,I live in canada and I am unable to find root beer concentrate…so if anybody knows of a website where I can order it please let me know.ty

      • Betty

        Bulk Barn (in Ontario, Canada) carries the LorAnn flavourings. They are in the tiniest bottles but are super concentrated. I, also saw them in MIchaels in the U.S.

    21. Crystal Phoenix

      Would I be able to fill a 9×13 pan to make cookie bars instead?! I have a toddler and twin infants- I ain’t got time to roll into balls!!!! ;)

    22. jeannette

      Planning on make a diabetic carrot cake for my mom for mother’s day. Now I gonna add the root beer cookies to the list. She is a diehard root beer fan, and i love root beer as well – in a cookie, that has to be great!

    23. Sunshine

      I eventually found Root Beer flavoring at the wine shop…where people purchase supplies to make your own wine etc. I went hunting for it so I could make Root Beer Float Fudge and now I’m excited to have another use for it. Thanks

    24. Debbie

      I tried these but I think I used too much brown sugar. I packed the brown sugar but guessing that it shouldn’t have been packed. The batter was very dark and e cookies fell apart when baked. Bummer. I will try again.

    25. Eric

      I made them and they are very yummy. But they don’t seem to spread out. I had to push them down before bakeing. And they still came out very thick. Still very good.

    26. Anastasia

      I think the recipe has too much flour. I only did 2 cups and after adding that second cup I realized it was too much. But it was too late. After baking they were a little dry. I would start with 1 1/2 cups and slowly add the rest. We thought these had a good root beer taste. We both love root beer but this recipe makes a ton. I used my cookie skoop and got 45 cookies from it. We got tired of them really fast so we are sharing them at work.

    27. Danielle

      Just made these and they are absolutely delicious! Turned out perfectly….didn’t spread out too much, soft and chewy even after cooling. If you can’t find root beer concentrate, try a cake supply store or Watkins. Found mine at a home show from a Watkins distributor and it was cheaper than the cake store by a couple dollars.

    28. Dwight Kincaid

      So I just made a batch of these cookies. I followed the directions to the letter, double checked my ingredients as well. I rolled them into 1″ balls as directed. When they came out, they were still in ball form. They were done, tasted fine, but still in little balls. So the next 2 pans I flattened the balls in my hands, these looked much better. Any thoughts as to why they don’t flatten in the pan while they are cooking?

    29. Lesa

      These sound really good. I was wondering if you’ve tried making them with sugar free pudding? I’m always trying to figure out how to turn sweet recipes into more diabetic friendly options.

    30. Vicki

      I wonder if there is a way to make these without the instant pudding? Not intending to offend anyone, but I try to make everything my family puts in our mouths all-natural, and organic when possible. They look gorgeous and sound wonderful!

    31. Deborah Nielson

      Made these cookies today, and they were delicious. I loved how quickly they went together. They also were very moist and soft. The root beer taste wasn’t very strong in the dough, but tasted WONDERFUL when the cookies were baked. Thanks for this recipe.

    32. teresa

      Root beer concentrate? What is that and where do you find that…..In Canada? Never heard of it? Any kind of substitute if it can’t be found?

    33. Melissa

      I read this and had to comment! When I was pregnant with my son the only thing I craved was rootbeer!! So glad I wasn’t alone with my off the wall craving. :)

    34. maureen cooper

      good cookies but next time i make them i’ll double the root beer as you can really not taste it in the a/m recipe. the white chocolate chips add the flavor though.

    35. Kristin

      We could not taste the root beer AT ALL. If I make these again, I will definitely double the root beer concentrate that it calls for. I was really looking forward to that flavor, but all you could taste was the white chocolate chips :/
      Otherwise, they are moist, soft and sweet cookies!