Cookies and Cream Popcorn

Okay, lets talk about the ultimate snack food for a minute… Popcorn.

Who doesn’t LOVE popcorn?!

If you haven’t’ yet, be sure and check out my Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn, because really, it is FANTASTIC!

Today I bring you another AMAZING popcorn that my mom and I created. I was down visiting last week for a wedding and realized she had a TON of Oreos to use up and this is what we came up with. The end result, well, lets just say there was none left to spare :)

With only 3 INGREDIENTS, this popcorn is not only delicious, but super easy to whip up!

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Cookies and Cream Popcorn
Only 3 ingredients, making it not only delicious, but super easy!
Recipe type: Snack
  • 9 cups popped popcorn
  • 20 Oreos, finely crushed
  • 24 oz. White Vanilla Almond Bark
  1. Melt white vanilla almond bark according to package directions until completely melted and smooth consistency.
  2. Drizzle almond bark over popped popcorn.
  3. Sprinkle finely crushed oreo crumbs through out popcorn to evenly distribute.
  4. Let almond bark set up and dig in!


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  1. I mean sometimes I really just wonder how on earth I haven’t thought up these simple recipes before! Between this popcorn and the puppy chow – I am left speechless this morning. Nikki, you’ve outdone yourself! I love the ease of this and I don’t think I’d be able to STOP eating it!

  2. Oh my Nikki,
    I’m SO EXCITED to try this!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can’t explain what a BLESSING your Chef-in-traing website is to my family!!! My Oldest Daughrer turned me on to it and its been AMAZING! ever since!! Thank You!! Keep up the good work !!! I think I might use this for neighbor gifts this Christmas!!! You’re AWESOME!!!!!!

  3. kacie

    This is a fantastic idea. I intend on making it with Mint Oreos and chocolate as my favorite combo is warm popcorn with a box of junior mints thrown in :-)

  4. Oh my…. I’m DROOLING over here! I can’t wait to try this! (My baby bump isn’t the only body part growing during this pregnancy… my thighs and bum have no hope! Especially when I see recipes like this :) ha ha)

  5. I think that this is a fantastic idea. One thing that you could do is color the almond bark orange and you have a great harvest/Halloween party snack. Thanks I will def. be using this recipe. My husband loves popcorn…and oreos so I can’t see this being anything other than a hit.

    • Yes! Almond bark is white baker’s chocolate. So you could substitute it with any white chocolate that is meant to melt (chocolate chips are NOT meant to melt, but you could use white chocolate bars or white chocolate fondue chips)

  6. Kris

    I helped run a gourmet popcorn shop for 2 and a half years and this is similar to the recipe that we used to make Oreo Cookies and Cream popcorn it’s delicious…

  7. I love this recipe. Easy and delicious. I dedicated a blog post to it on my blog because I want to share the love. You are such a great cooking inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  8. Lydia

    Are you using plain popcorn? This is probably a silly question, but I always buy the buttered popcorn, and I guess I haven’t actually noticed if there were bags of just plain popcorn. Thanks!

  9. Becky

    Yes I am also wondering on the type of popcorn used? Buttered in microwave or air popped? Also did you lay it all on a cookie sheet then spread the chocolate or mix it in a bowl? I’m planning this for Christmas gifts, yummy!!

    • Chef in Training

      I use just plain white popcorn (it might be lightly buttered) if I am doing bagged… but you don’t want the butter flavor to over power the popcorn. You want the sweetness of the white chocolate and oreo to be the main flavors :) My mom does air popped with plain white popcorn and adjusts the recipe according to how many cups of popped popcorn she is working with. hope that helps. let me know if you have any further questions, I am happy to help.

  10. Kelly McCulley

    I am thinking about making this for my daughter’s teachers for Christmas and putting it in a festive container.. I know it says 9 cups…she has three teachers (speech, occupational therapy and regular classroom) would one batch do it for three teachers or would you suggest two batches? I would like for them to have a good amount. Maybe three?

    • Chef in Training

      I think one batch would be the perfect amount for three teachers. You would end up with about 3 cups for each teacher. If you want any more than that per person, then I would recommend 2 batches. Let me know how it turns out for you!

  11. Shana

    This recipe got 4 thumbs up by my two boys :-) I doubled the popcorn so it would go further on my goodie trays….and it still is very well coated! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Sharon

    I’m going to make this for our local human society bake sale this weekend. I’m
    planning to put the popcorn in quart size ziplock bags. I made up cute labels for the bags
    too. I’m thinking I’ll need to triple the recipe, but not sure yet. Thanks for this great
    idea. I hope there is some extra for my family!

      • Sharon

        This turned out wonderful. and it was easy. I used blocks of white chocolate for melting instead of white almond bark. It stored best in fridge or the chocolate doesn’t stay as hard. I put the popcorn in quart size zip up bags to sell at a bake sale and put a label on them. I got about 5 quart sized bags per batch or about 3 cups per bag. (I used about 9-10 cups of popcorn). There is plenty of chocolate and cookies that you could use more popcorn per batch and it would still be coated enough. I will make this again. Delicious! A big hit with everyone!

  13. Cinderfella

    Way too much almond bark. There’s so much that it turns the batch into one giant popcorn ball, and it dilutes the cookies to a gray color. It’s very tasty, so on the next batch, I would make these modifications: try one half to one third the amount of almond bark, and after mixing, spread it out into a single layer of wax paper. I would probably keep the crushed cookie amount the same. If there is excess cookie dust at the bottom of the bowl, I’ll reduce it the next time.

  14. My daughter’s wedding is going to be black and white and we have been looking for dessert ideas to fit this color scheme so this popcorn will be perfect. Thanks so much for posting.

  15. Hanna Deland

    I just bought the supplies for this today. I will be dying the white almond bark orange for a nice Halloween treat!

  16. Hazel Johnston

    What is white vanilla almond bark and where do you buy this in UK?
    Can’t rate this recipe until I try it but it definitely appeals to me!