Oreo Fluff

With all this yummy grilling going on this summer, we are all in need of  a great side dish, right?!….

okay, maybe its more of a dessert…

regardless, this stuff NEEDS to be made at your next get together!  It is absolutely AMAZING!

It will have everyone licking their bowls clean…. not even joking :)

My husband always jokes that the way to his heart is through Oreos.  Let’s just say he was pretty happy when he walked in from work to find this waiting for him.

Is your mouth watering yet?!

Oreo Fluff


By Chef in Training Published: June 14, 2012

    This recipe is absolutely amazing!



    1. In a large bowl, whisk pudding mix and milk together for 2 minutes.
    2. Stir in Cool whip, crushed Oreos and mini marshmallows
    3. Store in fridge until ready to eat and serve. To me, the longer it is refrigerated, the better! It lets it thicken up and I prefer it colder.

    (recipe from: Food Family Finds)

    go on and indulge!  You know you want to! I won’t judge! :)

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    1. Tami

      This is SOOOOO yummy looking as a dip w/the cookies! I came up with something similar to this a few years back to satisfy my husband’s cookies and cream craving, but I ended up using cookies and cream pudding mix (yep, they make it!) and basically the same ingredient list you have listed. But instead of using it w/cookies, I used it to ice a marble sheet cake and then topped it with crushed oreos!! OH HEAVENS!!!!

    2. Bonnie

      Have made this before and it is great–I take large wine glasses and layer broken up brownies with the Oreo fluff. and repeat with 2 layers of each. So good and very pretty too! Keep posting I love this web site!

      • GailH

        Kathy, when made the night before, the mini marshmallows practically dissolve. But I have seen recipes for Oreo Fluff without the marshmallows. I normally add them.

    3. Amanda

      I just made this for a girls night. It is WONDERFUL! The consistency is perfect and the flavor is amazing! Thanks for all of the wonderful recipe’s!!

    4. I’m all about oreos and pudding right now so this looks AMAZING! I might just have to give it a try. Not a marshmallow fan, but in this, I think I could handle them. I would love it if you’d link up at Off the Hook!

    5. Barbara G.

      I couldn’t fine the White Choclate Instant Pudding anywhere. I tried 3 different supermarkets and Walmart. No Luck. though I did find Oreo Cookie Instant Pudding and I am trying it tonight with that!

      • Paula

        I found it at Harvey’s supermarket, AKA Lionking supermarket. But the oreo pudding sounds great! As a side note, I did not like the mini marshmallows in mine….

    6. I have got to try this recipe as our family LOVES Oreo’s as well. Have you ever tried making Rice Krispies bars with Oreo instead of the Rice Krispies? Just crush up the Oreo’s and make the dessert same as before without the Rice Krispies.

    7. Mel

      How do I crush the oreos?Nothing seems to work and I don’t have a food processor or chopper, just a blender and when I tired it became this chocolate syrup (I mixed them with milk…

      • Peggy Wieting

        Put Oreos in lg. Ziploc bag, letting air out before sealing. Fold a towel and put bag between the two layers. Either roll with a rolling ping or very sturdy glass, or beat with something heavy. Bag will probably have some holes despite the towel, but not as many as without.

        • GailH

          I am making this tonight for a pot luck picnic tomorrow and purchased Walmart’s brand of chocolate cream filled cookies. I made the mistake of leaving them in the car during the day and when I started to crush them in a plastic bag, the cream filling was too soft. The stuff in the bag was a gooey mess! So I put that bag along with the rest of the cookies in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then crushed them. Much better!

    8. Macy

      what do you use as a dipper for this?? or do you just eat it on a spoon? :) i could eat it any way possible! but trying to thing of something to serve with it to dip into it

    9. Oreo Lover

      I melted the marshmallows…let them cool and it was DIVINE!! Or maybe use marshmallow fluff … i like it completely creamy and i think the marshmallow chunks take away – but the taste is amazing. Thank you – I am the best auntie in the world!! lol :)

    10. Eve

      I made this for a party and the party was cancelled. I couldn’t eat it all myself, so I put it in popsicle molds and froze it. OMG