Layered Patriotic Drinks

The 4th is coming up, and if you are anything like me, you are already trying to get your menu in place.

Sometimes with holidays it is all about the presentation.  I was so excited to find this drink recipe over at The Sisters’ Cafe . These drinks will still the show! Not only are they beautiful, but people will truly be fascinated with them. At least my hubby was when I had these at the dinner table the other night.  He couldn’t understand how it worked…

Layered Patriotic Drinks

By Chef in Training Published: June 24, 2012

    A beautiful presentation that tastes delicious!



    1. Choose 2-3 drinks with different sugar contents for the layers (I listed the drinks I used above)
    2. First, fill your cup with ice all the way to the top.
    3. Pour the drink with the highest sugar content into the cup, filling it approximately one third full. For the second layer, pour the second drink with the lower sugar content slowly through the ice to fill approximately the second third of the glass full. Finally, pour the sugar-free or lowest sugar drink slowly through the ice until you’ve reached the top of the glass

    recipe from: The Sisters’ Cafe 

    If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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    1. Hayley

      Nikki, these are gorgeous and beyond clever! I had no idea the sugars were responsible for the layered effect. How fun and what a perfect presentation these will be at 4th BBQ's!!

    2. Jocelyn @BruCrew Life

      I always wondered how those drinks stayed it is the sugar content that makes it work! Fun drink idea!!!

    3. Sarah C

      Nikki! I know your site is so much bigger than mine, but I love it. All of your recipes are top notch! I would really love if you could link up to Thursday Food Fest. Thanks for considering! Sarah