Easy and Delicious Stuffed Mushrooms

My family are all big party people!  We love the people, the talks, the games… and most importantly the food! MMM!  Party food is filled with delicious finger foods- from desserts to appetizers and maybe anything in between!

This is one recipe that is always a hit wherever we bring them!  It comes from my grandma’s cookbook and is one I make often!

My husband, who isn’t a fan of mushrooms normally, gobbles these down like he hasn’t eaten in days!  He tells me it is one of his favorite recipes- so you should definitely give these a try!

The flavors are perfect together- making them VERY addictive! :)

Easy and Delicious Stuffed Mushrooms


By Chef in Training June 15, 2012

  • Yield: 40-50 mushrooms

This recipe is SO easy to throw together and is a total crowd pleaser!


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  1. Mix cream cheese, green onions, bacon, and Parmesan cheese together in a large bowl.
  2. Stuff mushrooms with filling, as much as desired. I do about 1 tsp give or take depending on the size of the mushroom.
  3. Bake stuffed mushrooms at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes.


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  1. 1

    OMG, these look so good. I love mushrooms!

  2. 2

    I’ve been making these for years thanks to a dear friend of my mom’s. I do add a dash of seasoning salt to my mixture. They are absolutely amazing! I’m glad someone else out there knows just how tasty these little bites of heaven are!! :D

  3. 3

    I can’t wait to make these…they sound yummy!

  4. 4

    My husband doesn’t like mushrooms either so I was excited to hear mushroom lovers and anti-fungi-eaters alike enjoy this recipe. Can’t wait to try it!! And I’m a big fan of finger foods and bringing people together. Great photos and post!

  5. 5

    what type of mushrooms are these….i want to make thrm for sunday…thanks for all the great recipes…

    • 6
      Chef in Training says:

      I used cremini mushrooms for mine. The best mushrooms to use when making stuffed mushroom caps are button, cremini and portobello mushrooms. Button and cremini mushrooms are small so they make for the perfect appetizer size. Portobello mushrooms are best for entree stuffed mushroom caps. Hope this helps :)

  6. 7

    I totally forgot about these. Perfect summer appies for a bbq. Adding this to my to-do list for the summer.

  7. 8

    I made these last week for a small gathering at my home and they were amazing!! You always have the best recipes! Thanks for sharing

  8. 9

    I made these for a party and they were a huge hit. Simple and delicious. And since I only made 24 mushrooms I used the left over filling on my bagel and it was great!

  9. 10

    do you have any calorie counts for your recipes. They all sound so delious but worry about the calories


  10. 11
    Tina Woodson says:

    My husband makes these all the time. People that claim to “hate” mushrooms fall in love with these. He does add a splash of cream to the mixture and garlic powder. He also dips the mushrooms in melted butter before stuffing. It makes them moist (not dried out during cooking.) Best stuffed mushrooms I have had.

  11. 13

    any alternativ for bacon?

  12. 14
    TRINA HASTY says:

    Cant wait till Superbowl…. These are going on the menu!