Cheesy Enchilada Stack

Be sure and join me on Facebook for the latest updates on new recipes!I Love Mexican food!I am pretty sure I could eat it for every meal and not get sick of it!My local grocery store was handing out this recipe to try, and after seeing it was Mexican food, I decided to give it a go.  My family loved it!  Even my picky 2 year old!  I will definitely be making this again!CHEESY ENCHILADA STACK1 lb. Lean ground beef2 (10 oz) can Red Enchilada Sauce (Our favorite is the Old El Paso brand)6 (8 inch) flour tortillas1 (8 oz) bag Shredded Cheddar Cheese1 (16 oz) can refried beans (or you can make your own, check out my mom’s recipe for her famous homemade refried beans!)2 (4 oz) cans diced green chilies1 bunch green onionsCook the beef in a skillet over MED-HIGH heat until well browned. Drain off fat.Stir 1/2 cup enchilada sauce in the skillet with the beef.  Spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray.Place 1 tortilla onto the baking sheet.  Top with 1/3 of the beef mixture and 1/4 cup cheese.Top with 1 tortilla, half the refried beans, 1/2 cup enchilada sauce, 1 can drained green chilies, and 1/4 cup cheese.Repeat the layers one more time.Top with 1 tortilla, remaining beef mixture and 1/4 cup cheese.Top with remaining tortilla.  Cover the stack with aluminum foil.Bake at 400 F for 40 minutes or until the filling is hot.  Uncover the stack and top with remaining enchilada sauce, cheese and green onion.Bake 5 more minutes or until the cheese is melted.Cut the stack into 6 wedges.Enjoy!Linking up to these parties and here

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  1. The Answer Is Chocolate

    OK YUM. I am a Mexican food addict (how could I not love a culture that uses chocolate in cooking?!) I want to jump through the screen for these!

  2. Love You Always & Forever

    We make this all the time! I love this recipe! It is tasty and so easy and quick to whip up!!
    Thanks for coming by my blog and following! I am returning the love!

    BTW I am bookmarking your site, you have SO MANY great recipes!!!

  3. Jennifer

    The picture had me at hello! Looks tasty…I love Mexican food and sour cream is one of my favorite add-ons. We tried your honey lime chicken and it was really delicious–great for the grill!!

  4. Sam and Kat

    This looks yummy! We have a recipe that is similar and we serve it with a fried egg on top. (real mexican style, so i hear) with the yolk flavor in addition to the enchiladas, it is to die for! try it out sometime!

  5. ferrellgraph-x

    Yummy! The picture look fabulous I had to stop by. I love the idea of the stack. I'll have to try this soon!
    Kindest regards,

  6. I've made these for years. . .just CORN tortillas, homemade red chile, cheese, onion, shredded lettuce and an egg on top. They way I learned in NM. No hamburger or refrieds. The refrieds are on the side.

  7. Made these the other night, and finished the leftovers for lunch today! I love that I could easily adjust the recipe to my own liking (I dont' like onions or peppers) and it still turn out fantastic!

  8. made this last nite & was very good. I had some leftover navy beans from a soup so threw those in (didn't have refried beans). made mine in a round casserole dish. Just so many ways to tweak this recipe acc to your families likes/dislikes.. This is the go-to site for practical recipes w/ on the spot directions! thanx

  9. I am making this now and it looks so yummy. Has anyone ever made this for a large family? I just wondered how doubling or tripling would work. Tonight it is just for a super bowl get together so just followed recipe.

    • Lisa

      That’s Genius! I made this last night and it slid apart all over the baking sheet. It still tasted great but wasn’t very pretty! ;)

  10. jess

    wow!!! amazing thanks for the idea :). this my be a silly q considering i am a huge mexican fan but what is in enchilada sauce. never seen it here in south africa?

  11. Your pictures are amazing! I love every one. We make a version of this in the dutch oven while camping and call it Enchilada Pie. It always tastes SO good camping. I’ve never thought to make it at home. I’m inspired!

  12. Brandon

    Came across this on pinterest and made it for dinner tonight. So good! Easily customizable and the best part is my two year old ate it (it’s hard to find things we can eat together). So glad you posted this! Also, I baked it in a round cake pan, so the whole thing was perfectly contained!

  13. I make this to night but I changa it up some. I put a some of the sauce in a different pan and put the tortellas in to get the sauce taste. Then I would top them like you said but didnt do the chiles. I didnt put chese on top of the beens as much as you did. Mine came out really good and was a success in my house. I end up make 3 different stacks of the enchilladas.

  14. Hi Nikki! I just wanted to stop by to say that this recipe looks delish! I actually included it in my Cinco De Mayo Recipe Round-Up and can’t wait to make a vegetarian version :)

  15. Nikki P.

    Tried this a while back and oh my goodness it’s amazing. Everyone in my family raved over this recipe. 7 people in total and the toddler asked for more! Has anyone thought of trying to make it with chicken in place of beef? Just a thought.

  16. Susan

    Your enchiladas look delicious, I would change out the flour tortillas for corn tortillas (more authentic). As mentioned in your comments a fried egg on top is very authentic.

  17. Gerry Scheck

    – instead of a baking sheet, use a spring form pan. The tortilla’s fit perfectly. Cool/set, cut, and release the ring.

  18. sara

    so good but the bottom tortilla stuck completely to the baking sheet…maybe I didn’t spray enough oil? Thank you for the recipe!