Great day!

Sorry no recipe post today…It has been a big day for our little man!Little Jace was blessed in church today and was the most pleasant wide-eyed little baby!So instead of a recipe,I am going to let you see a sneak peak of Jace’s photoshoot with my amazing sister-in-law Arika!Isn’t he so cute!?Hope your Sunday has been great too!

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    What a gorgeous, angelic little baby! Congrats on a special day with your little one!

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    Congrats on the very special day! What a beautiful baby!

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    He is simply adorable! Congrats!

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    So precious! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!

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    Amazing photo of an adorable baby! Congratulations on his blessing day! :)

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    How wonderful!!! Congrats on the big day.

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    Little Baby Jace is an angel! Welcome to the christian world Baby Jace!Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your blog is wonderful. I'm your new follower from voiceBoks.A Filipina mommy blogger here:Dangzter Online

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    Aww, super cute! Great blog, am a new follower!

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    what a SWEET Treat!

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    He looks so peaceful and adorable!Visiting from Mingle Monday bloghop!The Twerp and I

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    Congrats! I always love it when the Dad's hold the baby up after the blessing for all to see!What a cutie!

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    Following from VB. Congrats! What a sweet pea! Jace is just edible. I miss that stage. Enjoy, they grow up too fast.The Substantive

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    How Sweet! Congrats!

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    Really sweet! Congratulations and best wishes for the little one and all the family :)

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    Beautiful baby boy! Congrats of the big day.

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    Congrats on your son's special day! I love his photo! Handsome boy.

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    Hey – I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award at my blog – hope you can accept. Congrats on your baby! Adorable! :)

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    What a lovely baby! :)___call Nepal

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    Yes, what a great day! He is adorable.

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    He is beautiful!