EASY Homemade Corn Dogs

Growing up, I LOVED corn dogs, but then again, I think every kid loves corn dogs. Why do kids love these things so much?!

My family and I came to visit my parents for a few days. My kids love visiting with their grandparents and also love hanging out with their aunt and uncle who are still very young and live at home. I love visiting my parent’s house, because it still feels like home and the smell of my mom cooking floods back memories.

I have mentioned this before but somethings are just worth repeating. Growing up, and still to this day for my youngest siblings, my mom always had/has an after-school-snack ready for the kids when they walk in the door. It is something I plan to do for my kids when they reach that age. I would often look forward to getting home from school purely to see what my mom had made us that day. She would take requests and surprise us and they were always delicious and the perfect thing to walk into from a long day.

My ten year old brother is obsessed with corn dogs. He can’t get enough of them. He had put in a request for HOMEMADE corn dogs and my mom and I were excited to give them a try. We came across this recipe at AllRecipes and came to find that surprisingly, they are SUPER easy to make and leave smiles all over the kids faces, my two picky eaters included.

If you have a corn dog lover(s) in your family, give this recipe a go! You will become the “coolest” person in the world to your cute kiddos!

EASY Homemade Corn Dogs from chef-in-training.com ...You will be blown away by how simple and quick these whip up! They are delicious and make the perfect after-school-snack! #recipe #lunch

EASY Homemade Corn Dogs

EASY Homemade Corn Dogs from chef-in-training.com ...You will be blown away by how simple and quick these whip up! They are delicious and make the perfect after-school-snack! #recipe #lunch

By Chef in Training March 4, 2013

You will be blown away by how simple and quick these whip up! They are delicious and make the perfect after-school-snack!


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  1. In a large bowl, combine cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper, white sugar and baking powder.
  2. Add milk and egg to the bowl and whisk well.
  3. Heat oil in a large pot on stovetop until it reaches 350 degrees F.
  4. While oil is heating, insert wooden skewers into hot dogs.
  5. Dip/roll skewered hot dog into batter until completely covered.
  6. Cooking 2-3 corn dogs at a time, cook in oil until golden brown in color, about 3 minutes. Set on paper towels once cooked to drain off any excess oil.

(recipe from: AllRecipes)

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  1. 1

    Yummm! Now I won’t have to wait until the state fair in Summer! :)

  2. 2

    Corndogs are seriously one of my favorites!! These look perfect!!

  3. 3

    Oh man, Nikki, corndogs are one of my favorites STILL. They look so perfectly golden and crunchy. LOVE! And I’m sure they’d make excellent nuggets for my nugget-loving siblings, too :)

  4. 4

    Seriously, my mouth is watering! I had no idea corn dogs would be so simple to make, I just thought they came from a box :)
    PS. I love your blog and all of your recipes!

  5. 5

    My kids would die if I made these! Great photo by the way!

  6. 6

    I was such a sucker for corndogs when I was a kid. Can’t WAIT to try this homemade version!!!

  7. 7

    I’m 29 and LOVE corn dogs! :) Takes me back to my childhood! :)

    I would love for you to join my Link Up!


  8. 8

    Whoa – I had no idea how simple these are to make at home! GREAT photo too!! :)

  9. 9

    I so need these.

  10. 10

    oh my gosh. i love corn dogs. can’t wait to give this recipe a try and make my own!

  11. 11

    Seriously, my daughter is going to love you for this recipe. :)

  12. 12

    I LOVE corn dogs, definitely one of my favorite foods, although not something I eat very often. These do sound simple and delicious. The only downside is I hate frying..it sorta scares me, plus it’s messy. But it might be worth it for some of these!

  13. 13

    I love a good corndog, and these sound so fun to make at home!! Gorgeous pictures!

  14. 14

    omg! i love corndogs! these look delish!

  15. 15

    My sister pinned this recipe and I hadn’t had anything planned for dinner… So I made these! They were super delicious! One question though; HOW did you get yours to look so perfect? We tried a few different methods for dipping the dogs, but ours looked like fried popsicles! They still tasted great though :)

  16. 17

    I love that shot! And Yum! :)

  17. 18

    What a great shot!!! And I love how easy these are to make…I had no idea!!!

  18. 19

    I found that putting the batter in a tall drinking glass I was able to dunk the dog in and out with no problem. They were delish. Thanks for the recipe!

  19. 20

    They look delicious, I love corn dogs, but the easiest recipe I ever made, was 2 boxes of cornbread mix, cut up hot dogs and bake, delicious. Corn dog muffins.

  20. 21

    So good, so easy!!! Thanks!!!!!

  21. 22

    Wow, I tried making corn dogs ( my son’s birthday dinner request). They didn’t come out like yours. Will try this one next time.

  22. 23

    I love corn dogs and these look so good. Just looking at them brings back wonderful memories. I can almost taste them.

  23. 24

    What can I substitute the milk for due to kosher reasons? Thank you

  24. 25

    thank you so much! I was just thinking I need to find a corn dog recipe. my kids have been addicted but I hate feeding them what’s at the grocery store as often as they want them. now I can make cheese sticks and maybe hide some veggies dogs in there too!

  25. 26

    I made these tonight because Friday night meals are usually fun and less formal than during the week. They were a huge hit with all of us. Because I didn’t need to make 16 I just cut the recipe in half. There was plenty of batter. This recipe was simple and lots of fun, but most of all the corn dogs were delicious. Thanks for a really fun great tasting recipe. I will definitely make them again.

  26. 27

    I made these for lunch today after my husband saw the recipe over my shoulder last night. I dropped the milk down to 1 cup and added a 2 tablespoons honey. They turned out fantastic. My only other change was to cut the hot dogs in half – that way I could use a smaller pot and half the oil listed. Not an everyday recipe, but it was a hit for a special treat and I will definitely make these again.

    • 28

      i relly wanto make this cuz i have never tastid tham in my life so i hop wen i make thes it well tast good

  27. 29

    Do you know if I could get away with making these without the skewers? That’s one thing I never have on hand. Where would you find skewers at the store?

    • 30

      I make mine without skewers. They turned out perfect.

    • 31

      skewers will be in the utensil aisle. Most grocery stores have an aisle where you can get measuring cups, spatulas, etc. It should be there.

    • 32

      I was going to cut them in pieces and use toothpicks and cut string cheese in pieces too for my daughter! And use less oil just enough they stand up on their own? I hope it works

  28. 33

    We made these today for lunch and they were absolutely delicious! My husband says he will never eat a boxed corn dog again. Thanks for posting a wonderful recipe, I am looking forward to trying others on your blog!

  29. 34
    Beth Anderson says:

    This is one of our favorites when the grandchildren come….save yourself LOTS of heartache by pouring your batter in a drinking glass and dip the skewered dog into the batter in the glass….quick and easy!

  30. 35

    Jason would love these! He’s always eating the frozen Trader Joe’s corn dogs!

  31. 36
    camille says:

    Wow! I can only IMAGINE how much money you are saving by doing this yourself. My family eats corn dogs all the time (hubbys favorite acutally) and it adds up so quicky to be 7-10 dollars for a box. I have to give them a try and see what he thinks. Found on pinterest!

  32. 37

    I made these tonight, as a treat for my boys, they were awesome. I cut each hot dog into three and made mini corn dogs. I also followed some of the tips and used honey instead of sugar and a bit less milk. I used a chip pan and for each serving I put a hand full of chips into the basket first and then 6 mini corn dogs.. It was a great meal and one we will make again (but not too often since it is a treat.).

  33. 38

    This was PERFECT!

  34. 39

    Believe it or not I have been wondering how to make corn dogs. They are truly my secret pleasure, although I won’t tell my kids or they’d be asking me to make them everyday! Simple and easy! Much appreciated–Deb, Dial M for Moms (http://www.dialmformoms.com)

  35. 40

    I made these to the joy of my family. They came out perfectly!! I had some leftover batter, so I made some with cheese sticks. They tasted like grilled cheese sandwiches on a stick. Yummy. Thanks for the great recipe!!

  36. 41

    I cant wait to try these! I am making the for lunch but just for myself so i have to cut down the recipe.

  37. 42

    Made this today for my 7 years old son. He went crazy helping me. We had a lovely time and a great lunch! They tasted really good! Thank you!

  38. 43

    I want to make a bunch and take them up north. I planned on freezing them. Do they taste as good

  39. 44

    Here’s another trick that I use; pour the batter into a tall glass or Solo Cup to make dipping the hotdog easier.

  40. 45

    ……also rolling the hotdogs in some of the dry Cornmeal first allows for the batter to stick better.

  41. 46

    If you roll hot dog in either flour or corn starch lightly it will hold the batter on the hot dog. My mom mad these all the time in the 60′s

  42. 47
    Christine says:

    For my 1st time eating a corn dog, I loved them! My husband and I also had fun swirling them around, and he said they taste just like Nathan’s corn dogs

  43. 48

    Can I freeze the batter? I made too much and don’t want to throw it out:/

  44. 49

    These were so fun to make! My kids loved them, and they had a blast helping me. Thanks for sharing this!

    • 50

      For the skewers – I’ve read you can go to an asian/oriental store and get chop sticks for really inexpensive and they are not as “pointy” as the skewers you can get at a grocery store. I’ve been looking for a recipe that doesn’t use buttermilk and I’m happy I found one! :) thanks for posting.

  45. 51

    Stupid question here, but do you put the whole thing in the oil, stick and all, or do you try to keep the stick out of the oil? Thanks!

  46. 52

    If you dry wieners and roll in cornstarch (shake off excess) before dipping in batter, the batter will stick much better. Got this tip from Emeril.

  47. 53

    I made these and they didn’t even look like corn dogs! The batter came off and floated to the top. Any suggestions for next time???

  48. 54

    Please post a video! I tried this tonight and the cornmeal mixture just slid off the dogs. I eventually just plopped the dogs in without a stick, and it turned out better that way. Regardless, it was very tasty, but I did add a bit extra sugar :)

  49. 55

    My batter was a very thick paste. I had trouble making it stay on the hotdog. I added more milk and still wouldnt hold onto hotdog. I tried molding it submerging the hotdog and stuck it in the pan of oil, it all fell apart. My hungry grandbabies are looking at me with hunger so gotta think fast. Added more milk so a total of 2 1/2 cups I ended up using. So I just battered the hotdogs the best I could n put them in the oven. The look awful….like little turds. Ugh, sorry this was not easy I did exactly as the recipe instructed.