Baked Crispy Ranch Chicken

Why hello friends!

This past week has been absolutely INSANE! My hubby left for a week long business trip, leaving me and the kiddos for a week of crazy and busy happenings.  Then my parents asked me if I would come to their house to watch my two younger siblings (remember the big gap I told you about in our ages) while they went to a work party for my dad in California.  On top of being a mom of two and watching two more, my little boy got another double ear infection (2nd one in a month and a half) and then started vomiting for the past two days and hasn’t been able to keep anything down. Yesterday, I took him into the Doctor who then sent us to the ER where they drew some blood and found out he was dehydrated.  So back to the ER we went to put an IV in him to get him some fluids.  Why does all the crazy stuff happen when my hubby leaves town?! lol!  This is why I have been a little absent from the blog. But hopefully now things calm down a bit with my little guy and I can hop back here too :)

It seems whenever I am cooking at someone else’s house, in this case-my parents’, they never have what I am looking for. Then again, my pantry is stalked for a food bloggers needs, so not everyone will have what I am looking for haha! :) So after browsing through my parent’s fridge and pantry, I decided this was our best option.  This one of the EASIEST dinners I have ever made and it turned out absolutely delicious! Thumbs up all around! 

Baked Crispy Ranch Chicken

Baked Crispy Ranch Chicken!... only FOUR ingredients! This is perfect for those days you don't want to be in the kitchen forever! Family approved!

By Chef in Training October 22, 2012

  • Yield: 5-6 Chicken breasts

Only FOUR ingredients! This is perfect for those days you don't want to be in the kitchen forever! Family approved!


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  1. In a wide bowl (I actually used a bread pan) pour ranch dressing. In a separate bowl (again, I used a bread pan), combine bread crumbs and lightly crushed corn flakes.
  2. Dip chicken breasts in ranch evenly on both sides.
  3. Next, dip into bowl with combined bread crumbs and corn flakes. Evenly cover on all sides.
  4. Place in a greased 9x13 pan and bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes or until chicken is done and tender.

A similar recipe can be found at Hidden Valley Ranch :)


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  1. 1

    Giiiirl, looks like you need a nap! I’m sorry it all happened right when your hubby left–isn’t the saying “when it rains, it pours”? Chin up! You rock, and I’m sure your cutie little boy will get better soon :)
    In the meantime, this chicken looks delicious! So crispy, and I totally loved dipping my chicken fingers in ranch as a kid. Bringing back memories!

  2. 2

    I can tell you are still slammed with responsibilities when Step 1. Begins with “Next…” :o)

    Hope you life gets back to normal soon!

    • 3
      Chef in Training says:

      haha! Sorry about that! I had written it correctly, but the WordPress Plug-in sometimes scrambles it up when I hit publish. Looks like it did it this time :) It should be fixed now. THanks for bringing it to my attention.

  3. 5

    This looks amazing!

  4. 6

    Loving this chicken. In a few weeks my hubs will be gone too so I’m pinning this right now!

  5. 7

    I was looking for a simple dinner idea…thanks…and hope your life gets simpler :-(

  6. 8

    Looks delicious, Nikki. Unfortunately hubby is not a fan of ranch, but I would love this and may make some up just for me for lunches at work. He is a fan of honey mustard. Maybe I will try that also. You have given me lots of ideas to think about. Thanks for sharing. Hope things settle down for you soon.

  7. 9

    if you don’t like ranch dressing, it is equally delicious to copy the recipe but replace ranch with mayonnaise and add a little parmesan cheese (even the Kraft brand in the green can) to the bread crumb mixture for more flavor like half a cup or so. DELICIOUS!

  8. 10

    looks so good yummy

  9. 11

    aww nikki! I feel like when it rains, it POURS! it’s tough and you deserve a fresh breath of air! on a lighter note – this crispy chicken… literally is making my heart melt. SO EASY!

  10. 12

    Made these tonight and threw together a salad with balsamic as the base. I loved it and so did the bf! :)

  11. 13

    Hope your little guy feels better soon!

    The chicken looks delicious!

  12. 14

    This chicken looks mouthwatering yummy! I love this. Please link it to my linky party & anything else you have to share. It just went live a little early :) Thanks, Peggy.

  13. 15
    Jen Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing…looks delicious! What’s the name of the font used for the words CRISPY and CHICKEN? I love it!

  14. 16

    Gosh this looks so amazingly delicious!
    I would love to have you share this (or any other of your recipes) at Wednesday Extravaganza – my Foodie Link Party, and maybe claim a spot on my Wall of Fame. Here is the link:

    Can’t wait to see you there!

  15. 17

    Very yummy and I have picky eaters in my house will be looking for more recipes

  16. 18

    I have a similar recipe that I found years ago in one of my Taste of Home cookbooks. Instead of ranch dressing, it uses a packet of dry ranch dressing. I’ve made it for company and it’s always been a big hit. My favorite part: as long as you use the right corn flakes, the recipe is gluten free. Here’s a link to the recipe in case you’d like to try it and see how it compares. :)

  17. 19

    Made this tonight for my parents and we love it we cut it into strips its a great quick dinner for when your on the go!! Thanks for the great dinner!!!

  18. 20
    Gabriela Martinez says:

    What kind of breadcrumbs, Japanese panko or regular, woul it be okay to use seasoned breadcrumbs?