Peach Cobbler Cake Push Pops: Duncan Hines Review and Sweet Treats Giveaway

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Today is a very exciting day for you on Chef in Training. You get a review, recipe AND a giveaway!!!

I was SUPER excited when Duncan Hines reached out to me about reviewing their new “Frosting Creations” flavor mix ins.

Duncan Hines "Frosting Creations" review and Sweet Treats Giveaway on

For the month of March ONLY, Duncan Hines has 4 NEW and exciting “Frosting Creations” mix in flavors. These flavors include “Key Lime Pie”, “Fruit Punch”, “Pink Lemonade” and “Peaches and Creme.” You definitely need to take advantage of these limited time flavors before they are gone.

Let me be honest with you for a minute. Frosting is my least favorite part of baking. I know, it is simple enough, but by the time I am done baking the dessert, the last thing I want to do is dirty up more dishes. Duncan Hines “Frosting Creations” makes this SO easy for all of us. Just Watch…

Duncan Hines "Frosting Creations" review and Sweet Treats Giveaway on

Simply pour the flavor mix in packet into the frosting starter and stir it up until its evenly mixed. Easy-peasy, right?! The flavors are absolutely delicious, you are going to LOVE them!

The Duncan Hines “Peaches and Creme” flavor mix in stood out to me first because Peach Cobbler is one of my favorite recipes ever. I knew I wanted to incorporate similar flavors and compliment it with the “Peaches and Creme” frosting.

Peach Cobbler Cake Push Pops on ...These are so simple to make and are a fun way to serve up dessert! #dessert #recipe

I made these for my family and the DEVOURED them!

Peach Cobbler Cake Push Pops

By Chef in Training Published: March 6, 2013

    These are so simple to make and are a fun way to serve up dessert!



    1. In a large bowl, combine Duncan Hines Yellow Cake mix, peach pie filling, eggs and vanilla and beat well. Try to break up the whole peaches into small chances as best as possible.
    2. Drop by heaping teaspoons into each slot of a Wilton Whoopie Pie Baking Tin.
    3. Bake at 350 degrees F for 9-11 minutes. This cake recipe will produce about 48-60 mini cakes.
    4. Carefully take the mini cakes out of each slot and let cool completely.
    5. Add Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Peaches and Creme flavor mix ins to the Duncan Hines Frosting starters and stir to mix well.
    6. To assemble the cake push pops, place a peach cake at the bottom of the Wilton Treat Pop container. Pipe a small layer of Duncan Hines Peaches and Creme. Repeat layers until there are 3 peach cakes and 3 frosting layers. Pipe the top layer pretty and add sprinkles if desired.


    Peach Cobbler Cake Push Pops on ...These are so simple to make and are a fun way to serve up dessert! #dessert #recipe

    Now are you ready for the Sweet Treats Giveaway?!

    Here is what the Sweet Treats Giveaway Package includes:

    –       4 Duncan Hines cake mixes

    –       4 Duncan Hines frosting creation starters

    –       4 Duncan Hines frosting creations limited edition flavors: Pink Lemonade, Key Lime, Peaches and Crème, and Fruit Punch

    –       Wilton 6 ct Treat Pop containers

    –       Wilton Mini Whoopie Pie Pan

    –       Wilton Pearlized Jimmies

    –       “The Pastry Chef’s Companion” by Glenn Rinsky

    Duncan Hines "Frosting Creations" review and Sweet Treats Giveaway on

    For more information, recipes and coupons for Duncan Hines “Frosting Creations”, be sure and check out their “Frosting Creations” portion of their site.
    Also be sure and visit Duncan Hines on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the Duncan Hines Baker’s Club to keep up with their latest products and recipes.
    Disclosure: I was compensated by Duncan Hines and provided Duncan Hines products for this post, but all opinions, pictures and text are my own.

    If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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    1. Magela G.

      I am ecxited to try the key lime flavor.

    2. Melissa blackwell

      These look amazing! The possibilities are endless! I'd love to try the pumpkin or cinnamon flavor-- or all of them!

    3. Katie

      The key lime sounds delicious!

    4. Wendy

      I am addicted to this frosting ... I've baked so many cakes in the past six months or so just to play with all the flavors. Really, really excited about the peaches and cream :)

    5. Daniela

      Peaches and cream would be my pick!

    6. Leslie Moore

      I can't wait to try the Key Lime flavor!

    7. Shannon C

      Pink lemonade for sure!

    8. erin

      Key lime

    9. Sarah T.

      Definitely excited to try pink lemonade! With summer coming I've been craving that this week!!

    10. db0

      Peaches, definitely!

    11. Beth W

      I would love to make the pink lemonade pops for my daughter's 2nd birthday!

    12. Erin B.

      Key lime for sure! Yum!

    13. stephanie T

      Pink Lemonade sounds yummy!

    14. Tiffany

      I would love to try the pink lemonade flavor. Sounds yummy.

    15. Brenda Hammer

      They all sound yummy and refreshing for Spring!

    16. Kristina W

      I'm excited to try the peach flavor! I've never been able to make a decent one from scratch!

    17. susan

      key lime!!!! especially on this snowy day!

    18. Elise D

      I think the pink lemonade flavor looks delicious! Thank you so much for the giveaway. I love your blog as well. I know that anything that you post, I will want to try!

    19. Stephanie

      Peaches and Cream!!! I want to try the recipe you posted!!!

    20. candace

      Key lime Pie!

    21. Lee Ann

      Peaches and cream!

    22. Camille

      Interesting flavors!! I would love to try the pumpkin!!

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      I think the pink lemonade one sounds perfect for summer coming up!

    24. Selena Scism

      I think the peaches and cream sounds delish!

    25. Marygail

      I would love to try pink lemonade :)

      Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

    26. Chrissy B.

      I am pumped for all of the flavors, but the pink lemonade one will have to be the first one I try.

    27. Marianne

      SO excited to try key lime! It looks delicious. :)

    28. Christine

      peaches are my favorite so I would love to try peaches & cream!

    29. Sandra

      It would have to be key lime, I am a sucker for anything lemon or lime in form of dessert!

    30. Shantel

      Peaches and Creme! Cant wait to try it :)

    31. Jessica D

      I haven't tried these frostings yet but the peaches and creme sounds SO GOOD!!! Love looking at your wonderful recipies!!

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      All look good, but you have swayed me towards the Peaches and cream

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      I would love to try the Peaches and Cream, I love, love peaches.....

    34. Heather

      I would be interested in trying the fruit punch or pink lemonade.

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      Chocolate marshmallow!

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      Wow!! I love your ideas! And I was just telling my daughter we needed to somehow create pink lemonade frosting for our summer cupcakes!! Yea!! I hope I win!

    38. Rose Sysol

      key lime sounds yummy! That's my favorite flavor of all time!

    39. Cathy Gridzak

      wow what great looking flavors!!! I think lemonade would be really good!

    40. Sarah

      Key lime sounds good.

    41. Linda

      WOW, that is really cute, can't wait to try some of these favors, have not used them before ;-) . . . . Thanks so much ! ! ! !

    42. Rhiannon Metzger

      Ooh the Key Lime sounds yumm!

    43. Jennifer Chronister

      I've tried the Mint Chocolate flavor before. We really liked it. Can't wait to try these new flavors.

    44. Megan

      I've never seen those "cake push pops" before! How fun are they!?

      1. Megan

        PS- I think the peaches and cream would be the best!

    45. Kara

      So exciting! I'd love to make pink lemonade cupcakes using the frosting creations!

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      This looks amazing!!

    47. J

      Wow, for sure peaches....nom nom.

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      Key Lime Pie - one of my most favorite desserts, so I want to try this in a cupcake!

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      Peaches and Cream! Yum!!

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      Awesome giveaway! I would love to try all the flavors, but the peaches and creme sounds the best!

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      These look delicious!!!

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      These are perfect! I love the look of them and think they would be perfect for a bridal shower or girls night out party!

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    58. Janet Carter Gulliford

      This Great stuff will come in handy when I bake for my grandsons

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      That pink lemonade mix in looks sooo good. Would love to make double pink lemonade cupcakes with it!

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      I think the peaches and cream sounds great!!!

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      I have been a bit wary about store brought frosting, but I think these flavors sound awesome! Peaches and creme!!

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      I'm definitely most excited to try the key lime!

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      Wow - creative recipe! I didn't even know you could make pushpops, let alone out of cake!

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      1. StacyAC

        Weirdly, I want to try the fruit punch. Sounds different!

    107. Rachel M.

      Ooh! Those all look delicious. I'd be excited to try the new Fruit Punch. But the Peaches and Creme sounds so good too!

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      I love baking with Duncan Hines cake mixes!

    110. Rachel P

      Peaches and Cream for sure!

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      I would want to try the key lime flavor and the pink lemonade. I love sweet/tart deserts, they don't make you feel quite so guilty for indulging. (I know it is only wishful thinking)

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      Peaches and Cream!

    113. denise r

      fruit punch

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    117. Phyllis

      These push pops look great. Great giveaway!

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      First I'm going to try the key lime pie flavor in some cake balls/cake pops (since I don't have the push pop/whoopie pie supplies....yet!). They will be a great way to welcome in Spring! And then I want to try the pink lemonade for a Summer cake ball/cake pop edition!

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      My little grandson and I are just now starting to cook. This would be great fun as he loves the decorating part!

      1. robinanne

        Oh, ps, he loves lemon anything, chocolate anything for me, forgot this in my post!

    141. Abbi

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      I don not twitter or do pinintrest, but hope my entry will still qualify.

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    202. beth


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    213. Adam Fortin


    214. Kristina Wasiura

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    215. Kristy F.

      I used this for my daughter's birthday. I used bubble gum in white frosting.

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    217. Jeanine

      Hey, Sweetie, just wanted to know if you had baked these as a cake or not. I don't have the mini pans like you used and I'd rather do a cake than whoopie pies. I love this idea- please answer quickly so I can fire up the oven!!! ;)
      Thanks for all of your fun ideas!!