Cake Batter Granola Bites

I don’t know if any of you have heard of Brian Regan, but he is a comedian that is  kind of big thing here in Utah for his clean and hysterical humor.  I get the biggest kick out of him!  The emergency room skit is probably my favorite because of how stinkin true it is!… At least we can all laugh about the humor of it all AFTER the storm has passed right?! (I have had one too many visits to the ER recently to last me a life time!)  In one of his skits, he talks about “cran-man”  and how he’s getting into all the other juices… cran-grape… cran-apple… you name it and “cran-man” has probably worked its way into it somehow!

The purpose of me telling you this is because, well… cake batter has become my “cran-man” and he is doing a pretty good job of working his way into EVERYTHING!  But hey, if you like it… roll with it, right?!

These Cake Batter Granola bars are SO SIMPLE to make and taste great!  My daughter and I chowed down on some during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse the other day :)

Cake Batter Granola Bites


By Chef in Training May 4, 2012

I don't know if any of you have heard of Brian Regan, but he is a comedian that is  kind of big thing here in Utah for his clean and …


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  1. Combine all ingredients and mix well until oats are all well coated.
  2. Refrigerate mixture 1-2 hours. You want it to be workable enough to hold their shape.
  3. After refrigerating, roll into balls and eat up!

Recipe adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction 


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  1. 1

    Nikki, I knew you’d love these! So glad you enjoyed them. They were a hit with my friends. :)

  2. 2

    What a diffrent and yummy way to eat granola!! I have to try this!!

  3. 3
    Victoria says:

    How many bites does this make? Looking by the picture yours seem to be a pretty good size at about 10?

  4. 5

    ahh these look delicious! using dry cake mix in things always feels so strange to me but the outcome is amazing.

  5. 6
    Lauren K says:

    They look yummy! Do you have to keep them refriderated after you’ve made them into balls?

    • 7
      Chef in Training says:

      yeah, if you aren’t eating them right away, I would just cover them and stick them in the refrigerator.

  6. 8

    Yum! Did you melt the white choco chips?

    • 9
      Chef in Training says:

      No, I just mix them in as is. I have since made them and just mixed them in with the other stuff. It just adds to the greatness! :)

  7. 10

    Sounds good. I want to make homemade granola. My son might actually eat your recipe.

  8. 11

    So amazing! These look so pretty and delicious!

  9. 12

    These look awesome!!! We love cake batter everything, too, so I’ll be trying these soon. They are so adorable… I’m thinking they’d be wicked cute for a birthday party ;)

  10. 13

    My kids are on a granola bar kick….and they love sprinkles! They will go nuts over these! :)

  11. 14

    Those look so yummy! Great idea! I’d love for you to add it on my link party at: Thanks! I’m going to watch the ER skit right now!

  12. 15

    What kind of dry cake mix do you use?

  13. 16
    Shelly Legg says:

    i am always looking for something different for bake sales and for the women of the moose, this is a great idea,

  14. 17

    Do they freeze well? they look so yummy. I’m gonna to make some tonight! Thanks

  15. 18

    Yum! I wanted to let you know that I featured this today in my “What I Bookmarked This Week” post – stop by and see if you have a minute.

  16. 19

    Pinning to make very soon! Thanks for sharing!