Cafe Rio Sweet Pork

I LOVE cafe Rio!  Their food is delicious and definitely one of my personal favorites.  Yesterday, I posted the recipe for Cafe Rio’s Creamy Tomatillo Dressing, and a couple weeks ago I shared a recipe for Cafe Rio’s Chicken and today I am going to share a recipe for their Sweet Pork.  I really enjoy the flavor of their sweet pork and was excited to find a recipe for it.


recipe from: “One Good Thing” By Jilliee

2 pounds pork roast
2 cans Coke (NOT diet)
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/4 c. water
1 (4 oz) can diced green chilies
1 (10 oz) can enchilada sauce (I used Old El Paso and I used only 3/4 of can)
1 c. brown sugar

Put the pork in a reclosable bag to marinate, pour in one of the cans of Coke and 1/2 c. brown sugar. Marinate for a few hours or overnight. (I’ve done both…they both work.)
Drain marinade and put pork, 1/2 can of Coke, water, and garlic salt in crock pot on high for about 3-4 hours.
Remove pork from crock pot, drain off liquid, shred pork.
Mix together (in a bowl or in the blender) other 1/2 can of Coke, can of chiles, enchilada sauce and brown sugar.
Put shredded pork back in the crock pot, cover with sauce, heat just until warmed through.



To make your salad Cafe Rio Style you will need:(any are optional of course)
Flour tortilla
shredded cheddar cheese
Rice-they use a cilantro rice
Black or Pinto Beans (I tend to prefer black beans in my salad, my picture below is with pinto because I was out)
Cafe Rio Sweet Pork or Chicken
Romaine lettuce
Pico de Gallo
Avacado or Guacamole
Parmesan Cheese
Tortilla strips (Or crumbled tortilla chips)
Cafe Rio’s Tomatillo Dressing 

For those that either haven’t been or haven’t heard of Cafe Rio, Here is how they layer and make their yummy salads!


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  1. Brittany

    I am not a fan of pork, but my husband begs for it time and time again. I think I might have to "give in" to him and try this. This looks so delicious.

  2. Katelyn- Domestic Charm

    Yumm this looks amazing! I found you on Tatertots & Jello. I am your newest follower! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i am super stoked to try this!!!!! i will let you know how much everyone raves about it when they are full lolso glad i found your blog honey!!!

  4. Amy

    I made the pork and we used it for tacos…it was amazing!! I didn’t have time to marinate the night before, so I just followed the recipe from that point on. I did not use any brown sugar (my husband hates super sweet stuff) The entire family loved this recipe!! My husband said “this is the best taco I’ve had in years”

  5. Hi chef-in-training, my name is Maria. This is an amazing recipe. I love all your recipes so much that I added this one to my blog, but giving the link to here, as the original source, as I always do with everything I publish. Thank you very much for your time and kind consideration and for the excellent recipes you bring to us.

  6. Magen

    I made this for dinner tonight & oh my goodness! It is seriously so yummy! Definitely going in as a top 5! Thanks for sharing! Oh and I found you on Pinterest!:)

  7. Meg

    would this be doable with chicken? I love sweet pork but my husband always prefers chicken so i was hoping to be able to combine both worlds hah