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I received the Versatile Blogger Award!  My good friend Elyse and her sister’s over at Six Sister’s Stuff linked this to me and I am so excited to receive it!The rules go as follows:1.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.Thanks Adamson girls for the award! Even though I have had this blog for over a year now, I am new at getting the word around.  Getting this was really awesome!2.  Tell 7 things about yourself1.  I LOVE to cook…obviously!  My mother is one of the best cooks I know and always said she could open up her own restaurant or dessert store with her fabulous recipes.  Most of the meals my mom makes, she has created the recipe herself, and I think that is what shows a true chefs abilities!  I hope to be like her someday!2.  I have always dreamed of sewing, and for Christmas this last year, received my first sewing machine.  I am trying to teach myself but I am having a blast trying!3.  I am a proud mother to the most adorable little girl, Avrie.  She is my best bud and I am lucky enough to get to be at home with her all day long.  I also have a little boy coming in 7 more weeks!  I love being a mother and find it to be the most rewarding thing in this world4.  I’m what my friends call a grexicasion.  I am half Caucasian and a quarter Greek and a quarter Mexican (my mother is blond hair blue eyes, totally California babe…and my dad is half Greek, half Mexican).  I love being such a mix!  My grandma is full Greek and still resides in Greece, which gives a great excuse to travel to visit her!  And it also lets me try more diverse foods.  Sadly I need to step up my game on my Greek recipes!  I have plenty, I just haven’t done any yet!5.  I am the oldest of 4 siblings.  The youngest (my brother) and I are 14 years apart.  We have a BIG age gap in our family.6.  I went to school to be a Dietitian and had to quit with a year and a half left due to becoming a mommy.  I will go back and finish someday.  I didn’t go all the way to Bio-Chem to quit and give up!  haha!  I love nutrition and am fascinated by it and how the body uses it.  My favorite class and hardest class I think I took in college was physiology and anatomy.  I love learning how the body works, and nutrition is key to having it function properly.7.  My least favorite chore in house cleaning is the dishes.  Funny, because I am always cooking in the kitchen, but I hate the clean up!  I still do it though don’t worry! haha!3.  Pay it forward and award the Versatile Blogger to 15 recently discovered new bloggers.1.  I LOVE House of Smiths.  She is so genius and brilliant when it comes to DIY projects! 2.  I love taking a look over at Homemaking Fun for fun projects for holidays, events or parties. 3.  One of my favorite blogs is Make It and Love It.  What she does with her sewing abilities is INCREDIBLE!  This blog is what made me want to learn how to sew!4.  One of my good friend’s sister has such a fun blog.  I Never Grew Up is so versatile in her posts that you get a variety of fun reads and ideas.  She also does such great giveaways!5.  Tater Tots and Jello is also one of my favorites.  This girl has some fabulous tutorials and great ideas to spice up your wardrobe, home, and style!6.  Recissionista is such a fun blog on style. She does some fabulous give aways and has great tips and pointers.7.  Bakerella is my baking idol!  She is fabulous!  Check her out if you haven’t already and see for yourself!8.  It’s a Tradition is a fun one to look at as well!  She has fabulous ideas and recipes9.  The DIYDISH is AWESOME!   For fun and cute DIY projects check out this blog!10.  My friend Stephanie has a blog Hair and Make-Up by Steph and I Love it!  She is fabulous at what she does and I always like looking at her work!  She has done hair and make-up on several of my friends as well as other big clients!11.  My aunt works for a company called Adorn-It.  I LOVE looking at their blog for cute scrapbooking ideas or fun projects to do!12.  U Create has some great craft ideas!  I love looking at her latest projects!13.  The Artists House is a fun one to look through.  She has great ideas on how to make a house a home.14.  How Does She is a fun one for the creative mind!  She does super fun projects!15.  Nifty Thrifty Things is such a fun blog.  I love looking at her posts and her talent!Make sure to check out all these fun links!  I do almost daily!  Thanks again Adamson Sisters!

If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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  1. House of Smiths

    Thank you so much! You're so sweet to mention me! I'm totally honored!~Shelley