Lowe’s Grill Giveaway

Good news for you guys… I have a SECOND awesome giveaway for you this week! It is all part of Sweet Basil’s birthday week where she is giving away some of her personal favorite things.

This one is pretty dang exciting and will get you ready to roll for summer grilling! That’s right- Lowe’s is sponsoring this awesome giveaway for a grill! How exciting is that?! I am obsessed with grilling and what better way to bring in the warmer weather than to cook outside and let the heat stay out there?! I loathe turning on my stove and oven in the summer time. My house just gets so stinkin hot, so more often than not, we can be found outside grilling away.

Grill Giveaway on chef-in-training.com

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Good luck!

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Lowe’s has kindly and generously provided the grill for this giveaway. This contest is not endorsed or affiliated with Pinterest or Instagram.

If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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  1. cori

    Vegetables are so good on the grill

  2. donna

    My husband would be absolutely in love with this grill!

  3. Rachel

    My favorite thing to grill is chicken breast, veggies, and garlic bread. Favorite meal ever!

  4. Monica

    Grilled fresh veggies are my favorite!

  5. tiffany

    i love pork chops on the grill

  6. Amber

    Summer isn't summer until we've grilled peaches!

  7. Moss

    Grilling means summertime is here! Outdoor gatherings by the pool, cold beverages and those smoky delicious smells in the air!

  8. Meg Merkley

    I tried following you on instagram but you are set to private and the request is sent. Love chicken and asparagus!

  9. Larissa

    I love to grill!

  10. Heather

    Yum! Love grilling greek seasoned chicken for gyros!

  11. Billie

    My favorite thing to grill is well marinated meat of any kind.

  12. Kami E.

    I would love this grill! Steaks are our favorite.

  13. Cynthia Fucci

    It isn't summer until you've spent the evening with friends and family around a grill!

  14. Elizabeth

    Love to grill turkey!

  15. Hannah

    Garlic Butter Burgers1

  16. Tricia

    Love cooking about anything we can on the grill during the summer - great way to get out of the kitchen for a bit

  17. Stephanie

    Pineapples with chicken

  18. Sheena

    We love to grill!

    1. Sheena

      Sorry - I'm supposed to tell you my favorite thing to grill. Probably corn on the cob, wrapped in foil. Now I'm hungry!

  19. Chris

    Anything and everything. I love to grill meat, pizza and veggies.

  20. Amanda Fadler

    My hubby would LOVE this!!! We just bought our first house! There is a perfect spot for this on our back patio! :)

  21. Madie

    I love grilling! One of my favorite things about it is you can make a delicous dinner without making a huge mess in the kitchen!

  22. Bethany Fazekas

    I love to grill burgers stuffed with cheese! So flavorful!

  23. Ammy Belle

    I know what you mean - I have a very small house, so the moment the oven turns on, everything gets warmer ... :P

  24. Marie Muckey

    I love to grill veggies and pizza

  25. julianne

    shrimp and veggies!

  26. Carrie

    What an awesome grill!

  27. Melissa Kramer


  28. Angela G.

    I love grilling some kabobs or steak.

  29. Kim

    This is awesome!!

  30. Cheryl

    My husband and I love stuff cooked on the grill

  31. McKell

    I would love grilling chicken and veggies on this grill!

  32. Kendra

    I would love this grill! My favorite thing to grill is probably marinated chicken breasts. Love the taste of a good steak, done medium rare too!

  33. Kristin

    I love grilling vegetable kabobs.

  34. Amanda

    Anything that my husband makes on the grill is awesome! Can't beat a good steak or BBQ chicken!

  35. Carol


  36. Lynette

    Vegetables!! I love grilled veggies.

  37. Emily K.

    Love grilled veggies!

  38. Deairdre Miller

    Wow! What a great giveaway! My mom would be so happy if I won!

  39. Marie

    Corn on the cob on the grill is the BEST!!

  40. Mimi

    Shish kebabs!

  41. Beth P.

    Oh how we need a new grill. I'm seeing some chicken breasts and thighs lined up on those grill grates.

  42. penny

    What ISN'T my favorite thing on the grill? So very hard to choose. I love fish & steak. & veggies are the best! But if I have to pick one, I'll pick what sounds good at the moment, which is chicken wings! If only I had a grill to cook them on! hint, hint. :)

  43. Tracy


  44. Sarah VM

    My favorite thing to grill is steak.

  45. Rebecca

    Wow this grill would be great for summer!

  46. Caren C.

    Grillled veggies and chicken are my favorite!

  47. SalBug

    Rib-eye steaks!

  48. marie


  49. Lindsay

    My boyfriend would love this grill! We like to grill burgers, chicken and veggie skewers.

  50. Stephanie K


  51. Robin G

    I love grilling shrimp, then throwing a bit of feta over the top before serving. The feta gives it a great flavor! It's great on chicken, too!

  52. Penny Snyder

    Pork loin!!!~

  53. Ashley Tucker


  54. Mildred Floyd

    My favorite food from the grill is turkey but steak or burgers are easier.

  55. jodi

    I would love to win this and surprize my hubby

  56. Ruksana

    Chicken :)

  57. Linda Meranda

    Hubby & I love chicken

  58. Kelsea Eaton

    Veggies, especially asparagus and mushrooms!

  59. kylie


  60. Shirley Smith

    Baby back ribs are my favorite to grill.

  61. Lora Anne M

    My hubby is the grill master in the family. Nothing is better than a good burnt hot dog on the grill.

  62. ginger arment

    Summer will taste even more amazing with this grillizza!

  63. Melissa Cunningham

    Burgers is my favorite to grill!

  64. Terry Cover

    I like grilling ribs. If you grill right your ribs can be eaten without teeth ,the way I cook them.

  65. jenna k

    I love a good flank steak on the grill!

  66. Sandy Stephens

    WOW!! what a way to bring summer in, With a GRILL!!! SWEET!! I love things grilled. I'd rather have grilled items (keeps your kitchen cleaner!!)

  67. Thom Coleman

    steaks steaks and more steaks

  68. Carissa

    I must say bacon wrapped barbecue chicken is my favorite!

  69. julie murphy

    I like to grill hamburgers.

  70. Lorraine Ferguson

    Wow! What a great give away!

  71. Jan

    My favorite thing to grill is a nice juicy steak, or marinaded chicken with grilled pineapple and zucchini.

  72. kathy b

    We grill old school, burgers and dogs

  73. Marty Musser

    Shish-ka-bobs! Growing up we could always choose whatever we wanted for our birthday, and I chose shish-ka-bobs almost every single time! A little labor intensive, but I love 'em!

  74. Chesha Oliver

    We would love this grill!! We're bug grilles too. But a classic hamburger is probably my favorite.

    1. Chesha Oliver

      Haha!! Big grilles, not "bug" grillers. ;-)

  75. Katie

    Vegetables in olive oil!

  76. Brenda O'Neil

    Corn on the cob always tastes better cooked on the grill!

  77. richelle bowers

    I love grilled hot dogs!!!

  78. Cynthia L. Gray

    Steaks and veggies with grilled corn and potatoes makes a great meal. And for deddert grilled peaches or plums really makes life great.

  79. Kim L

    steaks! and that grill is a thing of beauty!

  80. Alex

    Love burgers on the grill!

  81. Deborah Martin

    Enjoy grilling fish and vegetables

  82. Cindy Merrill

    Grilled Fruit Kabobs are fun!

  83. Tom Bellamy


  84. kalani

    Shish ka bobs are my fave!

  85. Rita A

    Salmon with lemon and pepper!

  86. LisaG

    We make up veggie packs with sliced potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, butter and overloaded seasoning. Yum!

    1. LisaG

      It is supposed to be everglades seasoning. Sorry. Auto correct.

  87. Natalie

    I love to grill pineapple, pizza and vegetable kabobs on the grill in the summer.

  88. nancy potter


  89. Jamie Feldman

    I love shish kebob on the grill!

  90. christine burd

    My favorite thing to make on the grill is steak

  91. chris hoey

    I love gas grills winit

  92. Christiane Austin

    We love grilling summer vegetables.

  93. Beth

    My favorite thing to grill would be steaks...nothing like a nice medium rare steak grilled...

  94. Kate V.

    My favorite thing to grill is pizza.

  95. kathy

    Would love this!!!! Fantastic Grill

  96. Sarah T

    burgers and hot dogs! I'm not a big fan of hot dogs normally but when they're fresh off the grill it reminds me of being a kid!

  97. Marcy

    WOW! What a fun give-away ;D

  98. Karen

    I like to do chicken on the grill.

  99. Juliet

    Shish Kabobs!

  100. Briana

    It's beginning to feel more like spring! Such an awesome giveaway. I hope I get to try some of your delicious recipes on this grill!

  101. Russell Owens

    BIG Stake

  102. Tawni

    Salmon! Yum.

  103. Stan

    Salmon is wonderful on the grill.

  104. Julie Turner

    Shrimp and steak!

  105. Chris G

    I like to cook a snoek on the grill.

  106. Erin

    Cedar Plank Salmon is definitely one of my favorite things to grill. So flavorful!!

  107. Stephanie Trovato

    Love grilling steak tips and fresh veggies!

  108. jason

    grilled fish with mango salsa

  109. Mary


  110. April Brenay

    Steaks! my husband has a steak butter recipe that is amazing!

  111. Jen

    I love to grill veggies!

  112. Angie

    This would be an awesome grill to win. We love to grill all summer long.

  113. Noelle

    We love the grilling season, but I have to say our favorite is burgers. There are some many options.

  114. Heide

    A perfect gift for my husband on Father's Day!!

  115. Melinda Bell

    I love to grill everything! I think grilled pizza may be my favorite though!

  116. Lolita

    My husband love to grill during summer I think this is a good grill for him

  117. Alexis G..

    Tri Tip!!

  118. Christine Glenn

    My favorite thing to do is grill...doesn't matter what it is. It makes life during the summer so easy!

  119. Kelly J


  120. Tonya Martin

    Love grilling year round...the smell is as good as the food. :)

  121. Jacob LaFountaine

    I enjoy grilling hot dogs. Quick to eat and most people enjoy them

  122. Jennifer Thompson

    My favorite thing to grill is kabobs.

  123. Debbra Carrick

    We love to cook salmon on the grill.

  124. Leslie

    hubby does the grilling here

  125. christina


  126. Robi