KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!


*The Winner is Kelly V., who has been notified.*


Today, I have teamed up with another great group of bloggers to bring you this AMAZING KitchenAid Giveaway! The color is called “ICE” and I think I am in LOVE! I totally wish my kitchen was sporting this gorgeous color KitchenAid! Isn’t it pretty?!

I absolutely adore my KitchenAid and can’t wait for one of you lucky readers to get your hands on one as well!

Come visit to enter for your chance to win this AMAZING KitchenAid Mixer!

Here is how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

US Residents only (not my choice :) ). We will use Rafflecopter to select a winner on 5/20/13 and contact the winner via email. That person will have 48 hours to respond to the email. After 48 hours we will select a new winner.”

If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #chefintraining and/or #chefintrainingblog. I would love to see how these recipes take shape in your kitchens.

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  1. Jennifer T

    I'd make some brownies!

  2. Allison D

    I have been dying to make Nana's cinnamon rolls but they would be so much easier with a mixer!

  3. Cheri

    I would make a CHEESECAKE! YUM!

  4. Penny

    Beautiful ICE KitchenAid - what more could a girl want for baking bread!

  5. Debbie Bray


  6. Tristell

    My banana chocolate chip muffins (or maybe my banana cake).

  7. Linda

    What a great giveaway! Great color, too. Thanks so much for the chance to win one.

    1. Linda

      I forgot to add that I would make bread before anything else with that yummy mixer!

  8. AmyP

    Sugar Cookies!

  9. Karen Akilan

    Love your site, it speaks to me. My family loves it too, they get to enjoy the food. I would be able to make my husbands favorite cookies with out killing my arm with a great blender. Win win situation. I am redoing my kitchen, still looking for the accent color, ice might be it. Thanks for being you. Karen

  10. Debra C

    I would make oatmeal cookies.

  11. Kim@Time2Read

    I would make a cake.

  12. Debbie K.

    Would love to make a big batch of cookies!

  13. Lisa perry


  14. patti

    I'd like to try and make my grandmother's sponge cake. The recipe is written entirely in Italian, with variations that depended on how many eggs she had!

  15. Ellen Moore

    The first thing I would make with my new Kitchen Aid Mixer, if I win, would be bread. I have a bread machine, but find bread made with a mixer is a lot more fun. More "hands on". And I am sure a new Kitchen Aid would make glorious bread, which my husband and I would enjoy more than a dessert.

  16. Vicki Baumer

    The first thing I would make with my kitchen aid mixer would be cookies! I am a cookie monster at heart!

  17. Nancy A.

    I would make a tall, light and airy Angel Food Cake! Love this mixer and would love to win it to help with the mixing of the egg whites!!!

  18. jenny

    I would love for it to be cookies, but it would probably be homemade pizza dough! I love the idea of not mixing by hand!

  19. Melissa

    Just moved into a new house- whats a better housewarming gift than a kitchen aid! I would LOVE to win this!!

  20. Sandy

    Cookies - probably peanut butter chocolate chip

  21. Julia

    Love the color and love all your blog posts!

  22. Christine

    I'd make bread! So much faster, easier, and less messy when the machine kneads for you.

  23. brooke d.

    I would make a big batch of choc chip cookies for care packages for the troops in my husbands company.....

  24. chrisanthy

    I would make Kouambethes (Greek butter cookies with powdered sugar). My absolute favorite!!!

  25. Venetrise

    Chocolate chip cookies

  26. Christi Pike

    I would make some cinnamon rolls. I have been dying to try the recipe, but can't bare to try it without a KitchenAid!

  27. Sarah

    Cinnamon rolls! This would be the first thing I would want to make make with this great mixer!!

  28. KaySue


  29. Magela G.

    I would make chocolate chip cookies.

  30. Denise Wilson


  31. andrea

    wow! this would be awesome for making bread dough. thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. Pam

    Cinnamon rolls for sure. I can think of lots of things I'd make in this.

  33. Sandy S.

    I'd make an angel food cake. Ahhhh..with some white frosting and then strawberries on top. How refreshing.

  34. Corin

    I would make chocolate chip cookies with my son.

  35. Diane N

    The first thing I would make would probably be cookies...we go through a lot of them in this house!

  36. Cindy Brickley

    I would make lots of bread dough for varies things (breads, pretzels, pizza, etc).

  37. Stacey

    I'd make cream cheese banana bread with orange-pecan glaze. My fave.... ;)

  38. Debbie

    The first thing that I would make with my new kitchen aid mixer would be my Grandmother's cinnamon rolls. They are the best!

  39. Jeanne ODonnell

    I would make pie crust. It is berry season!!

  40. Susan

    Unsure...I have been without a stand mixer for so long that I would have a hard time making a decision...

  41. Heather Spooner

    I'd make a batch of my favorite smores bars. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  42. Melissa

    I would make some beautiful cookie and cream cupcakes AND that wonderful Sweet tooth Fairy copy cat frosting you have on here!! I love baking!

  43. Janet T

    I would make whipped topping for my morning coffee.

  44. Nancy E

    Oh my gosh !! So many things come to mind, but I guess I would start with homemade bread !! Thanx for my chance !!

  45. Marlene Petrofsky

    I would make a very fattening cheesecake to celebrate.

  46. Kristen

    I'd make a batch of rolls, my kids favorite

  47. Miranda

    I want one!!! :) I would make, oh EVERYTHING :) Cookies, Bread mmm mmm

  48. Naomi Murray

    Peppermint patty brownies! Yum! Love the mixer!

  49. Molly Koecher

    I'd be baking bread that that thing!

  50. Linda

    Cake Batter Pudding Cookies!

  51. Lauren

    I so hope I win this giveaway! We are moving into our first place this summer and need a Kitchen Aid mixer. I love my mom's and my kitchen will not be complete without one. My fiance knows this is a must have for me. The first thing I would make using the mixer would be some yummy butterscotch oatmeal cookies and some peanut better brownies in celebration. :)

    I've got my fingers crossed!

  52. Regena Fickes

    I have a KitchenAid which I have had forever. I love this machine! However, this color is just what I need in my kitchen. I will make more homemade breads and think of all of you when I do.

  53. Mindy Kinnaman

    The first thing I would make is a batch of my favorite Almond Joy cupcakes. They're so good!

  54. Alexis H

    I'd make rolo cookies! Cutest color, I hope I win!

  55. Angie

    Probably chocolate chip cookies...they're my favorite.

  56. Zila

    What wouldn't I make in the kitchen aid?! I've been wanting one forever!

  57. Aubrey

    I'd probably start with cookie dough.

  58. SaraJ

    Monster Cookies!

  59. Kindy

    I would make everything lol..... with5 kids it will be used all the time

  60. libby

    I would make chocolate chip cookies

  61. Christine

    I love to make bread of all kinds using the Kitchen Aid dough hook.

  62. Jennie

    Oh, my! That color would brighten any kitchen!

  63. Kymm

    Mmmmm...what wouldn't I make?

  64. Jasmine

    I want to make cupcakes

  65. Whitney Moberg

    Chocolate chip cookies!! Thanks for the giveaway- I would LOVE to have this!

  66. Tracy Slater

    Mmmm. Yummy banana cream cheesecake. Love that color!

  67. Kami E.

    I would make cookies. Yum!

  68. Melissa K

    Some type of bread!

  69. Sylvia Velasquez

    The first thing I would make is a carrot cake.

  70. Talia Tieman

    I would make something sweet and delicious for my office (I have a lot of men/boys here that I love to bake for)

  71. Shonette

    I would make a cheesecake! Yum!!

  72. debby

    I would LOVE to win this prize! I've always wanted a KitchenAid and it would make the perfect Mother's Day gift. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. daniela

    M&M cookies!

  74. Shanna Hall

    I would make........homemade bread.

  75. Katie Cohagen

    I would make cookies with my daughter.

  76. Holly McCreary

    I'd make my daughter's first birthday cake!

  77. Allison Peck

    Great giveaway! I'd make my family's Texas sheet cake recipe.

  78. Kristina

    Every recipe I use calls for a standing mixer, and it would be so much more helpful if I actually had one instead of worrying about using a hand mixer!

  79. Kayla

    I love that color! I would make cupcakes!

  80. Aleah

    COOKIES! :)

  81. Jennifer

    I would make homemade peanut butter cookies!

  82. Zan Caperton

    I would make some bread.

  83. Anna Schmidt

    I would probably make some of my favorite cinnamon bread :)

  84. Beth W

    I'd make some pizza crust for dinner and cookies for desert!

  85. Marie Warda

    Well this "ice" warms my heart. I love kitchen aid. Baking would be so much fun with this amazing appliance. Happy baking. Marie

  86. Kristin W

    I would make some of your famous pudding cookies! :))

  87. Christine

    I would make some chocolate chip cookies. Can't go wrong with a staple!

  88. Camille

    oo. Love the color. I would totally make a fruit tart!!

  89. Lynn H @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

    I think I would look at it for a few days...I wouldn't want to get it dirty:) Then I would get nuts and I would make my daughters favorite, A Chocolate Meringue Cake~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  90. Sarah Trattles

    I'd use it for EVERYTHING! My cheap hand mixer finally kicked the bucket last night. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of making whipped cream. UGH! My shoulders are sore from all that hand whipping. LOL!

  91. Angela

    The first thing I would make would be giant batch of cupcakes!

  92. Trish

    I would love to win this pretty mixer!! I have been wanting one of these for such a long time and the color is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I think the first thing I would make would probably be a chocolate cake for my family, we haven't had one of those in awhile. Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. Nicole d

    I would love to make some bread

  94. Melody G.

    I would make pudding cookies! Yumm!

  95. Catherine

    I would make my mother-in-law's yeast roll recipe!

  96. Lindsay

    I have always wanted one! I bake all the time and it would make my life so much easier - and I LOVE the color!

  97. Dawn

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  98. katherine mcneese


  99. katerina

    I'd love to make some cupcakes!!

  100. Cindy

    It is really easy to leave a comment on something so cool & icy ! Thanks for hosting the Give Away.

  101. Megan R

    First thing I would make, would be angel food cake! YUM! :)

  102. emily

    i would love to use it to make my first homemade bread! i've still never done that :)

  103. Jennifer Bunderson

    I would probably make some cookies, but be able to maybe double or even triple the recipe !!!

  104. Britt

    I would make Oreo Cookie Birthday Cake Pie!! MMMMM!

  105. Brelynn Baysinger

    I'm loving the fresh strawberries that are in season now so I would definitely be making a batch or two of strawberry bread and strawberry muffin - the hubby's favorite!

  106. Tracy H

    Chocolate chip cookies!

  107. Victoria

    I would make some cupcakes for the great reward!

  108. Barbara

    My daughter has one and it is so easy to make cakes . First I would make a cake.

  109. Anya

    Ive been dying for one of these mixers

  110. Catherine M

    I would make cookies!

  111. Karen

    I would love to break in that gorgeous mixer by making a simple and delicious shortbread.

  112. Kristen

    I have been wanting a stand mixer forever. Would love to make some homemade bread!

  113. Geneva

    I would make my carrot cake sandwiches cookies;)

  114. Celeste O

    LOVE that color. I would love to make some cookies in it. :)

  115. Tia Holmes

    I would make my mom's favorite lemon cake!!

  116. Claudia

    First thing I'd whip up is a batch of cookies.

  117. Crystal Andersen

    I would make cookies! :)

  118. Abigail

    Biscuits :) I love making those!

  119. Josh DeVaney

    I would make some M&M cookies for my 3 year old son. They are his favorite!

  120. Barbara

    My husband has a sweet tooth so it would be something for him - probably oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

  121. Dianne

    I would love to win this for my daughter. I am sure she would bake me some goodies...fat free of course!

  122. Krista

    I think I'd try making some bread!

  123. Jenna H.

    I would make some classic chocolate chip cookies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. DeniseG


  125. Kimmie Conner

    Ive been dying for a kitchenaid forever!!

  126. Carly Lancaster

    I would make Chocolate Salted Caramel Buttercream Cupcakes!

  127. Kris B

    A triple batch of edible chocolate chip cookie dough!! Love the color of the mixer too!!

  128. Joy

    I would love to use a Kitchen Aid mixer to make chocolate chip cookies!

  129. Jordan

    I've been craving some yummy bars!

  130. Susie K

    Chocolate Chip Cookies with Oatmeal

  131. shanna

    Cookies! :)

  132. Kara

    I love baking cookies, so that's the first thing I would make. Probably chocolate chip. :)

  133. Saya S

    Cinnamon rolls!

  134. Chelsea E.

    If I had a kitchenaid mixer I'd make so many things! The first thing I'd make is definitely a cookie recipe :)

  135. Rikki C


  136. Tarran

    I would probably make chocolate chip cookies, because that's what I've been craving lately.

  137. Nicole S

    I would make a decadent and rich dessert. YUM!

  138. Danielle

    I would make cupcakes. Love the teal color.

  139. Jill B

    I would make a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting! :)

  140. Rachel

    I would make my college aged daughter's favorite chocolate chip cookies (and send them to her)!

  141. katie

    I would make raspberry honey butter. It's my husbands favorite :)

  142. Tanya K. Moyer

    I love to bake, so I would most likely bake cookies, brownies or cupcakes!! :)

  143. Dana M.

    Pizza Dough! There are so many options and it keeps every one in my family smiling!

  144. Cheryl A

    I would make some sausage balls! I love those things!

    1. Shelley W.

      I would make some kind of cookie!

  145. Tracy

    I actually have my great aunts Kitchen Aid must be at least 50 years old or more. The first thing I made in it was icing to decorate a birthday cake. I would love to win a new one!! Thanks!

  146. Amy

    cinnamon rolls

  147. Lauren Q

    I'd bake up a storm with my little 3 year old princess...who would actually just be licking the bowl instead of helping!! :)

  148. Meaghan D

    I'd definitely make cupcakes first. Thanks for the opportunity!

  149. Lisa

    I would love to make some Red velvet Cupcakes!

  150. Kelsey

    Banana Bread! I have some bananas in the freezer just waiting to be used up!

  151. leslie gagne

    What a wonderful giveaway to post on Mother's Day! So excited!

    I think I would love to mix up some yummy cinnamon rolls. I'd finally have a bread paddle to use.

    Could really use this giveaway, because I just have a Kitchen Maid hand mixer.

    I hope I still qualify, since I don't know haow to twitter or do pinterest.


  152. amber


  153. jessica


  154. Steph Coupns

    I would make chocolate chip cookies!

  155. Robin M

    I love to bake so I am sure that it would be some king of cake or cookies.

  156. Pam from CA

    I would love it for making BREAD!

  157. Jenny Y

    I Love the Color! It would be so fun to win it.

  158. Jenny Y

    I would make the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  159. vicki m

    I need this to make everything!!

  160. Janis T

    I love making bread, and my favorite bread is cinnamon rolls, that's what I'd make!

  161. Chenille Gaumer

    I would make homemade bread!

  162. Brittany C.

    Awesome!! I LOVE that color!!! I'm sure I'd make cookies first!

  163. Michelle Warnke

    I'd make some kind of cookies, they are my fave. or bread!

  164. Holly

    I would make my favorite caramel banana cake. The batter gets kind of stiff - this would be way better than my handheld mixer!

  165. Jenny S.

    I would absolutely make cookies-something with nutella!

  166. Julie

    Chocolate chip cookies!

  167. Lisa Garza

    The 1st thing I'd make with a new KitchenAid Mixer is a Strawberry Cheesecake!!!

  168. Blake

    Love to use this on that blueberry banana bread recipe!

  169. Angie Ward

    Love the color! It is so pretty! I would love this for making bread.

  170. natalie

    pepperoni bread!

  171. Ruth Pompeo

    Maybe I would make choc, chip cookies.

  172. Sallie


  173. Kate

    I would make a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! :)

  174. Ashley P

    Cookies! Love making cookies, and I'd love to not have to mix the batter myself.

  175. Denise Berey

    I would make some bread first.

  176. Darcee Quebe

    I would make homemade whole wheat bread!!! :) Yum!

  177. Danielle

    I'd totally make this new sugar cookie recipe I've been dying to try!

  178. Colleen Boudreau


  179. Danica H

    7 up pound cake!!!!

  180. Amanda Thompson

    I would make a lemon-blueberry layer cake!

  181. Jennie O

    Cookies of course! Cookies are always my go to baking treat :)

  182. Kate D.

    The first thing I would make with my Kitchen Aid mixer would be cookies or cupcakes.

  183. Sarah

    Chocolate chip cookies for my new neighbors!

  184. Dezi A

    I'd make cookies!! And then some bread. :)

  185. Vicki

    The first thing I would make is bread and cinnamon rolls.

  186. Cheryl R

    I would make some soft pretzel dough. Then I would bake the pretzels in my waffle maker for sandwiches (or just eating)-- yummy and oohh so easy!

  187. Carol

    I would make a blueberry crumb coffeecake!

  188. Ash V

    I'd make my best chocolate chip cookies that make me wanna sit on the couch and eat through the dough before managing to even bake them. They're dangerously good.

  189. Heather

    I would probably make a cake with some yummy frosting!

  190. Lori C

    Gourmet cupcakes - always a favorite with my crowd!

  191. Nicole in STL

    Cake batter blondies!

  192. debb

    peanut butter cookies- I am craving them!

  193. Audrey

    I'm not sure. Maybe almond butter blondies.

  194. Sheryl Thompson

    What a great giveaway. I love my Kitchenaid mixer but its 22 years old and the motor is beginning to make noises in higher speeds. Boy, I would love to win this!

  195. JoEllen

    Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

  196. Jessica

    The first thing I would make would probably be cookies or a cake!

  197. Jenn White

    I'd make strawberry cake. :)

  198. Margaret B

    I would make oatmeal raisin pecan cookies.

  199. Maranda

    I would make a delicious humming bird cake with the kitchen aid ice hand mixer.

  200. Lauren V.


  201. Elyse

    Bread! I can't wait to not have to knead by hand!

  202. Kim

    I would make red velvet cake!

  203. Laurie Warner

    I would make cookies!

  204. Beth R

    I would make a large cheesecake...... yum!!!!!!!

  205. Keri-Danielle

    Id make amazing yummy warm homemade chocolate chip cookies.

    Come one, what's better than that?!

  206. Charey

    Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  207. Cherylin Birkholz

    I would make whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread! Ive been craving some ever since my last kitchen aid broke down....

  208. Heather S.

    I would make an Angel Food Cake! It's my hubby and I's favorite and both of our birthdays are coming up! :)

  209. Arlyn

    I would make cupcakes if I won!

  210. Tammy

    I would love to win this

  211. Diana

    Bread!! I would love to use this to knead some bread!

  212. DeDe in OK

    Pizza dough will be the first thing I make.

  213. Brittany

    Love this color! I would make a big batch of cookies!

  214. Stacia

    cookies, always cookies!

  215. Claudia

    I think I would have to make cheesecake cookies!

  216. Sherry

    Mmm, cinnamon hot chocolate cupcakes!

  217. Derek Dorr

    I or my wife would make cupcakes, muffins, or sit and stare in wonder.

  218. hannah

    Cookies and whipped cream from scratch

  219. Adam Sparks

    My 11yr old and I could make some serious desserts with this!

  220. Ashley

    My grandmother's famous sweet potato pie! It's a family holiday favorite!

  221. Lyndsay

    I'd make cookies!

  222. Lori Finch

    I would give this to my mom. She has a really old one she got from my grandma and only one beater works now. She deserves a new one......she helps so many people. I'd give it to her and she'd make food for church families!

  223. nicole latona

    i would make homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

  224. Linda Paradis

    Buttercream frosting

  225. Mandy Jo

    Gluten free cake...and gluten free cookies...anything & everything gluten free!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  226. Alyssa

    I have been waiting to get this exact color KitchenAid mixer for over three years!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  227. krissy

    I would make all kinds of deliciousness.
    would love to own this.

  228. Kailynn Singleton


  229. Hillary

    I'd probably make a delicious cake! What a pretty mixer, I love kitchenaids

  230. Sarah

    I would make lots of cupcakes!

  231. Becky

    I would make bread!

  232. Kristy F.

    Some kind of yummy baked good, of course!

  233. Amanda


  234. Chelsey

    The first thing I would make would be a key lime pie with whipped cream :)

  235. susi

    cake, mine just bit the dust. sad day

  236. Michelle Alcock

    probably just cake cause both of my daughter's bday's are coming up :)

  237. Belinda Davis

    Well I'd knead up a couple of loaves of whole wheat bread. My hands would be so happy! :)

  238. Dana M

    My first go would be Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread!

  239. Amy S

    I would make banana bread.

  240. Nikki A.

    I don't even know what I would start with! So many options.

  241. Gina

    Love this color! I don't think I'd stop baking if I had this!

    1. Gina

      And the first thing I'd make would be my white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies :-)

  242. Debbie

    I would make healthy granola fruit protein bars !

  243. Wanda

    The first thing I'd make is chocolate chip cookies!

  244. Kathy Gray

    I am dying to try red velvet bread pudding!

  245. Jodi C

    I would make some yummy treats... Like a birthday cake for myself! :)

  246. Ashley

    Awesome! I have been anxiously awaiting my turn to add a mixer to my kitchen armory!

  247. Renee T

    I'd make my favorite banana cake!

  248. Faith B


  249. Rachel E.

    Strawberry cream pie

  250. Kristi

    I would make some pizza dough...then some cake...then some whipped cream...then some.....LOL! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Kitchen Aid Mixer. The color is AWESOME!!

  251. Berdina


  252. Tracy Wickman

    I would make lots and lots of cookies!

  253. Laura Donohoo

    I would love to win! What an awesome giveaway!

  254. Li T

    I would love to make Cookies!

  255. Cheryl Inga

    Bettercreme frosting and a 4 layer chocolate cake.

  256. Jenny Elaine

    I'd totally make some sugar cookies and royal icing!! :)

  257. Ann K

    I would really just love to make the kids Chocolate Chip Cookies :)

  258. Rachel

    Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies for sure!

  259. Lindsay W

    I'd make some pizza dough and some cookies!

  260. Rachel

    Oh how I would love one of these! I would probably make bread or a cake :)

  261. Kymber


  262. Casey W

    homemade cinnamon rolls!

  263. Mallory Rodriguez

    I would do banana bread then cookies then bread then cake! And frosting! Lol

  264. Marsha Anderson Corns

    I'd make banana bread!

  265. alicia

    I could try some baking recipes I've been wanting to try.

  266. Emily B

    Cupcakes filled with love. And nutella!

  267. Aimee

    Classic chocolate chip cookies!

  268. Melanie

    I would love to win a KitchenAid! I would probably make banana bread first!

  269. Heather

    I would make pizza dough

  270. Linda Atkinson

    I would love to win this. I bake all the time and this mixer look first rate.

  271. Christine

    Buttermilk frosting

  272. Lindsey Nichols

    I would give it to my mom for her birthday!!

  273. KRYSTAL

    Chocolate cake and Italian buttercream!

  274. Natalee Lloyd

    I would make banana bread. Maybe Nutella banana bread. :)

  275. Kim R.

    I would make cookies!

  276. Cheryl

    the first thing I would make would be carrot cake cookies for my boyfriend who has been craving the ones that his grandmother use to make

  277. Taryn

    Cookies. Cookies top everything!

  278. Tamara

    I would make cookies :)

  279. Santrill J.

    I love that color. Never seen that one before

  280. LeAnn A

    Red velvet cake!

  281. Kristy

    What a fun prize! And thank you for all the fun ideas and recipes to give our lives some pizazz!

  282. Terri P

    I'd make my Nanie's Pound Cake!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  283. Kristy

    Bread dough!

  284. Kiley

    I am getting married and this would make baking my wedding cake such a great experience!

  285. Stacy E

    I would love to make Pumpkin bread with a new mixer!! How amazing would it be to win this!!

  286. Michelle D.

    I will make dough. I love the smell of baking bread filling the house.

  287. KAthleen Toenjes

    I would love a mixer to mix up my Gluten Free Baked Goods

  288. Rhiannon Metzger

    Desserts from your blog!!!

  289. Ashley T

    I would make cookie dough! Probably pumpkin and chocolate chip! :)

  290. Andrea R

    I would probably make some pumpkin bread or a cake. I've been craving pumpkin bread despite the fact that it is spring, but Father's day is coming up, and my husband requested a cake.

  291. Kellie Anderson

    I would love to make cookies using this and whipping cream.

  292. Dusty E

    First thing I'd make with the Kitchen Aid mixer is a strawberry lemonade cake! It would make things so much easier than using that hand-held mixer I currently have.

  293. J. Linnae

    I would make whipped cream from scratch and throw away the canned whipped cream forever!

  294. Rachel P

    Cinnamon roll dough!

  295. Chelsea

    I always wanted to learn to bake but need a mixer.

  296. Lorna

    I would make sugar cookies

  297. Gaila C

    I'd love to try it out on some of my Orange Slice Cookies.

  298. Becky

    Well, since it's a little too hot for baking right now, I'd probably make some whipped cream to go on strawberry shortcake. :)

  299. Celeste B.

    I would make some bread.

  300. Melissa S

    I would make a big batch of my honey buttercream that I have been craving lately!

  301. Elizabeth

    Christmas cookies!!!

  302. Genevieve Jordan

    I will make sugar cookies!

  303. Melissa M

    I would make a pie crust dough first thing, because I love pie but can never seem to mix the ingredients properly on my own.

  304. julie weber

    I would make an ultra rich pound cake!

  305. Ana

    my mother in laws "everything" cookies!

  306. Laura

    I don't know what I'd make first. Maybe a key lime pie. It'd be nice to have the mixer to beat the eggs whites for meringue.

  307. Louise Llewellyn

    I would bake bread!

  308. Carolyn

    Chocolate chip cookies would be first on my list - gluten free of course.

  309. Missy W

    I would make soft sugar cookies with frosting for my daughter's birthday!

  310. Peg

    I would make my wonderful chocolate chip cookies with that beautiful mixer!!!

  311. Pat

    I have never had a KitchenAid mixer and have always (over 40 yrs) wanted one. Would LOVE to win this baby!!!!!!

  312. Kristen

    I adore this blog- I can't tell you how many recipes I've tried and shared with family. =]

  313. Diana

    I need to bake some cookies for camping!!

  314. Kimberly Jones

    I can't wait to make something sweet!

  315. Brandy

    I would make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies or maybe smore cookies!

  316. Tonya D.

    I have been wanting to make some chocolate chip, pecan , oatmeal cookies.

  317. Sam P.

    I'd make a beautiful banana bread!

  318. Robin B.

    chocolate cake of course

  319. Sommer

    I would make decorated sugar cookies! So tired of mixing with my hand mixer!

  320. Sarah S.

    Love love love the color! Aside from all the yummy baking I would do with the mixer, I hear it is surprisingly good at shredding chicken...

  321. Karrey

    My kitchen needs this! I would make our favorite pudding cookies! & lots of them.

  322. Ann Herring

    I would whip up some pretty cupcakes! :)

  323. Kristin

    the first thign i would make is applesauce raisin cookies. so nummy!

  324. Georgeanne

    I would make homemade bread or cinnamon rolls. :)

  325. kathleen viviano


  326. Alyssa

    Chocolate cake!

  327. Cassidy

    I will make a cheesecake. I LOVE cheesecake! Thanks!

  328. Carla S

    I have been wanting to make some macaroons and some cookies. I don't have a blender or anything so its harder to mix with a spatula :P

  329. Melissa

    Ohhhhhh! I want this mixer so bad!!

    1. Allison

      I would make bread! Desperate for a dough hook to make sweet yeasty breads =)

  330. Erin

    I would make some Nanaimo Bars!

  331. Lisa Michel

    I love to bake and there are so many things I would make, but the first thing would be my family's favorite lemon fluff dessert. Yum!!!

  332. Emma Petersen

    I would love to learn all of my mother's recipes so that I can have loved ones near eating food that is near and dear to our hearts.

  333. Allison Wilson

    I would make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! And share them with everyone I know. (or not and eat them all myself....)

  334. Elise L.

    I would make cookies!

  335. Randee Lindeman

    Cake and icing for the cake!

  336. Stephanie H.

    Wow! What wouldn't I make it that thing? So cute and fun.

  337. Barbara Furry

    I would use it for everything. Love KitchenAid Mixers.

  338. Bethany

    I would make a lemon meringue pie!

  339. Karen Schroeder

    I'd make a Red Velvet Cheesecake! Thanks for the chance to win!

  340. Lauren Simms

    cookie dough!

  341. Breanna

    I would probably make cookies because my little one absolutely loves helping me make cookies (and eating them :))!

  342. Emma S

    Definitely a peanut butter/Nutella dessert of some sort.

  343. Katie

    cookies for sure! and then bread!

  344. Esperanza

    First thing I would make would be french macarons!

  345. Amy Walters

    I would make bread!

  346. Anjie Behunin

    Chocolate Chip Cookies for my son. They are his favorite and I don't make them very often.