Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
Author: Nikki
An easy dessert to throw together and it always gets rave reviews!
  • approximately 22-24 ice cream sandwiches
  • 1 pint of butterscotch caramel ice cream topping
  • 12 oz. cool whip, thawed
  • ¾ cup slivered almonds (optional)
  1. Unwrap and line bottom of 9" x 13" pan with approximately 11-12 ice cream sandwiches. Trim to make layer smooth and even.
  2. Spoon on and spread about ½ pint of butterscotch caramel ice cream topping.
  3. Spoon on and spread half of the cool whip.
  4. Repeat layers of ice cream sandwiches, butterscotch caramel topping, and cool whip.
  5. Sprinkle top with slivered almonds.
  6. Freeze until serving.
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