Meal Plan

Here on Chef in Training we recognize the importance of meal planning. Meal Planning is one of the easiest ways you can save money. My family sits down on Sunday and we gather all the meals and recipes we want to make for the upcoming week. It helps me know what to shop for and how much to buy of what products. I know ahead of time what I am shopping for, so I avoid buying “extras” that aren’t needed for that particular week.

If you need further assistance with meal planning, eMeals is a great and easy way to meal plan for your family. You plug in the grocery store you want to shop at along with how many people are in your family, and THEY come up with a meal plan for the week (based on sales) and a grocery list for you. Done. Dinner and grocery shopping made easy and saves you money while doing so. Check them out if you want a little assistance in this area or how to get a feel for it. I have used them and have absolutely loved how easy they made it for me.

I will also be coming up with a few blank lists and charts to help you get organized when it comes to grocery shopping, so be looking out for those.


eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!