Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler

Slow Cooker Peach Cobbler from ... Only THREE ingredients and super good!

Are all of you just soaking in the fall weather like a sponge? I sure am. It doesn’t take long for winter to hit here in Utah and fall is my favorite weather of all. The beautiful colors, the leaves on the ground, the warmth of my kitchen and warm and delicious food on my […]

Cake Batter Pudding Cookie Bars

Cake Batter Pudding Cookie Bars from ...These bars are insanely delicious! So soft and full of cake batter flavor! A family favorite!

I am obsessed with cake batter and pudding cookies. I am also a huge fan of minimal work. Let me introduce you to a recipe that combines ALL THREE of those things! Sometimes I think cake batter can cure any and all problems of the world. Okay, maybe not really for the world, but it […]

“Son of a Peach” …

Gourdough's "Son of a Peach" Donut Copycat Recipe! These taste like Peach Cobbler... only donut style! SO GOOD!

A couple weekends ago I had the pleaser of attending Blogher Food in Austin, Texas. It was an absolute blast! I got to hang out with tons of my food bloggin buddies and eat delicious food. While in Austin, we visited this famous donut truck called “Gourdough’s“. Lets talk about these donuts. They truly are […]

Cake Batter Crumb Crispies

Cake Batter Crumb Crispies from ...These delicious bites whip up in minutes! Definitely a new family favorite!

You have probably met the famous Sugar Crumb Crispies on my blog, and might have had the privilege to be introduced to its sister recipes, the Oreo Crumb Crispies, but now I would like to introduce you to the next family member, Cake Batter Crumb Crispies. The cake batter crumb is delicious. It takes the […]

Cake Batter Pull Bread

Cake Batter Pull Bread from ...This recipe is seriously SO good and extremely simple to make!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Chef in Training! Today is my husband’s official birthday…. The big 3-0! He has now officially said adios to his 20s! He is such an old fart now ;) just kidding. Lets talk about my cute hubby for a minute and his birthday cake preference… Boxed rainbow chip cake. He requests […]

Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls {Made …

Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls {Made with a Cake Mix!} on ...These could be the easiest and most delicious cinnamon rolls ever! #recipe #dessert

These maybe the EASIEST cinnamon rolls I have ever made. The dough is easy to work with, easy to make and the flavor is delicious. One secret I have learned recently, is that bread flour is fantastic. My aunt filled me in that the secret to her light and airy rolls and soft cookies is […]

Sparkling Cider Peach Cobbler

Sparkling Cider Peach Cobbler!... The sparkling cider really adds such a great flavor to this simple recipe! #dessert #recipe

Fall is here, the leaves have started changing and the weather is cooling down.  It is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! One of my favorite things about fall is drinking Sparkling Cider.  I adore Sparkling Cider and have recently been finding that I LOVE to cook and bake with it too!  It adds such […]

Better than Anything …

Better than Anything Butterfinger Cake from  SO Simple to make and absolutely delicious!

Believe it or not, their are people out there who don’t like chocolate… Crazy right?! ;-) My sister AND sister-in-law both happen to fall into the “I could do without chocolate” category. This weekend we were able to hang out with all my husband’s family.  In his family there are 8 siblings, 7 sister-in-laws and […]