Cake Batter Pudding Cookie Bars

Cake Batter Pudding Cookie Bars from ...These bars are insanely delicious! So soft and full of cake batter flavor! A family favorite!

I am obsessed with cake batter and pudding cookies. I am also a huge fan of minimal work. Let me introduce you to a recipe that combines ALL THREE of those things! Sometimes I think cake batter can cure any and all problems of the world. Okay, maybe not really for the world, but it […]

Sweetheart Raspberry Pudding …

Sweetheart Raspberry Pudding Cookies on ...A sweet, easy and delicious treat that is perfect for Valentines Day!  #recipe #dessert #cookie

With Valentine’s Day around the corner… aka, tomorrow…. I knew I needed to get something up quick for those last minute treats you are wanting to hand out. Of course, in a pinch, I ALWAYS resort back to my pudding cookie recipe, which you all probably already knew by now :) I never stray far […]

Biscoff Muddy Buddies

Biscoff Muddy Buddies on ...A delicious spin on a classic recipe! #recipe #dessert

Have you tried Biscoff Spread yet? It is a cookie spread that is absolutely incredible. If you haven’t sampled it, you really need to. I am kind of on a Muddy Buddy kick right now. Between V-day handouts and my husband’s scouts, I have a lot of treats to make and need something simple, quick […]

White Chocolate Craisin …

White Chocolate Craisin Cheesecake Pudding Cookies... These are the perfect treat for the holidays! #cookie #recipe

Being a food blogger has its perks. In my cupboards, you will find a wide variety of spices, seasonings, mixes and extracts. Sometimes I will just go open the cupboard and stare at my extracts until something pops out at me. This particular time, the Cheesecake extract stood out to me. The Christmas season is […]

Root Beer Pudding Cookies

Root Beer Pudding Cookies!... These taste like a root beer float in cookie form! They are so soft and delicious! #cookie #recipe #bloggercookieexchange

I am so excited to kick of The Blogger Cookie Exchange Week! When I contemplated what cookie I wanted to create for you, of course I resorted to my favorite type of cookies… I am sure you all can guess it… Pudding Cookies! A few of you have nick-named me “The Pudding Cookie Queen” and […]

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut …


My husband’s favorite cookie would be Macadamia Nut Cookies, hands down!  He always asks for them or orders them when we are out if there is the option. I love the ease of blondies! No rolling required!  Just dump them into a pan and spread! When I saw this recipe from Life’s Simple Measures that […]

Cake Batter Granola Bites


I don’t know if any of you have heard of Brian Regan, but he is a comedian that is  kind of big thing here in Utah for his clean and hysterical humor.  I get the biggest kick out of him!  The emergency room skit is probably my favorite because of how stinkin true it is!… […]