The Downtowner Sandwich

Copy cat of True Aggie Cafe's "The Downtowner" sandwich on is one of THE BEST sandwiches you will ever eat! And its perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers!

I’m going to take you back, back to my college days. I went to Utah State University up in the cute little city of Logan, Utah. It is a cute little college town. Not big at all but filled with its own charm. The thing I love about smaller towns like this one, is all […]

Slow Cooker Turkey and Gravy

Slow Cooker Turkey and Gravy on ...So easy and delicious! #dinner #recipe #turkey

Turkey is a traditional Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas recipe. Unless of course you are my father-in-law. Then, it could possibly be a weekly recipe :) To be honest, the thought of cooking a Turkey stresses me out. You may remember my raw meat storing from here. This recipe for Slow Cooker Turkey and Gravy is […]