Samoan Coconut Rolls

Samoan Coconut Rolls! These delicious melt in your mouth rolls only have THREE ingredients and will become and instant family favorite! recipe found at

I am a carb-connoisseur. Carbs and I have a love-hate relationship.  I love to love on them, but I always down one too many carbs in a single sitting.  I love any kind of carb… simple or complex- it doesn’t matter to me! One of my favorite ways to enjoy carbs comes in the form […]

BBQ Chicken Calzones

BBQ Chicken Calzones!  EXTREMELY easy to make and a recipe your entire family will love! #recipe #chicken

Let me start out by saying that this recipe is INCREDIBLE! … Seriously, it is one of my favorite new dinners and it is EXTREMELY EASY to make! My husband said it reminded him exactly of his favorite pizza from one of his favorite spots to eat in his hometown in Arizona, the Rainforest Cafe. […]