Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons on ...This recipe is extremely easy and makes the most perfect delicious and chewy cookies! #recipe #cookie #dessert

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Whether you are single, dating, engaged or married, I hope this day is just wonderful! I love this holiday. Since it is a holiday of “love”, I thought it might be fun to let you all in on how me and my hubby first met. Derek and I met 7 years ago […]

Skinny Pancakes

Skinny Pancakes!  These pancakes are both healthy and nutritious!

My kids adore all breakfast foods. Breakfast foods make everyone smile I am sure. The down side to traditional breakfast foods, is that they are loaded with sugar or flour, making them sweet and filling.  The only hard thing about this is when you are trying to make every calorie count or make sure your […]

Mexican Fried Cauliflower

Mexican Fried Cauliflower

A few of my sister-in-laws got together this week while the husband’s were busy working.  We have been having an absolute blast hanging out, catching up and letting our kids enjoy the pool in grandma and grandpa’s backyard.  I just love summertime! While we were all together, we decided to put a yummy dinner together […]