Turtle Brownies

Turtle Brownies from chef-in-training.com ...This recipe is INCREDIBLE! You will never guess how easy they are to make!

You know those easy recipes that are almost too good to be THAT easy?! This is one of those. This little treasure has been sitting in my grandmas recipe book for decades- No joke- And I never even knew it was in there. That was until a couple weekends ago when I went to my […]

Cherry Chocolate Cake

Cherry Chocolate Cake from chef-in-training.com ...Uses pie filling and cake mix to create a delicious and simple cake!

My grandma always has some of the easiest and yummy recipes stored away in our family cookbooks. I was browsing the cookbook last week reading through all the delicious ideas. This particular recipe for Cherry Chocolate Cake caught my eye. Combining pie filling and cake mix (amongst a few other ingredients) produces this yummy cake. […]

Milky Way Poke Cake

Milky Way Poked Cake from chef-in-training.com ...Chocolate cake fused with nugget and caramel- does it get any better! This cake is absolutely DELICIOUS!

It’s about time for another Poke Cake recipe round this neck of the woods again, wouldn’t you say?! I’ve shared with you the “Better than Anything Cake“, “Better than Anything Butterfinger Cake“, and “Better than Anything Oreo Cake“… but today’s poke cake is epic. Seriously. A delicious chocolate cake is fused with n0ugat filling and […]

Better than Anything …

Better than Anything S'more Cake!... This cake is super easy and is the perfect way to enjoy a hint of summer year round!

Occasionally when the colder weather hits, I like to make something in the kitchen that reminds me of summer. For whatever reason, it makes me feel that much warmer :) This weekend was a cold and rainy one here in Utah.  For the first time, we left the house in beanies, heavy coats and lots […]

Better than Anything Cake


This cake is a classic!  I don’t even know where this recipe originates from because I (and my mom) have been making it for YEARS!  It is one of my “go-to” recipes for a easy and DELICIOUS dessert!  It is “Better than Anything” because it combines all things great!… chocolate, caramel, sweetened condensed milk (is […]