Baked BBQ Beef Taquitos

Baked BBQ Beef Taquitos on ...This dinner is super easy, delicious and family-friendly! Picky Eater Approved! #recipe #dinner

Taquitos are one of the easiest dinners to make. Especially baked taquitos. I was craving some taquitos the other day and asked my hubby if he had a preference as to what went in them. He instantly said BBQ and beef… a total guy response, right? :)  I had never heard of a BBQ Beef […]

Slow Cooker BBQ Ranch Meatloaf

Slow Cooker BBQ Ranch Meatloaf... this recipe is so easy and could be THE BEST meatloaf I have ever eaten! #recipe #dinner #slowcooker

First off, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving :) Please excuse my couple days of leave, I was enjoying all of my extended family. It was an absolute blast! I love good company and good food. The biggest reason I love Thanksgiving, is it reminds us all to reflect on all we have […]

BBQ Beef Pie Pockets

BBQ Beef Pie Pockets!... a man-pleasing meal that your whole family will love! Whips up in a matter of minutes! #beef #dinner #recipe

Growing up, my mom made a lot of meals that seemed like they took so much work! She sure as heck fooled me! I adore meals that taste like a million bucks, please the family and are so easy and quick to make.  This was of the many meals my mother passed down to me […]

Slow Cooker Bacon-Wrapped Apple …

Slow Cooker Bacon-Wrapped Apple Chicken!... A definite hit with the whole family!  Such and amazing flavor combo! #chicken #slowcooker

The other night I really wanted to make a meal that would make my husband happy and one that would also not be to tedious in the kitchen. When I came across this recipe I knew it would be a smash hit for both of us.  It combines so many of my hubbies favorites, namely […]

BBQ Chicken Calzones

BBQ Chicken Calzones!  EXTREMELY easy to make and a recipe your entire family will love! #recipe #chicken

Let me start out by saying that this recipe is INCREDIBLE! … Seriously, it is one of my favorite new dinners and it is EXTREMELY EASY to make! My husband said it reminded him exactly of his favorite pizza from one of his favorite spots to eat in his hometown in Arizona, the Rainforest Cafe. […]