Perfect Poppy Seed Bread

Perfect Poppy Seed Bread from ...The texture and flavor of this recipe is seriously melt-in-your-mouth delicious! My favorite!

I love this Poppy Seed Bread recipe. I grew up this recipe and have been in love with it since I was a little kid. This is another one of those family favorite recipes that is stored away in my grandma’s cookbook she gave each of us grandkids and is one that is highlighted, starred […]

Peanut Lettuce Wraps

Peanut Lettuce Wraps from ...These are a fun and delicious way to bring something new to the dinner table!

Lettuce wraps are a great way to enjoy food without adding a lot of extra calories. Normally, I love to wrap my hearty fillings in tortillas or some sort of bread product, but every now and again I love a good lettuce wrap. My sister has been raving about this Peanut Lettuce Wrap recipe her […]


Slush!... The best drink in the entire world and SO easy to make! Everyone will be asking you for the recipe!

This drink is AMAZING! Words cannot even begin to describe how DELICIOUS this drink is! I remember my grandma or mom always making this for a special dinner. I make it just because.  I seriously don’t even need a reason to make this because I just love it so much! It so easy to make […]

Oat Bran Pancakes


I got this recipe out of a Taste of Homes magazine. Occasionally, my husband and I enjoy “breakfast for dinner”and this is a nutritious way to go about it. This recipe is packed full of fiber, protein and fruit. Enjoy!