HUGE Nambe Giveaway! $435 worth …

I am BEYOND excited to share this giveaway with you today!

Remember this GORGEOUS Copper Canyon Cake stand from Nambé that I displayed The Best Chocolate Cake on?!…

Well Nambé is back again today to giveaway TWO new products!  Isn’t this so exciting!?!… I am literally jumping out of my seat for you! Nambé‘s products are top notch quality and the most gorgeous pieces I have ever seen. It is near impossible to make a food item that outshines the beauty of these products. I love Nambé because their pieces are SO unique and eye-catching.  You can’t find products like their’s anywhere else.  They have a wide variety of designs and items to offer, from serveware and dinnerware to home decor, you can pretty much find whatever it is you are looking for.

Also, side note, I will be posting the recipes to the pictures you see below this week, don’t you worry :)


 Okay… let me give you a closer look at the two items up for grabs this week…..


First up is this BEAUTIFUL Anvil 2-Tier Server. This server retails at $250! It is perfect to display cupcakes, appetizers… okay pretty much anything you set your creative minds to.  I chose to display these yummy cupcakes on mine, but I think the stand stole the show! I love it with all my heart and know you will, too!


The next item up for grabs is this AMAZING Anvil Scroll Salad bowl with Servers.  This server retails at $185.

It is honestly the most beautiful salad bowl I own or have ever seen for that matter.  It is tall and adds height to the dinner or serving table.  The curves and the iron-finished Nambé alloy are striking and make this piece truly unique.



Want to win one of these GORGEOUS pieces from Nambé?!

Here is how this giveaway will work.

Enter as normal below.  Then on Sunday I will select two winners.  The first name chosen will win the Anvil 2-Tier Server and the second name chosen will win the Anvil Scroll Salad Bowl and Servers. 2 different prizes, 2 different winners.  Got it?!

Okay, here is how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The giveaway will run until Saturday, July 7th, and both winners will be announced on Sunday, July 8th.
Good Luck! 



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  1. Shannon

    I checked out their website and the Morphik Cake Plate is gorgeous! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :)

  2. Heather Spooner

    I love the scoop server also their lamps are gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway!
    miyax15 at yahoo dot com

  3. Sandy

    I love the bowl!! I am a bowl freak and this bowl is awesome, the black holder and the wood grain is beautiful!. Everywhere I go I buy bowls. My family thinks I am nuts but there is something about bowls. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Toral

    Everything on the site is gorgeous, hard to pick one. But if I have to, I really love the scoop server and canyon 3 tier server

  5. I’ve been following you on pinterest for quite some time now. I absolutely love your recipes. On Saturday I made your fruit trifle for a friends birthday, it was DELISH!!! I still have a few recipes that I have yet to try from you but so far all the ones I’ve done have been a hit with my picky-eater family. Not only do I love your recipe board but many of the others as-well such as your craft, baby and style board.
    I would love to win either one of these Nambre pieces! They are gorgeous! I’ve recently become inspired to start cooking and baking not only for my family but for friends and their events as-well. I’m am finding my “niche” and would love to have one of these pieces to show off my new found hobby.
    I also love the ridge tray with wood insert! I think a cheese platter would make a beautiful presentation on it.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these and for all the recipes you generously give us.

  6. Jennalyn Wood

    I looked on their site and everything is absolutely gorgeous! I think my favorite item is the fruit tree bowl.

    I hope I win!

  7. In addition to the 2 amazing servers you’re giving away, I also love the Copper Canyon 3-Tier server. Such beautiful stuff – thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Kaitlin Boles

    I love these items: Tri-Corner 54 oz. Water Pitcher – Espresso Nambé, Tri-Corner Dinnerware Mugs (Set of 4) – Espresso Nambé, & Tri-Corner Dinnerware 4-Piece Place Setting – Espresso. I would love to win this giveaway just got engaged so this giveaway is perfect for the soon to be newlyweds! Thank you so much for letting me enter this giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  9. Tanya K. Moyer

    I love the Nativity Scene by Todd Weber!. I love all the collections that can go with it too, also designed by Todd Weber! Great site!

  10. Great giveaway Nikki!

    I’m in love with the Salad bowl. I need one like whoa– I think that’s why it catches my eye ;)

    Thanks for hosting this!


    • ok– so the reason I have an awkward duplicate comment….. I kept trying to comment and it kept saying I was leaving a spam comment! So I kept trying to re-word it hoping it would let me leave the comment. And it did, eventually, but posted the other too! Sorry!

  11. Alycia

    There are so many amazing items on their website! The ones that I love the most are the Scoop Server, the Anvil Scroll Salad Bowl with Servers (my favorite!) and the Butterfly Bowl in Nambe Crystal!

  12. Woohoo, another giveaway and a great one at that. I would love to win, so I am entering away.
    Nambe is the most unusual stuff. I love the Copper Canyon bowl. Thanks for hosting this generous giveaway.

  13. Kimberly Starks

    I can’t even begin to pick what item is my favorite. Everything on this website I’d absolutely beautiful!!

  14. Kimberly H

    It’s hard to pick, this stuff is all so great! I think my favorite is the Morphik Two-Tier Server.

  15. Carol Galloway

    My favorite would be the 12 piece Nativity set. Thank you for introducing me to such beautiful well, everything!

  16. Brandi Gandy

    There is some beautiful cooper pieces! I love the cake stand and I saw copper Christmas Tree that I would LOVE.

  17. I just discovered your site through Pinterest, and I am completely enamored! Lovely recipes, pictures, design! You have yourself a new follower.
    As for what I like? I adore these lamps!
    Nambé Forma Table Lamp

  18. Cat

    I love the Canyon Creek Cake Stand, but I also think the Scoop Server is the most unique way to serve chips and dip ever! :)

  19. Oh My Goodness! There is so much to choose from! I love the copper canyon bowl, but then I clicked on Home Decor and found the reindeer and sleigh set and the beautiful nativity scene (I’m a sucker for Christmas stuff!)

  20. Michele

    I’ve never heard of Nambe before but I love scoop server! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen for a chips and salsa tray! :)

  21. katie

    What a fantastic giveaway – I’d love to win either of these. Everything on their site is gorgeous and so unique. I really love the Infinity Vase, so pretty!

  22. Ashley Williams

    Everything is so cool! I really love all the chips and dip serveware but I really love the Flow Dispenser as well.

  23. Looked around their site, I’m in love with the Nambe Bulbo Kettle. Their designs are great, and so shiny :) thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!

  24. Alyson

    I have been a fan of Nambe’ for years…but I’ve never splurged to purchase an item. One of my favorite pieces is the Nambe Heart bowl – it’s crystal! :)

  25. Dee

    Absolutely love your website and this awesome opportunity to win some beautiful Nambe pieces (which I love)! Thanks!

  26. Stef

    Love the scroll salad bowl! Checked out their site, never have heard of the brand before, now I am in trouble because my cart is full of several pieces I just have to have, haha:)!!!

  27. Joanne

    I have visited the Nambe studio in Santa Fe, NM and learned a little about their foundry process. Their items are all gorgeous works of art !! I would be so honored if my name was picked out of the hat :)

  28. Jen

    first time to this site…well, in fact it is my first time visiting any blog. I havent had a chance to really look around, but I will be back. I am so impressed at the visual index. Its gorgeous! Cant wait to start cooking!

  29. Laurie Taglialatela

    I can’t decide between the Heritage Double Dip Server and the Scoop Server!!! They’re both awesome:)

  30. Joanne

    I LOVE the salad bowl and stand as well as the Forever picture frame. So many gorgeous products. I would like one of everything!

  31. Laura Moran

    I’m a sucker for wooden servers… the Copper Canyon Salad Bowl with Servers under “New” is to die for! Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous items!

  32. Joanna H

    I love this collection. This is the first exposure I’ve had to it. I went to the website and I adore the andvil collection -like the dipping set, the centerpiece.

  33. Renee Richardson

    I love the Scoop Server. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  34. Lucia

    Everything on the site is just so beautiful but I love to bake and the Heritage Triple Server is perfect for my cupcakes to shine even more!

  35. I love so many things on this site! I don’t think I would ever be able to afford any of it on my own, but a girl can dream, right?
    I have to say that the 2 qt Butterfly bowl is so beautiful!
    Wow. So many pretty things!

  36. Katherine S.

    The Tulip Tool Jug with tools caught my eye, but many of the pieces were exquisite. Wow, what awesome design. Breathtaking! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  37. Kaylynne

    How can one even choose – I love the combination of wood/metals!
    The Fruit Tree Bowl is definitely a fantastically unique piece! :)

  38. sharonjo

    I love the Yaro Salad Bowl with Servers. What a hard choice, though! Everything at Nambe is so beautiful.