Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Christmas is 4 days away…what?!

Wow!….Is is just me, or did this year go by in warp speed?

Christmas morning breakfast in my family is a BIG deal!  It is one time of year we can count on everyone one in my family being there for breakfast, so my mom always makes a delicious breakfast- and lots of it!

I thought I would share some of my favorite breakfasts on this blog to give you some ideas of maybe some new ideas for your Christmas breakfast this year!  These recipe are just a few of the tried and true from my blog and some of my family’s favorites! (If you want some more ideas, be sure and check out the “Recipe Index” Tab above!)


Overnight Blueberry French ToastThis is perfect because you throw it together the night before and just plop it in the oven in the morning!  It is super simple to make and refrigerates overnight!


Cinnamon Roll Waffles
Cinnamon Roll meets waffles…need I say more?!


Blueberry Danish Puff
My family DEVOURS this breakfast!  My mom always makes at least 2 because it goes so quickly! MMM!  This is one your family is sure to LOVE!


Danish Aebelskivers
My grandma makes these all the time.  Surprisingly, I married a man who shares this same yummy breakfast tradition in his own family!  We LOVE these!  If you haven’t tried (or heard) of these, you will have to!


Sugar Crumb Crispies
These yummy little things whip up in 15-20 minutes start to finish and taste absolutely AMAZING!


German Pancakes
These are SO easy to make, completely delicious and are so neat looking when they come out of the oven!


Banana Bread Pancakes
If you love banana bread, you are going to LOVE these pancakes!


Monkey Bread Muffins
These delicious personal sized portions are so EASY to make.  Really, no mixing required!


I hope some of these breakfast ideas are able to bring some yummy joy to your Christmas breakfasts!
Wishing you Happy Holidays!

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  1. what an amazing array of goodies!!!! i am loving the cinnamon waffles and the blueberry french toast and…i do believe that 2 of these will be part of Sunday's breakfast along with popovers with fried eggs and creamed spinach (all from scratch) something for everyone! thanks for sharing and peeking my imagination!!! you rock! holiday hugs!

  2. Thanks for posting these! We do mimosas, sausage and egg breakfast casserole and make donuts out of refrigerated biscuits in the fondue pot for the kids. :) I've tried the blueberry casserole…it's quite tasty!